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一、单词与短语 (A)按要求写出下列单词的相应形式。 1.always(反义词) never 2.copy(第三人称单数)copies_ 4.Canada(形容词)Canadian 6.knife(复数) knifies

( C )1.My favourite is ________ stories in English. A. write B. wrote C. writing D. writeing

(B)2. Does she ________ with dolls? A. likes play B. like playing C. like play D. plays

3.we(名词性物主代词)my 5.there(同音词) 7.write(分词) (B)英汉词语互译。 1.联合国大厦 the 3.信不信 believe 5.很久以前 a it UN builing their writing

(D)3. I haven’t got ________ bananas in the fridge(冰箱). A. a B. some C. much D. any

8. story(复数)stories

(C)4. Is there a letter _________ you? A. for B. of C. from D. to

2.have a cold

感冒 很高兴见到你

(A)5. He _______ got a cold last night. A. has B.have C. had D. is having

or not 4.glad to meet you

long time

ago 6.ride bikes to work 骑自行着去上班 围着湖走

(B)6. There are some stamps from_________. A. Canadian B. Canada C. Canadians D. Canadas

7.全世界 all around the would 8.walk around the lake 9.直行 go straight on 10.go to the doctor 去看病

(A)7. Let’s __________ pen friends. A. be B. to be C. being D. are


have lots of fun, sleep in winter, fly kites, go shopping,

(C)8. ________ is your mother? She is a doctor. A. How B. Where C. What D. Who

(D)9. It’s 9:00. We can’t _______ now. A. are going 1.Bears like 2.This old owl B. goes C. to go D. go

sleeping in winter (冬眠). live in the tree

(A)10. There’re lots of places ________ from New York to Tennessee. A. visit B. to visit C. visiting D. visited

四、用所给词汇,完成 Daming 的书信。(所给词汇有多余项)。 3.They have lots of fun(玩得高兴)in the park now. Let’s go and join them. 4.fiying kites(放风筝)is one of my hobbies. Do you like it? 5. Last Sunday, Simon and Daming Jinfulong Supermarket. go shopping (购物) in Dear Mum and Dad, I __________ New York. ____________ a very interesting place. There are many people and lots of restaurants. People in New York like to eat

There’re It’s often got restaurants See

hope love

have There’s



in . _________ a big park here. I ________ go there and play football. I _________ a present for you. I ________ you like it. __________ you soon. Love, Daming 五、根据汉语意思完成短文,将答案写在横线上。 Here are many library(规则). They say , “___________(不要讲话)in the library. Please ___________(保持安静). Please_______________(站成一排) and show your_____________(借书卡)to the librarian. Don’t __________________ (把书带出去)the library.” 七、阅读理解。 A man loses a needle(针) in the room. He looks for it on the floor, but it is dark in the room. And he can’t see anything. He comes out and looks for the needle in the street. A friend comes up. “What are you doing here?” he asks. “I lost a needle, and I am looking for it now,” says the man. “Where do you lose it?” he asks.“I lost it in my room.” says the man. “You lose your needle in your room, but you are looking for it in the street! Isn’t that funny?” “Ah,” says the man, “but it is dark in my room. I can’t find it here. But here in the street it is bright and I can see it.” ( ) 1.The man loses _________ in the room. A. a pen ( B. a watch C. a needle D. a noodle

C. The man is friendly (

D. The man can’t find the needle in the room

)4.The man thinks _________.

A. He can’t find the needle in the room B. He can’t find the needle in the street C. His friend is right ( D. His friend agrees with(同意) him

)5. Which sentence is TRUE(真实的)?

A. There is more light in the street than in the room B. The man finds the needle in the street C. The man sees his wife in the room D. The man is very angry with (生气) his friend. 八、书面表达。 根据下面的表格提示的内容,写一篇短文,用上所有提示内容,可以改变内容顺序, 适当发挥,不少于 5 句话。 do homework and read books wash dishes watch TV Maomao visit her grandparents go out for dinner every enening sometimes on Sunday on Saturday never

) 2.The man can’t find anything in the room because _________. A. He is blind B. It is dark outside C. He is ill in bed D. It is dark in the room


)3. His friend thinks _________. B. The man can’t find the needle in the street

A. The man is clever



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