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【新步步高】(江苏专用)2016版高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 语法 专题九 特殊句式与主谓一致

考点 1 强调句


1.Bach died in 1750,but it was not until the early 19th century ________ his musical gift was fully recognized.(2015·重庆,9) A.while C.that B.though D.after

2.It was when we were returning home ________I realized what a good feeling it was to have helped someone in trouble.(2015·湖南,21) A.which C.where B.that

3.Was it because Jack came late for school ________ Mr.Smith got angry?(2014·四 川,3) A.why C.where B.who D.that

4.It was the middle of the night ________ my father woke me up and told me to watch the football game.(2014·江西,35) A.that C.which D.when

5.It was 80 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic ________ Zheng He had sailed to East Africa.(2012·重庆,32) A.when 考点归纳 强调句型中的 6 个考查重点: 1.强调句型的疑问句 在强调句中,无论被强调部分是什么句子成分,变为一般疑问句时,都须将主句改为疑问语 序,即将“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他成分”改为“Is/Was it+被强调部分 +that/who+其他成分?”或“疑问词+is/was+it+that+其他成分?”结构。 Was it her failing her exam that made her parents unhappy? 是不是她考试不及格使她的父母不高兴? B.that C.after D.since


When was it that she changed her mind? 她什么时候改变主意的? 2.在对 not...until 结构中的 until 时间状语或时间状语从句进行强调时,要将句中的 not 移至 until 之前,构成:It is/was not until...that...。注意 that 从句中的谓语动词要 变成肯定形式,而且不再采用倒装语序。 I didn’t realize she was a famous film star until she took off her dark glasses. =It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star. 直到她摘下她的深色眼镜我才意识到她是个著名影星。 3.如果由特殊疑问词引导的强调结构在句中作宾语从句时,从句必须使用陈述语序,不可用 疑问语序。 He asked me who it was that took his umbrella by mistake. 他问我是谁错拿了他的伞。 4.强调句型结构与定语从句的混合使用。 在高考试题中,为了增加试题的难度,命题人常将强调句型与定语从句混合起来,使句子结 构更加复杂。我们要注意从语法角度来分析句子,理清结构。 It was here that he fell of his bicycle. 这里正是他从自行车上摔下来的地方。 5.强调句型与时间状语从句的辨析。 当用强调句型强调时间状语时,去掉“it is/was”和连词“that”原句仍然完整。而在时间 状语从句中,若去掉“it is/was”和连词“when/before”,原句则不完整。 It was at 14:28 that the terrible earthquake broke out.(强调句型) 是在 14 点 28 分严重的地震爆发了。 It was 14:28 when the terrible earthquake broke out.(时间状语从句) 当严重的地震爆发时是 14 点 28 分。 6.强调句型结构中的反意疑问句式。 在强调句型结构中,其反意疑问句的主语及助动词必须与主句 It is/was...保持一致。 It is Mary not you who wants to ask me about that matter,isn’t it? 是 Mary 而不是你想问我那件事,是吗? 考点 2 倒装句

1.Only when Lily walked into the office ________ that she had left the contract at home.(2015·天津,3) A.she realized C.she has realized B.has she realized D.did she realize

2.________ no modern telecommunications,we would have to wait for weeks to get news from around the world.(2014·福建,32) A.Were there C.If there are B.Had there been D.If there have been

3.Not until he went through real hardship ________ the love we have for our families is important.(2013·福建,34) A.had he realized C.he realized B.did he realize D.he had realized

4.Jane won’t join us for dinner tonight and ________.(2011·大纲全国Ⅱ,13) A.neither won’t Tom C.Tom will too B.Tom won’t either will Tom

5.So sudden ________ that the enemy had no time to escape.(2009·山东,27) A.did the attack C.was the attack 考点归纳 部分倒装结构的 6 个高考热点: 1.否定词位于句首的倒装。 Never have I seen such a good performance. 我从来都没见过这么好的表演。 Not only was Einstein a world?famous scientist , but he also was a fairly good violinist. 爱因斯坦不仅是世界闻名的科学家,而且还是一个相当不错的小提琴家。 2.“only+状语”置于句首的倒装。 “only+状语”置于句首时句子要用部分倒装。(强调主语、宾语,句子不倒装) Only then did I know the truth. 直到那时我才知道真相。

