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第一单元 1 为 方便起见 ,这 些照片将按照么 时 时 序展示 For convenience, the photos will be shown in time sequence.、 2 出现 事故之后你需要把车 停下 You are required to stop your car after an accident 3 教育孩子的观 念和做法因文化的差异而有所不同 The conceptions and practices of child education vary from culture to culture. 4 与其说 他是位音乐 家,倒不如说 他是位诗 人 He is more of a poet than a musician 5 我父亲 已好心地提出让 我们 去飞 机场 My father has kindly offered to take us to the airport 6 我们 确实 实 实 找个么 时 很快见 面,讨 讨 一下细 细 We really should meet sometime soon to discuss the details. 1 You are not required to commit yourself until you know what the invitation is for. Once he starts a job he won't stop until it's finished. 才找到女朋友。 他直到 30 岁 才找到女朋友。. He didn't have a girlfriend until he was thirty. 我不告诉 你,你不要离开 。 Don't leave until I tell you to. The invitation turns out to be something you'd hate to do. It turns out that he is the person you'd have to deal with. 离奇。 真实 情况原来比我们 想象得更为 离奇 The truth turned out to be stranger than we had expected. 他了。 原来他们 都是孩子的么 候,她就认 认 他了。 . It turns out that she had known him when they were children. You will be in a position to take back your acceptance or invent an excuse later. I'm not in a position to reveal any of the details of the project at present. 很抱歉, 在不能帮你的忙。 很抱歉,我现 在不能帮你的忙。 .I'm sorry I'm not in a position to help you right now 助她, 我敢肯定他们 想定经 经 上帮助她,但却无能为 力。 .I'm sure they'd like to help her out financially but they're not in a position to do so.



4 In many instances it is the inviter who pays, but in some instances each one pays his or her own check. In many instances it is the CEO who has the final say, but in some instances the department manager has the right to make the decision. 很多情况下是老师 在讲 ,但在某些情况下则 是学生讲 。 .In many instances it is the teacher who talks, but in some instances the students talk. 很多情况下由丈夫付账 ,但在某些情况下则 妻子自己付账 。 In many instances it is the husband who pays, but in some instances the wife pays her own bill. 5 It may be more of a suggestion than an invitation. He is more of a teacher than a student. 他是位制片人, 与其说 他是位制片人,倒不如说 他是位导 演。 . He is more of a director than a producer.

位歌唱家, 他是位作曲家。 与其说 他是位歌唱家,倒不如说 他是位作曲家。 .She is more of a composer than a singer. 6 There are also phrases that sound like invitations but in fact are not. There are also sweaters that look like expensive but in fact are not. 有些房子看起来暖和, 有些房子看起来暖和,但其实 并不是那样 。 .There are also houses that seem warm but in fact are not. 有些曲子听起来轻 松,但其实 并不是那样 。 .There are also music pieces that sound like light music but in fact are not.

1 你能告诉 我在哪儿可以买 到口香糖吗 ? . Can you tell me where I can buy some chewing gum? 2 警察想知道她长 得什么 样 儿? . The police wanted to know what she looked like. 3 你知道她穿的是什么 衣服吗 ? . Do you know what she was wearing? 4 在报 告中他们 们 到是银 行有几架安全摄 像机。 像机。 . In the report, they asked how many security cameras there were in the bank. 5 面试 官们 他已经 工作几年了。 工作几年了。 . The interviewer asked him how many years he had worked. 6 你想了解他什么 么 候去上海吗 ? . Do you want to know when he will leave for Shanghai? 7 我只是想知道你喜欢 什么 么 色,红 色还 是黄色。 是黄色。 I want to know which color you prefer — red or yellow. .



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