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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:必修4 Unit 2

必修 4
Unit 2 Working the land 能力演练
一、语法填空 There was once a boy who had a temper.His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper,he nail into the back of the fence.? The first day the boy 2 (drive)37 nails into the fence.Over the next 1 hammer a

few weeks as he learned to control his anger,the number of nails hammered 3 (gradual)decreased.He discovered 4 was easier to

hold his temper than to drive nails into the fence.? Finally the day came 5 he didn,t lose his temper.He told his father

and his father suggested that the boy now 6 (pull)out one nail for each day so that he was able to hold his anger.The days passed and the boy told his father that all the nails were gone.? The father took the boy 7 the hand and led him to the fence.He said,

“Look at the holes in the fence.The fence will never be the same.When you say things in anger,they leave a scar(疤痕)just like the 8 on the fence.It won,t matter how many times you say I am sorry, 9 wound is

still there.A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one.Friends are very rare.They make you smile and encourage you 10 (success).They lend an ear,and always want to open their hearts to us.” ?

二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Tired and hungry,two boys walked painfully into a big city on October 16,on their feet that had just carried them 300 kilometres.? For nine days they lived as old ? fashioned travellers, ? 1

somewhere new to sleep every night as they walked from one place to another.The boys slept in tents and 2 six yuan a day.“I learned more in those nine days than I had in the last nine years,”said 17 ? year ? old Li Zhao 3 .Li and 15 ? year ? old Li Xuemeng 4 their

journey on October 7,with three teachers from the Educational Motivation Research and Service Centre.The purpose of the 5 the two troubled boys to develop a more 6 was for

attitude to school and life.

With two 7 and some instant noodles for the first day,the five 8 mainly along Highway 107.On the way to the big city,? 9 of them

visited schools and interviewed 10 people from all walks of life (各行 各业的人).Both boys were asked to write down what they 11 during the walk.? “The two boys need to learn about 12 difficulties,so we 13 life and learn how to deal with

this programme.”explained Du Junpeng.The ,co ?

14 of dealing with the difficulties may change them into 15 operative citizens.?

1.A.finding C.searching 2.A.lived on C.carried out 3.A.anxiously C.excitedly 4.A.developed C.controlled C.task 6.A.negative C.loyal 7.A.tents C.drinks 8.A.ran C.walked 9.A.all C.either 10.A.famous C.different 11.A.covered

B.hunting ? D.inventing B.worked on ? D.went on B.luckily ? D.happily B.separated ? D.started B.trip ? D.job B.popular ? D.positive B.lights ? B.drove ? D.marched B.none ? D.some B.brave ? D.strange ? B.learned ?

C.heard 12.A.interesting C.hard 13.A.carried on C.took over 14.A.possibility C.ability 15.A.determined C.hard

D.recognised B.real ? D.meaningful B.cared about ? D.worked out B.challenge ? D.story B.negative ? D.self ? centered

三、阅读理解 专题训练(四) 如何做好推理判断题(2) 专题训练( 如何做好推理判断题( ) ◆方法点拨 推理判断题的答案在原文中是不能直接找到的, 其设题特点是在四个 选项中有一、二个选项是原文中的细节,这是出题人设计的陷阱,使 有些同学错选了细节选项还不知道错在哪里。所以记住:只要题干有 suggest,infer,indicate,conclude,imply 等词,其答案一定是在原文中没 有直接表达出来的,千万不要错选了细节选项。? ◆活学活用? 根据上述技巧,完成下列读写任务。? You,re busy filling out the application form for a position you really need; let,s assume you once actually completed a couple of years of college

work or even that you completed your degree.Isn,t it tempting to lie just a little,to claim on the form that your diploma represents a Harvard degree?Or that you finished an extra couple of years back at State University?? More and more people are turning to utter deception like this to land their job or to move ahead in their careers,for personnel officers,like most Americans,value degrees from famous schools.A job applicant may have a good education anyway,but he or she assumes that chances of being hired are better with a diploma from a well-known university.Registrars at most well-known colleges say they deal with deceitful claims like these at the rate of about one per week.? Personnel officers do check up on degrees listed on application forms,then.If it turns out that an applicant is lying,most colleges are reluctant to accuse the applicant directly.One Ivy League school calls .One them “impostors(骗子)” another refers to them as “special cases” ; well ? known West Coast school,in perhaps the most delicate phrase of all,says that these claims are made by “no such people.” ? To avoid outright(彻底的)lies,some job ? seekers claim that they “attended” or “were associated with” a college or university.After carefully checking,a personnel officer may discover that “attending” means being dismissed after one semester.It may be that “ being associated with” a college means that the job ? seeker visited his

younger brother for a football weekend.One school that keeps records of false claims says that the practice dates back at least to the turn of the century ? that,s when they began keeping records,anyhow.? If you don,t want to lie or even stretch the truth,there are companies that will sell you a phony(假的)diploma.One company,with offices in New York and on the West Coast,will put your name on a diploma from any number of nonexistent colleges.The price begins at around twenty dollars for a diploma from “Smoot State University”.The prices increase rapidly for a degree from the “University of Purdue”.As there is no Smoot State and the real school in Indiana is properly called Purdue University,the prices seem rather high for one sheet of paper.? Ⅰ.以约 30 个单词概括短文要点。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ? Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择正确答案。? 1.The main idea of this passage is that______________.? A.employers are checking more closely on applicants now ? B.lying about college degrees has become a widespread problem degrees can now be purchased easily ? D.employers are no longer interested in college degrees ?