B.the attack did D.the attack was

Only in this way can you work out this question. 只有用这种方法你才能解决这个问题。 Only after his mother came back was he able to go to school. 只有他母亲回来后,他才能够去上学。,such,neither,nor 引导的倒装。 She enjoys teaching English.So does my sister. 她喜欢教英语。我姐姐也喜欢。 Such are the fortunes of war.这些就是战争的局势。 I don’t know where he lives,and neither does she. 我不知道他住哪儿,她也不知道。,though 引导让步状语从句时的倒装。 Young as he is,he works well. 尽管很年轻,但他干得很好。 Child as he is,he can solve the problem. 尽管还是个孩子,可是他能解决这个问题。 5.So/Such...that 句型中的 so/such 位于句首,so/such 后的句子倒装。 So frightened was she that she did not dare to move an inch. 她如此害怕,以至于一寸也不敢动。 Such an interesting story is this that I decide to buy it.(that 引导结果状语从句, 不作成分) =Such an interesting story is this as I decide to buy.(as 引导定语从句,且作 buy 的宾语) 这是如此好的小说以至于我决定买下来。 6.were,had,should 等词开头的虚拟条件句。 If you had asked me,I would have told you everything. =Had you asked me,I would have told you everything. 假如你问过我,我就会把一切都告诉你了。 考点 3 祈使句

1 . Always ________ in mind that your main task is to get this company running smoothly.(2015·湖南,31)
4 keep C.keep have kept D.have kept

2.________ me tomorrow and I’ll let you know the lab result.(2014·大纲全国,33) A.Calling C.To call 考点归纳 1.祈使句的否定式在动词前加 don’t。祈使句带主语时,其否定式把 don’t 放在主语前。 Don’t you speak so loud. 你不要那么大声说话。 2.注意句型:祈使句+and/or+一般将来时的陈述句。 Close the door of fear behind you,and you will see the door of faith open before you.(2012·湖南,25) 关闭你身后的恐惧之门,你就会看到信念之门在你的面前打开。 3.上面句型中的祈使句也可用名词短语的形式。 One more step and you’ll succeed. 再走一步,你就会成功。 考点 4 主谓一致和反意疑问句 B.Call D.Having called

1.It is important to remember that success ________ a sum of small efforts made each day and often ________ years to achieve.(2015·湖南,27);takes C.are;take B.are;takes;take

2.The famous musician,as well as his students,________ to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Taipei Flower Expo.(2013·福建,23) A.were invited C.have been invited B.was invited D.has been invited

3. Barbara is easy to recognize as she’s the only one of the women who ________ evening dress.(2010·大纲全国Ⅱ,9) A.wear C.has worn B.wears D.have worn

4.—I spent two weeks in London last summer.

—Then you must have visited the British Museum during your stay,________ you? (2014·重庆,10) A.mustn’t C.didn’t B.haven’t D.hadn’t

5.There is little doubt in your mind that he is innocent,________?(2012·江苏, 25) there he 考点归纳 1.常考的主谓一致的两种情况: (1)主语后面有 as well as,with,along with,together with,including,but,except, in addition to,rather than,like,instead of,plus,as much as,more than 等连词 或介词连接的词语时,谓语动词的单复数与前面主语的单复数相一致。 Generally , students’ inner motivation with high expectations from others is essential to their development.(2013·江苏,21) 一般来说,别人对其期望值高的学生,他们的内在动机对他们自身的发展是至关重要的。 The father,rather than the brothers,is responsible for the loss. 损失的责任应由父亲而不是兄弟们来承担。 (2)“one of+复数名词”作先行词,后跟定语从句,如果 one 前有 the,the very,the only 等词限制修饰时,先行词为 one;否则,先行词为后面的复数名词。 Mr.Herpin is one of the foreign experts who are working in China. 赫宾先生是在中国工作的外国专家之一。 Mr.Smith is the only one of those foreigners who is working in China. 史密斯先生是这些外国人之中唯一一位在中国工作的人。 2.常考的反意疑问句的三种情况: (1)若陈述部分是并列句,则疑问部分要与邻近的分句取得一致。 John isn’t a diligent student,for it is the third time he has been late,isn’t it? 约翰不是一个勤奋的学生,因为这是他第三次迟到了,对吗? (2) 若 陈 述 部 分 是 复 合 句 , 则 附 加 疑 问 部 分 与 主 句 取 得 一 致 , 但 若 主 句 部 分 是 I

