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上中2014一轮复习导学案Unit 8 Adventure

上土市中学 2013 届高三英语第一轮复习

课题: 主备教师: 黎元荣

Unit 8

审定人: 苏晟

参与人: 王义山 陈久青

1.________adj. 较重要的 v. 主修; 钻研→________n. 大部分 2. ________adj. 可 选择的;非强制的→________n. 选择;选择物 3.________adj. 极端的;极度的 n.极端→________adv. 极;非常 4.________n. 相似性;类似性→________adj. 类似的→________adv. 类似地 重点单词 5.________adv. 恰好;确切地→________adj. 确切的 6.________vt. 冒……的危险 7.________vt. 使惊愕→________adj. 令人惊异的→________adj. 感到惊愕的 8.________vt. 使困惑→________adj. 被弄糊涂的→________adj. 令人困惑的 9.________n. 志向;抱负→________adj. 有雄心的;有野心的

10.________v. 运转;起作用 n. 功能职责;作用 11.________n. 运输;运送 v. 运输;运送 重点单词 12.________adj. 各种各样的→________n. 多样化;变化性→________v. 使多样化 13.________adj. 远处的→________n. 远处 14.________adj. 没希望的→________adj. 有希望的

1.________ ________ ________在途中 2.________ ________损坏; 不能运转 3.________ ________ ________用完;耗尽 4.________ ________继续做 某事 5.________ ________轮流 6.________ ________(坏事)突然发生;爆发 重点短语 7.________ ________ ________关进监狱 8.________ ________坚持某种说法 9.________ ________倒置地 10.________ ________起飞 11.________ ________决定不履行(允诺的事)


12.________ ________出现;到场 13.________ ________从事;开始于;占据 14.________ ________ 使理解


1.As_well_as the group guide, all teams have cooks and porters. While on a hiking trip, our cooks prepare delicious meals. 2. Marco was surprised to_see Chinese people 重点句式 using paper money in the markets.3.The next to go was Captain Oates, who was_having_great_difficulty_walking.4....many of them thought that Marco's stories about China were too fantastic to be true.


1.限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句 1.动作动词和状态动词

1.risk vt. 冒……风险 n. [C] [U] 危险;风险 risk doing sth 冒险做某事 risk it 冒险试试 risk sth 以某物为赌注 at the risk of... 冒着……的危险 at risk = in danger 在危险之中 at all risks 无论冒什么危险;无论如何 run / take risks / a risk 冒险

2.major adj. 较重要的;较严重的;主要的 v. 主修 n. 重要的人或物;主修课程;专业课 major 无比较级 with / by a majority 占多数 major in... 以……为专业;主修 majority n. 多数;大半 minority n. 少数

(2010 浙江宁波模拟)It's generally agreed that exercise plays a ________ role in preventing and fighting disease. A.majority B.major C.most D.minority


3.confuse vt. 使困惑 confused adj. 感到困惑的 confusing adj. 令人困惑的 confusion n. 困惑;迷惑 (2010 海口调研)The chess player ________ the computer by making some unusual moves halfway through the game. A.conducted C.conflicted 4.similarity n.类似性;相似性 be similar to... 与……相似 have similarity with sb / sth 和……人/物有相似之处 common with sb / sth 与……有相同之处 similarly adv.同样地;差不多地 similar adj. 相似的;类似的 the 和……一样 comparable adj. 可以相媲美的 (2010 天津模拟)Our bodies are strengthened by working out. ________our minds are developed by learning. A.Likely C.Probably B.Similarly D.Therefore B.confused D.Convinced

6.extra adj. 额外的;外加的;附加的 extra buses 增开的公交车 extra charge 另外的收费 extra work 加班 additional adj. 增加的;额外的 extraordinary adj. 另外安排的;临时的;奇怪的 spare adj. 剩余的;暂时不用的;多余的;节省的 (2010 浙江温州中学高三月考)John has got a fever these days, he says he doesn't want to see and a doctor but I am afraid he has no ________.

