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导游知识问答(英文) 导游知识问答(英文) 知识问答
Multiple Choice Questions Directions: Choose the best answers from A, B, C or D for the following questions or incomplete statements. There is only ONE correct answer for each of them. 1.What idea is NOT included in the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence? [C] A. Mutual non-aggression B. Equality and mutual benefit C. Mutual trust D. Peaceful coexistence 2.Chinese tourists are not allowed to get involved in dangerous activities, such as pornography, taking drugs, and ____. [B] A. smoking B. gambling C. taking commissions D. visiting friends 3. The basis for a successful resolution of the Taiwan issue will be “one country, two systems” and _____. [B] A. Reform and opening up B. Peaceful reunification C. One China D. Long-term coexistence 4. Whether the tour guide is strict in disciplines of foreign affairs or not is a test of the guide’s ____, self-respect, national dignity and integrity. [A] A. patriotism B. property C. social status D. Leadership 5. When an American tourist has lost his passport and there is no way to get it back, the tour guide should report to____first to gain a document to confirm the loss. [D] A. the local government B. the local public security bureau C. the America Embassy D. the tour guide’s travel agency 6. The professionalism of a tour guide does NOT include____. [C] A. appearance and manners B. language competence C. rank D. attitude toward work 7. To handle complaints successfully, a tour guide

should do anything but____. [B] A. listen carefully B. avoid eye-contact/communication C. use sympathy D. show sincerity 8. What should NOT be omitted in a tour guide’s welcome speech? [A] A. The guide’s self introduction B. The entertainment planned for the guests C. The history of the host country D. Information about the airport 9. A tour guide should be able to express his or her ideas in an accurate, clear, vivid and____way in the target language. [D] A. ironic B. stuttering C. honest D. humorous 10. What kind of personality is necessary for a top tour guide? [A] A. Personable B. Introverted C. Taciturn D. Self-conscious 11. Which was China’s tourism theme for 2009? [A] A. Eco Tourism B. Folk Art Tours C. Vocation and Leisure Tour D. “Year of Red Tourism” 12. When a tourist suddenly falls seriously ill on a sightseeing trip, the guide should first send him to____. [A] A. the nearest hospital immediately B. the best hospital of the nearest city C. the best hospital in his own country D. the hospital only for foreigners 13. Which of the following constitutes the most important unit in Chinese society? [C] A. The individual B. The government C. The family D. The school 14. The Grand Academy (太学) was first founded in the ____ Dynasty. [C] A. Han B. Shang C. Zhou D. Xia

15. Picture signs that represent things are called ____. [B] A. pictograms B. ideographs C. telegrams D. phonograms 16. Which of the following is among the traditional American values? [A] A. Equality of opportunity B. Kinship C. Spiritual wealth D. Respect for nature 17. The five stars on China’s national flag symbolize____. [B] A. the five areas of the country B. the unity of people under the leadership of the CCP C. the 56 national minorities D. the dawn of a new day over the vast land of China 18. The final imperial examination presided over by the emperor in the feudal society is____.[C] A. provincial examination B. metropolitan examination C. the palace examination D. civil service exam 19. In feudal China, Five Constant Virtues defining social behavior are benevolence, righteousness, ____, wisdom and sincerity. [A] A.courteousness B.intelligence C.practice D.honesty 20. The concept of Yin and Yang and the____provided the intellectual framework of much of Chinese scientific thinking. [B] A. Five Stars B. Five Agents C. Four Elements D. Four Classics 21. The Six Ancient Capitals in China are Xi’an, Nanjing, ____, Kaifeng, Luoyang and Beijing. [D] A. Zhengzhou B. Tianjin C. Chengdou D. Hangzhou 22. Tri-color Tang pottery refers to the glazed ceramic that mainly has the colors of ____on one object. [B] A. red, green and blue

B. red, green and white C. yellow, green and white D. red, green and blue 23. The abacus was invented in China during the____Dynasty. [A] A. Song B. Tang C. Zhou D. Yuan 24. The earliest paper made from____ appeared during the 2nd century. [D] A. grass B wool C. tree leaves D. hemp fibers 25. In Beijing Opera face patterns, the dominant____stands for treachery and machination. [C] A. red B. black C. white D. yellow 26. Beijing Roast Duck originated in the imperial kitchens of____. [A] A. Jinling (today’s Nanjing) B. Chang’an C. Luoyang D. Xi’ an 27. China’s Three Porcelain Capitals are Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, Dehua in Fujian Province and____ in Hunan Province. [A] A.Liling B.Changsha C.Hengyang D.Xiangtan 28. The key elements of the traditional Chinese gardens are hills, water, architecture and ____. [B] A. Fengshui B. flowers and trees C. rocks D. scenery 29. Among China’s best preserved ancient towns, the ancient town of Lijiang and the ancient town of____are inscribed on the list of World Cultural Heritage. [C] A. Zhouzhuang B. Shexian C. Pingyao

D. Langzhong 30. Which of the following is NOT one of the Four Books? [D] A. The Great Leaning B. The Mencius C. The Analects of Confucius D. The Book of Rites 31. In Chinese culture, the four supernatural animals are the dragon, the phoenix, the unicorn and ____. [C] A. the lion B. the tiger C. the tortoise D. the elephant 32. China’s Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains are Mount Jiuhua, Mount Wutai, Mount Emei, and____. [A] A. Mount Putuo B. Mount Wudang C. Mount laoshan D. Longhu 33. The Silk Road ran from Chang’an to____near the Mediterranean. [D] A. India B. Greece C. France D. Rome 34. Most imperial gardens have three sections: the administrative section, residential section and ____section. [A] A. recreational B. dining C. singing and dancing D. educationa 35. Islam originated in Arabic countries and was brought to China in the____century by merchants from Arabia and Persia. [C] A. 5th B. 9th C. 7th D. 6th 36. According to the Gold Vase System, the government issued two vases of which one was kept in the Jokang Temple and the other in____. [B] A. Confucius Temple B. the Lama Temple C. Forbidden City D. the Temple of Heaven 37. Which of the following emperors was buried in the

Ming tomb in Nanjing? [C] A. Zhu Yijun B. Zhudi C. Zhu Yuanzhang D. Zhu Houzong 38. The Lotus flower in Buddhism symbolizes the purity of the Buddha and____. [C] A. freedom B. happiness C. enlightenment D. rebirth 39. China is a united multi-ethnic country with____provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities and 2 administrative regions. [B] A. 24 B. 23 C. 24 D. 28 40. Water Splashing Festival celebrated by the Dai people marks their____. [A] A. New Year B. Mid-Autumn Day C. Mother’s Day D. Children’s Day 41. What is the legislative organ in China’s political system? [D] A. The CPPCC B. The CPC C. PLA D. the People’s Congress 42. Which tea is considered the most precious and mostly produced in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan? [B] A. Green tea B. Oolong tea C. White tea D. Scented tea 43. Which is the only section of the Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the ancient Great Wall? [D] A. Badaling section B. Juyongguan section C. Mutianyu Great Wall D. Simatai Great Wall 44. Which of the following is NOT one of the Three Treasures produced in Hangzhou? [A] A. Jade B. Fans

C. Silk D. Dragon Well Tea 45. Which of the following is NOT among the eight “interests” in the Garden of Harmonious Interest in the Summer Palace? [D] A. Interest of Calligraphy B. Interest of Bridges C. Interest of Pavilions D. Interest of music 46. The capital of the Ming Dynasty was moved from Nanjng to Beijing by____. [A] A. Emperor Yongle B. Emperor Shengzu C. Gaozong D. Jiaqing 47. For nearly 200 years, the Qing emperors attended to state affairs in the____. [B] A. Hall of Complete Harmony B. Hall of Supreme Harmony C. Hall of Preserving Harmony D. Hall of Mental Cultivation 48. Which of the following is the largest group of temple buildings in China? [D] A. Foshan Ancestral Temple B. White Horse Temple C. Shaolin Temple D. The Temple of Heaven 49. Which of the following is the oldest and largest among the 68 mosques in Beijing? [A] A. Ox Street Mosque B. Hongluo Temple C. Dongsi Mosque D. White Cloud Taoist Temple 50. Which of the following events is NOT related to Lugouqiao (Marco Polo Bridge), the most famous bridge in Beijing?[A] A. Xi’an Incident B. Marco Polo’s description C. Emperor Qianlong’s inscription D. The anti-Japanese War 51. Which of the following hills is NOT among the famous Three Hills in Beijing?[B] A. Jade Spring Hill B. Wanshi Hill C. Fragrant Hill D. Longevity Hill 52. Which of the following parks is one of the Five

Parks in Beijing? [A] A. Park of Perfection and Brightness B. Jingshan Park C. Purple Bamboo Park D. Eling Park 53. When was Tian’anmen Rostrum first open to the public? [D] A. in 1949 B. in 1953 C. in 1979 D. in 1988 54. Which of the following is NOT included in the four most famous gardens in China? [B] A. The Lingering Garden B. Liyuan Garden C. The Humble Administrator’s Garden D. The Summer Palace 55. The construction of the Great Wall first started during the period of the____. [D] A. Western Zhou Dynasty B. Spring and Autumn C. Qin Dynasty D. Warring States 56. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the construction of the Three Mountains,Five Gardens and the Mountain Summer Resort in Chengde? [D] A. Manchu love for nature B. need for military training C. sufficient resources for construction D. showcase of the grand of Qing Dynasty 57. The traditional architectural structure dougong, used in the construction of “the Crown of the East” at Shanghai World Expo in 2010, was first invented in the____. [C] A. Western Han Dynasty B. Tang Dynasty C. Western Zhou Dynasty D. Eastern Han Dynasty 58. Which of the following Beijing Olympic mascots Fuwa symbolizes the Olympic Flame and the passion of sports? [B] A. Jingjing B. Huanhuan C. Yingying D. Nini 59. Monk Jianzhen’s fifth attempt to sail east to Japan ended in____. [A] A. the south of Sanya City, Hainan Island

B. Fuzhou in Fujian C. Guangzhou in Guangdong D. Hong Kong 60. The Bright Summit (光明顶) is located at____. [A] A. Mount Huangshan B. Mount Tai C. Hengshan Mountain D. Lushan Mountain 61. The Grand Canal ends in Beijing in the north and starts in____. [D] A. Yangzhou B. Suzhou C. Nanjing D. Hangzhou 62. Mount Tai is located in Shandong Province. The word “Tai” of Mount Taishan means____in Chinese. [C] A. harmony and happiness B. grand and beautiful C. stability and peace D. holy and pure 63. It is said that “He who has visited____ will not be interested in visiting the Five Sacred Mountains.” [B] A. Mount Taishan B. Mount Huangshan C. Lushan Mountain D. Hengshan Mountain 64. Zhaojun Tomb, which is in memory of Wang Zhaojun, an imperial concubine of the Han Dynasty, is located at____. [C] A. Lhasa B. Harbin C. Hohhot D. Shenyang 65. Which of the following is the smallest freshwater lake? [C] A. Dongting Lake B. Boyang Lake C. Hulun Lake D. Hongze Lake 66. In 1925, which university was established at the site of Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning, one of the largest academies during the Song dynasty? [D] A. Nanjing University B. Shandong University C. Sichuan University D. Hunan University

67. Which of the following is NOT one of the scenic spots of Fujian Province? [C] A. Lin Zexu Memorial Hall B. Isle of Blown Waves C. Chen’s Ancestral Hall D. Mount Wuyi 68. Which of the following scenic spots is located in Gansu Province? [B] A. Longmen Grottoes B. Mogao Grottoes C. Zhaojun Tomb D. Yungang Grottoes 69. The largest Nine-Dragon Screen in China is located in ____.[A] A. Nanning B. Beijing C. Nanjing D. Datong 70. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was constructed in the____. [A] A. 1950s B. 1960s C. 1970s D.1980s 71. The Purple and Gold Observatory is in____. [D] A. Shandong Province B. Jiangsu Province C. Hebei Province D. Hunan Province 72. White Horse Temple, the cradle of Chinese Buddhism, was built during the____. [A] A. Eastern Han Dynasty B. Western Han Dynasty C. Zhou Dynasty D. Tang Dynasty 73. Which of the following scenic areas is NOT situated in Mount Songshan? [D] A. Shaolin Temple B. The Pagoda Forest C. Zhongyue Temple D. Dragon Pavilion 74. Huaqing Hot Springs were first found during the____. [A] A. Western Zhou Dynasty B. Eastern Han Dynasty C. Western Han Dynasty D. Tang Dynasty

75. Which of the following is NOT included in the Five Sacred Mountains? [C] A. Mount Huashan B. Mount Taishan C. Mount Lushan D. Mount Hengshan 76. Which of the following is where the famous Tang Dynasty monk, Xuanzang, kept and translated the 600 volumes of Buddhist scriptures he brought back from India? [A] A. Great Wild Goose Pagoda B. Small Wild Goose Pagoda C. Six Harmonious Pagoda D. amen Temple Pagoda 77. The three inner passes of the Great Wall refer to____. [D] A. Shanhai Pass, Yanmen Pass and Zijin Pass B. Shanhai Pass, Daoma Pass and Yamen Pass C. Juyong Pass, Yanmen pass and Zijin Pass D. Juyong Pass, Daoma pass and Zijin Pass 78. The Three Large Grottoes in China are Longmen Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and____. [A] A. Mogao Grottoes B. Maiji Grottoes C. Wanfotang Grottoes D. Yunmen Grottoes 79. Gandan Monastery was the first monastery built by the____of Tibetan Buddhism in 1409. [B] A. Ningme sect B. Gelug sect C. Sakya sect D. Gelju sect 80. The best-preserved and the most complete city wall in China is ____. [A] A. Xi’an City Wall B. Xingcheng City Wall C. Nanjing City Wall D. Beijing City Wall 81. Zhaozhou Bridge, spanning Jiaohe River in Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province, was designed and built by____during the Sui Dynasty. [B] A. Liang Sicheng B. Li Chun C. Yu Wenkai D. Li Bing 82. Benevolence(Ren) ,the rules of proper conduct (Li) filial piety,and____are the four main topics of the ,

moral teachings of the Confucius. [C] A. wisdom B. rites C. the doctrine of the Mean D. Dao 83. The Chinese nation is composed of____different minority ethnic groups. [B] A.56 B.55 C.65 D.45 84. The design of China’s Tourism Emblem, Galloping Horse on the Flying Swallow is based on the famous bronze sculpture excavated from____. [B] A.Zhongshan, Guangdong Province B.Wuwei, Gansu Province C.Sanya, Hainan Province D.Tatong, Shanxi Province 85. The Four Treasures of the Study consists of Hu brushes, Hui inksticks, Xuan paper and____.[A] A.Duan inkstone B.Yishui inkstone C.Chengni inkstone D.Xi inkstone 86. Which of the following is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China?[B] A. Mount Qingcheng B. Mount Emei C. Mount Longhu D. Mount Laoshan 87. China Travel Service (CTS) was established in____and represents the beginning of modern tourism in China. [A] A.1923 B.1924 C.1925 D.1927 88. Tourist resources can be classified as “natural” or “cultural” based on their____. [D] A.characteristics B.structure C.condition D.content 89. The “3S” in modern tourism stands for____. [A] A.sea, sand and sun B.sun, service and sand C.service, safety and sea

D.service, safety and satisfaction 90. Which of the following mountains was the first to be entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List? [C] A.Mount Lushan B.Mount Wuyi C.Mount Taishan D.Mount Huangshan 91. The book, ____, which is supposed to have been written during the third millennium B. C., is the main source of medical theory in China. [B] A.Compendium of Materia Medica B.Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine C.Five Elements School: Yin-Yang School D.The Classic of Mountains and Rivers 92. Chinese cuisine was said to have originated during the____Dynasty, a most important time for the Chinese nation’s rise to prosperity. [C] A.Xia B.Western Zhou C.Shang D.Han 93. The earliest primitive shelter found in China belonged to____, who existed between one million and 300,000 years ago. [B] A.caveman B.Peking man C.Yuanmou man D.Hemudu man 94. The den residences in the Yellow River Drainage Area and____in middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, were the earliest forms of man-made residence. [C] A. pit-style houses B. platform-style houses C. nest residences D. cave residences 95. It was in the____Dynasty that multi-storied buildings were first built and many different roof styles evolved, featuring sweeping slopes with upturned eaves and titled corners. [D] A. Shang B. Tang C. Song D. Han 96. The Opium War in____reduced China from a feudal society to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. [A]

A.1840 B.1850 C.1740 D.1750 97. The____led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen overthrew the ruling Qing Dynasty and brought an end to the 2000-year long autocratic monarchy in China. [B] A.Revolutionary War of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom B.1911 Revolution C.New Democratic Revolution D.New Culture Movement 98. The____is the sole global international organization established to govern trade between nations and to set rules for their trading activities. [B] A.United Nations B.World Trade Organization C. North Atlantic Treaty Organization D.World Bank 99. Which of the following is on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in China? [B] A. Peking Opera B. Kunqu opera C. Shaoxing opera D. Ping opera 100. Inscriptions on oracle bones first appeared in China in the____.[A] A. Shang Dynasty B. Xia Dynasty C. Zhou Dynasty D. Qin Dynasty 101. A local Baheguan (Music Association) was founded in____, indicating that Yue Opera had been divorced from the operas from other places in China. [A] A. 1889 B. 1789 C. 1879 D. 1798 102. Which of the following enjoys fame as the Essence of Oriental Art? [C] A. Jingdezhen porcelain B. Dehua white porcelain C. Liling polychrome underglazed porcelain D. Longquan celadon 103. The development of ceramics reached its prime in the____and has had a close relationship with mankind. [D] A. Eastern Han B. Sui and Tang Dynasty

C. Song Dynasty D. Ming and Qing Dynasty 104. The matriarchal communes in the Yellow River and Yangtze River basins transformed to patriarchal communes about____ago. [C] A. 1000 to 2000 years B. 2000 to 3000 years C. 4000 to 5000 years D. 5000 to 6000 years 105. The practice of “Burning the Scar of Abstinence”, an important part of the ceremony for the transmission of the Commandments, was started by Monk Zhide in the____. [C] A.Tang Dynasty B. Ming Dynasty C. Yuan Dynasty D. Qin Dynasty 106. Porcelain in China derived from celadon and the first peak for the development of ceramics was during the____. [B] A. Tang Dynasty B. Wei, Jin and the Northern & Southern dynasties C. Song Dynasty D. Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties 107. Imperial garden, residential garden, temple garden and scenic spots constitute four categories of Chinese gardens. West Garden in Suzhou is an example of a/an____. [C] A. imperial garden B. residential garden C. temple garden D. scenic spot 108. The well-traveled Silk Road, a major Eurasian trade route with a history of more than 2,000 years , ran westward for about____kilometers. [C] A. 2,000 B. 4,000 C. 7,000 D. 9,000 109. British Thomas Cook organized 540 people to travel for attending a wine-forbidden conference by train on____, marking the first business travel activity in the modern times. [B] A. July 8, 1841 B. July 5, 1841 C. July 4, 1814 D. July 1, 1841 110. In____, a travel department was established within

a commercial savings bank in Shanghai and became China’s first travel enterprise run by Chinese. [A] A. 1923 B. 1932 C. 1942 D. 1950 111. To ancient Chinese, jade was a symbol of wealth and power; its use was originally confined to____objects. [B] A. decorative B. ceremonial C. monetary D. daily 112. ____, a seven-stringed zither, is China’s oldest stringed instrument enjoying a history of 3,000 years and is an important symbol of Chinese culture. [D] A. Liuqin B. Guzheng C. Pipa D. Guqin 113. Which of the following is NOT among the Top Ten Major Projects in Beijing built to mark the tenth anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China? [B] A. The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution B. Memorial Hall for the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression C. The Great Hall of the People D. The Cultural Palace for Nationalities 114. The emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties prayed for good harvests and good fortune in the____. [C] A. Tian’anmen Rostrom B. Temple of Earth C. Temple of Heaven D. Forbidden City 115. The world famous Chinese cuisine can be classified into different styles, with Huaiyang Style featuring____. [C] A. diverse hot and spicy flavors B. varieties of ingredients and freshness C. combination of sweet-and-sour tastes D. light seasoning and delicacy 116. There are altogether 56 nationalities in China; the Miao people live mainly in the ____area of China. [C] A. Guangxi B. Guangdong C. Guizhou

