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周周练 04

课题:过去分词专题练习 主备人:刘爱英 审定人:赵海燕

Ⅰ.分析下列划线部分的用法(过去分词做定语,表语以及被动) 1. The excited children are opening their Christmas presents. 2. This supermarket is now closed. 3. The blackboard was broken by Tom. 4. She had a worried look on her face because she failed the exam. 5. He looked interested in the idea I put forward. 6. The machine produced last year(= which were produced last year) are very expensive. Ⅱ. Fill the form with proper form. 1. A. Nobody was in the story he told. B. The story he told was very . ( interested, interesting ) 2. A. Everybody was to hear the news. B. The news is very indeed. ( excited, exciting ) 3. A. The result of the test was rather . B. He was very at the result of the test. ( disappointed, disappointing ) 4. A. What he said was very . B. I was very at the sight. ( amused, amusing ) 5. The animal and plants that they found there were ___________ (astonish) 6. I was___________(astonish) to learn that his long lost child had been found. 7. The ___________ news made us ___________.(disappoint) 8. Be brave. You look like a___________ bird (frighten)(惊弓之鸟) 9. The fierce lion looks __________(frighten). Keep away from its cage or it will attack you. 10. The look on her face was very ___________ (confuse) . Ⅲ. 句型转换 1.A thief stole the goat that was tied to the tree. =A thief stole the goat ______ to the tree. 2. The girl who is dressed in red is Kelly’s long-lost friend. = The girl _________________ is Kelly’s long-lost friend. 3. The castle, which was burnt down in the sixteenth century, was never rebuilt. = The castle, ______________ ___________________, was never rebuilt. 4. Father beat the son who was lost in the online games. =Father beat the son ________ in the online games. 5. The project, which was designed by the Chinese engineers, was constructed in only 2 year. = The project, _____________ ____________________, was constructed in only 2 year. V. 单句改错 1.They were all amusing at what he said. 2.He was very exciting to hear the news that their team had won. 3.The situation was a bit discouraged.

4.Two pages in this dictionary are missed. 5.Your mother is quite worrying about your stare of health. VI. Fill the form with V-ed or V-ing. 1. The book ___________________ (一本农民写的书) is very popular. 2. The building _____________(去年建的楼房) now collapsed in the Wenchuan earthquake. 3. The problem ____________________(在昨天会议上讨论的) was very difficult to solve. 4. The window _________________________(被那个顽皮男孩打破的) is being repaired 5. The children ________________________(昨天在医院检查的) were seriously ill. 6. The people _________________(暴露在阳光下的) got sunburnt. 7. The boy __________________________(受到老师严厉惩罚的) is now a college student. 8. The water ___________________________(送到他家的水) carried disease. 9. The English today is quite different from the English ______________(300 年前所说的). 10. Most of the artists_________________ (被邀请去参加聚会的) were from South Africa. 11. The students ___________________(受到老师鼓舞的)worked harder than ever before. 12.I know the people ___________(build)the house there.(正在建) 13.The house ________________(build) over there is a shop. (正在被建) 14.The house ______________(build) over there is a shop. (已建好) 15.The house ________________(build) over there is designed by a famous architect VII.单选 1.As is known to us all, traveling is ______, but we often feel ______ when we are back from travels. A. interesting; tired B. interested; tiring C. interesting; tiring D. interested; tired 2.Hearing the ____ news, we all felt ___. A. encouraging, encouraging, B. encouraged, encouraged C. encouraged, encouraging D. encouraging, encouraged 3.The _______ look in her face suggested that she _______ it before. A. surprising, wouldn’t know B. surprised, hadn’t known C. surprising, hadn’t known D. surprised, shouldn’t know 4. The man ______ there is my uncle. A. seat B. seating C. to seat D. seated 5. Cleaning women in big cities usually get _____ by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay 6 _______ English is different from ______ English in many ways. A. Spoken; written B. Speaking; written C. Spoken; writing D. Speak; write 7. he seems quite _____ at the idea. A. pleasing. B. pleased. C. please. D. pleasant. 8 . She felt rather _______that she shouldn’t drive the car at such a _______ speed. A. frightening, frightening B. frightened, frightened C. frightening, frightened D. frightened, frightening 9. Tell Mary that there’s someone ____ for her at the door. A. waiting. B. waits. C. waited. D. to wait. 10. there is a big dog____ to a fence outside the house. A. tying. B. tied. C. to tie. D. ties.




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