B.isn’t there D.isn’t he

think/believe/suppose/guess that...或 I’m sure that...时,往往与从句取得一致。 Your suggestion is that we should hold a meeting tonight,isn’t it? 你的建议是我们今天晚上开会,对吗? I don’t believe she knows it,does she? 我认为她是不知道这件事的,对吗? (3)It be...that...分裂句也是一种复合结构,含有这种结构的复合句,其附加疑问句通常 对应 that 从句之前强调部分的主谓结构。 It’s the first time that she has been to the United States,isn’t it? 这是她第一次去美国,对吗? 考点 5 省略

1.If ________ for the job, you’ll be informed soon.(2015·北京,31) accept C.accepting B.accept D.accepted

2.The climate here is quite pleasant,the temperature rarely,________,reaching 30℃ in summer.(2014·福建,28) A.if not C.if any B.if ever D.if so

3 . The driver wanted to park his car near the roadside but was asked by the police________.(2013·新课标全国Ⅰ,28) A.not to do C.not do 考点归纳 1.状语从句中的省略 由 when,while,if,as if,although/though,as,until,once,whether,unless,where 等引导的状语从句中,如果其谓语为 be,而主语与主句的主语相同时,则从句的主语和 be 可省略;如果从句的主语为 it 时,谓语为 be,也可省略从句中的 it 和 be。 When (I am) in trouble,I always turn to my classmates for help.遇到麻烦时,我总 是找同学帮忙。 If (it is) possible,this machine can be fixed at once. 可能的话,这台机器会立即修好。

B.not to not

2.不定式的省略 单独使用不定式符号 to 代替不定式后被省略的动词,常用在 be afraid,expect,forget, hope,intend,like,love,mean,prefer,refuse,try,want,wish 等词后;或放在表 情绪的词后,代替被省略的动词,常见词有:glad,happy,pleased 等;但是,如果不定式 中含有 be,have,have been,则要保留 be,have,have been。 I asked him to see the film,but he didn’t want to. 我请他去看电影,但是他不想去。 —Are you a sailor? —No.But I used to be. ——你是海员吗? ——不是,但我曾经是。 3.常考的几个省略形式 if ever,if any,if not better/worse/taller...than 等。 4.并列句中的省略 并列句中的两个对等句里的动词相同时,后者的动词可以省略。 He is going to Hong Kong,but his brother (is going) to America. 他要去香港,但是他的弟弟要去美国。 My room is on the third floor and his,on the fifth. 我的房间在三楼,他的在五楼。 解题方法 方法 1 还原法

一般说来,对于一些特殊的句型,我们可以把它还原为正常的句型,如把倒装句还原为陈述 句等等。 (1)At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River ________,one of the ten largest cities in China. A.lies Chongqing C.does lie Chongqing 答案 A 解析 分析句子结构得知, 这里是将地点状语提前且主语为名词, 故句子需用完全倒装形式, 所以选 A 项。

B.Chongqing lies D.does Chongqing lie

(2)—Is everyone here? —Not yet...Look,there ________ the rest of our guests! A.come coming 答案 A 解析 本句中 there 放在句首,句子采用了倒装句式,谓语动词的单复数应该根据句子的主 语 the rest of our guests 来判断,B 项和 C 项为单数形式,可被排除;are coming 为进行 时态表示将来的动作,不合题意,可排除;A 项谓语动词的单复数形式与主语一致,故答案 为 A。 方法 2 结构分析法 B.comes D.are coming

在一些试题中要注意区别一些特殊的句型,如倒装句、强调句、反意疑问句、祈使句等。 (1)It was from only a few supplies that she had bought in the village ________ the hostess cooked such a nice dinner. A.where B.that C.when 答案 B 解析 迷惑点在于强调部分中含有一个定语从句 that she had bought in the village。 (2)John’s success has nothing to do with good luck.It is years of hard work ________ has made him what he is today. A.why B.when 答案 D 解析 题干为强调句型,被强调部分为 years of hard work,故选 D 项。 方法 3 固定句型判断法 C.which D.that D.which