D. Ningxia 117. All ethnic groups in China have their own traditional festivals; he Torch Festival is celebrated by the____nationality. [B] A. Zang B. Yi C. Bai D. Gaoshan 118. What animal image is on the WWF (World Wild Federation) logo? [B] A. Golden monkey B. Giant panda C. Tibetan antelope D. Asian elephant 119. When conducting tour-guiding activities, tour guides should____.[B] A. force tourists to consume B. treat tourists sincerely C. ask for tips in any case D. cooperate with proprietors 120. Tour Guide Certificates can NOT be granted to those who____. [D] A. suffer from some kind of disease B. are under the age of 20 C. failed the examination to get the certificate D. have received criminal punishment, except for involuntary crimes 121. Which of the following is NOT appropriate behavior when a tour guide receives a group of in-flight guests? [D] A. Arriving at the airport before the guests arrive. B. Asking the guests to claim their checked luggage. C. Making sure that the number of guests conforms to your Travel Service Plan. D. Collecting the declaration form and passport from each group member. 122. The Welcoming Speech made by the local guide usually does NOT include____. [D] A. his/her name B. name of travel agency he/she works for C. expression of willingness to serve the tourists D. detailed explanation of the tour itinerary 123. Among the following touring activities in the future, ____will develop the fastest, which requires more flexibility and variability. [C] A. safari tourism B. sports tourism

C. leisure tourism D. health care tourism 124. The tourists’ judgment about practical value of the tourism products largely depends on the____. [A] A. quality of tour guide service B. price of hotel room C. popularity of the destination D. variety of food 125. At the suggestion of the late Premier Zhou Enlai, ____was established on April 15th, 1954, to meet the needs of social development. [C] A. China Travel Service B. China Youth Travel Service C. China International Travel Service D. China Women Travel Service 126. To a travel agency, one difference between the management of an individual tourist and a tourist in a group is the____. [A] A. price of the product B. number of tour guides C. quality of service D.promise of safety guarantee 127. The construction of the Great Wall occurred during more than____dynasties. [B] A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 40 128. The three wonders of Mount Emei are____. [A] A. sunrise, Buddha’s halo and sea of clouds B. sea of clouds, bamboo and monkeys C. Buddha’s halo, sunrise and stones D. monkeys, sunrise and stones 129. Emperor____of the Qing dynasty had the Imperial Summer Resort built in Chengde to escape the summer heat. [C] A. Yongzheng B. Qianlong C. Kangxi D. Jiaqing 130. Waterfalls in China are located mostly in the areas south of the____.[D] A. Yellow River B. Lancang River C.Yangtze River D. Qinling Mountains and Huaihe River

131. Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, built in 1056 during the Liao Dynasty, is the world’s oldest and tallest wooden pagoda towering____meters. [A] A. 67.13 B. 63.17 C. 61.37 D. 63.71 132. The first Buddhist temple in China is____, which is regarded as the ancestral temple and called “Number One Ancient Temple in China”. [B] A. Shaolin Temple in Henan B. White Horse Temple in Henan C. Longxing Temple in Hebei D. Hanshan Temple in Jiangsu 133. Located in East China’s Anhui Province, Mountain Huangshan is among China’s Eight World Geoparks, with____as one of its four ultimate beauties. [A] A. spectacular sea of clouds B. flowing springs C. dangerous shoals D. sunset in the west 134. Which green tea in China enjoys the traits of being “fresh green in color, fragrant in aroma, full in taste and smooth and even in appearance”? [A] A. Longjing Green Tea B. Biluochun Green Tea C. Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip D. Lu’an Guapian Tea 135. ____in Hebei Province was built by Li Chun from 605 to 616 during the Sui Dynasty and is the world’s oldest single-arch stone bridge still in use. [C] A. Lugou Bridge B. Anping Bridge C. Anji Bridge D. Luoyang Bridge 136. The earliest imperial garden in Beijing, built in 1166 and completed in 1179, ____. [B] A. The Summer Palace B. Beihai Park C. Yuanming Garden D. Jingshan Park 137. Which of the following is one of the three main halls in the front court of the Forbidden City? [A] A. Hall of Supreme Harmony B. Hall of benevolence and longevity C. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest D.Hall of Union

138. Which of the following is NOT one of the Three Famous Towers south of Yangtze River?[D] A. Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei B. Yueyang Tower in Hunan C. Tengwang Tower in Jiangxi D. White Tower in Beijing 139. Famed as a paradise for photographers and artists, ____has Bird Island on its west tip hosting thousands of migrating birds. [A] A. Qinghai Lake B. Daming Lake C. Heavenly Lade D. Dongting 140. Which of the following is NOT a name given Jiuzhaigou? [D] A. World Natural Heritage B. World Bio-Sphere Reserve C. State 4A-Level Scenery D. Animal sanctuary 141. The Giant Buddha in Leshan is the largest Buddha in China, towering to____. [D] A. 60 m B. 61m C. 70m D. 71m 142. Shenyang Imperial Palace in Liaoning Province combines the architectural styles of the Manchu, Han and____ethnic groups. [B] A. Tibetan B. Mongolian C. Miao D. Korean 143. Which of the following mountains received the worshipping and offering of sacrifices of 72 emperors in Chinese history? [C] A. Mount Huangshan B. Mount Huashan C. Mount Taishan D. Mount Lushan 144. “White as jade, clean as a mirror, thin as a paper, resonant as a chime when struck” praises____. [C] A. Tri-color Glazed Pottery B. Celadon C. egg shell porcelain D. Cloisonné 145. People of the____ethnic group regard areca as a

must when receiving guests or for engagement ceremonies. [B] A. Zhuang B. Li C. Tujia D. Dai 146. The Three Gorges stretch from Baidi City in Fengjie, Sichuan Province in the west to Nanjin in Yichang, Hubei Province in the east and mainly consist of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and ____. [B] A. Liujia Gorge B. Xiling Gorge C. Panlong Gorge D. Yanguo Gorge 147. There are many sacred mountains in China, among which the Buddha Halo most frequently appears at____. [D] A. Mount Huangshan B. Mount Lushan C. Mount Wuyi D. Mount Emeishan 148. The circumference of the interior Ming city walls in Nanjing is the longest in the world; currently only four of the original____old city gates remain. [C] A. 11 B. 12 C. 13 D. 14 149. Emperors in Chinese history built imperial tombs for themselves; famous one located at 15 kilometers to the east of Xingping County, Shaanxi Province is called____. [A] A. Maoling Tomb B. Tangqian Tomb C. Genghis Khan Tomb D. Qin Tomb 150. The highest peak of Mount Huashan is____, famed as “Head of Mount Huashan”. [B] A. North Peak B. South Peak C. East Peak D. West Peak 151. The construction of the Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan Province first started at the end of Song Dynasty and the beginning of Yuan Dynasty and is home to the____people. [C] A. Bai

B. Manchu C. Naxi D. Yi 152. Which of the following group of cities or provinces are City of Water, City of Flowers, City of Spring and City of Sand respectively? [D] A. Wuhan, Guanzhou, Hainan, Dunhuang B. Suzhou, Kunming, Yunnan, Gansu C. Wuhan, Kunming, Hainan, Gansu D. Suzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Dunhuang 153. Which of the following springs is a cold spring? [C] A. Huishan Spring in Wuxi B. Hupao Spring in Huangzhou C. Hanxiu Spring in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province D. Guanyin Spring in Suzhou 154. As of 2009, there were altogether____cities in China that had been honored as Famous Historic and Cultural City by the State Council. [D] A. 101 B. 105 C. 108 D. 110 155. The Summer Palace in Beijing, the most imposing imperial garden complex in China, occupies an area of 2,900,000 sq meters with the Long Corridor extending for____. [A] A. 728 meters B. 720 meters C. 828 meters D. 820 meters 156. The Temple of Heaven was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998; its most important building is named the____. [C] A. Circular Mound Altar B. Imperial Vault of Heaven C. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest D. Hall of Imperial Zenith 157. Huanglong ( Yellow Dragon ) Scenic Area, incorporating Huanglong and Maonigou, is located at the foot of Xuebao Peak in the____. [B] A. Tianshan Mountains B. Mountain Minshan C. Qinling Mountains D. Mountain Wushan 158. Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi Province, one of China’s four most famous Buddhist grottoes, includes 43

caves, most of which were made during the____. [A] A. Northern Wei Dynasty B. Eastern Wei Dynasty C. Northern Zhou Dynasty D. Western Wei Dynasty 159. Which of the following is NOT included in Mount Wushan Three Little Gorges? [B] A. Longmen Gorge B. Baling Gorge C. Bawu Gorge D. Dicui Gorge 160. The best preserved section of the Ming Great Wall in Beijing is____. [B] A. Mutianyu Great Wall B. Simatai Great Wall C. Juyongguan Great Wall D. Badaling Great Wall 161. Which of the following mountains is NOT a famous Taoist Mountain in China? [D] A. Mount Laoshan in Shangdong B. Mount Longhu in Jiangxi C. Mount Qingcheng in Sichuang D. Mount Jiuhua in Anhui 162. The Great Wall starts in the east on the banks of the Yalu River and stretches westward to Jiayuguan in the Gobi Desert, crossing____provinces, two autonomous regions and two municipalities. [C] A. four B. five C. six D. seven 163. Suzhou is best known for its gardens; the____is the garden where bells are rung on New Year’s morning as a tradition. [C] A. Humble Administrator’s garden B. Lingering Garden C. HanshanTemple D. Surging Wave Pavilion 164. The Orient Pearl TV Tower, facing the Bund across the Huangpu River, is____ meters high, the tallest in Asia and third tallest in the world. [C] A. 428 B. 448 C. 468 D. 488 165. Many temples or monasteries in China have big Buddhist statues and the one with the largest copper

Buddhist statue in the world is____. [A] A. Tashilunbu Monastery B. Temple of the Reclining Buddha C. White Horse Temple D. Xiangguo Monastery 166. The only image is worshipped in Buddhism, Confucianism as well as Taoism is ____.[B] A. Zhang Fei B. Guan Yu C. Zhuge liang D. Liu Bei 167. One of the Mongolian customs of meeting guests is to____. [B] A. touch noses B. share a sniff bottle C. exchange sachets D. walk on stilts 168. Which of the following cities enjoys the name of “Home of Crystal” for the quality and quantity of its crystal productions? [A] A. Donghai of Jiangsu Province B. Hetian of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region C. Shanghai D. Beijing 169. Among the famous embroideries in China, double-faced embroidery best represents the artistic values of____embroidery. [D] A. Yue B. Shu C. Xiang D. Su 170. A male stone lion with a____under its paw can be found in front of the main gate of most ancient palaces. [D] A. baby lion B. dragon C. phoenix D. ball 171. The best time to appreciate the Qiantangjiang Tidal Wave is on the____. [B] A. eighth day of the eighth lunar mouth B. eighteenth day of the eighth lunar mouth C. eighth day of the ninth lunar mouth D. eighteenth day of ninth lunar mouth 172. The only place in China that is listed on the World Cultural Heritage List just for its cultural sceney is____. [C] A. Mount Taishan B. Mount Huashan

C. Mount Lushan D. Mount Songshan 173. Construction of the Great Canal which has a length of 1747 kilometers was begun during the____Dynasty. [C] A. Tang B. Song C. Sui D. Ming 174. Calligraphy is a symbol of the 5,000-year Chinese culture and became an independent art during the____Dynasty. [A] A. Qin B. Shang C. Xia D. Han 175. There are many man-made lakes in China for irrigation and water transportation; ____is one example. [C] A. Jingpo Lake B. Dongting Lake C. Qiandao Lake D. Tai Lake 176.There are four categories of Chinese gardens; they are classified according the social status of their owners, namely Imperial, Private, Religious and____Gardens. [B] A. Natural Scenic B. Public C. Man-made D. Cultural 177. In Chinese culture, pine and cypress symbolize steadness and longevity; lotus represents purity, while pomegranate symbolizes____. [C] A. faith B. loyalty C. fertility D. confidence 178. ____is a Muslim specialty and has spread to people of all ethinic groups, becoming one of the capital’s most celebrated dishes. [A] A. Instant-boiled Mutton B. Beijing Roast Duck C. Tan-Style Cuisine D. Red Mansions Banquet 179. Early Chinese astronomers computed the year as____. [A] A. 365 and a quarter days B. 365 and half days C. 365 and three quarters days

D. 365 days 180. The signs used to stand for ideas are called____. [B] A. pictographs B. ideographs C. phonograms D. consonants 181. Fish is a must for ceremonial family banquets because the word for fish in Chinese is pronounced the same way as that for____. [C] A. happiness B. promotion C. surplus D. entertainment 182. “R.S.V.P.” usually found on invitation means____. [C] A. very important person B. please arrive on time C. please reply D. best regards 183. According to the concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Agents, one will fall ill if the____. [A] A. balance of Yin and Yang is disturbed B. balance of Yin and Yang is not disturbed C. Five Agents were influenced by emotions, heat, or cold, other factors D. Five Agents were seen as a disturbance 184. According to the Yellow Emperor’s Cannon of Medicine, Yang stands for all the following EXCEPT____. [D] A. disintegration B. serenity C. destruction D. concentration 185. The most well-known Chinese beamless hall is the____. [C] A. Sea of Wisdom Temple in the Summer Palace B. Palace for Abstinence in the Temple of Heaven C. Linggu Temple in Nanjing D. Main hall in the Imperial Archives 186. The common economic abbreviation “GDP” stands for____. [D] A. General Domestic Product B. Goods Dealing Product C. Grand Development Product D. Gross Domestic Product 187. “Be the first to be concerned with the world’s

troubles and the last to enjoy worldly happiness” was the maxim of____. [A] A. Fan Zhongyan B. Confucius C. Wen Tianxiang D. Mencius 188. The core content of Confucianism, the most influential philosophy in Chinese society, is ____. [A] A. benevolence B. ritual state C. confidence D. loyalty 189. The number of Buddhist sects in China during the prosperous time of Buddhism reached____. [C] A. three. B. six. C. eight. D. nine. 190. The Buddhist sect founded by Tangxuanzang is the____. [A] A. Weishi (Faxiang) Sect B. Tiantai Sect C. Huayan Sect D. Chan Sect (Zen) 191. The origin of the Chan sect in Tibetan Buddhism is____. [B] A. Guoqing Temple in Tiantai mountain B. Shaolin Temple in Henan C. Xuanzong Temple in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province D. Huayan Temple in Xi’an 192. Which of the following is NOT among the four most famous Yuanqu playwrights? [D] A. Guan Hanqing B. Bai Pu C. Zheng Guangzu D. Wang Shifu 193. Which of the following is NOT one of the “Top Three National Essences” of opera? [B] A. Beijing Opera B. Yue Opera C. Kunqu D. Bangzi 194. Chinese paintings are seldom shown____. [D] A. on a scroll B. in an album C. on a fan D. in a frame

195. Which of the following is NOT among the “Four Noble Flowers”? [B] A. plum B. pomegranate C. orchid D. chrysanthemum 196. The painting Along the River during Qing Ming Festival by Zhang Zeduan of the Song Dynasty is one of the masterpieces of____. [D] A. mural painting B. ink and wash painting C. New Year’s painting D. palace painting 197. Murals in ancient China were mainly done by____. [C] A. officials B. court painters C. folk painters D. architects 198. The representatives of Taoism, which originated during the Spring Autumn and Warring States Periods, were____. [C] A. Confucius and Mencius B. Zhuangzi and Mencius C. Laozi and Zhuangzi D. Sunzi and Mozi 199. Which of the following ethnic groups does NOT believe in Islam? [D] A. Hui B. Uygur C. Dongxiang D. Xibo 200. Christianity was first introduced into China in the____. [C] A. Sui Dynasty B. Han Dynasty C. Tang Dynasty D. Song Dynasty 201. The most widely used Chinese architectural structure was the____. [C] A. stone structure B. straw structure C. wooden frame structure D. copper frame structure 202. Which of the following is NOT a typical Buddhist architecture? [B] A. Temple

B. Huabiao (Ornamental Column) C. Pagoda D. Grotto 203. Traditional Chinese cuisine attaches less importance to____than Westerner cuisine. [D] A. Color B. Fragrance C. Taste D. Nutrition 204. There are many inland rivers in China, the longest of which is the____. [D] A. Yangtze River B. Yellow River C. Yili River D. Tarim River 205. Which of the following is an example of a barrier lake? [B] A. Tianchi Lake of Mountain Changbai B. Jingpo Lake C. West Lake D. Dianchi Lake 206. Which of the following ethnic groups in China is famous for the production of bronze drums? The____. [D] A. Uygur B. Li C. Miao D. Zhuang 207. Which of the following ethnic groups in China has the largest population? [B] A. Hui B. Zhuang C. Tibetan D. Han 208. Which of the following ethnic groups prefers wearing white clothes and is known as “the people in white”? The ____. [A] A. Korean B. Hui C. Bai D. Dai 209. Which of the following is NOT a taboo for the Kazak people? [D] A. Counting the cattle of the host B. Women’s passing from the front of the elders C. Touching children on their heads D. Eating lamb 210. The largest collection of books in ancient China

was the____. [C] A. Four Books B. Five Classics C. Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature D. Book of Poetry 211. A person who passed the palace examination was entitled____. [D] A. zhuangyuan (top candidate in the imperial examination) B. bangyan (one who placed second in the imperial civil service examination) C. tanhua (one who placed third in the imperial examination) D. jinshi (Successful candidate in the imperial examination) 212.Which of the following writing styles was used for the imperial civil service examinations in ancient China? [C] A. Running script B. Cursive hand C. Regular script D. Official script 213. Which of the following calligraphers was famous for running script? [A] A. Wang Xizhi B. Wang Xianzhi C. Yan Zhenqing D. Zhang Xu 214. Which of the following religions is indigenous to China?[D] A. Christianity B. Buddhism C. Islamism D. Taoism 215. Which of the following Christian terms is used in Protestantism? [D] A. Pope B. Scarlet Archbishop C. Father D. Pastor 216.Which of the following roof styles in Chinese traditional architecture is used in important constructions? [A] A. The double-eaved, gable roof B. The double-eaved, hip roof C. The hanging gable roof D. The hard gable roof 217. The highest brick tower that still exists in China is

the____. [B] A. tower in Songyue temple, Dengfeng, Henan B. tower in Kaiyuan temple, Dingzhou, Hebei C. three-tower of Dali, Yunnan D. Tianning temple tower in Beijing 218. Which of the following statements about the gods of the four directions in ancient China is NOT true? [C] A. Green dragon on the east. B. White tiger on the west. C. Golden phoenix on the north. D. Scarlet bird on the south. 219. A city gate named Xuanwu indicates a____direction. [A] A. north B. south C. east D. west 220.The Five Agents of metal, wood, water, fire and earth represent five colors, among which____stands for water. [A] A. black B. red C. green D. yellow 221. Chinese martial arts have benefited from all the following EXCEPT____. [D] A. Confucianism B. Daoism C. military strategy D. ancestral worship 222. The 2010 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in China named - “Center of Heaven and Earth” is located in____province. [D] A. Shandong B. Fujian C. Sichuan D. Henan 223. The term "culture tourism" means trips and visits____. [C] A. Concerned with soil utilization B. by the educated and discerning C. motivated by cultural interests D. in pursuit of learning and scholarship 224. Which of the following is the theme for World Tourism Day in 2009? [A] A. Tourism celebrating diversity. B. Tourism enriches.

