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完形填空与阅读理解天天练 91 Nov

完形填空与阅读理解天天练 91

Nov. 27

“I swear,I didn’t steal anything!” I shouted over the alarm. Obviously the security guard didn’t believe me because he seized the shopping bag right out of my hand. “Do you have a receipt for this?” he asked doubtfully, putting any new back- school outfit (全套装 to备) onto the dusty floor near the mall entrance. “Of course I do,” I replied,fishing my wallet out of my coat pocket. Elsie and Monica,my two best friends,stood beside me. They were laughing their heads off! I almost tore my wallet apart for the receipt,but it had disappeared. “Let me look again,” I said nervously. Then I looked again, and again, and again!My face was getting hotter by the minute, and my heart was beating like a racehorse. Finally,I looked back at the guard and whispered,“It’s not here.” The guard picked up my clothes and said,“You’ll have to come with me,Miss.” When he opened the office door, saw a man sitting behind a big metal desk. It was the manager. Then I I had an idea. “May I say something?” I asked. “I can prove I didn’t steal this thing.” Then I explained all about the cashier (出纳员).She said that she had bought the exact same outfit as a birthday present for her little sister. “We’ll just see about that,” the manager said and went off to find her. Ten minutes later,I was free! It was terrible to be unfairly accused of something!Then I remembered shouting at my sister that very morning for taking my new hair clips. Had she really taken them?I made a promise that day never to accuse someone of something without proof,and I haven’t. At least something good came out of my terrible experience. 1.Why didn’t the security guard believe the author? A.Because she looked nervous at that time. C.Because she didn’t have a receipt for the outfit. A.they didn’t believe the author was a thief at all C.they expected the author to be caught B.Because she had no money in her wallet. D. Because her face turned red after being caught.

It seems as if cell phones that could be the protection that parents expecting the kids to have freedom and be safe have been looking for.Let’s__36__your 11?year?old son is going on a long bike ride with a friend,so they take along your cell phone__37__they need help. Not only could they call you if necessary, but__38__Global Positioning Systems (GPS) equipped on many mobile phones today,your son and his friend could also be__39__easily.Plus,with a special service,you could track the boy’s__40__location.Or consider this:If your daughter is__41__herself and three friends to a concert,she could__42__out exactly how to locate the concert and get back home by using her equipped cell phone. And through a(n)__43__software package,you could__44__her whereabouts (行踪). __45__tracking devices as we all consider useful,however,have__46__.If the boys urgently needed help during the ride,__47__might be too late by the time someone found them. And if they wanted to,the concertgoing girls could deviate (偏离) from the__48__route and go to a night club after the__49__—they could turn off the phone or leave it in their own car and drive with someone else. Cell phones and their accompanying programs are tools for__50__children’s safety today,but all of them are__51__extremely reliable. Under no circumstances does__52__else replace a wellestablished parentchild relationship__53__love and trust. If you do decide to let your kids use these devices,don’t rely__54__on them for protection. Your children need you to watch them, but__55__will never take the place of your time, attention, eyes, ears and when overseeing your child’s whereabouts. 36.A.pretend B.see C.prove D.say 37.A.even if B.only if case that 38.A.with C.also D.for 39.A.called B.observed C.contacted D.located 40.A.obvious B.clear C.exact 41.A.leading B.driving C.heading D.guiding 42.A.point B.make C.turn D.get 43.A.additional B.universal D.exceptional 44.A.learn B.know C.follow 45.A.These B.Such C.Some D.Few 46.A.faults B.shortages C.difficulties D.disadvantages 47.A.parents C.policemen D.we 48.A.considered B.established C.designed D.planned B.ride 50.A.guaranteeing B.providing C.making D.finding 51.A.never B.always C.usually D.merely 52.A.everything B.nothing C.anything D.something 53.A.relied on B.based on C.laid on D.kept on 54.A.specifically B.believably C.only D.particularly 55.A.relationship

2.That the author’s two friends laughed their heads off showed________. B.they laughed at the author who stole things D.they played a trick on the author

3.We can infer the author was very________from the underlined part in Paragraph 4. A.careful B.nervous C.frightened D.excited 4.Who proved that the author hadn’t stolen anything? A.The manager. C.The author’s friends. 5.From her experience,the author learned that________. should believe in yourself in face of difficulty is a terrible thing to be suspected by friends should ask for a receipt for whatever you buy should not doubt others if you can’t prove it B.The cashier. D.The security guard.

