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教 材:牛津高中英语(模块九)高三上学期 文档内容:教学设计—教案 单 元:Unit 4 Behind beliefs 板 块:Task 作 者:钱建芬

Thoughts on the design:
本节课是把英语听、说、读、写的训练从课堂内拓展到课堂外的探究性学习课,旨在通过学生对阅读材料——中国最古老的佛 教寺庙白马寺“The White HorseTemple”的熟悉的基础上,使学生在积极参与听、说、读、写等一系列的课堂活动的同时,了 解佛教如何传入中国、白马寺的建筑风格及它在中国佛教史上的重要地位,以此引导学生探索“介绍一个宗教圣地”该从哪几 个方面入手及该类文章的基本结构。然后根据具体的步骤,通过小组讨论、分工合作、信息检索、交流汇报等形式的活动,用 英语完成一份报告:介绍历史上某个有影响的宗教圣地,最后呈现学习成果,创造性地完成学习任务,培养学生综合运用英语 的能力。

Teaching aims:
After reading a report about a historic religious site “The White Horse Temple”, the students will be able to know about the oldest Buddhist temple in China and what needs to be covered in a report like this. The students will also have the chance to practise their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities while participating in classroom activities. At the end of the class, the students will practise how to write a report about a historic religious site.

Teaching procedures:
Step 1 Lead-in (播放幻灯片 4) 1. Look at some pictures of famous places in China and guess the names of these places.

The pictures show the Four Famous Buddhist Sites in China. (播放幻灯片 5-8) They are Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang, Emei Mountain in Sichuan and Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui. When the students guess the names, you can give some hints so that they can guess the names correctly. Then I will ask the following question: (播放幻灯片 9) Q: What do these places have in common with each other? A: They are not only famous tourist attractions in China , but also famous historic religious sites in China, which are known as the Four Famous Buddhist Sites in China. (中国四大佛教圣地) 2. Talk about two questions. (播放幻灯片 10) Q: Do you know about any other historic religious site in China? Q: Do you know which Buddhist temple is the oldest in China? Then present two pictures of the White Horse Temple and students will know that the White Horse Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in China. (播放幻灯片 11) [Explanation] 学生在该部分主要通过了解中国四大佛教圣地,联想到中国的其他佛教圣地,从而自然引导到本报告的主题:中国最古老的佛 教圣地——“The White Horse Temple” 。

Step 2 Reading comprehension 1.Analyse the structure of the report Listening (播放幻灯片 12) Listen to a report about a historic religious site The White Horse Temple. While listening, please find out what aspects about the White Horse Temple the report mainly covers. Then ask the students to answer the following questions. Q: What aspects about the White Horse Temple does the report mainly cover? (播放幻灯片 13) A: A brief introduction of the temple. The story behind the temple. The architecture of the temple. The importance of the temple. Q: Which paragraphs of the report mainly cover the above aspects? (播放幻灯片 14) A:Paragraph 1 gives a brief introduction of the temple. Paras 2-5 tell the story behind the temple. Paragraphs 6 tells about the architecture of the temple, and Paras7-9 covers the importance of the temple. Q: So what?s the structure of the report? A: (播放幻灯片 15) ? Part 1 (Para 1 ) A brief introduction about the temple. ? Part 2 (Paras 2-5 ) The story behind the temple. ? Part 3 (Para 6 ) The architecture of the temple. ? Part 4 (Para 7-9) The importance of the temple. 2. Comprehension Part 1 Para 1 A brief introduction of the temple (播放幻灯片 16) Read Para 1 again and fill in the blanks: The White Horse Temple is __________ in ___________, Henan Province in the ___________ east of China. Being the ________ _________ temple in China, it _________ one of the most __________ temples in all of China. Answers: located; Luoyang; central; first; Buddhist; is/remains; important Part 2 Paras 2-5 The story behind the temple. (播放幻灯片 17) Read Paras 2-5 again and try to answer the following questions: (播放幻灯片 18-23) Q: 1. What did the story originate in? A: The story originated in a dream the Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty had one night in the year AD 64. Q: 2. What did Mingdi dream of that night? A: He dreamt of a golden man flying over the palace. Q:3. What was the golden man like? A: He was almost four metres tall, and there was a bright light coming from his head that lit the entire palace hall. Q: 4. How did the officials interpret his dream? A: The officials interpreted that the Emperor had dreamt of Buddha, a god from India. Q: 5. Why did Mingdi instruct his officials to go to India on his behalf as agents? A: To find more information about Buddha. Q: 6. What did the officials bring back to Luoyang from India? A: They brought back to Luoyang two monks who were Buddhist masters and some Buddhist readings and images of Buddha as well. Q: 7. How were the Buddhist readings and images of Buddha brought back to Luoyang? A: They were brought back to Luoyang on a white horse.

Q:8. Where were the Indian monks invited to stay in Luoyang? A: First at the Honglu Temple, and later in the suites that were newly built in the Honglu Temple. Q: 9. Why did the Honglu Temple get its present name , the White Horse Temple? A: To remind people of the white horse that the Buddhist readings and images had travelled on. Q: 10. What change did renaming the temple bring about to the Chinese language ? A: The White Horse Temple first brought the meaning of ?temple? to the word ?si?(寺), which is no longer used to mean ?ministry?, and instead only refers to a temple. Part 3 Para 6 The architecture of the temple. (播放幻灯片 24) (播放幻灯片 25-28)

? Read Para 6 again and try to find out the characteristics of the architecture of the temple. The architecture is interesting and _____ particulary in building ______ and _____. Answers: varied; height; style.