C. Tourism: a vital force for world peace. D. Youth tourism: cultural and historical heritage for peace and friendship. 225. Which of the following statements is NOT true? [A] A. The construction of Buckingham Palace was earlier than that of the Forbidden City in Beijing. B. Stonehenge is Britain’s greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. C. The Eiffel Tower is taller than the Oriental Pearl in Shanghai. D. The Little Mermaid is a popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen, Denmark. 226. Which of the following foods is uniquely Japanese? [B] A. Couscous B. Sashimi C. Kimchi D. dumplings 227. Which of the following is NOT listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List? [C] A. Angkor Watt B. Yellowstone National Park C. The Silk Road D. Hadrian’s Wall 228. Generally speaking, an increase in the value of a country's currency against other currencies is likely to____. [C] A. decrease the country's residents' travel abroad B. have no effect on residents' travel abroad C. decrease tourism from other countries D. have no effect on tourism 229. Which of the following statements is true? The____ [C] A. Taj Mahal is older than the Terra-cotta Warriors. B. Terra-cotta Warriors are older than the Pyramids. C. Pyramids were constructed about 4,500 years ago. D. Pyramids and Taj Mahal were built at around the same time. 230. The Merlion is the symbol of____. [C] A. Denmark B. Japan C. Singapore D. New Zealand 231. Which of the following airlines is based in Hong Kong? [D] A. Air New Zealand

B. Bangkok Airline C. Air China D. Cathay Pacific 232. Moxibustion is used to treat disorders by burning____to smoke certain points of the body. [B] A. roots of willow trees B. dried wormwood plant C. twigs of pine trees D. leaves of poplar trees 233. The tendency for an individual or a group to imitate the behavior of another and to assimilate it as its own is known in sociological terms as____. [C] A. accommodation B. Cassimilation C. demonstration effect D. replication 234. Chinese wolfberries are native to northwest China; the best are found in____. [D] A. Qinghai Province B. Shaanxi Province C. Gansu Province D. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 235. Which of the following dynasties in China was the first to have a recorded history? [B] A. Xia B. Shang C. Zhou D. Qin 236. Among the major beverages of the world, which is consumed by the largest number of people? [B] A. Cocoa B. Tea C. Coffee D. Beer 237. In ancient times, the four main harbors for exporting Chinese porcelain were in____. [C] A. Dalian City, Tianjin City, Yantai City and Rizhao City B. Qingdao City, Ningbo City, Shanghai City and Beihai City C. Guangzhou City, Quanzhou City, Xiamen City and Macao D. Weihai City, Lian Yungang City, Hong Kong and Haikou City 238. If Gaius Julius Caesar from the Roman Empire had traveled to China, which of the following Chinese emperors might he have met? [B]

A. Emperor Qin Shihuang B. Emperor Han Wudi C. Emperor Tang Taizong D. Emperor Ming Taizu 239. Which natural scene is inscribed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in Shandong Province? [B] A. Penglai Pavilion B. Mount Taishan C. Mount Laoshan D. The Lake at Daming Park 240. A person named William Jefferson Clinton is usually addressed by his friends and relatives as____. [A] A. Bill B. William C. Jeff D. Clinton 241. Traditional Japanese cuisine is mainly restricted to____. [A] A. rice, vegetables, fish and fruits B. rice, beef, vegetables and fruits C. noodles, rice and vegetables D. bread, fruits, vegetables and rice 242. Which is the most popular Japanese drink? [B] A. Whisky B. Sake C. Wine D. Brandy 243. Which of the following is the largest ethnic group in Thailand? [D] A. Muslims B. Cambodians C. Vietnamese D. Chinese 244. The city wall of Xi’an is 13.7 kilometers, which is approximately equivalent to____. [B] A. 4 miles B. 8.5 miles C. 15 miles D. 27 miles 245. Which of the following drinks is the first thing that Americans want in a restaurant as soon as they sit down at a dinner table? [B] A. Beer B. Ice water C. Orange juice D. Apple juice 246. Which of the following do most Americans like to

have at the dinner table before their main course is served? [A] A. salad B. soup C. dessert D. bread 247. Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. falls on the____? [D] A. first Thursday of November B. second Thursday of November C. third Thursday of November D. fourth Thursday of November 248. Which of the following foods do Americans eat for Thanksgiving Day? [C] A. roast goose and apple pie B. roast chicken C. roast turkey and pumpkin pie D. roast lamb and strawberry pie 249. East Germany and West Germany reunited in____? [D] A. 1960 B. 1970 C. 1980 D. 1990 250. Which of the following ranks number one in term of the number of ethnic groups in China? [D] A. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region B. Tibet Autonomous Region C. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region D. Yunnan Province 251. Christopher Columbus sailed to America during the____Dynasty in China? [C] A. Song Dynasty B. Yuan Dynasty C. Ming Dynasty D. Qing Dynasty 252. The first commercial high-speed maglev train in China was put into operation in____?[B] A. Beijing B. Shanghai C. Tianjin D. Shenzhen 253. Which of the following is similar to the Chinese word Longtao used in Beijing Opera?[D] A. musician B. stage supervisor C. cosmetician

D. actor with only a “walk-on” role 254. Which province is the home town of Hua’er, a unique form of folk song in northwest China? [D] A. Gansu B. Shaanxi C. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region D. Qinghai 255. The headquarters of the United Nations World Tourism Organization is in____. [C] A. Paris B. London C. Madrid D. New York 256. In India, shaking the head indicates____. [B] A. sadness B. approval C. happiness D. nervousness 257. Which city in Europe is nicknamed “The Capital of Europe”? [D] A. Paris B. Berlin C. London D. Brussels 258. Austria is where the famous composer____was born. [B] A. Beethoven B. Mozart C. Brahms D. Chopin. 259. Which of the following is considered the national sport of Spain? [C] A. yachting B. swimming C. bullfighting D. boxing 260. Which of the following reasons is the cause of the tilt of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy____? [B] A. excessive use of underground water B. unstable soil foundation C. earthquake D. rammed earth 261. Which of the following is the only city in the world that spans two? [A] A. Istanbul. B. Cairo. C. Jerusalem.

D. Alger. 262. European seniors kiss the juniors on the____. [C] A. cheek B. hand C. forehead D. nose 263. Which of the following cities in the Middle East is considered “the hotel capital of the Middle East”? [D] A. Damascus B. Kuwait C. Manama D. Dubai 264. Which of the following museums houses the Chinese painting mentioned by Premier Wen Jiabo Living in the Fuchun Mountains? The____ .[D] A. Palace Museum in Beijing B. Shanghai Museum C. Fujian Provincial Museum D. Taipei Palace Museum 265. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from____to America. [D] A. Germany B. Spain C. Portugal D. France 266.Where is the statue of Christ the Redeemer which is famed as one of the new eight wonders of the world? [A] A. Brazil B. Argentina C. Peru D. Bolivia 267. Which of the following statements for eco-tourism is NOT correct? [D] A. The local government should inform the tourists about what is prohibited. B. The local people should inform the tourists about what is prohibited. C. Tours guide should inform the tourists what is prohibited. D. Tour guides should encourage tourists to purchase products made from rare animals. 268. What is NOT an appropriate way to memorize a person’s name? [C] A. Repeat the person’s name to yourself. B. Speak the person’s name right after introduction. C. Ask the other person with the person present. D. Remember the physical feature of the person.

269. Which of the following is a negative non-verbal expression when you work as a tour guide? [C] A. Adopting a relaxed, attentive and open stance. B. Having friendly mannerisms with a relaxed smile and expressive facial expressions. C. Tightly crossed arms. D. Facing the group. 270. Which of the following is a positive non-verbal gesture for a tour guide? [D] A. Continually rubbing face, eyes, hair and other parts of the body. B. Shaking hands in a cold and weak manner. C. Having hands on hips. D. Keeping a comfortable physical distance. 271. Which of the flowing is NOT appropriate for decent grooming? [B] A. Well-shaven or well-trimmed facial hair. B. Overpowering perfumes. C. Clean and well-presented hair. D. Fresh breath and pleasant body odor. 272. Which of the following is not an appropriate manner for a good listener? [A] A. Flicking your hair when listening. B. Allowing silence. C. Listening without interrupting the other person. D. Facing the person and adopting open gestures. 273. What should be avoided as a guide when addressing an audience? [A] A. Feeling uncomfortable with the audience’s silence. B. Breathing deeply and evenly. C. Balancing the body with a few natural movements. D. Having eye contact with each person in the coach. 274. Before going to the airport to meet a tour group, the guide should check the arrival of the flight with the____. [C] A. travel agency B. ticket booking office C. Dairport D. hotel where the guests are going to stay 275. Which of the following should you call first in case of the death of a tour member when you work for an international tour group? [C] A. embassy of the tour member in Beijing. B. family member of the tour member in his home country. C. Travel agency of the tour guide. D. local tourism administration.

276. A tour guide should first report to the____after an incident occurs? [A] A. travel agency he works with B. local tourism administration C. local government D. China National Tourism Administration 277. The Shanghai World Expo is held between____. [C] A. April 10 and September 15, 2010 B. March 1 and August 31, 2010 C. May 1 and October 31, 2010 D. February 1 and October 1, 2010 278. The host city of the 2011 World Horticulture Expo is____. [A] A. Xi’an B. Luoyang C. Guangzhou D. Kunming 279. Islam is the dominant religion in____. [C] A. Viet Nam B. Singapore C. Malaysia D. The Philippines 280. The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in____. [A] A. Brazil B. Argentina C. Mexico D. Uruguay 281. The earliest paper money, a Chinese invention, is from what dynasty? [C] A. Qin B. Zhou C. Song D. Yuan 282. The denomination and the words "People's Bank of China" on the back of each banknote of the Chinese currency are printed in Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur and____ .[A] A. Zhuang B. Korean C. Hui D. Manchu 283. Dragon boat race is a popular activity for the Chinese held on the Dragon Boat Festival Day which falls in the____of the year. [B] A. late spring time

B. early summer C. early autumn D. late autumn 284. Most public and comprehensive museums in China began to open admission-free to visitors starting from____.[C] A. 1978 B. 1988 C. 2008 D. 2010 285. Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda) is a 16th century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo da Vinci during____. [A] A. Italian Renaissance B. French Revolution C. European Industrial Revolution D. American Independence War 286. Mount Huangshan was entered on the UNESCO heritage list in 1990 as a____site in China. [C] A. cultural B. natural C. mixed D. universal 287. The official city flower of Luoyang is the____. [D] A. magnolia B. pomegranate C. chrysanthemum D. peony 288. Qing Ming Festival observed by Chinese is commonly known to the Westerners as____.[D] A. Ancestor’s Day B. Day of the Dead C. Martyr’s Day D. Tomb Sweeping Day 289. Which of the following does not make a good gift for a newly-wed couple in China? [B] A. bottle of wine B. umbrella C. pair of pillow cases D. porcelain vase 290. What is usually served first in a Chinese banquet? [A] A. soup B. a hot dish C. A cold dish D. fruit 291. Japanese are trained to avoid too much direct

eye-contact because they____. [C] A. don’t want others to know what they are thinking B. are shy C. want to show their respect to the person to whom they are talking D. want to avoid embarrassment 292. In ancient Chinese philosophy, everything in the world resulted from a balance of Yin and Yang. Yang could refer to the following EXCEPT___. [D] A. male B. day C. summer D. passive 293. The following ideas formed the basis of Confucian philosophy EXCEPT____. [D] A. importance of the family B. respect for one’s elders C. reverence for the past and for one’s ancestors D. meaning of death 294. In the____, people developed the Ancient Egyptian civilization. [D] A. Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys B. Indus River valley C. Yellow River valley D. Nile River valley 295. Chinese life was arranged according to the lunar calendar for 3,000 years and did not adopt the Gregorian calendar until after____. [D] A. 1840 B. 1900 C. 1949 D. 1911 296. Chinese astronomy divides the year into twenty-four parts, known as the 24 jieqi (solar terms), based on the____. [D] A. movement of the moon around the earth B. latitude of the sun on the ecliptic C. latitude of the sun on the equator D. longitude of the sun on the ecliptic 297. Jingzhe in the 24 Jieqi (solar terms) means____. [D] A. Spring Equinox B. Grain in Ear C. Pure brightness D. Waking of Insects 298. Which of the following events ended two-thousand-years of imperial rule in China? [D]

A. 1898 Boxer Movement B. 1937 Anti-Japanese War C. 1949 Liberation D. 1911 Revolution 299. ____is/are often used during the Spring Festival by Chinese people to scare off evil spirits and ghosts with their loud pop. [D] A. Kitchen God B. Door Guards C. Red lantern D. Firecrackers 300. ____is/are a traditional food treats for the Lantern Festival. [D] A. Steamed buns B. Pancakes C. Dumplings D. Yuanxiao (Sweet dumplings) 301. The traditional dragon dance originated in ancient China and is meant to____. [D] A. scare off evil spirits and ghosts B. take charge of family’s affairs C. pray for more children D. bring good weather and good harvests 302. Macao was governed by____before its return to China in 1999. [D] A. France B. Spain C. England D. Portugal 303. The saying that “Neither riches nor honors can corrupt him; neither poverty nor lowly conditions can make him swerve from his principles; and neither threats nor force can bind him” was from____. [D] A. Confucius B. Laozi C. Zhuangzi D. Mencius 304. Traditionally in China, a woman should be faithful to her husband for her whole life and live by Three Obediences and Four Virtues. Which of the following statements is NOT one of the Three Obediences? [D] A. to her father before marriage B. to her husband after marriage C. to her son upon her husband’s death D. to her family and ancestors for her whole life 305. A gourmet refers to a person who____. [D] A. is interested in taking photographs

B. loves to travel around the world and tries new things C. studies sociology and archeology D. is interested in the pleasure of food and drink 306. Taichi (Taiji Boxing) and Baguazhang (Eight-Diagram Palm Exercise) developed during the____. [D] A. Qin Dynasty B. Song Dynasty C. Ming Dynasty D. Qing Dynasty 307. Which of the followings is NOT a function of martial arts? [D] A. Improving health B. Cultivating one’s minds and souls C. Curing diseases D. A method of promotion 308. The Spring and Autumn Period, and the Warring State Period were the golden ages for academic study and resulted in different schools of philosophical thinking. Which of the following is NOT from that period? [D] A. Laozi B. Mencius C. Hanfeizi D. Sima Qian 309. According to the book, Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine, Yin stands for the following EXCEPT____. [D] A. earth B. confusion C. conservation D. serenity 310. The first fossil remains of____, a kind of Chinese ape-man living 7 million to 2 million years ago, were discovered in 1927 at Zhoukoudian. [D] A. Lantian Man B. Yuanmou Man C. Upper Cave Man D. Peking Man 311. In ancient Chinese architecture, people usually put a fishtail-shaped ornament, chiwen, at both ends of the main ridge on their roofs for the purpose of____. [A] A. keeping away fire B. drawing away evil C. acting as a lightning rod D. avoiding water 312. Greenpeace is an international organization that works for____. [A] A. environmental conservation

B. human rights protection C. agriculture development D. world peace 313. Which of the following people from the West is one of the greatest world travelers in ancient times; he who came to China during the Yuan Dynasty and stayed for 17 years? [A] A. Marco Polo B. Giuseppe Castiglione C. Marc Aurel Stein D. Ibn Battuta 314. China joined the World Trade Organization in what year? [A] A. 2001 B. 2000 C. 1997 D. 2003 315. The headquarters of the World Trade Organization is in____. [A] A. Geneva B. Washington D.C. C. Copenhagen D. New York 316. Three pillars of the world economic system include the following EXCEPT____. [A] A. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development B. World Trade Organization C. International Monetary Foundation D. World Bank 317. Which of the following statements is correct about cheongsam? [A] A. It is also known as the qipao originally worn by Manchu women. B. The name “cheongsam” came from Shanghai dialect. C. Cheongsam is very complicated to make and calls for a lot material. D. Cheongsam is a male dress with distinctive Chinese features. 318. Which of the following is one of the earliest Chinese musical instruments? [A] A. Pottery Xun B. Bronze Chime bells C. Copper Gone D. Bamboo flute 319. Which of the following is a string instrument? [A] A. Guqin

B. Suona C. Xiao D. Xun 320. The meaning of the word yuan in the Yuan Dynasty is____. [A] A. “broad new horizon”, from The Book of Changes B. “Vitality”, from Dao De Jing C. “broad new horizon”, from The Analects of Confucius D. “Vitality”, from The Book of Changes 321. Roles in Yuan Zaju performances include the following EXCEPT____. [A] A. Sheng (young male roles) B. Dan (female roles) C. Jing (clown or devil) D. Mo (male roles) 322. Which of the following is NOT true about jade? [D] A. It was defined as “the most beautiful stone” in the dictionary of the Eastern Han Dynasty. B. Ancient Chinese considered jade sacred for making divine vessel. C. Ancient Chinese believed that jade helped stave off corrosion and evil spirits. D. The color of jade fades with the passing of time. 323. Tang tri-colored ceramics were created as____. [A] A. burial objects B. art works C. articles for daily use D. ornaments 324. The first emperor to propose simple burial was____, who abolished the luxurious tomb customs. [A] A. Liu Xiu in the Eastern Han Dynasty B. Pu Yi, the last emperor in the Qing Dynasty C. Shi Huang, the First Emperor in the Qin Dynasty D. Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty 325. Which of the following is NOT included in Family Planning Policy in China? [A] A. Abortion encouragement B. Later child bearing C. One child per couple D. Later marriage 326. Which of the following has the largest elderly population in the world? [A] A. China B. the U.S. C. India

D. Japan 327. Silk Road is a network of ancient trade routes between China and____. [A] A. the Mediterranean B. India C. England D. Egypt 328. The earliest Western architecture still existing in China is____. [A] A. Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Macao B. The Bund in Shanghai C. Yuanmingyuan in Beijing D. St John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong 329. The tomb for Emperor Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty is____. [A] A. Zhaoling Mausoleum B. Xiaoling Mausoleum C. Qianling Mausoleum D. Dingling Mausoleum 330. Which of the following UNESCO World Cultural Heritages is located in Guangdong? [A] A. Kaiping Diaolou and Villages B. Ancient City of Ping Yao C. Dazu Rock Carvings D. Leshan Giant Buddha 331. Which of the following is NOT true about the Leshan Giant Buddha? [B] A. At the time of its construction it was the tallest statue in the world. B. It is a statue of Sakyamuni. C. It was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. D. It is the largest carved stone Buddha in the world. 332. Which of the following is the biggest in-land lake in China? [B] A. Taihu Lake B. Qinghai Lake C. Poyang Lake D. Dongting Lake 333. Which of the following is the lowest place in China? [B] A. Dongting Lake B. Aydingkol Lake C. Qinghai Lake D. Taihu Lake 334. Red color is used in Chinese national flag because ____. [B]

A. it stands for Chinese culture B. it stands for revolution C. the people voted it D. it stands for prosperity 335. Emperors of ancient China regarded____as the son of the Emperor of Heaven, from whom they received their own authority to rule the people. [B] A. Mount Huashan B. Mount Taishan C. Mount Huangshan D. Mount Hengshan 336. Which of the following is a popular tourist destination in Xinjiang? [B] A. Mount Qingcheng B. Kanas Lake C. Mount Yuntai D. Shangri-la 337. Which of the following mountains is NOT listed both as the World Cultural Heritage and World Natural Heritage? [C] A. Mount Taishan B. Mount Wuyi C. Mount Lushan D. Mount Huangshan 338. The evolution of the Chinese characters from____to____shows that the Chinese characters have left behind the pictographic stage, becoming being widely used by the ordinary people. [C] A. Official Script…Regular Script B. Regular Script… Cursive Script C. Small-seal Script…..Official script D. Oracle bone script….Seal Script 339. The highest rating for hotels in China is____. [C] A. 5 star hotel B. Super 5-star hotel C. Platinum 5-Star Hotel D. Super luxury 5-star hotel 340. ? la carte refers to a____. [C] A. fixed menu with side dishes B. menu with limited or no choice and served at a fixed price C. menu of items priced and ordered separately D. big cart to transport luggage 341. Zen, a major school of Mahayana Buddhism, means____. [C] A. care B. honest