A.alternative C.treatment

B.extra D.possibility

7.anxious adj.忧虑的;担心的;渴望的 be anxious about 为……担心;忧虑 be eager about 对……热心 eager 着重指“对成功的期望;进取的热情”。 anxious 着重“担心;焦急”。 be anxious for a change / a bike / the prize 渴望改变/得到一部自行车/奖励 be eager for 渴望得到 (2010 浙江平阳三中月考)Many college students take part-time jobs in their spare time, hoping to be ________ of their parents. A.equal C.serious B.independent D.anxious n. 座位 vt. 使……就座;容纳 seat oneself 就位;就座 be seated 坐着;坐下 take a seat = sit down 请座 take sb's seat 就座 (2010 湖南模拟)When I came in, I found Lucy ________ by the window ________ to music. A.seated; listening C.seating; listened B.seated; listened D.seating; listening

1.get across (使)通过;越过(河流、路等等);讲清楚使人了解 get across sth 横过 get across sb 使某人生气;冒犯某人 (2010 湖北四校联考)Due to cultural differences, most artists find it hard to ________ Chinese opera ________ to westerners. A.get; across C.come; across B.get; over D.come; over


2.break down (车、机器)出故障;(计划、谈判等)失败;(身体、精神)崩溃;拆散(机器等) break out (火灾、战争、疾病等)突然爆发;流行 break in 闯入(不接宾语) break into 闯入(接宾语) break up 关系破裂;会议结束;学校放假;拆散(机器);物质分解 break through 冲破(障碍);突破 (2010 成都七中考试)—Sorry, Linda! I have to ________ now. Mum is calling me for supper. —OK, I'll call back later. Enjoy your supper. A.hang up C.give up out of 用完;耗尽 Run out of sth 用完了某物 run out “(某物)用完了”,该词组为不及物动词短语。 in the long run 从长远来看 use up “耗尽/用完某物”,该词组为及物动词短语。 give out “用完耗尽;筋疲力尽”,该词组为不及物动词短语。 run across 偶然遇见(某人);偶然发现(某物) run after 追求(真理等);追赶 (2010 海口市调研)Many Chinese are ________ bringing down the price of housing, thinking it too high. favor of search of 四、重点句型探究 1.As well as the group guide, all teams have cooks and porters. 所有的登山队都配有自己的厨 师,搬运工和向导。 as well as 的含义相当于 not only...but also 等,表式“不但……而且……;既……又……”。它 可以接名词、代词、形容词、介词短语、非谓语动词及从句。 as well as 也可用作介词,其含义相当于 besides, in addition to。 as well as 引导的部分并不被看做是主语的部分。谓语动词在单复数方面与 as well as 前面的 honor of charge of B.break up D.hold up


名词或代词保持一致。类似的词组还有:together with, with, along with。 (be) just as well 还是……得好;不妨;无任何损失;无需后悔 may / as well 还不如;不妨 (2010 东莞月考)He sold the vegetables at half price ________ let them go bad. well as C.instead of B.rather than good as

1. (2010 北京东城区期末检测)You may take ________ half of the cake; they're exactly the same. A.both B.either C.any D.Each

2.(2010 江苏淮安中学月考)Fitness is important in sports, but of at least ________ importance are skills. A.fair B.reasonable C.proper D.equal

3.(2010 淮安中学高三月考)On the bank of the river, we found him ________ on a beach, with his eyes ________ on a kite in the sky. A.seated; fixing C.seated; being fixed B.sitting; fixing D.sitting; fixed

4.(2010 合肥地区高校附中高三联考)He thought his e- pal was a beautiful young girl, ________ she was an old lady when he saw her. A.although C.because B.while

5.(2010 合肥 168 中学月考)Though it was noisy here, he ________ reading. on C.went to B.carried out D.carried on




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