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一.现在进行时的构成:Am/is/ are+ v-ing v-ing 现在分词的构成:
1. 一般情况+ing: falling 2. 以不发音字母 e 结尾的单词去 e, +ing: having 3. 以重读闭音节结尾的单词,末尾只有一个辅音字母时,双写词尾字母+ing : putting
二.现在进行时的基本用法 1. 表示说话时正在进行的动作常和 now 连用,有时用一个动词如 look(看)、listen(听) 来表示 now(现在)这一时间概念。
Look!A train is coming. 看!火车来了 Listen!He is playing the piano. 听!他在弹钢琴。 2.表示现阶段正在进行着的动作但不一定是说话时正在进行。常和 at present(目前)、this week(本周)、these days(这几天)等时间状语连用。 What lesson are you studying this week?你们本周学哪一课了?(说话时并不在学)
三.一般现在时和现在进行时的区别 一般现在时表示经常性的动作;而现在进行时表示暂时性的动作。
He walks to work.他步行上班。(习惯、经常性的动作) He's walking to work because his bike is being repaired. 他现在走着上班,因为他的自行车正 在修理。(只是暂时的情况) Where does he live?他家住在哪儿?(询问一般的情况) Where is he living(staying)?他这几天住在哪儿?(询问暂时一段时间的情况)



现在进行时有时可用来代替一般现在时,表达说话人的某种感惰,使句子有强烈的感 情色彩。常与 always,forever 连用。
You are always forgetting the important thing.你总是把重要的事情忘掉。(表达出不满的情绪) Mary is doing fine work at school.玛丽在学校学习得挺不错。

跟踪练习 一、写出下列动词的现在分词: play________ run__________ swim _________make__________ go_________write__________read________ have_________ sing ________ dance_________ see________ buy _________ live_______ take_________ come ________ get_________ stop_________ sit ________ begin________ shop___________

二、用所给的动词的正确形式填空: 1.The boy __________________ ( draw)a picture now. 2. Listen .Some girls _______________ ( sing)in the classroom . 3. My mother _________________ ( cook )some nice food now. 4. What _____ you ______ ( do ) now? 5. Look . They _______________( have) an English lesson . 6.They ____________(not ,water) the flowers now. 7.Look! the girls ________________(dance )in the classroom . 8.What is our granddaughter doing? She _________(listen ) to music. 9. It’s 5 o’clock now. We _____________(have)supper now



10.______Helen____________(wash )clothes? Yes ,she is . 11.What_________you__________(do)? 12.I_____________(sing) an English song. 13.We_______________(play) games now. 14.Mr Zheng __________________(read) a book now. 15. The rabbits __________________(jump) now. 16.. Look ! Tom and John _________________________(swim). 17. Look! The bus _________________(stop). 18. We ________________(have) an English class now. 19. Listen! Someone is _______________(come). 20. Look! He ______________(dive) now. 21. Tom __________________( watch ) TV in the dining room. 22. The doctors _________________(get ) off the bus. 23. Come on. They _______________( leave ) now. 24. It ______________(eat) fish now. 25. My father ________________(work) in the office now. 26. Where is your mother? She _________________(answer) the phone. 27. The teachers ______________(run) now. 28、Jeffrey _________________(make)his cake now. 29、Be quiet! Three boys _____________(sleep). 30、What ________ your mother ______(do)now? 31、Look! ______your dog _____ now?(swim) 32、Where is your father?
He ______ ______ (read) books. 33、Look, Miss Lin _________________ (play)the piano.



34、Tom and his brother ________(see)the film now. 35、Now, We_______(have)a test. 36、 Listen! Mr. Zhao _________(sing)in the classroom.

三、用现在进行时完成下列句子 1.What_________you__________(do)? 2.I_____________(sing) an English song. 3.What________he____________(mend)? 4.He______________(mend) a car. 5.______you__________(fly) a kite?Yes,_______. 6.______she___________(sit) in the boat? 7.______you_____________(ask) questions? 8.We_______________(play) games no

二、单项选择 ( )1.我在照看孩子.
(A)I am looking after the baby. (B)I'm look aftering the baby. (C)I look am aftering the baby. (D)I looking after the baby.
( )2._____friend's making______a kite.
(A)I,me (B)My,my (C)My,me (D)His,his



( )3.Is the woman ______ yellow your teacher?