C. meditation D. love 342. The Torch Light Festival is a traditional holiday of the____ethnic group. [C] A. Mongolian B. Dai C. Yi D. Hui 343. Buddhist architecture was introduced to China in the____. [C] A. Sui Dynasty B. Tang Dynasty C. Eastern Han Dynasty D. Western Han Dynasty 344. There are about____kinds of local operas in China now, each with unique features and regional flavors. [C] A. 960 B. 600 C. 360 D. 100 345. The author of the Chinese classic The Art of War is____. [C] A. Hanfeizi B. Mozi C. Sun Wu D. Sun Bin 346. The core theory of Laozi is____. [C] A. Benevolence B. Honesty C. Dao D. Qi 347. All ethnic groups speak their own languages EXCEPT the____who share the language of the Han majority. [D] A. Hui B. Manchu C. She D. Bai 348. Three Cardinal Guides include the following EXCEPT____. [D] A. ruler guides subject B. father guides son C. husband guides wife D. male guides female 349. Five constant virtues include the following EXCEPT____. [D] A. sincerity

B. benevolence C. wisdom D. love 350. Yangshao Culture in Mianchi County Henan Province is a typical primitive civilization of the____. [C] A. Bronze Age B. Iron Age C. Matriarchal society D. Patriarchal society 351. “What a pleasure it is to have friends from afar” is the saying of____. [D] A. Zhuangzi B. Mencius C. Laozi D. Confucius 352. The “five viscera” in Traditional Chinese Medicine does NOT include the____. [D] A. lungs B. iver C. heart D. stomach 353. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s urbanization ratio reached____in 2008. [D] A. 30.68% B. 35.68% C. 40.68% D. 45.68% 354. The most important issue of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009 was____. [D] A. equality and human rights B. prejudice and discrimination C. sustainable development D. low-carbon emission strategies 355. The United States was granted the Approved Destination Status (ADS) for Chinese citizens in____. [D] A. 2001 B. 2003 C. 2006 D. 2007 356. The country that won the most medals in the 2008 Olympic Games was____. [D] A. Russia B. Germany C. China D. the U.S. 357. The host city of the 16th Asian Games in 2010 is____. [D]

A. Guilin B. Xiamen C. Shenzhen D. Guangzhou 358. The 30th Summer Olympic Games in 2012 will be held in____. [D] A. Moscow B. Paris C. Madrid D. London 359. The next World Expo in 2012 will be held in____. [D] A. Mexico City B. Moscow C. Milan D. Yeosu 360. BP oil leak in Mexican Gulf is said to be “the most serious environmental disaster in American history” according to the U.S. Government. BP is a company from____. [D] A. France B. the U.S. C. Canada D. the U.K. 361. Taiwan was opened to Mainland Chinese tourists in____. [D] A. 2000 B. 2003 C. 2009 D. 2008 362. Which of the followings were built by the wealthy in the southern cities of Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Yangzhou? [C] A. Five-bay houses B. Pit-style houses C. Private gardens D. Palaces 363. Gradually, primitive people learned to make dwellings out of____, which were called “nest residence”. [D] A. bricks and lime B. soil and lime C. branches and bricks D. branches and thatch 364. In traditional quadrangles, the north-facing rooms were usually for____. [D] A. elders

B. friends and relatives C. distinguished guests D. servants and children 365. According to the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine, man has five viscera, in which Nature’s five elements (cold, heat, dryness, moisure and wind) are transformed into joy, anger, sympathy, grief, and____. [B] A. jealousy B. fear C. passion D. depression 366. Water is an embodiment of Yin, as____is an embodiment of Yang. [A] A. fire B. wood C. cement D. metal 367. Martial arts began to incorporate sophisticated aspects of ancient Chinese culture in the ____. [D] A. Tang Dynasty B. Eastern Jin Dynasty C. Sui Dynasty D. the Spring and Autumn Period 368. In ancient China, ____was believed to be the center of the world and from there the emperor faced south at all times. [A] A. polar north B. polar south C. the equator D. the core of the earth 369. In 1992, delegates from 178 nations attended the United Nation’s environmental conference, nicknamed the “____”, in Brazil. [B] A. Earth Meeting B. Earth Summit C. Global Summit D. Earth Convention 370. When China was defeated by the British in the First Opium War, it was forced to sign the humiliating____. [B] A. Beijing Treaty B. Treaty of Nanjing C. Treaty of Shanghai D. Xi’an Treaty 371.The Qing court requested foreign envoys to follow the sovereign-subordinate conventions by____to the emperor, which the foreign powers would not accept. [D]

A. bowing B. acclaiming C. smiling D. kneeling 372. An understanding of the past makes it easier to comprehend the ideological basis of the independent, ________ and peaceful diplomatic policy of China today. [C] A. confident B. harmonious C. self-reliant D. sustainable 373. In the____, China restored its university entrance examination, and has since trained great numbers of experts and professionals for the country’s construction. [A] A. early 1970s B. late 1970s C. early 1980s D. late 1980s 374. After 1957, the Ministry of Education commenced implementing the policy that “everyone who receives an education” should be able to “develop morally, intellectually and ____and become professionally competent socialist-minded workers”. [D] A. financially B. socially C. mentally D. physically 375. The theme of World Expo 2010 Shanghai is____. [A] A. Better City, Better Life B. Nature’s Wisdom C. Humankind, Nature, Technology D. The Era of Discovery 376. The Mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai is____. [B] A. Aichi B. Haibao C. Misha D. Wenlock 377. There are five theme pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai, namely, Urbania, City Being, Urban Planet, ____and Future. [C] A. Fingerprint B. Disabled C. Footprint D. Present 378. The main volunteer slogan for the World Expo

2010 Shanghai is____. [D] A. My Will, My Help, My Pleasure B. 2010, We’re Together As One C. Our City, Your Joy D. At Your Service At Expo 379. At the root of many Chinese philosophies was an ancient Chinese belief concerning the ____, or two-sidedness, of nature. [B] A. paradox B. dualism C. pluralism D. harmony 380.Which of the following books was written by Confucius’ followers and recorded his ideas and teachings constituting the philosophy of Confucianism? [A] A. The Analects of Confucius B. The Spring and Autumn Annals C. The Book of Rites D. The Book of History 381. Taoism got its name from its central idea, the Tao, which can be defined as the “____”.[C] A. Way of Life B. Way of Thinking C. Way of Nature D. Way of Society 382. Taoism appealed to many____because it encouraged artistic expression as a means of understanding the Tao. [D] A. politicians B. peasants C. educators D. poets 383. The valleys of the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, Indus, and the____have a common feature that greatly influenced their early development. [B] A. Yangtze River B. Yellow River C. Weihe River D. Zhujiang River 384. In ancient China, ____was the economic mainstay of the country and its people. [B] A. industry B. agriculture C. handicraft industry D. hunting and gathering 385. Chinese people have always regarded____as most significant and the true beginning of the new year. [D]

A. New Year’s Day B. the Lantern Festival C.The Beginning of Spring D. the Spring Festival 386. Historically, the United States has been viewed as “____,” attracting immigrants from all over the world. [C] A. the land of freedom B. a land of milk and honey C. the land of opportunity D. a land of gold and silver 387. The phrase “going from rags to riches” became one of the slogans for the great ____.[B] A. European Dream B. American Dream C. Westward Movement D. Civil Rights Movement 388. In the late 1770s, ____, the father of the American Constitution, stated that the difference in material possession reflected a difference in personal abilities. [D] A. Thomas Jefferson B. Benjamin Franklin C. George Washington D. James Madison 389. Unlike the people’s congresses in China, the American congress is generall purely a____organ. [B] A. executive B. legislative C. administrative D. judicial 390. The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that all power in the PRC belongs to the____. [C] A. ruling party B. working class C. people D. farmers 391. The eight democratic parties in China acknowledge CPC leadership, while following the principle of “long-term coexistence and____.” [A] A. mutual supervision B. mutual benefit C. peaceful collaboration D. political negotiation 392. Different from China’s people’s congresses, the congress in America operates on the principle of____. [C] A. democratic centralism B. democratic decentralism C. separation of powers

D. the division of labor 393. The Chinese government has always held that the Taiwan issue is____of China, and wants no foreign interference. [D] A. an international affair B. a bilateral affair C. a regional affair D. an internal affair 394. The matching of heaven and earth and the correspondence of____are fully manifested in the human body. [A] A. Yin and Yang B. Feng and Shui C. good and evil D. virtues and vices 395. Neo-Confucianism during the____encouraged a self-conscious reflection on “the delights of Confucius and Yan Hui”. [C] A. Tang Dynasty B. Ming Dynasty C. Song Dynasty D. Qing Dynasty 396. During the Tang Dynasty, ____was guaranteed and maintained by such norms as three cardinal guides and five constant virtues. [D] A. marriage B. female dominance C. social stability D. male dominance 397. A Tang Dynasty divorce agreement unearthed from____reflects not only the Tang women’s equality within marriage but also the general open-mindedness of the Tang people. [C] A. Yungang B. Dali C. Dunhuang D. Gobi 398. In the 15th year (641) of the Zhenguan era, ____was married to the king of Tubo. [D] A. Princess Taiping B. Princess Danyang C. Princess Pingyang D. Princess Wencheng 399. Since the founding of the PRC, ____have been the pillars of China’s national economy.[D] A. private enterprises B. small and medium-sized enterprises

C. large-scaled enterprises D. state-owned enterprises 400. To overcome the mounting debts of Chinese enterprises, a system of transforming creditor’s rights into____has been put into practice. [C] A. human rights B. civil rights C. stock rights D. debtor’s rights 401. Since the Reform and Opening in____, Chinese society has undergone enormous changes, and the Chinese economy has achieved unprecedented growth. [B] A. 1976 B. 1978 C. 1980 D. 1985 402. Which of the following cities in China is the first to achieve negative growth of its registered population? [B] A. Beijing B. Shanghai C. Guangzhou D. Shenzhen 403. The ancient Chinese divided the main items of dress into____. [D] A. upper clothing and foot clothing B. upper clothing and lower clothing C. lower clothing and foot clothing D. upper clothing, lower clothing and foot clothing 404. The earliest pair of shoes extant in China, the 4,000-year-old pair of boots made from sheep hide, was discovered in the ruins of____. [A] A. Loulan B. Yin Xu C. Gaochang D. Jiaohe 405. Which of the following poets invented removable cleats, which were useful in mountaineering with the removable cleats alternately placed on the front or on the heels? [C] A. Wen Tingyu B. Li Bai C. Xie Lingyun D. Bai Juyi 406. Which of the following statements is true according to Zhou Dynasty etiquette? [D] A. People had to take off their hats when entering the house.

B. At a banquet, people had to keep their shoes and socks on. C. When meeting the emperor, the ministers had to wear their official boots. D. Bare feet were a taboo on occasions of ceremonial worship. 407. In the Qing Dynasty, which of the following colors could only be worn by the emperor?[B] A. Golden yellow B. Bright yellow C. Apricot yellow D. Dark yellow 408. Which of the following ways demonstrated that ordinary boys in ancient China had entered manhood? [D] A. They started to shave. B. They make a living by working. C. They married and had their own family. D. They coiled their hair and wrapped it in a piece of cloth. 409. Which of the following dynasties decreed that all men should follow the half-shaved head style? [D] A. Qin B. Liao C. Yuan D. Qing 410. Which of the followings does NOT belong to string musical instruments? [A] A. Xun B. Zheng C. Chinese violin D. Pipa 411. In facial make-up in Chinese operas, red face represents____. [C] A. rough and bold character B. noble character C. bravery and loyalty D. stubbornness 412. Which of the following facial make-ups in Chinese operas is typical of a clown? [D] A. Green face B. White face C. Yellow face D. Small white patch around the nose 413. Heshi bi, the most valuable piece of ancient jade ware, first appeared in the____. [B] A. Shang Dynasty B. Spring and Autumn Period

C. Warring States Period D. Qin Dynasty 414. In traditional Chinese literature, gold and____are often mentioned together and are seen as symbols of wealth. [B] A. crystal B. jade C. glass D. porcelain 415. Most of the Tang Tri-color Glazed Ceramics animal figures are____. [C] A. tortoises and cranes B. dragons and phoenixes C. horses and camels D. lions and tigers 416. Africans were known as____in the Tang Dynasty. [B] A. Hu people B. Kunlun people C. Persian people D. Tujue people 417. Blue-and-white porcelain first appeared in the____. [A] A. Tang Dynasty B. Song Dynasty C. Yuan Dynasty D. Ming Dynasty 418. Legend says that sericulture started in China____. [A] A. 5,000 years ago B. 4,000 years ago C. 3,000 years ago D. 2,000 years ago 419. Based on the Opinions of the State Council on Speeding up the Development of the Tourism Industry, which of the following about “promoting the diversification of tourism products” is correct? [B] A. actively develop golf courses and large-scale theme parks B. regulate the development of golf courts and large-scale theme parks C. vigorously develop golf courses and large-scale theme parks D. restrict the development of golf courses and large-scale theme parks 420. The Opinions of the State Council on Speeding up the Development of the Tourism Industry puts forward the

proposition that China’s tourism industry should become internationally competitive in terms of scale, quality and efficiency. When should the goal be achieved? [A] A. 2020 年 B. 2025 年 C. 2030 年 D. 2035 年 421. With regard to the effect level of the Regulation on Travel Agencies, which of the following statements is correct? [C] A. The Regulation on Travel Agencies is the law formulated by the National People's Congress. B. The Regulation on Travel Agencies is the law formulated by the Standing Committee of National People's Congress. C. The Regulation on Travel Agencies is the administrative regulation formulated by the State Council. D. The Regulation on Travel Agencies is the administrative regulation formulated by the China National Tourism Administration 422. Which of the following departments handles applications for operating outbound tourism business? [D] A. The tourism administration department of the province B. The tourism administration department of the county C. The tourism administration department of the district D.China National Tourism Administration or its commissioned tourism administration department of the province 423. With regard to the establishment of a branch of a travel agency, which of the following statements is correct? [B] A. The travel agency that has an annual reception of more than 100,000 tourists may set up a branch. B. When a travel agency plans to establish a branch, it will handle the registration of establishment. C. When a travel agency plans to establish a branch, it will handle the registration of change. D. The travel agency will increase its registered capital by 150,000 yuan for each branch it establishes. 424. With regard to establishing service outlets of a travel agency, which of the following statements is correct? [B] A. A service outlet of a travel agency is the internal department of the travel agency which performs the function of soliciting tourists and providing tourism consultation. B. A service outlet of a travel agency is indeed the

business office of the travel agency which is mainly engaged in soliciting tourists and providing tourism consultation. C. A service outlet of a travel agency can solicit tourists in its own name, but has no right to sign contract with tourists. D. A service outlet of a travel agency can not solicit tourists in its own name, but has the right to sign contracts with tourists in its own name. 425. With regard to the quality assurance fund and its interest, which of the following statements is correct? [B] A. Both the quality assurance fund and the interest thereon belong to the tourism administration departments. B. Both the quality assurance fund and the interest thereon belong to the travel agency. C. The interest on the quality assurance fund belongs to the travel agency, but the quality assurance fund does not. D. The quality assurance fund belongs to the tourism administration departments, while the interest on the quality assurance fund belongs to the travel agency. 426. To establish a foreign-invested travel agency, the investor must file an application with the tourism administration department of the State Council and submit the relevant certification documents meeting the required conditions. The tourism administration department of the State Council shall complete the examination within____workdays from the acceptance of the application. [D] A. 15 B. 20 C. 25 D. 30 427. With regard to the business relationship between tour operator and local travel agency, which of the following is correct? [A] A. principal-agent relationship B. cooperative affiliation relationship C. sales contract relationship D. service contract relationship 428. The travel guide or team leader assigned by a travel agency should hold the tour guide certificate or team leader certificate as required by the State. When in violation of this Regulation, in which of the following ways should the travel agency be punished? [A] A. The tourism administration department should order the correction and impose a fine of 20,000 yuan up to 100,000 yuan on the travel agency. B. The tourism administration department orders will

order the correction and imposes a fine from 10,000 to 50,000 yuan on the travel agency. C. The tourism administration department will order the correction and order the travel agency to suspend operation for rectification for one month up to three months; if the circumstance is serious, the business permit for the travel agency will be revoked. D. The tourism administration department will order the correction and impose a fine of 10,000 to 50,000 yuan on the travel agency. 429. When hiring a tour guide or team leader, a travel agency will conclude a labor contract according to law and pay the person not less than____. [B] A. the minimum standard wage of the province /city/district, where the travel agency is located B. the local minimum standard wage C. the national minimum standard wage D. the minimum standard wage of the same position in the travel agency 430. Which of the following is the first legal document that formally stipulated travel agencies’ liability insurance in the form of administrative regulations? [D] A. The Interim Regulation on the Administration of Travel Agencies promulgated in 1985. B. The Regulation on the Administration of Travel Agencies formulated in 1996. C. The Regulation on the Administration of Travel Agencies modified in 2001. D. The Regulation on Travel Agencies promulgated in 2009. 431. A person who has been subject to criminal punishment due to impairment of frontier or boundary administration law can not engage in the business activities of travel agencies within ____years after the completion of the punishment. [D] A. three B. four C. two D. five 432. When in violation of the Regulation on Travel Agencies, a travel agency solicits tourists at quotations lower than the travel cost. Which of the following will punish the travel agency ? [B] A. the tourism administration department B. the price administration department C. the department of administration for industry and commerce

D. the business administration department 433. When in violation of the Regulation on Travel Agencies, a travel agency fails to pay the remuneration to the tour guides or team leaders it employs. Which of the following departments or institutions will order the travel agency to pay the remuneration ? [B] A. the tourism administration department B. the labor administration department C. the personnel department D. the labor union 434. According to the Regulation on Travel Agencies, which of the following meets one of the required conditions for applying for operating an outbound tourism business? [C] A. The travel agency has had a business permit for one year or more. B. The travel agency has had a business permit for two years or more. C. The travel agency has had the business permit for three years or more. D. The travel agency has had the business permit for five years or more. 435. If a travel agency gives the tourists false information makes false publicity. Which of the following departments will punish it according to law? [B] A. the tourism administration department B. the department of administration for industry and commerce C. the price administration department D. the business administration department 436. According to the Regulation on Travel Agencies, if a tour guide fails to take necessary measures and make timely reports when any circumstance endangering the personal safety of the tourists occurs and the result is serious, how should the tourism administration department punish the guide? [C] A. order the correction B. impose a fine C. revoke the tour guide certificate D. confiscate any illegal earnings 437. According to the Regulation on Travel Agencies, which of the following is not a required condition for establishing a travel agency? [B] A. a registered capital not less than 300,000 yuan B. qualified managers in the travel agency C. necessary business facilities D. a fixed business location 438. According to the Regulation on Travel Agencies,

which of the following documents can not be used as the basis for judiciary’s transferring money for the compensation from the quality assurance fund of the travel agency. [D] A. the judgment of the second instance by the people’s court B. the legally effective judgment of the people’s court C. the legally effective mediation agreement of the people’s court D. the first instance court decision of the people’s court, still in the appeal period 439. As stipulated in the Regulation on Travel Agencies, the scope of foreign-invested travel agencies does not include____. [A] A. A Sino-foreign associated travel agencies B. Sino-foreign joint venture travel agencies C. Sino-foreign cooperative travel agencies D. solely foreign-funded travel agencies 440. Travel agency A organized a tour , and travel agency B accepting the entrustment breaches the contract and causes damage to the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. Due to the fault of Mr. Wang, a guide from travel agency B, the travel itinerary set forth in the travel contract was not completely arranged and the service quality was poor. Now the tourists intend to sue for compensation. The defendant is____.[A] A. travel agency A B. travel agency B C. both travel agencies A and B D. Mr.Wang , the guide from travel agency B 441. According to the Regulation on Travel Agencies, if a tourist’s illegal stay in China occurs when a travel agency receives the inbound tourist, the agency must quickly report to the following departments or organs except____.[C] A. the public security organ B. the foreign affairs department C. the transportation department D. the tourism administration department 442. In the following legal documents, which one has the same effect level as the Implementation Measures for the Regulation on Travel Agencies? [D] A. Measures for Administration of Outbound Tours by Chinese Citizens B. Implementation Measures for the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China C. The Regulation on the Administration of Tour Guides D. Implementation Measures for Administration of Tour Guides