在平时的学习中,要掌握各种句型,注意积累一些经典的句型,把它们运用到日常写作中, 以达到真正掌握的目的。 —English has a large vocabulary,hasn’t it? —Yes.________ more words and expressions and you will find it easier to read and communicate. A.Know 答案 A 解析 根据题干中的 and 和 will 就可以判断答案是 A。 “祈使句+and/or+主语+will...”


C.To know D.Known


1.It is for ten years that she has been famous.Not only does she never give up when she was attacked by some people,but also she spreads spirits to her fans who always support her.(2015·安徽) 她出名已经 10 年了,当别人攻击她的时候,她不但没有放弃,而且她还给支持她的粉丝们传 递精神力量。 2.If so,they will make great progress in their study.(2015·广东,读写任务) 如果这样的话,他们会在学习方面取得巨大的进步。 3.Here are some detailed arrangements during our stay there.(2015·全国Ⅱ) 这里是我们在那里逗留期间的详细安排。 4.We should be back around 4 o’clock in the afternoon as planned.(2015·全国Ⅱ) 按计划,我们应该在下午 4 点左右返回。 提醒:完成作业 强化练(九)


二轮专题强化练 强化练(九) 特殊句式与主谓一致 (建议用时:12 分钟) 1.—When shall we set out to handle the problem we came across last week? —Not until ________ a chance to discuss it thoroughly.(2015·常州二模,24) A.we have had C.have we had B.will we have had D.we will have had

2.—With this New Year ________ new challenges. —Sure.Global economy remains uncertain , and many countries continue to struggle.(2015·南京、盐城二模,22) A.comes coming B.will come D.come

3.On two occasions he was accused of stealing money from the company,but in neither case ________ any evidence to support the claims.(2015·南京、盐城一模,31) A.was there C.had there been B.there was D.there had been

4.Look,________ beautiful flowers ________ the girl carrying that she becomes the focus in the room.(2015·苏锡常镇二模,25) A.such;is;is;are D.what;are

5.________ you believe him when he said he made it to Eason’s concert!He doesn’t like pop music at all.(2015·苏锡常镇二模,35) A.Do B.Did C.Don’t D.Didn’t

6.They should have informed you of the result of the competition by the time it was eventually given out,________?(2015·徐州三模,23) A.haven’t they C.shouldn’t they B.didn’t they D.hadn’t they

7.—Was ________ Bill,________ played basketball very well,________ helped the

blind man cross the road? —Yes,of course.He is always ready to help others.(2015·宿迁质检,26);who;that C.which;that;that B.this;who;that;that;who

8. It isn’t just big data specialists like data scientists and statisticians ________ to benefit from this boom of big data opportunities.(2014·常州零模,23) A.who stands C.which stands B.that stand D.when stand

9.Never before ________ the famous ancient garden was just a stone’s throw away from the hotel,so out ________.(2014·苏锡常镇二模,34) A.had they known;went all they B.they had known;went all they C.had they known;they all went D.they had known;they all went 10.—Sorry,Joe.I did not mean to... —Don’t call me “Joe”.I am Mr.Parker to you,and ________ you forget it!(2014·镇 江零模,25) A.mustn’t C.shouldn’t B.didn’t D.don’t

11.—________ he managed to solve the problem? —Oh,he turned to Professor Lee for advice. A.Was it how that C.How was it that B.Was it that how D.How it was that

12.Do you know in what circumstances it was ________ Jack achieved his goal? A.that C.where D.when

13.Only ________ the opening ceremony of the Poetry Club.The majority of the students were having a class then. A.a few people attended B.did a few people attend C.attended a few people

D.a few people were attended 14.Such an inspiring speech ________ at the graduation ceremony that every one of us was deeply moved and strongly encouraged. A.did he make C.had he made made D.he had made

15.I just don’t understand ________ that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect. A.why it does C.what it is B.what it does D.why it is

