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新编实用英语 综合教程1 第二版

新编实用英语 综合教程 1 第二版

第一单元 Put in use 1. Robert Thank you pleasure Here is this is How do you do call me journey the hotel 2. Hi, are you Miss Mary Green? I’m Li hong from Foreign Languages School. How do you do, Miss Green? Nice to meet you. Did you have a good journey? Oh, yes. Let’s go to the hotel of our school. Everything is ready for you there. Well, Miss Green, here is my card. Please call me or email me if you need any help. 3. Excuse me How do you do, Mr. Smith Welcome to our company you are the general manager Here is my card Thank you My email address is

very kind

Read and Think 1. It means a close and friendly relationship. 2. They find these terms too formal. 3. They want to show their friendliness. 4. They want to know more about you so that they can begin a conversation with you.

2 greet informal friendly formal wave perhaps leave 3 use Mr., Mrs. or Miss use first names call me Sally glad/happy informal/friendly 4. named has left prefer personal accept means Speaking of get to know acquainted with 5. It is my impression that a typical English gentleman often takes an umbrella with him. To the students, the introduction to the cultural background is the best part of the book. When we talk with a foreign lady, in most cases we should not ask such personal questions as her age. Many young people prefer pop songs to old songs. They think pop singers are very cool. This beautiful and clean city has left a deep impression upon the foreign tourists. Professor Lu Yang stood on the plane’s entrance and waved good-bye to us. 6. We often express our happiness with a smile. She often speaks with a strong local accent.

Similarly, Professor Green couldn’t bear laziness. Similarly, they don’t want to rely on others.

Speaking of English, I’ve got to go to class. Speaking of business cards, I’ve got to print some more now.

In China, family relationships are usually rather close. In my hometown, companies are usually rather small.

These boys prefer football to basketball. I prefer Chinese food to Western food.

Such an ending may be too hasty to me. Such weather may be too hot to the tourists.

Read and Judge 7. F F T F T T T F F T 9. 欢迎来到中华文化俱乐部。在这儿你可以学习中国画和京剧。 我出生在北方。多年前,我们家搬到了南方的一个城市。 他们热爱中国,也非常喜欢吃中国饭菜。 她母亲是混血儿。因此她有一头棕色头发,但却是黑眼睛黄皮肤。 琳达以前是个舞蹈演员,但是现在她有点胖了。 在实验室里,他是个严肃的科学家,但是在家中他是个和蔼可亲的父亲。

Sentence writing and Grammar review 5. 主谓状 主谓宾 主系表 主谓直宾间宾 主谓宾状 主谓宾宾补 There be 句式 6. The manager prepares some beautiful gifts for them. Could you tell me something about their cultural background? Mr. Wang has left a deep impression upon their minds. Do they always wave good-bye to you in an informal way? There are always some people talking happily in the park. There is some water in the glass. On the door there is a big red Chinese word “Happiness”. The girl looked at the small animal with pleasure. He gave her some lovely flowers. There are always many cars running in the streets nowadays.

7. We often prepare some Chinese food for our foreign friends. Can you give me some help? Let’s reserve for him a quite room in the hotel. Lily teaches Mr. Green Chinese every morning. Please call me David. Do you often send e-mails to your parents? There are quite a few new words in this text. 第二单元 Thanks-giving peace-loving stamp-collecting English-speaking job-hunting Put in use Thank you very helpful I’m glad/happy my gratitude/ thanks to you Nothing/ my pleasure very grateful of any help kind


2. Hello, Anne. Thank you very much for the card. You are so considerate/ thoughtful Thanks. This is my first degree and I appreciate it very much. I owe much to your kind help.

You are really a big help to me, Anne. I hope I could repay you some day. That’s very kind of you, dear. By the way, could you come to my graduation ceremony on Friday?

