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Here are some pictures about festivals from yesterday’s reading. Tell me what festivals they are.

Easter 复活节 Thanksgiving Day

At the end of Octobor,when “ghosts”come out

Cherry Blossom Halloween ( 万圣节 Festival樱花节

Check your answer to yesterday’s reading 1.1---c,2---a,3---d,4---b 2. A. Easter 3. The end of the cold weather, planting in spring, harvest in autumn. 4. Similar: They are both held to honor the dead or to satisfy the ancestors. Different: Japanese people go to clean graves, light incense, light lamps and play music. In Mexico, people eat food in the shape of skulls and cakes with “bones” on them. They offer food, flowers, and gifts to the dead.

What’s your first impression of carnival?


carnival “狂欢节” 传到香港后, 香港人将它改译为 “嘉年华”。

Read the whole passage Find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Para Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4 Para5 Para6 The main idea

The organization of the passage is ______

Read the whole passage How Para The main idea How to did you Para1 crowds people’s impression of carnival the general introduction costumes confusion excitement Which words do youunderstand think get the of carnival are important for para 1&2? Paras 1&2 Para2 what do people do at carnival have fun eat drink dress up main idea ? easily? Para3 the carnival in Venice the development Para4 laws about wearing masks order? of carnival in Venice Para5 the tradition was revived time celebrated Para6 how is carnival today’s in Venice today carnival

Wearing masks was limited by laws.



Why was How many Why was it limited stages(阶段) it revived by laws to limit it (复兴)? ? ?

become a problem


a link

V-ing作状语, 与句子主语为主动关系 Problem:

【句子主干】 For weeks on end people walked round the streets wearing masks, doing what they wanted without being recognized.
【句子翻译】 Many crimes went unpunished. 连续几个星期人们戴着面具走在街上, 为所欲为而不会被人认出来 on end 连续地

【句式仿写】 全家人聚在一起赏月,吃月饼、畅谈生活。 The whole family gather together to enjoy the moon,__________________ eating moon cakes and talking about life ________________________________.

Wearing masks was limited by laws.

Why was How many Why was What problem it limited stages(阶段) it revived by laws to limit it ? ? ? ? in the 14th century not allowed in later times put into prison at the end of the 18th century banned completely

Wearing masks was limited by laws.
Para3 Para4

Why was How many Why was What problem it limited stages(阶段) it revived by laws to limit it ? ? ? ?

carnival was good for 话题线索:wearing masks business 主题:the development of carnival in Venice

Read paragraph 6
What is the spirit of today’s carnival in Venice? What The is key to Venice is the mystery of the mask.? If the masks come off, have nois idea the magic lost. How what the faces behind them to guess look like the meaning of

a new word?

Summary What have we learnt in this class?

/The magic of the mask) Read yesterday’s

前置作业 Which title do you think is better? 二次利用 Why? (The (阅读技巧运用) carnival in Venice
passage again. Finish the new tasks using the reading skills just learnt in class.

Discuss: How to finish the tasks, especially No.1&2 using the skills just learnt in class.

Answer: No. 1,2,3? 1.The topic sentence: Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient times. 2. Kinds of festivals and celebrations 3.C 4. ① 挨饿,饿死 ②decorate装饰

Halloween(万圣节) Dragon Boat Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival 樱花节

Easter 复活节

1. Read the passage about the Mid-Autumn Festival and finish the tasks. (课后阅读) 2.Write a description of the carnival in Venice or the Mid-Autumn Festival.(二选一)(120词左右) 评分标准: 参考:



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