16.In front of our school ________,where a lot of people play or take exercise at any time. A.does a park lie C.a park lies a park lie D.lies a park

17.What the children in the mountain village need ________ good books. B.are C.have D.has 18.It was the promise ________ his father would buy him a new iPhone 6 Plus if he succeeded in the exam ________ kept him awake for a whole night. A.that;that C.that;which B.which;that D.which;which

19.—Is there anyone in the classroom? —No,not only the students but also the teacher ________ to the playground to watch the opening ceremony of the Art Festival. A.goes C.has gone B.go D.have gone

20.As far as we are concerned,education is about learning and the more you learn, ________. A.the more for life are you equipped B.the more life for you are equipped C.the more life you are equipped for D.the more equipped for life you are


学生用书答案精析 专题九 特殊句式与主谓一致 考点 1 1.C [考查强调句。句意为:巴赫于 1750 年去世,但是他的音乐才能一直到 19 世纪早期才 完全被认可。本句是一个强调句型,其基本结构是:It is/was+被强调部分+that+其他部 分,本句被强调部分是 not until the early 19th century,故选 C。] 2.B [考查强调句。句意为:正是在我们快要回到家的时候,我才意识到帮助有困难的人感 觉多么美妙!强调句型的基本结构为:It is/was+被强调部分+that+其他部分。如果强调 人,that 还可以改为 who,但是强调时间或者地点时只能使用 that。] 3.D [考查强调句的一般疑问句。所强调的是原因状语从句 because Jack came late for school,故选 that。句意为:是不是因为 Jack 上学迟到史密斯先生才生气的?] 4.D [考查状语从句。句意为:我父亲叫醒我,告诉我看足球赛的时候是半夜。本句容易错

选 A 项,认为是强调句型。实际上 the middle of the night 不能单独作时间状语,如果在 the middle of the night 前面加上 in,本题就可以选择 A 项了。本句中用 when 引导一个时 间状语从句。] 5.B [考查强调句。句意为:郑和航海到东非比哥伦布横渡大西洋早 80 年。分析题干可知 本句是一个强调句,被强调的是“80 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic”,根据强调句结构“It is/was+被强调部分+that+剩余部分”可知选 B 项。] 考点 2 1. D [考查倒装及时态。 句意为: 直到莉莉走进办公室时, 她才意识到她把合同忘在家里了。 “only+状语从句”位于句首表示强调时, 主句要用部分倒装。 根据时间状语从句 when Lily walked into the office 可知要用一般过去时。故答案为 D。] 2.A [考查 if 虚拟条件句中的倒装。根据主句中 would have to 以及句意可知,本句是一 个与现在事实相反的虚拟语气,从句应用一般过去时。当虚拟条件句中有 had,should,were 时,可以将 if 去掉,然后把 had,should,were 提到主语前面。故选 A 项。] 3. B [句意为: 直到他经历真正的困难后, 他才意识到我们对家庭的爱是重要的。 当 not until 位于句首时,句子要倒装。其结构为:Not until+从句/表时间的词+助动词+(主句)主语 +谓语+...。]

4.B [句意为:简今晚不会和我们一起吃晚饭,汤姆也不会。and 前面为否定句,因此排除 C、D 两项;A 项应为 neither will Tom。] 5.C [在 so+adj...+that...句型中,当 so+adj.置于句首时,其所在句子的谓语应用部

分倒装形式,故选 C 项。] 考点 3 1.C [考查祈使句。句意为:一直要记住:你的主要任务是使这家公司运转顺利。祈使句一

般以动词原形开头,故用 keep。keep in mind 记住,是固定搭配。] 2.B [考查祈使句。句意为:明天给我打电话,我会让你知道实验结果的。分析句子结构可

