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(B)Stress: Good or Bad?Stress used to be an almost unknown w


Stress: Good or Bad?

Stress used to be an almost unknown word, but now that we are used to talking about it, I have found that people are beginning to get stressed about being stressed.

In recent years, stress(33)______(regard) as a cause of a whole range of medical problems, from high blood pressure to mental illness. But like so many other things, it is only too much stress(34)______ does you harm. It is time you considered that if there were no stress in your life, you would achieve a little. If you are stuck at home with no stress, then your level of performance will be low. Up to a certain point, the more stress you are under, the (35)_____(good) your performance will be. Beyond a certain point, though , further stress will only lead to exhaustion, illness and finally a breakdown. You can tell when you are over the top and on the downward slope, by asking yourself (36)_______ number of questions. Do you, for instance, feel that too much is being expected of (37)______, and yet find it impossible to say no? Do you find yourself getting impatient of (38) _____(annoy) with people over unimportant things?... If the answer to all those questions is yes, you had better(39)______(control ) your stress, as you probably are under more stress than is good for you.

To some extent you can control the amount of stress in your life. Doctors have worked out a chart showing how much stress is involved in various events. Getting married is 50, pregnancy 40, moving house 20, Christmas 12,etc. If the total stress in your life is over 150, you are twice as likely (40)_______ (get )ill.

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