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说课Learning a foreign language

Reading: Learning a foreign language

My presentation includes five parts: 1.understanding and application of the reading material based on High school seniors 2.teaching aims 3. important and difficult points 4. teaching methods 5. teaching procedures

Part 1 Teaching Material

Learning a foreign language
Genre---a narrative essay Clear clue--- time sequence Main idea---the writer’s experiences of learning English from junior middle school, senior middle school, at college and a couple of years later after graduation and the benefits reaped from it. My Design: 3 reading tasks for my students to have a general understanding and focus on the last 3 paragraphs for intensive reading.

My students are:
high school seniors who are in great need to improve the skills and the abilities: to deal with long passages in limited time. to learn how the writer faced the difficulties and reaped the benefits of learning a foreign language. to have a better understanding of the writer’s inward journey in learning English.

Part 2 Teaching Aims

1.Knowledge objects 1)To learn the topic: personal information and Language learning. 2)To use correct words to express their ideas. 2. Skill objects 1)To grasp the main idea, structure and organization of the long passage. 2)To collect and process the detailed information by grasping the clue. 3. Ability objects 1)To develop reading ability and critical thinking by finishing 3 tasks. 2)To train their ability to form the idea and support it by listing the reasons 4. Emotion objects 1)To enhance the students’ desire to learn English well 2)To reflect on learning experiences, and see the value of hard work to become motivated English learners.

Part 3 Important and Difficult Points
Important point: how to grasp the main idea and structure of the long passage. Difficult point: how to collect the required information relating to the 2 points--What make a successful English learner? Is it necessary to learn English well?

Part 4 Teaching Methods
1. Free Mind (思维导图)—Map of mind which we learned in summer training course to map the process of understanding the reading material and give a clear map of the structure. 2. Task-based Language Learning (任务教学法) 3.PPT Presentation--- which can provide a real situation and clear instructions on reading such a long text.

Part 5 Teaching Procedures
I. Lead-in. ---Free Talk (3 min)

II. Presentation of teaching aims & new words (2 min) III. Task 1-skipping for general understanding(8 min)

IV. Task 2- Intensive reading for detailed information (10 m)
V. Task 3 -Careful reading- the last Paragraph (15 min)

VI. Speech time-sharing your idea
VII. Homework

( 5 min)

Step 1. Lead-in. ---Free Talk ( 3 min ) PPT Show the pictures of Chou Rui-fat, a good example for Ss to learn from. Q1:Do you think you’re a successful English learner? Why or Why not? Q2: What’s your major problem in English learning? Purpose of my design: (1) to introduce the topic and catch Ss’ attention. (2) To cause the students to think about their experience of learning

Step 2. Presentation (2 min ) (1) Presenting the learning aims. Purpose: to get to know about the reading tasks and the targets. (2) Presenting the new words in the passage, such as, rewarding, feel intimidated, modem, get access to, trade--for---, reach out to sb, bridge the gap, etc. Purpose: To smooth away the barriers in reading.

Step 3. Reading task 1--- skipping for the general understanding.
1. self-reading the 1st and last paragraghs and the first sentence of other paragraphs to underline the topic sentences (Individual work, 8 min) Para 1 ___________________ Para 2 ___________________ topic Para 3 ___________________ …

2. Hamburger Structure


Purpose: to map in the mind the structure of the passage. 3. Sum up the main idea: It’s mainly about the writer’s experiences of learning a foreign language and great benefits reaped from it. Purpose: to grasp the key words and convey the main idea correctly.

Step 4. Reading task 2- (10 min)

1. Scanning to collect the detailed information as to:
Two important turning points

Senior middle school Years later conclusion Results: Lost eagerness/joy/desire-Online learning requires: much time/ commitment/discipline work hard/ practice---

Purpose: to list and compare the 2 situations ,thinking about how to face the difficulties in learning English. 2. Think and discuss (group work): What make a successful English learner? (Ask Ss to list the requirements and qualities to learn English well.) 3. Have the general understanding of the writer’s experiences by filling the following text.

Learning a foreign language is one of the most frustrating yet most ( 1 )rewarding ____________ experiences for me. My experience ( 2 )with _____ English began in (3)junior _______ middle school. Because of a patient positive teacher and his (4) _______ method, I was eager to study English senior and stayed at the top (5) ____ of my class. While in (6) ______ middle school, however, the (8) __________ of my teacher totally drained me impatience of the (7) eagerness __________ to say anything in English. That state lasted (8) until _____ I went to college, where unlike the problem I came (9) across ______ in the senior middle school, my class was very large and some students spoke better than I did. So, once again, although for afraid to speak and felt that my different (10) reasons _______, I was (11) _______ English would (12) stay _____ at the same level forever. Only when I took online course and participated in the ( 14 )virtual the (13) _______ _______ classroom study did I come to reap the (15) benefits _______ from English learning. To begin with, such an experience taught me the (16) insights value _____ of hard work. Besides, it gave me (17) _______ into another culture, (18)thus ______keeping my mind (19)_____ open to new ways of seeing things. And most important of all, it enabled me to make an exchange (20) _________ of ideas across cultures.

3.2 Summary of the text

Step 5. Careful reading the last paragraph (Individual work, pair work; 15 min) 1. Read the last paragraph carefully, take important notes and answer the following questions. Q1: What benefits did the writer get from learning a foreign language? Q2: What abilities did the writer have after learning English well enough? Benefits:________________________________ Wonderful result:___________________________ Ability:__________________________________ 2. Think and form your own idea for a speech: Is it necessary to learn English well? Why or why not? Directions: Idea: It’s necessary to learn English well. Reasons: 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ Conclusion: We should work hard to -----in order to--. Purpose:1. offer Ss a chance and time to form the idea and give the reasons to support the idea.2. to guide Ss to compose an argumental essay.

Step 6. Speech time-sharing your idea(class work; 5 min) Give Ss a speech time to share their speech about the idea and reasons to support it using the expressions from the text. Purpose: to express themselves using the language in the reading material. Step 7. Homework 1.Polish the speech on whether it’s necessary to learn English well. 2.Write a short passage to introduce your experience of after-class English learning. Purpose: 1.To consolidate what they have learned. 2. To check whether the Ss achieve the teaching aims.


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