知,此处是“祈使句+and+陈述句”这一固定句式结构,故 B 项正确。] 考点 4 1. A [考查主谓一致。 句意为: 重要的是要记住, 成功是每天所做的一些小小的努力的总和, 它常常需要很多年的时间才能实现。此处 success 是不可数名词,作主语时,谓语动词用单 数,故选 A 项。] 2.B [句意为:这个著名的音乐家和他的学生们都被邀请在 2012 年的台北花卉博览会开幕 式上表演。句中“在 2012 年的台北花卉博览会开幕式上”是过去的动作,因 the famous musician 和 invite 是被动关系,所以用一般过去时的被动语态;又根据主谓一致的语法规 则,A as well as B 作主语时,遵循“就前原则”,所以谓语动词用 was invited。] 3.B [句意为:Barbara 很容易被辨认出来,因为她是唯一一名穿晚礼服的妇女。题干中先 行词是 the only one,故定语从句中用单数谓语动词;再根据主句的谓语动词是一般现在时 知,从句也用一般现在时。] 4. C [考查反意疑问句。 答句句意为: 那你逗留伦敦期间肯定去看过大英博物馆, 对吗?must have done 在句中表示对过去事实的推测,当句末有反意疑问的语气时,可分为两种情况: (1)句中没有明确的过去时间状语时,反意疑问句结构为“haven’t/hasn’t...?”;(2) 句中有明确的过去时间状语时,结构为“didn’t...?”。题中 last summer 表示的是一个 确定的过去时间,故 C 项正确。] 5.A [根据前面 there be 句型里含有否定意义的词 little 可知,反意疑问句用肯定形式; 其主谓应与主句的主谓保持一致,故选 A 项。] 考点 5 1. D [考查状语从句的省略。 句意为: 如果你被录用做这份工作的话, 你将会很快得到通知。 本题中 if 之后省略了主语和 be 动词,补充完整为:If you are accepted for the job,所

以选 D。] 2. B [考查省略句。 句意为: 这里的气候相当宜人, 如果曾经有的话, 夏天也很少达到 30℃。 if ever 为省略句,补全完整为:if the climate here has ever reached 30℃ in summer。] 3.B [考查不定式的否定及省略。句意为:司机想把车停在路边,但是警察提醒他不可以。 句中 by the police 为干扰部分,可以去掉,句式为 ask do sth.的被动语态的否定 形式。A 选项后加 it 也正确。]


二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(九) 特殊句式与主谓一致

1. A [考查倒装结构。 句意为: ——我们什么时候将要开始处理我们上周遇到的问题啊?—— 直到我们有机会彻底讨论之后。not until 后接时间状语从句,放在句首时会引起主句倒装, 而本题主句被省略,not until 后是从句,无需倒装,排除 B、C 两项。另外 until 引导的是 时间状语从句,要用现在时态表示将来,排除 D 项,故选 A 项。] 2.D [考查倒装句。句意为:——伴随着这个新年而来的是新的挑战。——确实是,全球经

济不明朗,很多国家还在继续苦苦挣扎。with 短语被提前到句首,表示伴随,谓语部分又是 come,需用全部倒装;另外,句子主语是 new challenges,谓语动词用复数形式。本句正常 语序是:New challenges come with this New Year.。故选 D 项。] 3.A [考查倒装句。句意为:他在两个场合下被起诉偷这家公司的钱,但是都没有证据支持 这些说法。but 后的句子中 in neither case 是一个含有否定意义的短语,置于句首时谓语 要部分倒装;由 was accused 可知,事情发生在过去,用一般过去时。故选 A 项。] 4.A [句意为:看,那女孩拿着如此漂亮的花,以至于她成为这个房间的焦点。本题是一个

such...that...句型,“such+名词”被提前到句首,谓语部分要倒装,正常语序为:Look, the girl is carrying such beautiful flowers that she...。句子的主语是 the girl, 谓语动词用单数。故选 A 项。] 5.C [句意为:当他说他去了 Eason 的音乐会时,你别相信他!他根本不喜欢流行音乐。根

据后一句可知,此处表示否定,祈使句的否定形式是在其前加 don’t,故选 C 项。] 6.D [考查反意疑问句。句意为:他们本应该在最终公布之前把比赛结果通知你的,是吗? should have done 表示“过去本应该做而没做”。另外根据 by the time it was eventually given out 可知主句表示的是过去的过去, 故反意疑问部分用过去完成时。 故本题选择 D 项。 ] 7.A [结合定语从句考查强调句。句意为:——是 Bill 帮助那位盲人过马路的吗?他篮球 打得非常好。——当然是的。他总是乐于助人。本句是强调句的一般疑问形式,被强调部分 是主语 Bill,另外 Bill 被 who 引导的非限制性定语从句修饰,变为普通句型为:Bill,who played basketball very well,helped...。故选 A 项。] 8.B [结合主谓一致考查强调句。句意为:并不是只有像数据科学家和统计员这样的大数据