443. The China National Tourism Administration is____. [B] A. a ministry and commission under the state council B. a department directly under the State Council C. a office under the state council D. an institution directly under the state council 444. When applying for the establishment of a travel agency, the applicant must submit documents to the departments handling the application and business permit; the required documents do not include____. [D] A. company name pre-approval notice B. articles of association C. resume of the legal representative D. certificates of the managers of the travel agency 445. If the travel agency intends to apply for operating a border travel business, which of the following regulations applies? [A] A. Interim Measures for Administration of Border Tours B. the corresponding provisions in the Regulation on Travel Agencies C. the corresponding provisions in Detailed Rules for Implementation for the Regulation on Travel Agencies D. Measures for Administration of Outbound Tours by Chinese Citizens 446. According to Detailed Rules for Implementation for Regulations on Travel Agencies, the travel agency shall open a special account to establish quality assurance fund. The deposit period shall be determined by the travel agency, but it shall be no less than____.[B] A. six months B. one year C. two years D. three years 447. According to Detailed Rules for Implementation for Regulations on Travel Agencies, the travel agency establishing a branch and service outlet must strengthen the management of its branch and service outlets. Which of the followings is NOT correct with regard to the service specification for service outlets? [D] A. Unified management B. Unified financial management C. Unified consultation D. Unified organization of tour group 448. Which of the followings is NOT considered as arbitrarily changing a travel itinerary agreed on in the travel contract? [A] A. Adjusting the sequence of the visit after explaining it

to the tourists due to temporary traffic control. B. Adding a tour program in the remaining travel time. C. Extending the time for shopping due to some of the tourists’ request. D. Shortening the time spent on the next tour item due to delay at the previous scenic location. 449. The Detailed Rules for Implementation for Regulations on Travel Agencies stipulates that “tourists have the right to refuse to participate in shopping activities not stated in the contract”. Which of the followings is NOT the correct understanding of the stipulation? [D] A. According to the principle of contractual autonomy, tourists should participate in the shopping activities stipulated in the travel contract. B. Tourists have the right of choose about the items not stated in the contract; therefore, tourists may refuse to participate in shopping activities not stipulated in the travel contract. C. Even if the tourists refuse to participate in the shopping activities arranged by the travel agency, D. C. the agency is not allowed to stop performing the obligations set forth in the travel contract without proper excuse. D. If the tourists refuse to follow the travel arrangements, the travel agency may stop performing the obligations set forth in the travel contract due to the tourists’ breach of contract. 450. Travel agencies should keep travel contracts related to soliciting, organizing and receiving tourists, and other documents, in case the tourism administration department makes an inspection. These contracts and documents should be kept for no less than____. [C] A. half a year B. one year C. two years D. five years 451. Which of the followings is NOT a right or obligation of travel agencies and the tour guides assigned by the travel agencies? [C] A. Requesting the tourists should follow the itinerary agreed on in the contract and keep the personal belongings. B. Asking the tourists to cooperate in order to minimize the loss and damage in the case of public emergencies or other emergencies. C. Refusing all of requirements not stated in the travel contract. D. Preventing words and deeds of the tourists that violate the laws or customs of the tourist destination.

452. According to Detailed Rules for Implementation for Regulations on Travel Agencies, which of the following business places does NOT meet the required condition? [D] A. A business site owned by the applicant who intends to establish a travel agency, only having an area of 20 square meters. B. Business occupancy rented by the applicant who intends to establish a travel agency, its tenancy term being one year. C. Business occupancy owned by the applicant who intends to establish a travel agency, not facing the street. D. Residence owned by the applicant who intends to establish a travel agency. 453. According to Detailed Rules for Implementation for Regulations on Travel Agencies, travel agency A, having registered at Chaoyang District, Beijing, is NOT allowed to set up a service outlet in____.[D] A. Chaoyang District, Beijing B. Xicheng District, Beijing C. Yanqing County, Beijing D. Langfang City , Hebei Province 454. Which of the following statements is NOT correct with regard to the nature and business scope of a branch of a travel agency? [C] A. The branch is the affiliated agency of the travel agency, not having a separate legal entity. B. The business scope of the Branch can not exceed that of the travel agency establishing the branch. C. The branch is a legal entity due to its independent right of contracting. D. The business activities of the branch must be based on the authorization of the travel agency. 455. Travel arrangements for tourists must not contain those violating the laws and regulations. Which of the following is Not expressly prohibited? [A] A. the risky activities B. the activities expressing racial and religious discrimination C. the activities containing pornographic, gambling, drug-related content D. the activities contrary to the national interests and national dignity 456. Which person, in the following cases, may be issued a Tour Guide Certificate? [C] A. Person A, who just graduated from high school, under the age of 18 B. Person B, suffering from contagious diseases

C. Person C, convicted of a criminal act related to a traffic accident D. Person D, whose Tour Guide Certificate was revoked due to the violation of regulations 457. The tourism administration department of the people’s government of a province must issue Tour Guide Certificate within____days of the date of receiving application for a Tour Guide Certificate. [B] A. 10 B. 15 C. 20 D. 30 458. The Tour Guide Certificate has a term of validity of____years. [C] A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 459.Under which of the following circumstances, may the tourism administration department order a tour guide to make corrections and temporarily revoke his Tour Guide Certificate for 3 to 6 months? [D] A. The tour guide seeks tips from tourists in explicit or implied ways. B. Without approval of the travel agency, the tour guide privately contracts to engage in tour business and conduct tour-guiding activities. C. When tour-guiding, the tour guide speaks or behaves contrary to the the State interests or national dignity. D. The tour guide arbitrarily ceases his tour-guiding activities. 460. Which of the followings is NOT a legal condition for applying to the tourism administration department for the Tour Guide Certificate? [D] A. Having obtained Tour Guide Qualification Certificate B. Having signed a labor contract with a travel agency or registered with a tour guide service institution C. Having taken a pre-job training examination held by the department issuing the certificate D. Having practiced conducting tour-guiding activities in a travel agency 461. If the accumulated demerit points for a tour guide reaches 10, he is____. [B] A. not allowed him/her to pass the annual evaluation B. suspended passing the annual evaluation C. reported industry-wide

D. Given a warning and counseled 462. Which of the followings is NOT a result of the annual evaluation for tour guide? [C] A. Passing the annual evaluation B. Suspending passing the annual evaluation C. Delaying passing the annual evaluation D. Being not allowed to pass the annual evaluation 463. In the conducting his tour activities, the tour guide could be punished by deduction of 10 points when____.[A] A. deceiving or coercing the tourists to making purchase B. abandon his duty in tour guiding C. arbitrarily adding or reducing tour activities D. lending his Tour Guide Certificate to other people 464. In the conducting his tour activities, the tour guide could be punished by deduction of 8 points when____.[D] A. continuing to conduct tour-guiding activities without passing the annual evaluation B. assaulting or abusing tourists C. seeking tips from tourists in explicit or implied ways D. privately contracting to engage in tour business without consent the travel agency 465. In the conducting his tour activities, the tour guide could be punished by deduction of 6 points when____.[B] A. making vulgar remarks B. giving poor quality site introduction or refusing to introduce sites C. speaking and behaving in ways contrary to the interests of the State or national dignity D. not respecting the tourists’ religious belief and cultural customs 466. In the conducting his tour activities, the tour guide could be punished by deduction of 4 points when____.[A] A. not carrying the Tour Guide Certificate when conducting tour-guiding activities B. making mistakes when receiving and sending off tour groups due to his own fault C. not actively cooperating with relevant departments to render aid in the case of a major accidents D. not showing the logo of the travel agency when receiving the tour group 467. Which of the following departments is in charge of keeping the Tour Guide Certificate temporarily for the tour guide and issuing a proof of retaining it after deduction of 10 points? [C] A. The local tourism administration department B. Tour guide registration unit C. Tourism administrative law enforcement unit doing

the final deduction D. Tour Guide Certificate issuing unit 468.The tour guide should take the training course for annual evaluation held at local tourism administration department, and the total training hours per year should not be less than____.[B] A. 48 B. 56 C. 64 D. 72 469. The travel agency which is authorized to operate the business for mainland residents’ visiting Taiwan can also operate____. [D] A. domestic tourism business B. inbound tourism business C. border tourism business D. domestic tourism business, inbound tourism business and outbound tourism business 470. The list of travel agencies authorized to arrange mainland residents’ visits to Taiwan, is announced by____.[A] A. the Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association B. the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait C. the China National Tourism Administration D. the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council 471. Which of the following institutions does NOT have district jurisdiction as stipulated in Measures for Handling Tourist Complaints? [D] A. The local institution handling tourist complaints at the place where the travel contract is signed. B. The local institution handling tourist complaints at the place where the tourist is located. C. The local institution handling tourist complaints at the place where the infringement occurs. D. The local institution handling tourist complaints at the place where the complainant is located. 472. Under which of the following circumstances, may a complainant NOT lodge a complaint with an institution handling tourist complaints? [C] A. The complainant considers that the travel agency has violated the contract. B. The hand luggage of the complainant has been damaged, for which the travel agency is liable. C. There is an equity dispute between the complainant and the travel agency. D. The tour guide deceived and coerced the tourist to go

shopping. 473. An institution handling tourist complaints shall, within____working days after receiving a complaint, accept the complaint, if the complaint meets the appropriate conditions. [B] A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 10 474. Which of the followings is regarded as a joint complaint, according to the Measures for Handling Tourist complaints? [C] A. Three or more persons lodge a complaint against the same respondent for the same misbehavior. B. Three or more persons lodge a complaint against the same respondent for the different category of misbehavior. C. Four or more persons lodge a complaint against the same respondent for the same misbehavior. D. Four or more persons lodge a complaint against the same respondent for the different category of misbehavior. 475. In China, citizens refer to a person____. [B] A. born in China B. who is a P.R.C. National C. enjoying political rights D. 18 years of age who is a P. R.C. national 476. As stipulated by the Constitution, the leadership system of local governments at various levels in China is____. [B] A. democratic centralism B. collective leadership combined with individual responsibility C. collegiate system in which the minority is subordinate to the majority D. responsibility system of administrative chiefs 477. According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, in which of the following activities are the Consumers’ Association NOT allowed to engaged? [C] A. Providing consumption information and consultative services to consumers B. Rendering support to victims in their legal proceedings against infringement on the rights and interests of consumers C. Commodity transactions or profit-making services D. Offering investigations and mediations with respect to complaints 478. Which of the followings does NOT belong to the

concept of force majeure? [D] A. Natural disasters B. Public health emergencies C. Government actions D. A travel agency on the brink of bankruptcy at which tour funds are not available 479. As stipulated by General Principles of the Civil Law, the limitation of action regarding applications to people’s court for protection of civil rights shall be____.[B] A. six months B. one year C. two years D. four years 480. Any civil legal act performed by a person with capacity for civil conduct during the period in which he has been declared dead shall be ____. [B] A. invalid B. valid C. partly valid D. valid only after revocation of declaration of death 481. When participating in tour activities organized by Travel Agency A, a tourist’s legitimate rights and interests were infringed upon. Later, Travel Agency A merged with Travel Agency B and formed Travel Agency C; from which agency should the tourist should indemnification? [C] A. Agency A B. Agency B C. Agency C D. either Agency A or Agency B 482. A tourist paid a 1,000 yuan deposit and the travel agency acknowledged receipt, but the travel agency failed to perform its obligations under the contract due to its own fault. Which of the followings is the right way to deal with the deposit? [B] A. The travel agency should pay 1,200 yuan in total. B. The travel agency should pay 1,500 yuan in total. C. The travel agency should refund 1,000 yuan. D. The travel agency should pay back twice the amount of the deposit. 483. According to the Companies Law of the People’s Republic of China, the organ of power of the company with limited liability is____.[B] A. the manager B. the shareholders C. the board of directors D. the board of supervisors 484. According to the law of the People’s Republic of

China, lottery-attached sale in form of lottery-drawing with the highest prize exceeding____yuan is considered a sale by inappropriate means. [B] A. 2,000 B. 3,000 C. 4,000 D. 5,000 485. Business operators engaged in fraudulent activities in supplying commodities or services, on the demand of the consumers, should increase the compensation and the increased amount should be____the costs that the consumers paid for the commodities purchased or services received. [A] A. the same as B. twice C. three times D. four times 486. Which of the followings is the principal law enforcement agency stipulated in the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests? [B] A. The Public security department B. The industry and commerce administration authorities C. The Consumers’ Association D. The Technical supervision department 487. Which of the following entrance hall bulletins does NOT violate the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and interests? [C] A. Ten yuan each for clearance sale items, no receipt provided. B. Commodities sold are not subject to exchange. C. Sale of counterfeit goods is subject to a customer compensation of 10 times the marked price. D. Money and goods must be counted before leaving; if not, the buy must accept the consequences. 488. According to the Labor Contract Law, if a labor contract has a term of not less than three months but less than one year, the probation period may not exceed____.[A] A. one month B. two months C. three months D. six months 489. According to the Labor Contract Law, which of the followings is the essential term specified in a labor contract? [C] A. Commercial confidentiality B. Probation period C. Labor compensation

D. Benefits 490. The employer can NOT terminate a labor contract if the employee____. [B] A. is proven not to satisfy the conditions of employment during the probation period B. has contracted an illness or sustained a non-work-related injury, and the set period of medical care therefore has not expired C. seriously breaches the Employer’s rules and regulations D. is subject to a criminal liability investigation in accordance with the law 491. After working for the employer for____consecutively, the employee proposes to conclude an open-ended employment contract, and the employer and the employee shall conclude it. [D] A. not less than three years B. not less than five years C. not less than eight years D. not less than ten years 492. According to the Passport Law of the People’s Republic of China, which of the followings does NOT fall into the category of passports? [D] A. Ordinary passport B. Diplomatic passport C. Official passport D. Business passport 493. The exit-entry control department of the public security agency issues the passport within____days from the application receipt date. [B] A. 10 B. 15 C. 20 D. 30 494. A citizen who intends to travel abroad should apply in person for an ordinary passport to the entry-exit control department of the public security agency above the county level in____.[C] A. the place of his residence B. the place of his work units C. the place where his residence is registered D. his birthplace 495. A citizen who intends to engage in border trade or cross-border tour service, or participate in cross-border tours, may apply for____to the entry-exit control department of the public security agency at or above the county level authorized by the Ministry of Public Security.[D]

A. ordinary passport B. diplomatic passport C. official passport D. Entry-Exit Pass 496. When the travel agency is soliciting and receiving tourists, which of the following behaviors is NOT appropriate in order to reduce the harm to the tourists caused by accident risks?[C] A. Prompting tourists to buy travel insurance B. Selling personal accident insurance products according to law C. Taking the initiative to purchase travel insurance for tourists without their permission of the tourists D. Buying travel agency liability insurance 497. Which of the following is a penalty for acts against the administration of public security?[A] A. Warning B. Fine C. Detention D. Control 498. Which of the following departments is in charge of the supervision and administration of national scenic area? [D] A. Forestry administration department of the State Council B. Tourism administration department of the State Council C. Land administration department of the State Council D. Construction administration department of the State Council 499. “Environment” mentioned in Environmental Protection Law of The People’s Republic of China refers to the total body of all natural elements and artificially transformed____ elements affecting human existence and development. [A] A. natural B. social C. human D. economic 500. According to Chinese legislation, nature reserves may be divided into several parts which receive conservation and management of different intensity. Into which of the following are people allowed people for visits, investigations and tourism? [C] A. core area B. buffer zone C. experimental zone

D. periphery of the core area True or False Questions Directions: Read the following statements and decide whether each is True or False. Speak out your answer with True or False. 501. When a guide has failed to find a missing guest, he should turn to the local police station or the tour leader for assistance. [F] 502. When a tour group is leaving the country and going through the customs, the guests should prepare their passports, health certificate and customs declaration forms. [F] 503. Tour members arriving or departing independently outside group arrangements should be responsible for their own transportation. [T] 504. Although the change in the number of passengers of an agreed tour group leads to the change of category of the tour, the tour price per capita will have to remain the same. [F] 505. Persons travelling alone are required to pay the single supplement rate if it is not possible to pair them up with another member of the tour. [T] 506. Final arrangements of the tour will be announced upon arrival in each city and are subject to control by local tourist authorities. [T] 507. Within China, passengers may only carry 25 kilograms of luggage free. [F] 508. If you are invited to attend a party in Western countries, you are expected to say hello to the host first and then to the hostess. [F] 509. The compass was brought to Europe in the 13th century. [F] 510. Porcelain first made in the Tang Dynasty reached its excellence in Ming and Qing dynasties. [T] 511. Cloisonné known as the “Blue of Jingtai” in China, is so called because “blue” was the typical color for enamel and “Jingtai” was the reign title for the 7th Qing emperor. [F] 512. In Chinese history, the custom of foot-binding originally became fashionable among the daughters of poor families as they wanted to attract men by walking more gracefully with tiny feet. [F] 513. The People’s Republic of China has advocated a policy of freedom of religious belief. [T] 514. The appearance of the phoenix, the symbol used by the empresses in ancient China, is supposed to mean an era of beauty, charm and prosperity. [F]

515. Emperor Wanli was on the throne for 48 years, the longest reigning monarch of the Ming Dynasty. [T] 516. The UNESCO World Heritage List has three categories: cultural heritage, natural heritage and special heritage. [F] 517. The gardens in North China were mostly imperial property, while the gardens in the South usually belonged to wealthy merchants. [F] 518. The basic doctrine of Islam is the belief that Mohammed is the sole God.[F] 519. “Panchen” in the title of the Panchen Lama means “great scholar” in Tibetan. [T] 520. In Buddhism, the Eight Treasures such as the White Canopy, the Double Fish, etc., are eight kinds of offerings put in front of Buddhist figures. [T] 521. Beijing Opera began to emerge in its present form from more than 200 years ago to the time of Qing Emperor Kangxi. [F] 522. Fujian Tuotai lacquer, Beijing cloisonné, and Jingdezhen ceramics represent three major traditional handcrafts in China. [T] 523. In ancient China during a battle, the beating of drums signaled withdrawal and retreat, and the beating of gongs meant an attack. [F] 524. Huangguoshu Waterfall, a famous tourist resort in China in Guizhou Province, is the largest of its kind in the world. [F] 525. Among the four elements of a typical Chinese pagoda, the underground hall is the only part that retains the original meaning and form of an Indian stupa. [F] 526. Ta’er Lamasery is the birth place of Tsong Kha-pa, the founder of Yellow Sect Lamaism. [T] 527. Zhaoling Mausoleum is the joint tomb of Emperor Gao Zong and his empress consort, Wu Zetian, the only female supreme ruler in Chinese history. [F] 528. In general, Chinese calligraphy can be divided into four major script forms, namely, seal, standard, semi-cursive and cursive. [F] 529. The oracle-bone writings, once enjoying an exclusive superiority, were considered a mysterious means connecting man and Earth. [F] 530. In memory of Qu Yuan, dragon boat races are held every year on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar in China. [T] 531. The earliest Chinese books were made from flat strips of bones, inscribed and then threaded together. [F] 532. By the end of the 10th century, a man called Bi