3. Hello, Ken I’m terribly sorry that’s too bad I see That’s very thoughtful of you That’s pity Really very kind of you it’s my pleasure Read and Think 1. a substantial and expensive gift. Gifts made by the givers themselves. Japanese people care more about the value of the gifts while Americans care more about the gift card or note. They would write a thank-you note on a piece of paper. People’s attitudes towards gift-giving may vary from country to country. 2. value respect/love necessary/required thank-you words little cards appreciate 3. their desire to convey a feeling of friendship offer a gift to a person who is leaving or has been helpful attaching a thank-you note or card to the gift express their gratitude and friendship no gift at all on a piece of paper 4. attitude desire vary appreciate offered universal convey illustrate

5. 1, Teachers should pay more attention to the students’ individual differences. 2, Professor Yang tends to give the students some substantial and valuable advice. 3, You are not required to give an expensive gift, but at least you should send him a thank-you card. 4,We should learn to respect others’ life style. 5, In contrast, many students appreciate all the more the communication with their teachers out of class. 6, As a matter of fact, I prefer to live a quiet country life instead of a modern city life. 6. 1, They style of paintings may vary from one artist to another. The flavor of dishes may vary from place to place. 2, Here is a book to help you with your English learning. Here is a way to improve our service. 3, England is a tradition-observing country. The U.S. is a sports-loving country. 4, It is not unusual in England to begin a conversation by talking about the weather. It is not unusual in Singapore to hear people talking in different languages. 5, In contrast, you get fewer friends than enemies in this way. In contrast, you get more pleasure than money in doing this job. 6, As a matter of fact, the poem would be appreciated all the more if it is written in modern English. As a matter of fact, our product would be attractive all the more if there is some promotion.

Read and Judge 7. T F F F T T F F 9.1, 越来越多的学生会在教师节送给老师一束花或者一张卡片。 2, 我不喜欢新年送钱作为礼物的传统习俗。 3, 在圣诞节, 英国人总是相互送贺卡问候节日。

4, 信的长短无所谓,关键是它使人感到亲切温暖。 5, 非常感谢你们的盛情款待,衷心希望有一天你们能来中国做客。 6, 我们从你的谈话中学到了很多东西,我们全班同学都非常珍惜这次与你交流的机会。

Write Through Applying Grammar Rules 5, d b a a c 6. 1, On Sunday morning, I usually do some housework at home. 2, My friend comes from the north of the country. 3, Mary is the better player of the two. 4, The hospital bought an X-ray machine the day before yesterday. 5, An hour is a short time to spend in a university library. 6, In fact, it was the most exciting game of the year. 7, There is an exciting pop music concert on TV. 8, These football stars are very popular in the whole country. 9, In the United States, people attach more importance to the words on a thank-you card. 10, We are going to play tennis in the afternoon. 7.1, I have a set of VCD on English learning. It is very helpful to me. 2, Xiao Li has handed in a job application letter to a travel agency. 3, She likes fruit juice, but the juice in this glass is too sweet. 4, She is the only girl who enjoys playing the piano in the department. 5, This is used (second-hand) car, but it is in very good condition. 第三单元答案 Put in use 1. Excuse my way along on the corner By take off front Many 2. Yes. Drive along this road until you get to Northeast Road, and then turn left. Stay on Northeast Road for about four blocks. When you come to East Street, turn right. Paul’s house is at 222East Street. It is on the right side of the street. 3. It’s on the top floor, next to the lift. He might be in the conference room. It is on the second floor, Room 206. You are welcome.

Read and Think 1. On his way to the airport, the taxi driver lost his way. Fifteen minutes. Because the boy next to him had a cold. No, everything was all right with the take off. He thought that the plane was going to crash. He was very frightened. 2. flight lost reservations last shake crash fantastic 3. she had spelled the author’s name incorrectly. He’d miss his flight.





Got on the plane Take-off There was smoke coming out of the wing Something went wrong with one of the engines. Somehow he had picked up the wrong suitcase. 4. rushed relax crash slight perfect especially checked seems panic shakes 5. I don’t think you have realized the importance of education. Hurry up. The plane is taking off in half an hour. He was very nervous, but he answered all the questions in a calm voice. I’m going to catch a train. It’s leaving at half past seven. Do you fasten the seat belt when driving? They have checked in at the best hotel in the city. 6. 1, I knew he was going to talk about it when he came into the room. I knew I would get the job when the interviewer asked me the first question. 2, It takes nine hours to go from here to Beijing. It took half an hour for me to find his office. 3, You’d better hurry or you’ll be late for the class. You’d better walk quietly or you’ll wake him up. 4, I was the last person to know the news. He was the first scientist to study outer space. 5, Please remain seated and keep your books closed. Please remain silent and keep the window shut. 6, You can imagine how nervous he was, but his friends were confident. You can imagine how excited he was, but his parents were indifferent.


