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高一英语 人教版必修1Unit 4 Earthquakes 说课稿(全英口语化)

Lesson Plan Interpretation Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquake Reading
Good morning. Ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you. The content of the lesson is New senior English for China Student’s Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquake. I am ready to begin this representation with 6 parts. Analysis of the teaching material and the students, the teaching aims, the important and difficult points, the teaching prodedure,and the blackboard design. Firstly, let me introduce the Part 1

Part 1 Analysis of the teaching material
This lesson is a reading passage, It play a very important role in English teaching of the unit. Because we should lay particular emphasis on the students’ reading ability in senior English teaching. In this passage we should help the students get some knowledge about the Tangshan earthquake. At the same time we ought to get the student to comprehend the passage better. The students should do some listening, speaking and writing, too. Of course, the students should receive some moral education.

Part 2 Analysis of the students
The students are in Grade 1, they are still at an age that would like to have competition with others. They have known something about the Earthquakes. Some long sentences are difficult for them to understand. So I will help the students in different levels to learn English. Therefore, after analyzing the teaching material and students, I put forward the teaching aims.

Part 3 teaching aims
My teaching aims include 3 parts: knowledge aims, ability aims, and moral education aims. 1. knowledge aims is: by the end of the lesson, students will have a better understanding of the meaning and structure of the text. 2. Ability aims is: The students can use what have learned to decribe what happen before-during-after the earthquake. The students will improve the reading skill and use English to express their ideas. 3. Moral education aims is: to learn the bravery of facing the natural calamity from people in Tangshan and we should always hold an optimistic attitude.

Part 4 The important and difficult points

Based on the rquirement of the syllabus, the important points is to help the student know some knowledge about the earthquake and to improve their reading abitlity. And the difficult points is using the learned phrases and sentence patterns to express one’s ideas.

Part 5 Teaching procedure
Inorder to realize the teaching process systematically, I divided the teaching process into 6 steps. Step 1. Lead – in I will show some pitures of Tangshan before the earthquake, and let the student to imagine what would happen after the earthquake. My purpose here is to let the students know what we are going to look at. Step 2. While reading: in this step, I will let the students read the text twice. 1. Fast reading: scaning an skimming I will first tell the students this passage can be divided into 3 parts and tell them the clue of the story: time order. And tell them to pay attention to the first sentences of each paragraph. Then let the student to read silently and get the structure. I will discuss the structure with the students. Part 1 (para 1) Strange things were happening before the earthquake, bot no one took any notice of them Part 2 (para 2-3) The earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan and shocked the people very much Part 3 (para 4) The army came to help the survivors, bringing hope for a new life 2. Careful reading: Do the exercise1 2 in students’ book in Page 27 I will divide the students into several group, and then the one who stand up fast and give the right answer can get ten marks for his group, and the group which get the highest mark will get a present. Step 3. Consolidation: 1. listen to the tape and read the passage aloud.. I will play the tape of the passage for the students to listen and then ask them to read it aloud. Tell them to pay attention to the pronunciation, stress and intonation while listening. At the same time they can enjoy the beauty of the English language . And it can prepare the students for retelling in next step. 2. fill in the bland with proper words. 3. Let the students to retell the story in their words. Since the students in the class are in different levels, so first I will let them to fill in blank to get an expression of the general idea of the text. Step 4. Post reading- discussion 1. I will play a short video about the Wenchuan Earthquake Also show them some pictues of Tangshan an Wenchuan on the screen.

2. Then let the students to discuss: what can we do for the rebuilding of Wenchuan and how can we protect ourselves if an Earthquake happen?

Step 5. Homework 1. Read the text again after the class 2. Make sentence by following phrases: as if, at an end, in ruins, dig out, a number of, right away. 3. write a short passage to decribe what had happened before-during-after the earthquake using your own words.

Part 6. Blackboard design
Unit 4 Earthquake A Night the Earth didn’t Sleep Structure of the whole passage: Clue of the story: Time order Before – during – after the earthquake Part 1 (para 1) Strange things were happening before the earthquake, but no one took any notice of them Part 2 (para 2-3) The earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan and shocked the people very much Part 3 (para 4) The army came to help the survivors, bringing hope for a new life Homework for today:

In this lesson, I lead the students understand the passage step by step, and help them to retell the story and hold a discussion. But there are some new language points in the passage, so I will explain them for the students next period.

Ok, that’s all for my interpretation. For the time is limited, there must be some mistakes in my interpretation; I hope you can give me some suggestions.



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