Sheng invented letter printing, a more advanced method in which characters were engraved on clay dices.[F] 533. Historical records show that the first kite was a wooden kite made for military purposes during the Warring States Period. [T] 534. Beijing opera face patterns were developed on the basis of the Hubei and Anhui operas and by borrowing from the Kunqu, Yiyang and Bangzi operas. [T] 535. Taijiquan, a form of shadow boxing, was created by Chen Wangting, a martial arts master of the Yuan Dynasty. [F] 536. The Buddha of the Three Ages refers to the Sakyamuni, the Past Yaja, and Maitreya. [T] 537. The seven kingdoms during the Warring States Period refer to Qi, Chu, Qin, Yan, Zhao, Wei, Zhou. [F] 538. “The Moon at Dawn over Lugou Bridge” was personally inscribed by Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty. [F] 539. Jiayu Pass, a strategic passage between the north and northeast China, famed as the First Pass of the Great was Wall. [F] 540. Zhaoling Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty was called “the three Mausoleums of the Qing Dynasty outside Shanhai Pass”, along with Fuling Mausoleum and Yongling Mausoleum. [F] 541. Puguang Buddhist Temple enjoys “Three Wonders” inside the temple – a water pool, a dry pool and a pair of dragon-eye wells. [T] 542. The Three Gorges on the Yangtze River starts from Baidi Town in Sichuan province in the west and ends in Yibin in the east. [F] 543. The poet Su Dongpo from the Northern Song Dynasty had the first dike of the West Lake built. [F] 544. The Jin Lv Yu Yi (Jade clothes sewn with gold thread) was unearthed from mausoleums of Kings of the Liang Kingdom of the Eastern Han Dynasty. [F] 545. The Four Sacred Taoist Mountains in China are Mount Qingcheng, Mount Longhu, Mount Wudang and Mount Laoshan. [F] 546. Hemudu Site, located in Hemudu Village, Fujian Province in the coastal areas of southeast China, is the earliest Neolithic site. [F] 547. The wordless tablet on the Jade Emperor Peak of Mount Tai implies that no words could express Emperor Wudi’s cultural and military accomplishments. [T] 548. Ancient Beijing Observatory was first built in the Yuan Dynasty. [F]

549. The Fragrant Hills Hotel was designed by the world-famous Chinese architect Liang Sicheng. [F] 550. The Imperial Vault of Heaven serves as the storehouse for the spirit tablet of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. [T] 551. The Imperial College (Guozijian) used to be the highest institution of learning in the Qing Dynasty. [F] 552. Yuanmingyuan was laid out by Emper Kangxi, and Emperor Qianlong had it enlarged and gave it the name. [F] 553. Chinese carpet making has a history of about 3,000 years. [T] 554. Different from classical European gardens, in which geometric pattern dominates, Chinese gardens are made to resemble artificial landscapes on a smaller scale. [F] 555. Wuzhishan Mountain (Five Fingers Mountain) is known as the highest mountain in Hainan Province, with its first finger being the highest. [F] 556. Xisha Islands are known as “the second Persian Gulf” for its oil and gas reserves. [F] 557. The representative flower of Chongqing is the plum blossom. [F] 558. The famous Barkhor Street is both the spiritual heart of Lhasa and the main commercial centre for the local people. [T] 559. The four famous old mosques in China are the Fairy Crane Mosque in Yangzhou, Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou, Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mosque in Hangzhou, and Qingjing Mosque in Quanzhou. [F] 560. The water conservancy project karez, an irrigation system of wells was created by people in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. [T] 561. The Western Qing Tombs are the eternal sleeping chambers for 4 emperors, Emperor Qianlong, Emperor Jiaqing, Emperou Daoguang and Emperor Guangxu. [F] 562. Luoyang was the capital during the reigns of 96 emperors in 15 dynasties over a period of 1,529 years. [F] 563. UNESCO inscribed the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, Henan Province on the World Heritage List in 1997. [F] 564. Li Garden sits in a quiet nook by the Taihu Lake, named after a very famous politician, Fan Li, Xishi’s husband. [T] 565. Slender West Lake is a beautiful man-made lake in Suzhou dating from the Tang Dynasty. [F] 566. Stone Bell Hill was the place where Zhou Yu of the State of Wu in the Three Kingdoms Period trained naval forces. [F]

567. Confucius Family Mansion in Shandong Province used to be the place where Confucius lived. [F] 568. Tailing Mausoleum located in Shaanxi Province was built for Li Longji, Emperor Xuan Zong of the Tang Dynasty. [T] 569. The constructions of Jokhang Monastery are magnificent and brilliant with the artistic features of the Qing Dynasty. [F] 570. Mount Taishan in Shandong Province is a well-known holy place of Taoism and Buddhism. [F] 571. Hong Kong Disneyland is the world’s fifth Disney theme park and the third outside the USA. [T] 572. Norbulingka means treasure park in Tibetan, famous for being the Fifth Dalai Lama’s summer palace.[T] 573. Kunming is known as “Spring City” and has become known worldwide because of its International Horticulture Exposition in 2000.[T] 574. The traditional handicraft of tying Chinese knots boasts a history of more than 1,000 years, dating backing to the Tang Dynasty. [T] 575. Ancestors of the first Qing emperor, Nurhachi, were buried in the Changling Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty. [F] 576. Yuanmingyuan Garden was the largest and most luxurious imperial garden in the Qing Dynasty. [T] 577. Zhashilunbu Monastery is the center where the various generations of Bainqen hold religious and political activities after the 4th Panchen. [T] 578. The earthen buildings Tulou in Chinese) ( inhabited by Yi people in western Fujian Province are considered the best of traditional Chinese residential architecture.[F] 579. The Analects of Confucius was written by Confucius and his disciples. [F] 580. More than 6,000 years ago, people in both the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates River valleys knew how to make copper weapons. [T] 581. The ancient martial arts were developed for military purposes and incorporated sophisticated aspects of ancient Chinese culture after the Spring and Autumn Period. [T] 582. Ancient Chinese aesthetics advocated a balance between hardness and softness, void and solidness, motion and stillness, and negative and positive. [T] 583. The Confucian code, based on the cosmic order and the hierarchy of superior and inferior relationships, dated from about 400 B.C.. [T] 584. The Book of Changes, or the I Ching, composed by

a student of Confucius, is one of the oldest and most respected works of Chinese philosophy. [F] 585. Genghis Khan established the Yuan Dynasty and built a great capital on the site of modern Beijing. [F] 586. Among different schools of Buddhism, Mahayana has exerted great influence on China. [T] 587. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is located on the east side of the estuary of the Pearl River and consists of Hong Kong Island, New Territory and a dozen small islands. [T] 588. Macao was a Portuguese colony since the 15th century before it finally peacefully retuned to its motherland China on December 20, 1999. [F] 589. The geographic environment is a natural complex, which consists of atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and zoosphere. [F] 590. Gardens in the world essentially belong to two types, geometrically regulated gardens in Europe before the 19th century and landscape-type gardens in China featuring natural sceneries. [F] 591. Buddhists should abide by the Five Precepts all their lives: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no reckless speech and no intoxicants. [T] 592. The well-known Royal Feast of Complete Manchu-Han Courses, composed of 108 required hot and cold dishes, is the essence of Chinese cuisine. [T] 593. As early as the Zhou Dynasty, China had already developed perfect and scientific brewing techniques. [T] 594. In the agricultural society, Chinese diet gradually centered on meat as staple food, with cereals, vegetables and fruits as non-staple food. [F] 595. Chinese cooking greatly emphasizes color, fragrance, taste, form and nutrition of the food, and is very particular about cutting and temperature control. [T]

596. The three-funded enterprises refer to joint ventures, foreign invested enterprises and privately-owned enterprises. [F]
597. Among the three Nine-Dragon Screens in feudal China, the oldest one is in Beijing’s Forbidden City, which was erected in 1773. [F] 598. The lotus flower, one of the symbols of Buddhism, represents Buddhist perfection, boundless benevolence and the endless power of Buddhism. [F] 599. Ancient Chinese regarded odd numbers as masculine and even numbers as feminine, so the largest single digit number “nine” was used to symbolize supreme imperial majesty. [T]

600. The famous five kilns during the Tang Dynasty were the Official Kiln in Henan, Ge Kiln in Zhejiang, Ru Kiln in Henan, Ding Kiln in Hebei, and Jun Kiln in Henan. [F] 601. The Five Agents of metal, wood, water, fire and earth were used by the ancients in traditional Chinese medicine to explain various physiological and pathological phenomena. [T] 602. Oolong tea is a fermented tea, which has the combination of the strong taste of black tea and the light and fragrant taste of green tea. [F] 603. A tour guide should do everything possible to become knowledgeable about the cities and sites included in the itinerary of each trip. [T] 604. No matter whether there is an overseas escort, it is the tour guide’s duty to fairly assign hotel rooms among clients. [F] 605. The three components of tourism, also called the “three pillar industries”, are the travel agency industry, the passenger transport industry, and the lodging industry represented by hotels. [T] 606. Travel agencies in European countries are usually classified into two categories, Travel Wholesalers and Travel Retailers. [F] 607. In the process of touring, the tourism products that tourists buy include such things as transportation, communications, finance, cultural entertainment and hotel services. [T] 608. Nowadays bowing is prevalent in Japan, South Korea and North Korea, but the most common etiquette is still hand-shaking. [F] 609. When receiving a tour group, the national guide should contact the relevant travel agency 48 hours in advance so as to make arrangements. [F] 610. Zhanjiang Natural Geographic Park is the largest red sandstone park in the world, consisting of all types and structures of the red sandstone topography. [F] 611. The Pearl River in Guangdong Province is the third largest in China, with Xijiang, Dongjiang and Jianjiang as its three main tributaries. [F] 612. Guangzhou Municipality, capital of Guangdong Province, is located in subtropical South Asia characterized by oceanic monsoon weather. [T] 613. The three famous treasures of Ta’er Monastery in Qinghai Province refer to the yak butter sculpture (or Suyouhua), the appliquéd embroidery (or Duixiu) and murals. [T]

614. From the 11th century B.C. to the early 10th Century A.D., Xi’an served intermittently as the capital of 11 dynasties such as Qin, Western Han and Tang dynasties. [F] 615.Yunju Temple in Beijing holds the world’s largest collection of stone slabs with Buddhist scriptures inscribed and the fragments of the bone relics of Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism. [T] 616. Yongle Bell, known as China’s “King of Bells”, has the Buddhist sutras inscribed over the entire surface of the bell both inside and out. [T] 617. Tashilunbu Monastery is the largest Yellow Sect Monastery in Tibet and holds the second biggest copper Buddhist statue in the world. [F] 618. Located on Tumen Street in Quanzhou city, Fujian Province, Qingjing Mosque was built in the Northern Song Dynasty in 1009. [T] 619. The well-known Mount Taishan’s Four Spectacular Views are the sunrise in the east, the Yellow River resembling a golden belt, sea of clouds like jade plates, and charming rocks. [F] 620. It is said that Dizang, or the Bodhisattva of Salvation, was enshrined on Mount Wutai in present Shanxi Province. [F] 621. Seal-making has a long history in China and the four distinguished stones for seal-making include Shoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone, Balin Stone and Yichang Stone. [F] 622. The Ming Tombs, located in the valley south of Mount Wanshou in northwest suburban Beijing, is the burial ground for 13 emperors, their empresses and concubines out of a total of 16 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. [T] 623. The Heavenly Lake nestles on Baitoushan, the main peak of the Changbaishan Mountains in northeast China. [T] 624. Lake Dianchi is located at the foot of the Western Hills southwest of Kunming city in Yunnan Province and is reputed as “A Pearl on the Yungui Plateau”.[T] 625. Lijiang is a beautiful shining jewel on the Northwest Yunnan Plateau on the southwest side of the Tibetan Plateau. [F] 626. Famen Temple in Shaanxi Province is where the finger bone of Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism, is enshrined. [T] 627. Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei Province, first built in 223 A.D. during the Three Kingdom Period, was once a gathering place for poets to make merry and compose poetry. [T] 628. Qinghai Province is set on the Northwest Plateau

of China, from where the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Mekong River originate. [T] 629. Unlike the Arabic mosques, the Great Mosque in Xi’an possesses many traditional Chinese touches in both design and artistic appearance. [T] 630. Mawangdui, in the eastern outskirts of Changsha, was excavated from 1972 to early 1974 and five tombs were found there. [F] 631. Jiuzhaigou Scenery, formed by geographical forces of glaciers, floods and calcification, covers an area of 720 sq. km. [F] 632. Changbai Mountains in Jilin Province feature four different types of sceneries from temperate to tropical from its foot to its peak. [T] 633. The upper reaches of the Qiantang River leads to famous Mount Huangshan, and on the middle reaches rests the Xin’anjiang Reservoir, currently called Qiandao Lake. [T] 634. The Forbidden City was the former Imperial Palace, from which 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ruled China for some 500 years. [T] 635. Mountain Putuo covers an area of 12.5 sq kilometers with Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Lingyin Temple as its three largest temples. [F] 636. The native Sani people in Yunnan Province celebrate their national festival – the Water Sprinkling Festival, on June 24th every lunar year. [F] 637. Xishuangbanna, located in the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province, is nicknamed “Aerial Garden” for its multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests. [T] 638. Turpan in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is the lowest city in the China. [T] 639. The Humble Administrator’s Garden, the largest one in Suzhou, was constructed during the early years of Emperor Jiaqing’s reign in the Ming Dynasty.[T] 640. Among the four most famous embroideries in China, Xiang embroidery specializes in tigers and lions, while Su embroidery is celebrated for its cats and goldfish. [T] 641. The Great Wall is divided into two sections, the east and the west, with Shaanxi Province as the dividing line. [F] 642. Guilin Landscape refers to the sceneries from Gulin to Yangshuo along the Li River and is the largest and most beautiful karst formation in the world. [T] 643. As early as the Sui and Tang dynasties, Guangzhou

was the starting point of the Marine Silk Route to the West. [T] 644. Chewing areca-nut and having bamboo rice are favored by both Li and Dai people. [T] 645. There are five famous fresh-water lakes in China, including Poyang Lake, Taihu Lake, Hongze Lake, Dongting Lake and Qinghai Lake. [F] 646. Oracle-bone Inscription of the Xia Dynasty is an ancient written language inscribed on bones of animals and is, so far, the earliest written language in Chinese history. [T] 647. Every ethnic group has its own traditional sports activities; for the Manchu, horse-riding, archery and weight-lifting are most popular. [T] 648. Ginseng is one of the most important Chinese traditional medicines used for thousands of years; the best Ginseng is from the Changbai and Xing’an Mountains. [T] 649. The Four Schools of Cuisine in China are Shangdong, Sichuan, Guangdong and Zhejiang Cuisines. [F] 650. Three major elements constitute tourism, namely tourism subject, tourism object and tourism medium. [T] 651. The three famous waterfalls in China are Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province, Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River and Diaoshuilou Waterfall in Jingpo Lake. [T] 652. Of the 55 ethnic groups, the Bai and Manchu use the same Han language while the other 53 ethnic groups use their own spoken languages. [F] 653. The Grand Canal, a great water project in ancient China, runs a distance of 1,794 kilometers, making it the longest canal in the world. [T] 654. The unique theatrical synthesis of song and dance, acting and acrobatics known as Beijing Opera began to emerge in its present from around 200 years ago.[T] 655. The national flower of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the rose. [T] 656. The Statue of Liberty in the United States, holding the American Constitution in her hand, was a gift from France. [F] 657. The Smithsonian Museum, located in New York, houses more than 360,000 art works from different historical periods. [T] 658. Australia, located on the Oceania Continent, has the longest coastline in the world. [F] 659. Ramadan, the ninth month of the year in the Mausoleum calendar, is the most important festival for Muslims all over the world. [T] 660. Seven Star Cave and Reed Flute Cave located in

Fujian Province are examples of karst formations. [F] 661.Chongqi is the most populated municipality among the four in China with the population of 30,000,000. [T] 662. There are four classical dramas in China; Peony Pavilion was written by Wang Shifu from the Yuan Dynasty. [F] 663. Toshodai Temple in Nara was built by the Chinese Buddhist master Jianzhen, who sailed to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. [T] 664. The Legalists believed in power, not virtue, and in harsh laws. [T ] 665. People in southwestern Asia knew how to make bronze jewelry and weapons as early as 5,000 years ago. [F] 666. The time from one full moon to the next full moon lasts about 29 1/2 days. [T] 667. Traditionally Chinese people have regarded January 1st, the New Year’s Day, as the true beginning of a new year. [F] 668. The climax of the Spring Festival covers the period from New Year’s Eve to the 15th day of the first lunar month. [F] 669. According to folklore, mice marry on the third day of the first lunar month.[T] 670. Traditional Chinese ideas believe that heaven, earth, and man are the source of all creatures. [T] 671. Marital arts are genuine native sports of China, and incorporate traditional Chinese philosophies, aesthetics, ethics and medical science. [T] 672. In the Han Dynasty, multi-storied buildings appeared and many different roof styles evolved, all featuring sweeping upturned eaves and corners.[T] 673. In ancient China from the Tang Dynasty, the imperial court stipulated standards of residential construction according to social status.[T] 674. Throughout Chinese history, the quadrangle was the basic pattern used for palaces, temples, monasteries and government offices. [T] 675. As a 5,000-year-old civilization, China developed its own political ideology, which had great influence on its diplomacy. [T] 676. The major components of China’s family planning are “later marriage and later child bearing, fewer and healthier babies and one child per couple.” [T] 677. Up to now Zen has been spreading in China for the longest period of time among all the sects of Chinese Buddhism. [T] 678. The three great ancient drama cultures of the world

are the Chinese opera, the Greek tragicomedy and the Indian Buddhist play. [T] 679. There are four common roles in traditional Beijing opera, namely Sheng, Dan, Jing and Mo. [F] 680. Beijing opera is divided into two large schools -Beijing style and Kun style. [F] 681. The Chinese character is the oldest and the only ancient writing still in use today and it belongs to ideogram. [F] 682. The regular script, which developed at the end of the Han Dynasty and gained popularity in the Wei and Jin dynasties, was perfected during the Tang Dynasty.[T] 683. Wang Xizhi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty made a great contribution to the art of calligraphy in the regular script, the running script, and the cursive hand. [T] 684. In the world field of painting, only traditional Chinese painting is named after a country. [T] 685. The Eight Immortals of Yangzhou refer to the eight famous painters at that time. [F] 686. The majority of Chinese Islamists belongs to the Sunni sect; minority to the Shi’ah sect. [T] 687. Christianity developed from a lower level Judaism religious sect in the first century. [T] 688. The Holy Bible includes two major parts, namely 27 volumes of the Old Testaments and 39 volumes of the New Testament. [F] 689. In ancient China, palace structures of every dynasty represent the highest achievement of architecture at that time. [T] 690. The Chinese diet is mainly composed of staple food and non-staple food.[F] 691. There are three components of a banquet, namely the cold-dish, the hot-dish, and the rice to go with them. [T] 692. China is one of first nations in the world to make wine, which began during the Xia Dynasty. [T] 693. There are many kinds of drinks in the world; tea, coffee and cocoa are the three most popular drinks. [T] 694. The priority for making good tea is that the water should be sweet, clean and fresh, and stored properly. [T] 695. The core spirit of Chinese sado is harmony, which means the unity of heaven, earth and man. [T] 696. The curative effects of tea include such things as refreshingness, anticancer treatment and insomnia treatment.[F] 697. Wrestling is a martial art that originated from military wrestling techniques in wars in ancient China. [T] 698. Sumo wrestling originated in the Song Dynasty

and later was introduced to Japan. [T] 699. Taiji boxing, a popular sport among elderly people in China, belongs to the Shaolin School of martial arts. [F] 700. The three most well-known schools of Chinese martial arts are Shaolin, Wudang and Emei. [T] 701. Liquor-drinking in ancient China, originally a private behavior, became a rite in ceremonies. [T] 702. The book Shen Nong on Chinese Medicine, the earliest book on the theory of Chinese medicine, was published during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period. [F] 703. Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu) by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty is the world’s earliest pharmacopoeia. [F] 704. Danxia, a unique geological landscape, is named after a person. [F] 705. Xiaozhai Tian Keng, located in Fengjie County, Chongqiong, is the largest of its kind ever discovered in the world. [T] 706. Yin and Yang do not conflict with each other. Rather, they depend on one another, and under the best of conditions, they maintain a balance. [T] 707. In China, deputies to the people’s congress at various levels are democratically elected. [T] 708. The Analects is a collection of writings of the ideas and teachings of Laozi.[F] 709. Missionaries from India first brought Buddhism to China during the Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago. [T] 710. Legalists in ancient China believed peace and prosperity could be achieved only by threatening people with severe punishment if people did not obey the laws.[T] 711. More than 6,000 years ago, people in both the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates River valleys knew how to make iron tools and jewelry. [F] 712. The Five Classics of ancient Chinese literature include, Analects, Book of History, Book of Divination, Spring and Autumn Annals, and Book of Rites. [F] 713. The early form of government in ancient times may have developed gradually as a result of peoples’ cooperation in building large irrigation and flood-control projects. To work together effectively, people made rules to govern their behavior and to plan, direct, and regulate their work. [T] 714. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is believed to have been said by Confucius. [F] 715. From 1840 to 1999, Macao was “Chinese territory under Portuguese administration”. [F] 716. The official languages of Macao are Cantonese and