Read and Judge 7. F F T F F T F F T F 9. 令我惊奇的是一些美国游客会说汉语。 她在这里的时候给我和我的家人拍了很多照片。 我教他们唱中国歌曲,他们留给我很多礼物作为回报。 我从未听他发过牢骚,他总是乐于助人。 他们对成功几乎失去了信心。 因天气不好大桥暂缓修建。 听到你平安到达的消息我就放心了。 如果您能帮助我们,我们将不胜感激。

Writing Through Applying Grammar Rules 5. complaints much doubt movies passengers much education room numbers a large population 6. 1, All the news is interesting to us. 2, We all like your idea of using the money to build a primary school. 3, If he refuses to pay, I shall take measures against him. 4, What lovely hair you have! 5, The Johnsons have just moved into a large house and are planning to buy much new furniture. 6, Mary likes potatoes better than tomatoes.



7, It is such a long journey that we felt very tired when we arrive. 8, My father never gave me much advice. 9, Our school bought two pieces of equipment for the lab. 10, In modern age, electronics has been developing very fast. 11, He did too little preparation for his examination. 12, There is a book, two pencils and three notebooks on the desk. 13, Every means has been tried but without much success. 14, Ten dollars is all that I can afford to pay for the recorder. 7. 1, I’ll have a cup of coffee and two pieces/slices of bread. 2, The teacher asked us to take out one sheet/piece of paper for the quiz. 3, He bought two bottles of beer and three bars of chocolate. 4, Mathematics is the subject I feel most interested in. 5, Thank you for the much advice you’ve given me. 6, Failure is the mother of success. 7, All the equipment in the factory is made in China. 8, Sports are good for health. 第四单元 Unit 4 Put in use 1. take timetable There is It will get there welcome 2. I am going to Hangzhou. I have some friends there, and I miss them very much. Yes. On Saturday one of my friends will drive me around the city. We will have lunch with some friends at noon. In the On Sunday evening. I’m taking an evening flight back. 3. We have a Chinese restaurant and a Western-style restaurant. The Chinese restaurant is on the eighth floor and the Western-style restaurant is on the ninth floor. It is open now. Breakfast is from 6:30 to 9:00, lunch is from 11:30 to 2:00, and dinner is from 5:30 to 9:00. You are welcome.

Read and Think 1. To be punctual./ To have a strong conception of time. He will feel anxious and embarrassed. They should be there on time, not too early and not too late. You should apologize to those who have already been there. You should apologize afterwards. 2. punctuality keeping conception waiting schedule guests punctual early late change unexpecte 3. the host may not get the things ready keep the host waiting something unexpected happens you should inform the person concerned you should make an apology to the person/ apologize to the person 4. apologize embarrassed informed emphasized anxious proper impolite punctual unexpected appoin 5. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

I’d like to make an appointment to see Dr. Smith. It’s impolite to enter a room without knocking at the door first. Inform us as soon as possible if anything special happens. They were angry because you had not kept your promise. In this case, let’s try to get there early. 6. What’s the point of her reading without thinking? What’s the use of your arguing with him? Whenever they have difficulty, you should try to help them. Whenever you have a problem, you should let me know. The same is true with the custom of celebrating New Year. The same is true with the study of computer science. In this case, you should tell him your decision beforehand. In that case, you should say sorry to him later. In social activities, it is always emphasized to have a strong conception of time. In social activities, it is always emphasized to respect other people. It is hard to imagine what will happen if we don’t pay attention to the environment. It is hard to imagine what will happen if we don’t take actions to reduce pollution. Read and Judge 7. T F T F F F T F T 9. 坏天气把我们的假期搞的索然无味。 他把该买的日常用品列了个单子。 萨丽到家总想喝杯咖啡。 我们都知道这份计划分为 3 个部分。 经理做了一个简短的报告,会议 2 点就结束了。 我们的计划很灵活, 如有必要可以变动。 你能腾出十分钟讨论一下咱们的时间表吗? 我会让秘书起草一份计划。

Sentence writing and Grammar Review 4. haven’t received came is graduated will have taken place had asked had been writing complained had been will be watching 5. Many years ago, Jim lived in Paris with his uncle for a long time. The teacher told the students that light travels much faster than sound. He told us he joined the Party in 2000. It has been snowing since last Sunday. Bob got married six years ago./ Bob has been married for six years. By 2050, scientists surely will have discovered a cure for AIDS. John has been to Beijing several times and he knows the place very well. He has been working on software design for five years./ He has working on software design since five years ago. They have begun a new course since yesterday./ they began a new course yeaterday. He lived in London until 1999. By seven o’clock yesterday, we had arrived at the airport. I would have gone to Shanghai yesterday, but I missed the flight.