(B)putting on



( )4.Look!The twins_____their mother do the housework.

(A)are wanting (B)help (C)are helping (D)are looking

( )5._____are the birds doing? They are singing in a tree.

(A)Who (B)What



( )6.Is she____something?





( )7.你在干什么?

(A)What is you doing? (C)What are you doing?

(B)What are you do? (D)What do you do?

( )8.What are you listening_____?





( )9.我正在听他说话.



(A)I listening to him. (C)I'm listen to him.

(B)I'm listening to him. (D)I'm listening him.

( )10.They are_____their clothes.

(A)makeing (B)putting

(C)put away

(D)putting on

( )11.Listen! She____in the classroom.

(A)is singing


(C)to sing

(D)is sing

( )12.Today Jim______ his white shirt and brown trousers.

(A)is putting on (B)wear

(C)put on

(D)is wearing

( )13.______are you eating?I'm eating______meat.

(A)What,some (B)Which,any (C)Where,not


( )14.They______TV in the evening.They do their homework.

(A)are watching (B)can't watching (C)don't watch (D)don't watching

( )15.The children_____football.

(A)is playing

(B)are playing (C)play the

(D)play a



( )16.They are flying kites.

(A)他们喜欢放风筝. (B)他们在放风筝吗?



( )17.Look,They are swimming in the river. I want_____you.

(A)to go with

(B)go with (C)helping


( )18.Look.Lucy is_____a new bike today.

(A)jumping (B)running



( )19、Look! Spark _____his mother do the housework. A. is helping B. are help C. is help D. is helpping

( )20、_____are the boys doing ? They are singing in the room. A .Who B. How C. What D. Where



( )21、Don’t talk here. My mother _____. A. is sleeping B .are sleeping C. sleeping D .sleep
( )22、Daisy ______. Don’t call her. A. is writeing B .is writing C.writing D .writes ( )23、Who _____ over there at the moment? A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sings
( )24、Look! they _________ a good time, _________ they? A. have, do B. have, don't C. are having, are D. are having, aren't ( )25、We _____ music and often _____ to music. A. like/ listen

B. likes/ listens C. like/ are listening D. are liking/ are listening


( )26、Listen! The baby _____ in the next room. A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries

( )27、It’s eight o’clock. The students _____ an English class. A. have B. having C. is having D. are having

( )28、Be quiet. Grandparents _____. A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep

( )29、Michael _____ the windows every day. A. is cleaning B. clean



C. cleans

D. is cleaning

( )30、On Sunday, Bruce sometimes _____ his clothes and sometimes _____ some shopping.

A. wash/ do B. is washing/ is doing C. washes/ does

D. is washing/ does

( )31、Some are _________ in the river and some are _________ games.

A. swiming, playing B. swimming, plaiing C. swimming, playing D. swimming, plaing

( )32、Eve_____ to do his lessons at 6 every evening

A. is beginning B. is beginning

C. begin D. begins

( )33、Are the boys looking at the blackboard? Yes, they____. A. aren’t B. do C. don't D. are

四、将下列句子改成现在进行时: 1、Daniel speaks Chinese.
Daniel ________________ Chinese. 2、We have four lessons.
We ______________ four lessons. 3、I watch TV every day.
I _________________TV now 4、Julia works in a hospital.
Julia _________________ in a hospital.



5、Do you read this book? _____ you _______ this book.
6、Mary and Susan have lunch at about twelve. Mary and Susan ______________ lunch at about twelve. 7、His father often helps them.
His father __________________them. 8、Oven opens the door.
Oven _ __________________ the door. 9、Charles watch TV in the evening.
Charles ______________TV now. 10、Donald sometimes walks on the beach.
Donald ______________ on the beach. 五、按要求改写句子 1. The boy is playing basketball. 否定句:______________________________________ 一般疑问句:________________________________________ 肯定回答:_______________________________________ 否定回答:______________________________ 对“ The boy”提问:__________________________

2.she,the window,open,now.(用现在进行时连词成句.) _____________________________________________,who,the window,cleaning?(连词成句) _____________________________________________



4.She is closing the door now.(改成否定句) __________________________________________

5.You are doing your homework.(用"I"作主语改写句子) _________________________________________
6. The Young Pioneers are helping the old woman.(改成一般疑问句) ________________________________________________

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