English. [F] 717. Since 1912, the Chinese people have celebrated New Year twice each year due to China’s use of both the lunar and solar calendars. [T] 718. Chinese ancients discovered, through astronomical observation, that during the earth’s 12-month orbit around the moon, its changing position gave rise to periodical changes in climate and thus distinct farming seasons. [F] 719. In China, each of the 12 lunar months encompassed two jieqi or solar terms, which were regarded in the past by both the imperial court and farmers as the chronological yardstick by which to plan agricultural production. [T] 720. The closest mainland city to Hong Kong is Zhuhai. [F] 721. The largest contributor to Macao GDP is the gaming industry. [T] 722. The Ruins of St. Paul's is the icon attraction for tourists to Hong Kong. [F] 723. China Danxia which was recently listed on the UNESCO natural heritage list comprises areas found in two provinces of Gangdong and Zhejiang. [F] 724. Chinese Language Reform from 1955 to 1957 included three main tasks: simplification of Chinese written language; popularization of Putonghua, standard Chinese and implementation of Pinyin, Chinese Phonetic System. [T] 725. As officially approved by the National People’s Congress in 1958, the official newspaper in China, the People’s Daily, began to follow the left-to-right way of writing starting from the first day in 1956. [T] 726. China formally adopted the Gregorian calendar and made January 1 New Year’s Day after 1949. [F] 727. One popular folk belief in China for cleaning the house in the 12th month on the lunar calendar is that during this month all the gods and spirits either ascend to heaven or descend to hell to report on the family activities of the past year. People take this opportunity to clean their houses, so the gods and spirits will not be disturbed or offended. [T] 728. World Tourism Day Theme for 2009 is “Technology and nature: two challenges for tourism at the dawn of the twenty-first century”. [F] 729. Religion is important in tourism as a motivator for travel. [T] 730. Kosher is a term used especially to refer to foods which Jews are permitted by their laws to eat. [T] 731. Halal meat is prepared as prescribed by Muslim law and accepted by all Muslims. [T]

732. Portuguese is the official language of Mexico. [F] 733. The 1911 Revolution started with a military uprising at Wuchang on October 10, 1911 and ended five thousand years of imperial rule in China. [T] 734. On December 29, 1911 at Nanjing, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, a Chinese revolutionary leader and statesman, the founder of the Kuomintang, who was posthumously given the title Father of China in the 1930s, was elected first provisional president of the People’s Republic of China. [F] 735. Americans observe their Independence Day on July 4, the day in 1876 on which the Declaration of Independence was adopted. Americans celebrate the day with parades, speeches, and fireworks. [F] 736. In the United States, when the President and Congress differ, they can veto one another according to certain rules. But in China, once the people’s congress makes a decision, the administrative and judicial organs must unconditionally enforce it. [T] 737. The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is a democratic representative organ, but it is an organization of political consultation rather than a legislative organ. [T] 738. A unicameral system is a law-making body consisting of one part, like the NPC of China while a bicameral system is one consisting of two parts, like the Senate and the House of Representatives in the US. [T] 739. The belief “Help others establish themselves insofar as you wish to establish yourself; and help others achieve their goals insofar as you wish to achieve yours” is an important guiding principle for Taoists. [F] 740. A junzi or gentle man in Confucianism is supposed to possess three basic virtues: neither riches nor honors can corrupt him; neither poverty nor lowly conditions can make him swerve from his principles; and neither threats nor force can bind him. [T] 741. Buddhists believe that fu (good fortune) and huo (ill fortune or calamity) occur in parallel to life’s ups and downs and joy and grief. [F] 742. Laozi was an older contemporary of Confucius. His observation of the interaction between fortune and misfortune is clear in his Tao-Te Ching when he says: Ill fortune is that beside which good fortune lies; Good fortune is that beneath which ill fortune lurks. [T] 743. Polygamy predominates in China, and there are also more late marriages, divorces, and “DINK” (double income, no kid) households. [F] 744. “Trial marriage” refers to a couple who lives

together for a period to determine compatibility for marriage. [T] 745. In recent years, the popularity of a simple diet in China designated 20 years ago as “peasant” food like corn and herbs is a result of a decreased living standard.[F] 746. According to traditional Chinese belief, illness is seen as a disturbance in the balance of Yin and Yang or the Five Agents caused by emotions, heat or cold, or other influences. [T] 747. Martial arts incorporate traditional Chinese philosophies, aesthetic sense, ethics and medical science. [T] 748. Ancient Chinese martial arts were used for the same purpose as modern ones. [F] 749. As a distinct aspect of Chinese martial arts, practicing martial arts not only implies building health and strength, but also purifying one’s soul. [T] 750. The earliest primitive shelter found in China belonged to Peking man who existed between a million and 300, 000 years ago. [T] 751. The use of timber framework and the invention of mortises and tenons formed the prototype of classical buildings in ancient China. [T] 752. Architects of the Han Dynasty demonstrated very sophisticated techniques. Corbel brackets were widely used. [T] 753. Making bricks as a building material occurred in the Tang Dynasty some 1,400 years ago. [F] 754. Built in 1056, Foguang (Buddha Light) Temple in Wutai Mountains is the oldest surviving timber pagoda in China and the tallest timber building in the world.[T] 755. The capital of the Tang Dynasty, Chang’an (now Xi’an), was constructed according to an ambitious layout that was copied in varying degrees by lateer dynasties, even spreading its influence to the ancient Japanese capitals of Kyoto and Nara. [T] 756. Chinese palaces, temples and mansions have on their roofs a special kind of ornaments called wenshou or zoomorphic ornaments on the sloping and branch ridges.[T] 757. In ancient China, people put a chiwen (fishtail-shaped ornament) at both ends of the main ridge for its magic power to conjure up a downpour to put out any fire that might break out. [T] 758. At end of the sloping and branch ridges there are often a string of small animals, their sizes and numbers being decided by the likes and dislikes of the owner of the building. [F] 759. The largest number of zoomorphic ornaments in

China is found on the Hall of Supreme Harmony of the Forbidden City. [T] 760. Acid rain forms when precipitation falls through air polluted by toxins produced by the burning of fossil fuels. [T] 761. Pesticides are selective and will poison living things with which they come into contact. [F] 762. The loss of biodiversity could have damaging effects on humans as well as on the environment. [T] 763. Ozone is a gas that shields the Earth from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays which can cause skin cancer in humans and damage animal and plant life. [T] 764. Two agreements emerged from the “Earth Summit” Conference in 1992 -- the prevention of climate change and preservation of biodiversity. [T] 765. To control droughts, greenness is a necessity, particularly for northern China.[T] 766. China has the largest elderly population in the world. [T] 767. A Fu cut was a traditional hairstyle for children in the summer because it is cool and easy to keep. [T] 768. During the Neolithic Age, people found that some stones were more beautiful, finer in texture and more solid than others and used them to make tools, arrowheads, and ornaments. These were the prototypes of jade ware. [T] 769. Tri-color ceramic products which emerged in the Tang Dynasty had no influence on succeeding dynasties. [F] 770. Blue-and-white porcelain first appeared in the Ming Dynasty. [F] 771. A steelyard is a Chinese invention. [T] 772. Under certain conditions, listed world heritage sites can obtain funds from the World Heritage Fund. [T] 773. Mexico has the largest number of UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites of any country. [F] 774. Yellowstone National Park in the US is the world’s first national park. [T] 775. Guqin, a seven-stringed zither, China’s oldest stringed instrument with a history of some 3,000 years, was proclaimed as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. [T] 776. Among all the Chinese martial art forms, Taijiquan (shadow boxing) is the one with the most striking feature of philosophy. [T] 777. The procedure of serving Western dinner is: starter (vegetable salad or soup), main course (fillet or chicken or fish), dessert (ice-cream, cakes, fruit or pastries), and coffee. [T]

778. The World Tourism Organization, the leading international organization in the field of tourism, is not an agency of the United Nations. [F] 779. Ecotourism essentially means ecological tourism; where ecological has both environmental and social connotations. [T] 780. On overnight trains, the national guide should let the tour escort assign roommates to the soft-berth compartments. [T] 781. A competent guide should conform to the five rules: eyes open, ears attentive, legs in motion, hands active, tongue busy. [T] 782. A guide should do what the tour members ask him to do. [F] 783. Effective communication is not just the process of delivering a message, but rather the process of ensuring that the meaning attached to th message is correctly understood by all concerned. [T] 784. Asking tourists questions is an effective way to know their needs. [T] 785. A guide should safeguard the interest and dignity of the country while working, obliged not to do or speak anything harmful to the interest and dignity of the country. [T] 786. The right front of the Chinese currency note has a tactile representation of the denomination in Chinese braille starting from the fourth series of RMB. [T] 787. When the number of tourists exceeds the local population, tourism may exert strong influence on the life style of the local people. [T] 788. Table manners like slurping and smacking lips are accepted in Western countries. [F] 789. Most international tourists start their journey with an intention to enjoy life in the destination country with the same languages, foods and clothing. [F] 790. The name of the UNESCO heritage site list in Macao is “A-Ma Temple”.[F] 791. It sometimes occurs that culture protection and tourism development are contradictory. In China the emphasis should be put more on tourism development. [F] 792. The harbor where Zheng He started his first oceanic voyage with the biggest fleet of the world in July, 1405, is Ningbo harbor. [F] 793. Among all the surnames of the Han in China, Zhao is the most numerous.[F] 794. The largest collection of ancient stone tablets, “The Forest of Stone Tablets”, is in Kunming. [F]

795. Mount Lushan and Mount Taishan are both listed as the mixed cultural and natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. [F] 796. The former U.S. president, Richard Nixon, called the Terra-cotta Army of Qin Dynasty “the eighth wonder of the world”. [F] 797. Mandarin (or Putonghua), the predominant dialect, is spoken by over 70% of the population of China. [T] 798. The US government has adopted the pinyin system for all names and places in China. [T] 799. The five state-sanctioned patriotic religious associations in China are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism. [T] 800. China is not a signatory to the Basel Convention governing the transport and disposal of hazardous waste and the Montreal Protocol for the protection of the Ozone Layer. [F] 801. Japanese eat in restaurants a great deal because this is the way they meet friends, socialize with workmates and entertain business contacts. [T] 802. Thais think that there is no need to rush because time is circular. [T] 803. Angkor Watt is the iconic tourist attraction in Vietnam. [F] 804. The British government opened Buckingham Palace to the public for the first time in 1993 to raise money for repairs to Windsor Castle. [F] 805. Maoris are the indigenous people of Australia. [F] 806. Stonehenge is one of Britain’s greatest national icons, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. [T] 807. The Eiffel Tower is taller than the Oriental Pearl in Shanghai. [F] 808. Mecca, the holy city for all the Muslims is located in the country of Saudi Arabia. [T] 809. The four Chinese literature classics are The Dreams of Red Mansion, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The West Chamber and Outlaws in the Marsh. [F] 810. The Song of Eternal Sorrow is a poem of the love story between the Tang Emperor Xuanzong and his favorite concubine Yang Guifei. [T] 811. The cities of Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein all serve as the capitals of South Africa? [T] 812. The city of Yan’an in Shaanxi Province served as the base for modern Chinese Revolution where the Chinese Communist Party stayed for 13 years from 1935 to 1947. [T] 813. The Tang Paradise in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province is the largest theme park based on the Tang Dynasty culture.

[T] 814. Hadrian’s Wall in Great Britain built by the Romans was constructed approximately 300 years later than the Qin Great Wall. [T] 815. The national bird of New Zealand is the kiwi. [T] 816. The Pyramids were constructed earlier than the Great Wall of China. [F] 817. The temple and cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu is a popular tourist destination in Shandong Province but not a UNESCO world heritage site. [F] 818. Mount Qingcheng and the Dujianjgyan Irrigation System were listed on the UNESCO heritage site in 2000. [T] 819. Analogy is one of the most effective tour guide interpretation skills to connect tourists’ existing knowledge with the new knowledge about the tourist destination. [T] 820. As a tour guide, you cannot withdraw any statement you make, so it is wise to leave out information that may offend tourists such as bad-taste jokes and racial comments. [T] 821. Yangshao Culture named after Yangshao Village in Henan Province is also known as the Painted Pottery Culture belonging to China’s Paleolithic Age. [F] 822. The Carbon-14 dating method is an effective way to determine the age of archaeological findings. [T] 823. Kiwi fruit, native to China, was originally known as Yang Tao and was renamed Chinese gooseberry when they were introduced to New Zealand in 1906. [T] 824. Most existing city walls in China were constructed in the Tang Dynasty. [F] 825. The Chinese zodiac consists of a 12-year cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal that imparts distinct characteristics to its year. [T] 826. Confucianism is the most important religion in ancient China that has influenced Chinese beliefs for thousands of years. [F] 827. Laozi did not encourage people to seek power or material wealth, but rather to bring themselves into harmony with the Tao by being quiet, thoughtful, and humble.[T] 828. In traditional Chinese culture, the individual constituted the most important unit in Chinese society. [F] 829. China created the lunar calendar and is the only country that uses it. [F] 830. The Spring Festival falls on the solar term of Lichun, the beginning of the Chinese lunar New Year. [F] 831. Jingzhe in the 24 Jieqi falls on March 5 or 6 and

means the waking of insects. [T] 832. Traditionally, the Spring Festival begins its course a week before the Chinese New Year (the 23rd of the last month from Chinese lunar calendar) with the practice of offering a sacrifice to the Kitchen God. [T] 833. Lantern Festival celebrations mark the first full moon and the finale of the Chinese New Year. [T] 834. The worshiping of the sea goddess, Mazu, first started in Macao. [F] 835. St. Paul’s Cathedral, a well-preserved Portuguese structure, is the landmark of Macao. [F] 836.The book, Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine, was written during the third millennium B.C. by Bian Que. [F] 837. The concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Agents provided the intellectual framework of much of Chinese scientific thinking especially in the fields of biology and medicine. [T] 838. The use of acupuncture anesthesia in an operation is a good example of combining traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine. [T] 839. The Fuoguang (Buddha Light) Temple in the Wutai Mountains built in 857 is the tallest timber building in the world. [F] 840. On the roofs of Chinese palaces, temples and mansions there are a special kind of ornaments called wenshou or zoomorphic ornaments. [T] 841. The first coastal special economic zone of China was Guangzhou. [F] 842. Ancient Chinese distinguished the main items of dress as “upper clothing”, “lower clothing” and “foot clothing”, the latter referring to shoes and socks. [T] 843. The earliest pair of leather shoes extant in China is a 4,000-year-old pair of boots made from sheep hide. [T] 844. Our ancestors divided Chinese musical instruments into 7 categories or “7 sounds”:metal, stone, string, bamboo, gourd, clay, leather, and wood. [F] 845. According to archaeological studies, the earthen xun, a hunting weapon some 8,000 years ago, later became a special wind instrument in the Chinese concert in the Zhou Dynasty. [T] 846. Zheng is a 16-stringed wooden instrument with a history of more than 2,000 years. [F] 847. Qin was often played along with the se, another stringed plucked instrument in ancient China. [T] 848. Four big Huiban opera troupes entered the capital and gave performances in Bejing in 1790 and combined with