The temple ______ is centered around a southern- facing _________ that is shaped like a ________. On both sides are different ____ and the rooms where the ______ live. Answera: comlex; courtyard; rectangle; halls; monks Show pictures of different halls and rooms. The ______known _________ pagoda in China, Qiyun Pagoda, _____ stories tall, stands in the ___________ corner of the complex. The pagoda ______ the tombs of the two _______ monks who originally travelled to China. Answsers: first; Buddhist; 13; soouth-east; houses; Indian Part 4 Paras 7-9 (播放幻灯片 29) Read Paras 7-9 again and then do the pair work. ? Pair work: Please work in pairs and make a list of things that make the White Horse Temple important to Chinese People and history. Ask about things that make the White Horse Temple important (播放幻灯片 30) ? It is not only the oldest Buddhist temple in China, but also the oldest one still in use. ? Buddhism spread from here to other parts of China and Asia and remains important today as a holy Buddhist site. ? It has a lot of history. (播放幻灯片 31) ? The new Indian-style pagoda, located west of the White Horse Temple, represents the friendship between India and China. ? ? It is one of the first historic buildings the governmemt listed to receive special state It is a famous tourist attraction and will remain a popular sightseeing destination. protection.

[Explanation] 学生在这一环接主要通过理解阅读材料的篇章结构,明白介绍一个佛教圣地该重点介绍哪几个方面及该类文章的基本结构。然 后通过一系列的课堂活动如回答问题、缺词填空、图片演示等活动,学生对白马寺在这几个方面的信息有了基本的了解。这一 部分照理可以不用让学生把重点放在理解文章上,但是目前很多学校在 Project 的教学中往往会把其中的文章当做阅读理解来 上,那这样的设计可以既满足这一类学校的需求,同时也兼顾到需要学生完成 Project 的预设任务的学校的需求。建议第二类学 校在使用该教案时,可以把分段理解省略(u 对应的幻灯片为 16-31),直接进入本教案的第三部分。但这对于基础弱的学生来说, 没有了对阅读材料的的理解,要完成 Project 的预设任务就会觉得无从入手。 (课本 62-63 页的文章,本身就是写一份相关报告 的示范样本,所以建议不要轻易把分段理解部分删除) 。 Step 3 Project 1. Guidelines for writing a report about a historic religious site

(播放幻灯片 32) I am sure you have known a lot about the famous religious site “The White Horse Temple” after reading the report and know how to write a report like this. It?s your turn to write your own report about a historic religious site. Then the students are required to answer the following questions. Q: What do you think can be covered in your own report? (播放幻灯片 33) A: ? ? ? ? ? A brief introduction of the religious site The story/ history behind the religious site The architecture of the religious site The importance/ uniqueness of the religious site Etc.

Group Work (播放幻灯片 34) Take out your notes about historic religious sites you took yesterday. Work in groups of four and discuss the following for two mintues. (播放幻灯片 35) ? Decide which historic religious site your group will write about. ? Choose from your notes things to be covered in your report. ? Decide how many paragraphs yow will write and make sure each of you has to write at least one paragraph. ? Discuss how to organize all the paragraphs in a good order and what will be the structure of your report. Here the English teacher is expected to remind the students that the structure of the report on the the White Horse Temple might be a good sample. Then show a sample structure of a report about a historic religious site. (播放幻灯片 36) ? Part 1 (Para 1 ) A brief introduction about the temple. ? Part 2 (Paras 2-? ) The story behind the temple. ? Part 3 (Para ? ) The architecture of the temple. ? Part 4 (Para ?-?) The importance of the temple. 2. Write your own report (播放幻灯片 37) Please finish writing your own paragraphs within 2 minutes and then read them to your group members. After that, I will choose some of the groups to give a presentation in the front. Each group member is required to present at least one part of your report when the whole group give your presentation in the front.

[Explanation] 在第一个环节中,学生对于中国有哪些宗教圣地特别是著名的四大佛教圣地有了了解,这就为他们最后决定选择哪个宗教圣地 来写一份报告提供了参考。而在第二个环节中学生又明确了写一份“介绍一个宗教圣地”的报告所应包括的几个方面和该类报 告的篇章结构。因此,这两个环节很自然地为学生自己探索如何完成这份报告作好了准备。通过小组讨论、分工合作、信息检 索、交流汇报等活动,学生将能用英语完成了一份“介绍一个宗教圣地”的报告,最后呈现了学习成果,创造性的完成了学习 任务,培养了综合运用英语的能力。 Step 5 Homework (播放幻灯片 38) ? Each of you is expected to write a complete report about the historic religious site your group talked about just now. The groups who haven?t had the chance to give the presentation today will give their presentation in tomorrow?s lesson. [Explanation] 在最后呈现报告的环节中,若没有足够的时间让每个小组来汇报他们的成果,可以让其余小组在下一堂课上来进行展示,这样



Step 1
[Explanation] 例如:由于是借班上课,教师通过自我介绍这一环节帮助学生逐步适应教师的语速和语言风格。通过有关南京的话题,拉近与 本土学生间的情感距离。通过猜词竞赛,充分调动学生的学习热情和兴趣,寓教于乐。在欢快的气氛中,渗透通过词缀记忆词 汇的学习策略,水到渠成地导入本课主题。

Step 2

(步骤用英文撰写。步骤中要注明对应的 ppt.,并详细说明如何使用 ppt.,对 ppt.图片和视屏所涉及的教学内容要用英文陈述, 教学中的提问要有参考答案。说明用中文撰写。说明阐述本步骤的设计思路,几个步骤如是一个有机整体,可以在这几个步骤 结束时一并说明。 )


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