专家才能从数据机会大繁荣中不断获益。在强调句结构 It is/was...that/who...中,由于

被强调部分是人,可以用 that 也可以用 who,排除 C、D 两项;另外被强调部分是复数名词 big data specialists,作主语,谓语用复数形式,排除 A 项。故选 B 项。] 9.C [考查倒装句。句意为:他们以前从不知道这个著名的古代花园离他们的宾馆只有几步

之遥,因此(知道后)他们都去了(那儿)。第一空由于否定词 never 在句首,用部分倒装,排 除 B、D 两项;第二空尽管副词 out 提前到了分句句首,但由于分句主语 they 是代词,不需 要倒装,故选 C 项。] 10.D [考查祈使句。句意为:——对不起,Joe。我没打算??。——不要叫我“Joe”, 对你来说我是帕克先生, 你没有忘了吧! 祈使句的否定结构是在句子前面加 do not 或 don’t。 故选 D 项。] 11.C [考查强调句的特殊问句。句意为:——他是怎么成功解决这个问题的?——哦,他 向李教授寻求建议了。本句对解决问题的方式进行强调,how 置于句首并将 was 放到 it 前变 为特殊疑问句即成为题目中的句子。故 C 为正确选项。] 12.A [考查强调句。句意为:你知道在什么情况下杰克实现了他的目标吗?整个强调句作 know 的宾语。 宾语从句原句为 In what circumstances was it that Jack achieved his goal? 由于该疑问句作 know 的宾语,根据宾语从句的原则,应用陈述语序。故选 A 项。] 13.A [句意为:只有很少的人出席了诗歌俱乐部的开幕式。大多数的学生那时都在上课。 only 修饰状语置于句首时用部分倒装。但是本题 only 修饰的是句子主语,无需倒装。故选 A 项。] 14.A [考查倒装句。句意为:他在毕业典礼上做了如此鼓舞人心的演讲以至于每个人都被 深深打动并受到很大的鼓舞。such...that...和 so...that...结构一样,如果“such+名 词”或者“so+形容词/副词”提至句首时,用部分倒装。故选 A 项。C 项时态错误,不能用 过去完成时,此处没有过去的过去。] 15.C [考查强调句式。分析句子结构可知,understand 后为强调句的特殊疑问句形式,作

understand 的宾语,故用陈述语气。选 C。] 16.D [考查倒装句。当表示方位的介词短语位于句首时,句子要用完全倒装形式,即全部 的谓语放在主语之前,in front of 是介词短语,该句要完全倒装,故选 D。] 17.B [考查主谓一致。句意为:山区的孩子们需要的是好书。what 引导的句子作主语时, 谓语动词要和后面的宾语保持一致,good books 为复数名词,故谓语动词要复数,A 项和 D 项是第三人称单数形式,不符合;谓语动词要用 are 不用 have,故选 B。] 18.A [考查同位语从句和强调句式。句意为:是这个如果他考试成功,他爸爸就给他买一

个 iPhone 6 plus 的承诺使他一晚上没睡。本句为强调句型。第一空引导同位语从句,从句 中不缺成分,用 that 引导;第二空是强调句型中的 that。] 19.C [考查时态和主谓一致。句意为:——教室里还有人吗?——没有了,不仅学生们而 且老师也都到操场观看艺术节的开幕式了。句子主语为 not only the students but also the teacher, 根据就近原则, 谓语动词用单数排除 B、 D; 结合语境“教室没有人”, 故推知“go” 已经发生并且造成影响,答案 C 合适。] 20.D [考查特殊句式“the+比较级,the+比较级”。句意为:在我看来,教育就是关于 学 习 的 , 你 学 到 的 知 识 越 多 , 你 就 越 是 为 生 活 做 好 了 准 备 。 此 处 为 the more...the more...“越??就越??”,根据句意此处 the more 修饰 equipped,故答案 D 合适。]



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