54.C 上一段提到手机并非十全十美的工具,所以假如你决定让孩子使用这些设备,不要“仅仅”依赖 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文。不可否认,安装了全球定位系统(GPS)的手机可以跟踪孩子们的行 踪,确保他们的安全。但再先进的设备也有它们的弊端,没有什么可以取代用关爱和信任建立起来的 父母与孩子之间的亲密无间的关系。 36.D let’s say 意为“比如说”,用来表示举例说明。文章开头依据的句子结构比较复杂,that parents 它们对孩子实施保护。 55.D 诚然,孩子需要你的照顾,但即使有诸如 GPS 的高“科技”设备监护孩子,也永远无法取代你 用身心去关爱、保护他们。

expecting the kids to have freedom and be safe have been looking for 是定语从句,修饰先行词 protection。 在从句中,expecting the kids to have freedom and be safe 是后置定语,修饰 parents。 37.C 由于孩子要与朋友骑自行车远行,所以要带上手机,“以防万一”需要帮助。 38. with Global Positioning Systems equipped on many mobile phones 是介词 with 的复合结构, A Global Positioning Systems (GPS)与 equip 之间是被动关系。意思是“很多手机都装有全球定位系统(GPS)”。 39. GPS 的目的就是确定人的具体位置(定位)。 D 此外, 下一空后的 location 及其后的 how to locate the concert 都是线索提示。 40.C 由于孩子随身携带的手机中安装了 GPS,在一种特殊的服务下,可以跟踪他的“精确的”位置。 41.B 上文提到一个男孩想与朋友远行,要携带安装有 GPS 的手机。所以此处也应是去比较远的地 方,不然就不必携带这种手机了,因此要“开车”前去。下一段最后 or leave it in their own car and drive with someone else 也给出了明确暗示。 42. 由于手机中装有 GPS, B 因而可以轻而易举地“辨认出”音乐会的具体位置。 此处 make out 表示“辨 认出”。 43.A GPS 是独立研发的高科技电子设备,在“附带”软件的帮助下,还可以对其行踪进行跟踪。 44.C GPS 的目的就是确定人的具体位置,因而是“跟踪”她的行踪。 45.B 不过,“这样的”跟踪设备有时也有弊端。此处是结构,as we all consider useful 是定 语从句,修饰先行词 tracking devices,关系代词 as 在从句中做 consider 的宾语。 46.D 上文讲的是 GPS 的优点,根据本句的 however 可知表示转折,所以此处是“缺点”。 47.B 如果孩子骑车途中急需帮助,等到有人发现他们时,也许已经太晚了。故用 it 做形式主语。 48.B 如果她们愿意,去音乐会的女孩们可以偏离事先“确定的”路线,即摆脱别人对她们的跟踪。 49.C 她们开车来到音乐会是为了观看“演出”。 50.A 手机及其配套程序是“保证”孩子安全的工具。 51.A 根据 but 一词可知此处意思发生了转折,因而是否定意义。never 本身是否定词,与 all 连用, 表示不完全否定,即“并非都”。 52.C under no circumstances 表示“在任何情况下都不”,本身表示否定含义,所以用 anything。含有 1. C 细节理解题。因为作者无法出示收据,所以保安不相信她,要带她去见经理。 2. A 推理判断题。作者的朋友站在一边大笑着,反映了她们根本不相信朋友会偷东西,只是觉得这 件事情好玩而已。 3. B 作者翻找收据,翻了一遍又一遍也找不到,所以很紧张,因为如果没有收据就会被怀疑偷东西。 4. B 细节理解题。从倒数第二段可知出纳员买了和作者一样的东西,最终是出纳员帮她解了围。 5. D 推理判断题。 从最后一段的 I made a promise that day never to accuse someone of something without proof 可知作者明白了在没有证据的情况下不要去怀疑他人。

否定意思的介词短语位于句首时句子需要倒装。 53.B based on 表示“以……为基础”,based on love and trust 是后置定语,修饰 relationship。


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