It is / has been a long time since I saw you last. Whenever we visited them, they were watching TV. I hear he has gone abroad. I wonder when he left. 6. This is the most interesting novel he has ever written. The students were still laughing when the teacher came into the classroom. I haven’t finished the book yet, so I don’t want to return it to the library. Is this the first time you’ve come to China? Even if it rains in the afternoon, I will go downtown with you. I didn’t hear what you said just now. I was watching TV. I know Mr. Wang is living in Nanjing at the moment. The little town lies at the foot of a mountain. 第五单元 Unit 5 Put in use 1. How is the weather What’s the temperature Fahrenheit Celsius/ Centigrade How’s the weather terrible/ awful comes out 2. What’s the weather like in your country at this time of year? What did the weatherman say?/ what did the weather forecast say? How do you like the weather here?/ what do you think of the weather here? Me either./ That’s also how I feel. I hope it will turn warmer tomorrow. 3. It is going to be fine tomorrow. Tomorrow’s sports meet But look at the fog But don’t you see the wind is beginning to lift it up It will be fine tomorrow the morning weather forecast Read and Think 1. It will be cloudy with scattered showers on Saturday; there will be more rain and it’s be colder on Sunday. It is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and this will be about 0 degrees Celsius. Because there is a cold front from Canada moving down the western states No, it is unusual, and it is unseasonably cold. It will probably snow in the New York area. In Montreal, Canada, and the snow activity is expected to move down from Canada into the eastern states. Good weather, clear skies and a sunny 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t forget your umbrella if you are going out. 3. through the weekend San Francisco thirty miles an hour dropping, snow the New York area weatherman 4 on her way winds up predicted, would continue, drop turned to looks like, go out took a look at 5. We predict good weather for several days ahead though the temperature may be rather low. She has experienced quite a lot for such a young age. The chairman wound up his speech by giving thanks to everyone present. People across the country are hailing for China’s successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The current global situation is favorable to us. They enjoy a 30-day paid holiday every year. Viruses can reach your computer in various ways. 6. It looks like that we are going to be listening to all this nonsense through the meeting. It looks like that she is going to feel depressed through the month. The weather is expected to be terrible through the weekend. The economy is expected to be slump through the year. He walked as far south as the river and then stopped for a rest. The desert stretches as far north as the border. She made a hit in the performance, her first success of the year. She’ll never forget him, her first love. If you are thinking about a further study, now’s time to do it. If you are thinking about buying a house, now’s time to do it. Back to the topic just now, once again, that is only my personal idea. Back to study, once again, you must work hard.

Read and Judge 7. F F T T T F T T 9. 关于中国需要记住的最重要的一点是:它是个幅员辽阔,人口众多的国家。 同样,你可以下载你所喜欢的软件。 中国国家足球队在世界杯外围赛的胜利更多的是依靠它出色的表现,而不只是凭运气。 无论他们见面多么频繁,他们总是有很多话可说。 . 向你不太熟的人问私人生活问题是不礼貌的。 她不太愿意接受他的邀请去看电影。

Sentence writing and Grammar Review 4. PP PP PP P P PP PP P PP PP 5. They haven’t seen each other since September. Gina has been in college for one year. She has worked at the cafeteria for nine months. He has always arrived at his office on time before./ He used to have always arrived at his office on time before He has never had a problem with his boss. Have you ever taken the telephone orders before? In the lat three months, Robert has trained more than twenty new employees. Robert has attended several important business meetings in the last three years. So far they have already got six traveler’s checks. 6. The weather was terrible yesterday. In fact, it has been awful for several days. She has worked in this office for 5 years. I paid a visit to the Great Wall lat year and had a very good time there. We have never spoken to each other since we quarreled last time. Turn down the TV a bit. The weather forecast hasn’t begun yet. 第六单元

