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新课标人教版高中英语必修四unit2 grammar 教学案例

新课标人教版高中英语必修四 Unit2 Grammar 教学案例
Teaching goals 教学目标 (1)语法: The -ing form as subject and object. (2)Enable Ss to master the usage of the -ing form as subject and object and use them correctly and freely. (3)Help Ss learn how to use the -ing form as subject and object as they like. They can also practise actively and attentively so that they reach their goals. Teaching important points 教学重点 The -ing form used as subject and object. Teaching difficult points 教学难点 How to use the -ing form freely. Teaching methods 教学方法 Explaining, discussing and practising. Teaching aids 教具准备 A projector and a computer. Teaching procedures 教学过程 一. 动名词做主语的用法 (1) 动名词做主语往往表示经常性、习惯性的动作, 在口语中也可以表示具体的动作。如:Seeing is believing. Helping her is my duty. Talking mends no holes. 空谈无济于事。 Working with you is a pleasure. 和你一起工作是一种乐趣。 (2)动名词做主语和不定式做主语一样,也可以用 it 作形式主语。如: It's rather tiring walking around in a city. (3)不定式做主语往往表示具体的特别是将来的动作。如: It's no use crying over spilt milk. 覆水难收。 He realized that to go on like this was wrong. 二. 动名词作宾语的用法 1. 有些动词或短语动词后常用动名词作宾语。 admit, appreciate, avoid, 如 can't stand 不能忍受)consider, ( , delay, devote … to, dislike enjoy, escape, excuse, feel like, finish, forgive, get down to, give up,imagine. insist on, keep (on), look forward to, mention, mind, miss(错过), pay attention to, practice, put off, stick to, etc. Doing morning exercises is good for your healthy. 做早操对你的健康有好处。 Her shoes wants mending.她的鞋该修理了。 注意: 当 need, want, require, worth 后面接 doing 也可以表示被动。 Your hair wants cutting. 你的头发该理了。 The floor requires washing. 地板需要冲洗。 I have finished writing this book 我已经写完这本书了。 2. 在 allow, advise, forbid, permit 后直接跟动名词作宾语,如果有名词或代词作宾语,则构成“allow/ advise/forbid/permit +名词/代词+不定式(宾语补足语)”之形式。如:We don't allow smoking here. We don't allow anybody to smoke here. 3. 动词 need, require, want 意为“需要”时,后跟动名词的主动式或不定式的被动式作宾语,意义没有区 别。如: The window needs/requires/wants cleaning/to be cleaned. 4. 在 begin, continue, love, like, hate, prefer, intend, start 后用动名词和 用不定式作宾语均可,意义没有多大区别。 5. 动词 forget, go on, mean, regret, remember, stop, try, be used to, can't help 后跟动名词和跟不定式区别较 大,须注意。 forget, regret, remember 后跟动名词,动名词表示已经发生的动作;后跟不定式表示将要发生的动作。 Homework 1. Finish the exercises in workbook. 2.Try to make sentences using the -ing form.


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