Kunqu opera, Yiyang opera, Hanju opera and Luantan in Beijing’s theatrical circle of the time. [F] 849. Guan Hanqing founded Zaju duing the Yuan Dynasty and The Injustice Done to Dou E (窦娥冤) is one of his well-known representative works. [T] 850. The facial make-up in Chinese traditional opera follows traditionally fixed patterns for specific types to highlight the disposition and quality in the personages so that audience may immediately know the character they represent. [T] 851. A black face indicates bravery, uprightness and loyalty in Chinese traditional Operas. [F] 852. Jade was considered “the most beautiful stone” and the ancient Chinese considered jade to be sacred for making divine vessel in ancient China. [T] 853. “Nine out of ten Han-Dynasty tombs were empty” reflects the fact that most tombs from that time were robbed and treasures were stolen because of the sumptuous imperial burial system in the Western Han Dynasty. [T] 854. Tang Tri-color is a unique ancient art form invented and developed in the Tang Dynasty and China is the only country that possesses the unique technique. [F] 855. Yellow, green and brown are the only 3 colors applied in Tang Tri-color works. [F] 856. The Silk Road stopped serving as a shipping route for silk in around 1600 A.D.. [F] 857. Buddhism is currently the largest religion in the world in terms of number of followers. [F] 858. Islam is currently the second largest religion in the world in terms of number of followers. [T] 859. Roman Catholicism and Protestantism differ most basically on the issue of the authority. [T] 860. Beijing Opera was the product of merging Anhui and Hubei opera styles in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. [F] 861. Allah is regarded as the only God by Islam followers. [T] 862. Chinese people usually worship ancestors in "temples" or ancestral halls.[T] 863. Western oil paintings are usually done on paper. [F] 864. The elaborate brushwork painting usually represents the exaggerated likenesses of the objects. [F] 865. Chinese traditional painting dates back to about 8,000 years ago.[T] 866. The essence of “the old testament” is the “Ten Commandments”.[T] 867. “Ten Commandments” refers to the covenant

between Moses and God.[T] 868. Traditional Chinese architecture stresses patriarchal and ethical themes.[T] 869. Western painting emphasizes personal understanding of the laws of nature, and applies a shifting perspective. [F] 870. Zhang Heng, a famous astronomer in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), invented the world's first seismograph, an earthquake-detection instrument.[T] 871. Aiding Lake in Turpan, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is 155 meters below sea level.[T] 872. Collectivist cultures in China place great emphasis on groups and think more in terms of “we”, while in Western countries like the U.S. and France, individualistic cultures are more self-centered and mostly emphasize individual goals.[T] 873. Oolong is a kind of black tea which is also known as gongfu tea.[F] 874. The book Tea Classics was written by Lu Yu, Master of Tea in the Tang Dynasty.[T] 875. Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the second longest in the world.[F] 876. According to the National Population Census, the 55 ethnic groups in China constitute 8.41% of the total population in 2001.[F] 877. Waist drum, flute pipes, Huqin fiddles and corner gongs are musical instruments of minority ethnic groups in China.[T] 878. Mahayana emphasizes the existence of many kinds of Buddhas.[T] 879. Buddhism reached its peak of popularity during the Sui and Tang dynasties.[T] 880. Quite different from Western cooking where recipes are followed strictly like laboratory instructions, Chinese cooking always allows for a creative and stylistic touch to it.[T] 881. Tea is known to be rich in various vitamins notably vitamin D.[F] 882. Silk, reputed to be “the queen of fabrics”, is light, lustrous and durable.[T] 883. Traditional Chinese painting emphasizes a combination of the arts of poetry, calligraphy, painting, and seal engraving in the same picture.[T] 884. Biluochun tea is known as a famous Oolong tea very popular in Fujian, Guangzhou and Taiwan.[F] 885. Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in the United States and Canada. People thank God for creating the

universe.[F] 886. The national guide, the person who meets the guests in his own country and shows the guests to different places according to the itinerary, should coordinate with the tour leader and the local guide.[T] 887. When a tour member needs to be hospitalized, the local guide should accompany the tour member in the hospital during the whole visit.[F] 888. Canada has been granted the Approved Destination Status for Chinese tourists.[T] 889. Mainland Chinese citizens can go to Taiwan for sightseeing tours as of 2008.[T] 890. A carbon footprint is "the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product". We need to use more “green” energy to lower carbon the footprint and reduce emission.[T] 891. Low carbon travel is a hot issue in recent years which encourages tourists to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while traveling.[T] 892. According to the latest census, there are much more females than males born in China, which causes a big challenge in China.[F] 893. When shopping in China, the prices are usually tax-included while it is opposite in the United States.[T] 894. Tourism industry has been stipulated as of strategic importance in China’s economy.[T] 895. Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth” and China Danxia Landform were included in the World Natural Heritages List in 2010.[F] 896. The martial arts, which have a long history in China, are events in the Olympic Games. [F] 897. The prevailing imperial examination system of the Tang Dynasty was also adapted for the selection of martial arts champions.[T] 898. Nanquan (Southern Boxing) features fully extended, elegant and unrestrained movement. [F] 899.The craze for architectural grandeur culminated during the reign of Emperor Qinshihuang, the first emperor of ancient China who unified the country in 221 B.C..[T] 900. The making of bricks as building material occurred in the Tang Dynasty some 2,000 years ago.[F] 901. Ozone is a gas that shields the Earth from the sun’s X-rays, which can cause skin cancer in humans and damage animal and plant life.[F] 902. Emperors in feudal China believed that “No land under heaven that is not the emperor’s, and no men within the four seas that are not his subjects.”[T]

903. Since 1851 when the Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations was held in London, the World Expositions have attained increasing prominence as grand events for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges.[T] 904. Due to the development of the real estate industry, the extended family arrangement of two, or even three generations living under one roof is phasing out in China.[T] 905. The new Constitution, revised in 1999, stipulates that private enterprises are an important part of the socialist market economy.[T] 906. Yin and Yang usually conflict with each other as do the concepts of good and evil in Western thought.[F] 907. Qinshihuang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, followed the ideas of Legalism and succeeded in creating a powerful empire.[T] 908. The invention of bronze tools marked the end of the Stone Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age.[T] 909. Since 1912, the Chinese people have celebrated New Year twice each year due to China’s use of both the lunar and solar calendars.[T] 910. For the 3,000 years leading up to 1912, Chinese life was ordered solely according to the solar calendar. [F] 911. Traditionally, offering sacrifices to the kitchen god and greeting the Jade Emperor are two of the major activities that occur before the Spring Festival.[T] 912. Some of the main Spring Festival customs, such as putting up Spring Festival couplets, going to temple fairs and the Lantern Festival, have totally changed.[F] 913. In 1774, the British colonial settlers declared their independence from England and established a new nation, the United States of America.[F] 914. In Western countries, the legislative organs lead the administrative and judicial organs. [F] 915. In China, the administrative and judicial organs must unconditionally enforce the decision made by the people’s congress.[T] 916. Members of the standing committee of the people’s congress can hold concurrent administrative or judicial posts.[F] 917. Since Hong Kong’s return on July 1, 1997, the Chinese government has never interfered with affairs within the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. [T] 918. The Chinese government will safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by all measures possible except the use of force.[F]

919. The Dao itself is considered a cardinal virtue in Taoism, embodying the overall spirit of Chinese philosophy. [F] 920. Historically the search for benevolence was one of the primary objectives of Neo-Confucianism during the Song Dynasty. [T] 921. In general, the complex state of the Chinese society is, to varying degrees, reflected in the institutions of family and marriage. [T] 922. In China, monogamy still predominates, but there are now more late marriages, divorces, and “DINK” households, and so on. [T] 923.Women of the Tang Dynasty were fortunate to live at a time characterized by open-mindedness and liberal ideas. [T] 924. In the Tang Dynasty, writing poetry was the privileged pursuit of noblemen, such as Li Bai, Du Fu, and etc. [F] 925. In ancient times, there was no distinction between shoes and socks. [T] 926. According to archaeologists, foot binding first appeared in the Zhou Dynasty. [F] 927. The earliest pair of leather shoes was found in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. [F] 928. While China’s northern people were wearing hide boots, people in the east were making straw shoes. [T] 929. In feudal China, the social status of people could be perceived from the shoes they wore. [T] 930. Confucians insisted that hair care was not merely a matter of personal image, but of morality. [T] 931. The Yuan Dynasty was the second ethnic minority political power to unify China. [F] 932. Kunqu has a repertoire of more than 400 dramas, one quarter of which came from Yuan Zaju. [T] 933. Pipa was introduced from Mesopotamia in west Asia to China, so it was not originally a Chinese musical instrument. [T] 934. Wearing jade ornaments was most popular in the Song Dynasty. [F] 935. Opinions of the State Council on Speeding up the Development of the Tourism Industry puts forward the requirement of turning tourism into a pillar industry with strategic importance to the national economy and a modern service industry that better meets the aspirations of the general public.[T] 936. "The Action Plan of Raising the Level of Etiquette for Chinese Tourists” launched in 2006 aims at correcting the

uncivilized behavior of Chinese travelers, but it does not include specific requirements for travel agencies and tour guides. [F] 937. The country strives to enhance the quality of tourism employees, to reform and optimize the tour guide accreditation system, enhance the competence and capability of tour guides, and encourage professional technicians, especially retired experts and teachers, to join the team of tour guides.[T] 938. During the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the development strategy of the three major tourism markets in China is to focus on the development of domestic tourism, actively promote inbound tourism, and develop outbound tourism in an orderly way. [T] 939. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, the business scope of travel agencies includes domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism businesses with the business permit. [T] 940. The industry organization of travel agencies refers to a profit-making social, legal entity that is formed based on the principle of voluntariness and equality and obtains approval from the social group registration administrative department. [F] 941. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, the travel agency that applies for operating outbound tourism business must have a registered capital of no less than RMB 300,000 yuan. [T] 942. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, a travel agency, which has obtained a business permit for two years or more, and is not subject to any administrative penalty due to the infringement upon the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, may apply for operating an outbound tourism business. [F] 943. According to the Regulations on Travel Agencies, the travel agency that has an annual reception of more than 100,000 tourists may establish a branch. [F] 944. The establishment of a branch of a travel agency shall not be subject to geographical restriction. The business scope of the branch shall not exceed that of the travel agency establishing it. [T] 945. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, The quality assurance fund shall belong to the travel agency, and the tourism administration department may deduct the management fee at a certain rate from the interest of the quality assurance fund. [F] 946. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, the applicant who applies for establishing a foreign-invested

travel agency can be the overseas service providers and can also be the domestic investors and partners.[T] 947. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, no foreign-invested travel agency may operate a business serving Chinese mainland residents’ traveling to other countries and to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan region.[F] 948. According to Regulations on Travel Agencies, no travel agency may solicit tourists at a quotation lower than the travel cost. No travel agency may provide any paid service other than those set forth in the travel contract. [F] 949. When employing a tour guide, a travel agency shall conclude a labor contract according to law. During the probation period, the salary of a tour guide shall not be lower than the minimum salary for the same post of the same employer or not lower than 80 percent of the wage as stipulated in the labor contract, nor may it be lower than the minimum wage of the locality where the entity is situated.[T] 950. A travel agency may not require tour guides to receive travel groups which do not pay the fees for reception and service or of which the fees paid are lower than the cost of reception and service, and may not require the tour guides to assume the relevant costs for the reception of travel teams.[T] 951. Where a travel agency needs to entrust the tourism business to another agency, after asking the tourists for their consent, it can entrust the tourism business to any other travel agency, and conclude an entrustment contract on the matters about the reception of tourists with the travel agency accepting the entrustment, and stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties. [F] 952. A travel agency can entrust the tourism business to another travel agency according to law. If a travel agency accepting entrustment breaches the contract and causes any damage to the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, the travel agency accepting the entrustment shall assume corresponding responsibilities for compensation.[F] 953. Where a travel agency provides the tourists with tourism service information containing false content or makes false publicity, and where a travel agency solicits tourists at a quotation lower than the travel cost, the administrative department for industry and commerce shall punish the travel agency according to law.[F] 954. The travel agency can accept the commission of organs, institutions and social groups and arrange transportation, accommodation, catering, conference and other matters for official activities such as business travel,

observation, conferences and exhibitions.[T] 955. China National Tourism Administration may entrust the Beijing Tourism Administration to accept the application for operating outbound tourism business and make decisions on approval or disapproval. [T] 956. The travel agency shall open a special account in a bank to deposit the quality assurance fund. The deposit period is determined by the travel agency, but shall be not less than 1 year. Upon maturity ,the travel agency shall handle the renewal procedure in a timely manner.[T] 957. The service outlet of a travel agency shall be subject to unified management of the travel agency, shall not engage in business other than soliciting and consulting tourists, and shall not sign contracts in the name of travel agency. [F] 958. The business offices, representative offices or liaison offices set up by the travel agency are not allowed to engage in the business of organizing tour groups, but can conduct tourist solicitation and consultation. [F] 959. If there are age differences among tourists in the same tour group, the travel agency can quote different contract prices to tourists of different ages. [F] 960. If tourists require additional travel services not stated in the travel contract, the travel agency can propose a fare increase. [T] 961. Before a tour starts, after obtaining the consent of tourists, the travel agency can recommend the tourists to other travel agencies. In order to facilitate the tourists, it is not necessary for the travel agency to sign a contract with the recommended travel agency. [F] 962. Granting Approved Destination Status to a particular country shall be proposed by the tourism administration department of the State Council jointly with the relevant departments of the State Council and published by the tourism administration department of the State Council after submission to and approval by the State Council. [T] 963. Authorized travel agencies shall appoint a full-time leader for each tour group. Group leaders shall pass the examination by the tourism administration department of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government, and obtain their tour group leader cards. [T] 964. The local land operators arrange the tour activities for the outbound tourist groups. As long as the activities do not violate the laws of the tourist destination or the agreed plan between the authorized travel agencies and the local

land operators, the authorized travel agencies or leaders shall not interfere. [F] 965. Regulation on Administration of Tour Guides is the administrative regulation issued by the China National Tourism Administration. [F] 966. According to Regulation on Administration of Tour Guides, only after concluding a labor contract with a travel agency, can those with Tour Guide Qualification Certificates apply for a Tour Guide Certificate. [F] 967. A Tour Guide Qualification Certificate is a prerequisite for the obtaining a Tour Guide Certificate or a Temporary Tour Guide Certificate. [F] 968. The person who was subject to criminal punishment or whose Tour Guide Certificate has been revoked may not be issued a Tour Guide Certificate. [F] 969. The term of validity of a Temporary Tour Guide Certificate shall not be more than 3 months, and can be renewed only once. [F] 970. A tour guide must be appointed by a travel agency in order to conduct tour-guiding activities. A tour guide shall not privately contract to, or directly contract to in any other form, engage in tour business and conduct tour-guiding activities. [T] 971.During a group tour, if encountering any emergency situations that possibly endanger the tourists' personal safety, the tour guide may, upon consent of the travel agency, adjust or change the itinerary. [F] 972. Xiao Li, preparing to become a professional tour guide , thinks that the Regulation on Administration of Tour Guide only standardizes the practice of the licensed tour guide, but does not provide stipulations on those who conduct tour-guiding activities without a Tour Guide Certificate. [F] 973. If, without appointment of the travel agency, a tour guide who conducts tour-guiding activities by privately contracting, or directly contracting in any other form, engages in tour business, the tourism administration department shall order him to make corrections, and impose a fine of not less than 1,000 yuan nor more than 30,000 yuan; if there are illegal earnings.[T] 974. If, when conducting tour-guiding activities, a tour guide does not wear his Tour Guide Certificate, a fine of not more than 500 yuan may be imposed. [T] 975. The person who has obtained Tour Guide Qualification Certificate and applies for Tour Guide Certificate, shall participate in a pre-service training examination held by the tourism administrative departments

which issues the certificate. [T] 976. Xiao Wang believes that, the tour guide qualification certificate and the Tour Guide Certificate are not commonly used throughout the country since the content of tour guide qualification examination and the explanation object are different. [F] 977. According to the points system, if the tour guide deceives and coerces tourists to purchase when conducting tour-guiding activities, 8 points should be deducted. [F] 978. According to points system, if the tour guide lends his Tour Guide Certificate to others when conducting tour-guiding activities, 4 points should be deducted. [F] 979. According to points system, if the tour guide does not wear his Tour Guide Certificate when conducting tour-guiding activities, 4 points should be deducted. [T] 980. The annual assessment system adopted for the management of tour guides is mainly based on evaluation, and the evaluation grade falls into three categories: passing, the suspension of passing, not allowed to pass. [T] 981. A grade assessment system is adopted for the management of tour guides. The term “Tour guides” falls into three categories: primary, intermediate and advanced. [F] 982. The tour guide may be promoted to a higher grade after winning the best awards in tour guide proficiency contest organized by units above the provincial level and applying for the approval of national tour guide evaluation committee. The promotion is unlimited; the highest level of promotion is advanced tour guide. [F] 983. Mainland residents visiting Taiwan shall be organized by designated travel agencies operating the business of mainland residents visiting Taiwan. The tourists shall visit in groups and are not allowed to leave the group when taking tours in Taiwan. [T] 984. All tourist complaints shall be under the jurisdiction of the local institution handling tourist complaints at or above the county level at the place where the travel contract is signed or where the respondent is located. [F] 985. Where it is impossible to perform or fully perform the travel contract for a force majeure or an accident, and any dispute arises therefore between the complainant and the respondent, a complainant may lodge a complaint with an institution handling tourist complaints. [T] 986. An institution handling tourist complaints shall, to determine the truth, mediate under the principles of the free will of the parties and legality to urge the complainant and

the respondent to reach a mutual understanding and agreement. [T] 987. All citizens of the People’s Republic of China are equal before the law. Here the law includes the Constitution, administrative regulations and the other laws. [T] 988. The State may, in the public interest and in accordance with law, expropriate or requisition private property for its use and make compensation for the private property expropriated or requisitioned. [T] 989. For individual partnerships, partners shall undertake joint liability for their partnership's debts, except as otherwise stipulated by law. [T] 990. A mentally ill person who is unable to fully account for his own conduct shall be deemed a person with no capacity for civil conduct. [F] 991. The contract concerning a status such as marriage, adoption, guardianship, etc., does not apply to the stipulations of the Contract Law.[T] 992. In order to keep the business place in order and to protect the safety of other customers, tourism operators, when necessary, could search the body as well as the carry-on items of consumers.[F] 993. According to the Passport Law of the People’s Republic of China, the term of validity of an ordinary passport for the holder under the age of sixteen shall be five years; and for the holder at or over the age of sixteen, it shall be ten years.[T] 994. A citizen shall have the capacity for civil rights from the age of 18 to death.[F] 995. The two parties in part-time labor may not stipulate a probation period.[T] 996. Xiaozhang, a tour guide in a travel agency, was asked to work on the day of Mid-Autumn Festival. The travel agency must pay him remuneration of no less than 300% the ordinary salary.[T] 997. In China, forests, mountains, grasslands, wastelands, intertidal zones and other natural resources are all owned by the state.[F] 998. Sites such as plazas, public parking lots for public access do not belong to "roads" As mentioned in Road Traffic Safety Law.[F] 999. Singing and dancing and other entertainment places which are profit-making, open to the public and where consumers enjoy themselves, shall not be located near s residential quarters, schools, hospitals and other such establishments.[T] 1000. The establishment of a scenic area should be

conducive to the protection and rational utilization of scenic resources. Scenic areas are divided into national scenic, provincial and municipal-level scenic areas.[F] I believe in you Victory-June .




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三、竞赛内容 竞赛分普通话导游服务和英语导游服务两个赛项。 每赛项分别包 括自选导游讲解、抽选景点讲解、现场知识问答导游综合知识测试 和才艺展示五部分。其中...


导游知识问答_文化/宗教_人文社科_专业资料。2015 年全国职业院校技能大赛高职组导游服务大赛 综合知识测试题一.简答题 1.“八卦”分别代表的含义? 2.海岸地貌是...


2013年湖南省高职旅游服务专业类普通话导游服务、英语导游服务二个项目技能竞赛规程...(形象风采, 导游讲解和现场知识问答的总分)综合成绩高低来决定比赛总名次 的排序...


三、竞赛方式与内容 竞赛分普通话导游服务组和英语导游服务组, 分别包括自选景点 讲解、抽选景点讲解、现场知识问答导游综合知识测试和才艺展示 (一)竞赛方式 本赛...


下午:导游综合知识--<导游业务> 下午:导游综合知识...口试:<北京主要景点>+导游知识问答 口试:<北京主要...<英语北京特色景点导游> 英语北京特色景点导游> 特色...

模拟导游实务(英文) PPT_图文.ppt

模拟导游实务(英文) PPT - 模拟导游实务 主讲教师: 课程介绍 1 课程目的 课程要求 考核方式 2 3 课程目的 ? 培养学生将英语与旅游专业知识融会贯通 的综合能力...


[摘要]近年来, 导游人员资格考试中的英语类考生数量逐年递增, 但是获证率较低...其中, 景点讲解 10 分钟、 专题讲解 5 分钟、 口译及综合知识问答 5 分钟, ...


B 组:各市、自治州、各旅行社经过初赛选出符合大赛 资格的外语导游人员(英语、...职责:负责《导游大赛学习资料》的编撰,复赛、决赛 阶段导游综合知识问答题命题。...


以提高导游服务 质量、综合素质和提升吉安知名度为...②知识问答内容:每位选手抽签回答 10 个知识问答题...名中文导游和前 2 名英文导游作为吉 安市代表队...


导游分为中文导游和外语导 游,英文叫 TourGuide 或 Guide。在我国导游人员必须...导游规范、应变能力、5A 景点知识及综合知识问答。 ) 考试相关问答题可参见《...


评委按照比赛进程分别 对选手的自我介绍与形象气质、导游讲解、英语水平(英语 导游选手) 、旅游知识问答、才艺展示、情景再现、思维能 力、综合印象等八个方面进行...

校人才 - 中国旅游报社-电子报平台.pdf

这次参加 旅游职教集团的技能大赛, 参加星 光大赛的英语导游第一名也来 了。...自选导游讲解、 抽 选景点讲解、 现场知识问答、 才艺展 示、 导游综合知识...

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