Unit 6 Put in use 1. Have you seen there will be a swimming contest it is organized what time and where it is can we get the tickets is free That’s wonderful 2. Well, Dick. Have you read today’s newspaper? Have you noticed a colored poster in the paper? Well, it’s about a mountain climbing activity. It is organized by the Mountaineers’ Club on Saturday morning. Are you interested? Come on, Dick! Let’s go together. Mountain climbing is a very good sport. It is good for our health, too. 3. What kind of recreation are you interested in Picnicking is a very good outdoor activity Where shall we have the picnic The air is fresh by the side of the lake Shall we try boating and fishing in the lake I’m glad you like all these activities Let’s get prepared now

Read and think 1. d b d b a c 2. without popular draw watch athletes challenge given up answer confidently 3. one of the most popular Olympic sports attracted and also worried excellent academic results given up everything you’re feeling very tired only junior taking part National Championships then the pain would be over to train with a taste for endurance 4. tempted promising end up offer jumping punished crowds 5. What has made the triathlon one of the most attractive Olympic sports? In order to do the research project, many scientists have given up their personal happiness. The audience has got tired of these often-repeated phrases. It will do us a lot of good to take part in more social activities. She is confident to come first at the Olympic Games. He is not quite sure if it is worth doing. They will realize the importance of environmental protection sooner or later. It is too late. It seems that I have to run all the way to school. 6. The performance seemed so interesting that all the people in the entire crowd is attracted. The cookery seemed so fascinating that I am eager to try at once. Curiously, the children watched the experiment with full attention. Hopefully, he entered the final competition. We realized then that we had made a wrong decision. We ended up losing a very good opportunity.


She realized then that they had cheated her. Her company ended up losing $100 000. I am afraid that if he doesn’t follow our advice, he will run into trouble. I am afraid that if you miss the chance, it will be hard for you to get a second one. I was almost as good as my mother in cooking, but much less skilled in knitting. I was almost as good as they are in speed, but much weaker in endurance. With her devotion to the research, she will find a way to cure the disease sooner or later. With his devotion to writing, the novel will be published sooner or later.

Read and Judge 7. T T F F T T T T F T 8. b d c d a b 9. Not all that glitter is gold. She is one of the greatest mountain climbers of our country. I cannot help telling her the truth. He is determined to give up smoking. She fell in love with the artist the moment she met him by chance. Hard working is a necessary part of one’s success. Could you explain the underlying meaning of the poem for us? She has benefited a lot from doing physical exercises. Why are you willing to spend your valuable time on the non-profit work? Many language schools have been set up to help the overseas students. 10. 武术既是一种良好的健身运动,又是一种独特的文化。 他设法帮助我理解这首诗歌的深层内涵。 地方戏曲是中国文化一个灿烂的组成部分。 我对中国太极拳有了更多的了解之后,就迷上了它。 并非所有阅读英国文学的人都对莎士比亚有深刻的理解。 当你在树林中慢跑时,你会感到心旷神怡。 我的许多外国朋友都通过学习京剧而身心获益匪浅。

Sentence writing and Grammar Review 5. lived began will be changed are playing has explained was trying had finished will have been built told is made finishes/has finished 6. Please give me a call when you need me. The patient has been in hospital for two days. I got the news that they had planted a lot of trees on the slope. We’ll have a boating race in the lake if the weather is fine in the afternoon. My supervisor promised that he would come to help me immediately. Mr. Deng told me that he would not attend the party at the weekend. By the end of the term, we will all have left the university. The timetable shows that all classes begin at eight. I had waited for you for a long time before I left in disappointment. There will be even greater changes in the coming ten years. Let’s leave the place the moment I get the plane tickets. The watches they produced a year ago were poor in quality.



have se

The actors were still performing on the stage although it was raining hard. “Do you mind if I smoke here?” He asked us politely. If I am (were) rich, I will (would) travel all over the world. 7. There will be an excellent tennis match tomorrow. I have got the tickets already. Xiao Li told me that he had taken part in the tug-of-war match that afternoon. A modern gymnasium will have been built at our university by this time next year. When/while the sportsmen were swimming, we were cheering for them loudly. Sports do a lot of good to the health. So I have been doing exercise since I was young.




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