2.According to the passage, special cases” refers to cases where______. “ A.students attend a school only part time ? B.students never attended a school they listed on their application ? C.students purchase false degrees from commercial firms ? D.students attended a famous school ? 3.We can infer from the passage that___________.? A.performance is a better judge of ability than a college degree ? B.experience is the best teacher ? C.past work histories influence personnel officers more than degrees do D.a degree from a famous school enables an applicant to gain advantage over others in job competition ? 4.This passage implies that__________.? A.personnel officers,like most Americans,value degrees from famous schools ? B.personnel officers only consider applicants from famous schools ? C.most people lie on applications because they were dismissed from school ? D.society should be greatly responsible for lying on applications ? 5.As used in the first line of the second paragraph,the word “utter” means_________.? A.address B.ultimate C.thorough ? D.decisive ?


一、? 1.解析:根据上下文,这里应该填意为“必须”的情态动词。? 答案:must 2.解析:此处应该是谓语动词的过去式。? 答案:drove 3.解析:这里需要副词修饰动词 decreased,意为“逐渐减少” 。? 答案:gradually 4.解析:这里作形式主语指代后面的不定式短语。? 答案: it 5.解析:引导定语从句修饰主语 the day,因谓语动词太短仅 came 一 个词, 故将从句后置。 全句意思是: 他不发脾气的那一天终于到来了。 答案:when 6.解析:suggest(建议)后的宾语从句谓语动词常用虚拟语气,即 should+V ?原形,should 可省略。? 答案:(should)pull 7.解析:take the hand 是习惯搭配,凡表示“拉、拖、握、揪、 牵”等意思的 英 语 动 词 都 是 这 个 搭 配 , 即 take/seize/pull/lead the sleeve/hair/arm/nose/ear.? 答案: by 8.解析: 指代上文的 scar, 这里用复数指代篱笆上被钉子钉过的洞痕。 ?

答案:ones 9.解析: wound 在这里是特指前面提到的疤痕 scar, 故应该加定冠词。 答案: the 10.解析:鼓励某人做某事:encourage do sth.? 答案:to succeed 二、? 1.解析:此处指在他们从一个地方到另一个地方的徒步旅行中, 找到某 个地方睡觉,故选 A。? 答案:A 2.解析:两个男孩晚上在帐篷里睡觉,每天靠六元钱生活。live on 表示 “靠……生活,以……为主食” ;work on 表示“从事” ;carry out 表 示“执行,实行” ;go on 表示“继续” 。? 答案:A 3.解析:这么艰苦的徒步旅行他们竟然完成了,当然应该感到激动兴 奋,而且从李昭说话的内容也可以看出这一点。? 答案:C 4.解析:旅行于 10 月 16 日结束,持续了 9 天,故可推算出他们是在 10 月 7 日开始旅行的。? 答案:D 5.解析:本句讨论的是这次旅行的目的。? 答案:B

6.解析:旅行的目的是使两个“问题”男孩形成对学校及生活的积极态 度,故选 D。positive 意为“积极的” ;negative 意为“消极的” 。? 答案:D 7.解析:从上文“他们在帐篷里睡觉”可知此处选 A。? 答案:A 8.解析:五个人主要沿着 107 高速公路步行往前走,故选 C。? 答案:C 9.解析:根据下文两个男孩被要求写出他们在徒步旅行中所学到的东 西,可知此处也应是他们两个。 ? 答案:A 10.解析:他们在旅途中参观了许多学校,采访了来自各行各业的不同 的人,故选 C。? 答案:C 11.解析:learn 意为“学到,了解到” ;hear 意为“听到” ,他们被要求 写出旅途中的所见所闻, 只说他们所听到的是片面的; cover 意为 “覆 盖,掩盖,占(时间或空间) ,包括、涉及,走过(路程) ,对……进 行新闻采访、报道”等;recognise 意为“认出,辨别出” 。? 答案:B 12.解析:real life 现实生活。? 答案:B 13.解析:work out 此处意为“制订出,想出” ,它还有“解决,确定, 使精疲力尽,算出,理解、弄懂,产生结果,发展,成功”等意思;

carry on 意为 “继续开展, 坚持下去” care about 意为 ; “关心, 在乎” ; take over 意为“接管,接任,接替” 。? 答案:D 14.解析:“应对困难的‘挑战’,D 最合题意。? ” 答案:D 15.解析:迎接挑战会让人更“意志坚决” 。? 答案:A

三、? Ⅰ.? The passage mainly tells us lying about college degrees has become a widespread problem because applicants find a better college degree sometimes enables them to gain advantage over others in job competition. ? Ⅱ.? 1.解析:主旨大意题,见第二段第一句。学历在求职中的重要,导 致了文凭造假成为了一个普遍的现象。? 答案:B 2.B ? 3〖ZK(〗~4.解析:推理题,见第二段。著名大学的文凭可以为求 职者带来比他人更多优势,才导致了其造假,间接反映了用人单位的 标准,所以社会在这个问题也应该有责任。第四题的选项 A 有较大

的迷惑性,但只要记住原文中不可能有推理题的直接答案,当可避免 这类错误。? 答案:3.D〓4.D


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