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book4 module1 introduction外研版必修四模块一introduction教案

2014-2015 第二学期高一年级课堂教学教案


备课组教师:陆永江,杨凯,孙泽芳,赵燕,敖云凤,高林丽 集体讨论时间:2015 年

教案执行时间:2015 年


Module 1 Life in the Future (New Words and Introduction)
主备教师 高林丽 教学课时数 1

教学内容分析 本模块的话题是“未来生活”, Introduction 部分通过一些 问题带领学生进入这一部分并设想未来他们想生活的地方。 本节课在教材中处于引入环节,提起学生们对这一模块的学 习兴趣,该堂课还是一节词汇课对下一节的阅读课有着铺垫 的关键作用。
学情及 教学内 容分析

学生情况分析 我所任教的班级学生基础相对薄弱,他们在阅读理解,词 汇,口语部分均存在很大的问题。因此通过每一模块的 New Words and Introduction 环节从高一就注重培养 学生的词汇,口语和在合作学习方面的能力。使他们养成良 好的学习习惯和有效的学习策略,发展自主学习的能力和合 作精神。

Enabling the students to

1. Get students to master the new words and expressions

2. Master the usage of some language points.


Get students to master the new words and expressions Enable students to learn how to use the new words and


expressions to communicate. 1. Introducing teaching method.

2. Cooperative learning and practice. Blackboard computer、recorder
教学用具 是否用多媒体




Introduction Words: brick ,concrete, mud Step 1 A) Ask the students to do this individually, then discuss their

answers with a partner. B) C) discussion. 1. What is it ? 2. Where do you think it is ? 3. Would you like to live in it ? Step 2 Choose the building material to complete the sentences. A) Read through the words in the box, and have the students

Call back answers in a whole-class situation. List the suggestions on the board, and try to open up a

repeat them chorally and individually. Pay attention to the pronunciation of this word, where the stress doesn’t fall on the first syllable: alu minium B) Make sure the students know what all the materials are, either

by eliciting or by using dictionaries. C) partner. D) Call back the answers in a whole-class setting, asking students Ask them to do the activity individually, then check with a

to read complete sentences. aluminium brick concrete glass mud



steel stone wood

1. Aluminium is a very light metal. 2. Steel is a very strong metal. 3. Both rubber and wood come from trees. 4. Plastic is light, strong, very popular, and man-made. 5. Bricks are often used to build walls. 6. Concrete is very strong and used in many modern buildings. 7. Mud is wet earth. 8. Glass is used to make windows. Step 3 Pairs works Works in pairs . Discuss what materials your school is made of / from. A) B) C) Pair the students to discuss the school. Ask them to make a list. Ask the pairs to discuss the house in the picture. Call back answers in a whole –class setting and list the

answers on the board. Step 4 Exercise Workbook p68 EX.5 Choose the correct answers. Finish them in the class.






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