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Cloze Test


一、根据上下文语境(main idea & context) 二、根据词 汇 意义或辨析(meaning of words) 三、根据语法固定搭配、句型 (set phrase) 四、根据生活常识或文化背景(common sense & culture)


I did very badly at school. My headmaster thought I was 36 and when I was 14, he said, “You’re never going to be 37(anything) but a failure. ” 36.A. bright B. useless C. simple D. hopeful

2. 根据语境文章情感基调,合理推断来解题
His big stomach has always ballooned out between his T-shirt and trousers. Although his family often 43 about that, Ed refused to buy a 44 T-shirt or to lose weight. 43. A. cared C. quarreled 44. A. clean C. larger B. forgot D. joked B. straight D. darker

3. 利用语篇的标志性的词语解题
常见的标志性的词语有以下几种: 结构层次:firstly, secondly, thirdly; 逻辑关系:thus, therefore, so; 递进关系:besides, what’s more, furthermore; 转折关系:but, while, however等。

She told the front-desk clerk she had had a(n) __1_vacation, but was heart-broken __ about losing several rolls of Kodak color film she had not yet developed. 1.A. disappointing B. wonderful C. uncomfortable D. important

4. 根据逻辑推理解题
…and the officers then began to eat their meal , saying that the mushrooms had a very strange__37_quite pleasant taste.

37. A. besides C. and

B. but D. or

5. 根据常识和文化背景的角度来选择
The amount of usable water has always been of great interest in the world. 36(Owning) springs and streams sometimes means control , particularly in the 37 areas like the desert. A.dry B.distant C.deserted D.wild

1.The chance passed and I didn’t (1) it. I take the exam the next day and I won. I didn’t (2) to cheat , but I was still cheating anyhow. 1) A. take B. have C. lose D. find 2) A. remember B. learn C. mean D.pretend

7. 从词义辨析角度答题
1.Soon I heard a __like that of a door burst in, and then footsteps. A. sound B. cry C.voice D. shout 2.(2011·浙江)When I told the owner of the shop about my idea;he gave me a long thoughtful__34__. “This means a lot to you, doesn’t it?” he said. “Come with me.” 34. A. face B. view C. look D. sight

(04天津卷)The other girls rushed 39 me. I felt ashamed as I fell farther and farther behind. “Hooray!” shouted the crowd. It was the loudest 41 I had ever heard at a meet. The first-place runner was two laps ahead of me when she crossed the finishing line. … When I finished, I heard a cheer--- louder than the one I’d heard earlier.

39. A. from behind B. ahead ofC. next to D.close to 41. A. cheer B. shout C. cry D. noise

……His body ,when I found it, was lightly covered with snow. It snowed almost every day for the next four months, while I sat on the couch and watched it __3__....... Over and over, I heard _similar _ words from the people who supported me during those __16__ days. 3.A.sweep up B. drop off C. fall down D. pile up 6. A. blue B. snowy C. bright D. sunny

总的原则: “先完意,后完形”。 八字方针:上下求索,瞻前顾后。 三步曲:读——填——读

第一步. 读 速读全文,了解大意
速读全文要一气呵成,尽管有空格、 生词或不明白的地方,仍要快速读下去。 读时要注意找出关键词、中心词,划出 某些代表人物和情节的词,以便于形成 思路。要注意不要在未掌握大意的基础 上,边阅读边做题,这样速度慢、准确 率低。
切记: 一定要用3-5分钟时间进行缺词阅 读,弄清文章大意和基本脉络.

第二步. 填 瞻前顾后,灵活答题。
瞻前顾后,灵活答题。“瞻前顾后”, 即先读所填词的句子,回顾上一句,兼 顾下一句。如果一句中有两个空白待填, 在初定答案时要“双管齐下”,在两处同 时试填,然后通读全句,确定答案。如 答案一时难以确定,可按空格位置,从 上下文语境、 词义辨析、词语搭配、习 惯用法及生活常识等方面,对选项逐项 分析试填。排除干扰项,从而确定正确 答案。 10分钟左右


读 复核全文,调整答案。

把填好的短文通读一遍,要注意以下 三点: 1.上下文的一致性:即时态语态的一致; 代词、名词、单复数的一致。 2.上下文的逻辑是否符合。 3.段与段、句与句之间的衔接是否连贯。
这次复核至关重要,常能纠正一两处甚至 多处错误。同时对极难确定的答案,也要 凭语感任猜一个,决不可不选。 2-3分钟



Are dreams of any use to the dreamer or to anybody else? We may remember left the traveler who __1_______ the ship Waratah at Durban because of his terrible _2_______. The Waratah later dreams disappeared entirely, with board everyone on _3________. The traveler’s dreams helped him and saved him from death _4__________, but they didn’t help the other people. Why was this man treated differently _5___________ from everyone else?

1. A. left C. drove 2. A. ideas B. suggestions C. dreams 3. A. board C. sea 4. A. life

B. got D. enter

D. words B. ship D. deck B. death

C. illness
5. A. similarly B. differently

D. disease

C. strangely
D. unfortunately

once Another man _6_____ had a dream about the Black Forest in Germany. In his

6. A. alone
C. still 7. A. while

B. once
D. even B. as

dream he was walking in C. before whe two men the forest _7______ 8. A. floor n ran out and tried to throw C. soil ground him to the _8_______. He ran
off as fast as he could, but
9. A. which

D. when
B. earth D. ground

B. that
D. who B. separate

they followed. He reached where a place _9_____ he saw two 10. A. same C. divided separate _10________ roads in front of him, one to the right and the other to the left. Which take road ought he to _11______ ?
11. A. take C. carry

C. where

D. crossed
B. bring D. go



He heard the two men
behind _12____ him, getting nearer and at the same time he

12. A. next to B. in front of C. beside 13. A. house C. left 14. A. accepted B. received D. behind B. hotel D. right

heard a voice in his ear. It
told him to go to the right , _13__ and he did so. hotel. He ran on

and soon came to a small
received He was _14________ here kindly and given a room, and so he was saved _15__ from the two men. That

C. refused
15. A. killed B. murdered

D. closed

C. saved

D. robbed

was the dream.

Twenty years later he was 16. A. exactly B. really really _16_______ in the Black Forest C. sincerely D. actually happened and as it _17_________ in the 17. A. happened dream long before, two men
B. performed C. acted B. remembered C. missed B. left D. got D. chose

ran out and tried to throw him
a place with two roads as in remembered the dream.He_18__________ the

down. He ran off, and came to 18. A. forgot

D. noticed dream and took the road to reached the right. He soon _19_______a 19. A. arrived

small hotel, was taken in, and so was safe.

C. reached

His dream of 20. A. ago C. later before twenty years _20_________ had Saved his life.

B. before
D. after



Practice makes perfect.



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