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2014-2015届一轮复习 Grammar Book2 Unit2 The Olympic Games (--The future passive voice)_图文

The Future Passive Voice


一般将来时被动语态的结构和用法 1.When and where______ will the next Olympic Games _________ be held ? (P9)
2.Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will ________________ be admitted as competitors. (P10-L15)

3.And after that the 2012 Olympicswill _______ be held in London. (P10-L45)

4.A new village for the athletes and all the stadiums ____________ will be built to the east of London. (P10-L47)

5.New medals ______________ will be designed of course and (P10-L48)

a. He will plant more trees. More trees will be planted by him. b. She will take care of the children. The children will be taken care of by her.

三、用法 一般将来时被动语态用法: 1) 一般将来时被动语态由 “shall(will)+be+及物动词的过去分词” 构成。使用时应注意下面句型由主动 语态变为被动语态的方法。 (1) 主语+谓语+宾语,例如: 主动:We’ll build a new house next year. 被动:A new house will be built(by us) next year.

(2) 主语+谓语+间接宾语+直接宾语(习

语) 主动: My mother will give me a shirt. 被动: I will be given a shirt (by my mother).

如果把直接宾语改为主语时 , 则在间 接宾语前加to或for 主动: My mother will give me a shirt. 被动: A new shirt will be given to me

(by my mother).

(3) 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补。如果是含有复 合宾语的主动句变成被动句时,将其中 的宾语变为主语,宾补不变。例如: 主动: We’ll ask him to help you tomorrow. 被动: He will be asked to help you (by us).

表示将来时的结构: will/shall + do, be + going + to do, be + doing , be + to do, be + about + to do do be done

1. We’ll build a new house next year. A new house will be built (by us) next year.

2. My mother will give me a present.

I will be given a present (by my

A present will be given to me (by
my mother).

3. The mother is going to tell the baby
a story The baby is going to be told a story (by the mother). A story is going to be told to the baby (by the mother).

4. Kelly is about to sing us a song at

the party. We are about to be sung a song (by
Kelly) at the party.

A song is about to be sung for us
(by Kelly) at the party.

5. The police is going to have the
thief stay in prison. The thief is going to be had to stay in prison (by the police).

1.The last chapter of the novel_________ will be finished (finish) next week. 2.The result,which all of us are eager to know, ________________ will not be announced (not announce) until 7 o’clock.

3.When a new baby arrives into a family, many changes __________ will take (take) place. will sell (sell) well 4.I expect his new book ________ because it is a cheap collection of high quality.

will be 5.If you make noises in class,you________ ________ punished (punish).
be examined (examine) 6.They are going to ____________ on everything they have learnt this year.

7.Your work is _____________ to be finished (finish) sometime before Friday this week. 8.I hear that the coming training ________ will last (last) about a month.


一、句型转换 将下列句子变为被动句。 1. She will send me a book written by Shakespeare. A book written by Shakespeare will be sent to ________________________________________ me (by her). ________________________________________ 2. He is going to hold an art exhibition at the museum. An art exhibition is going to be held at the _______________________________________ museum (by him). _______________________________________ 3. They are to hold the English party on Monday. The English party is to be held (by them) on Monday. __________________________________

4. We’ll ask her to help you tomorrow. ___________________________________ She will be asked to help you (by us) tomorrow. 5. How many people will you invite to attend the lecture? ___________________________________ How many people will be invited to attend the ___________________________________ lecture(by you)? 6. They won’t invite Tom to dinner tonight. ___________________________________ Tom won’t be invited to dinner (by them) tonight.


1. Hundreds of jobs ___________ will be lost (lose) if the factory closes. 2. I ________________ shall be praised (praise) if I finish the work within one day. 3. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, the sports meet will __________ be held (hold) on the playground of our school.

4. The water will be further polluted unless some measures_________ are taken (take).
5. A party is going to______________ be organized (organize) tonight. 6. We _______________ shall be punished (punish) if we break the rule.

won’t be allowed (not allow) to take 7. You ________________ so much luggage with you on the plane.

8. These dictionaries ______________ won’t be taken (not take) out of the library again (by you).

七、完成句子 1.Many of the small coal mines have been will be closed (就要关闭了). closed, or_____________

2. Another bridge___________ will be built (被建造) over the river next year.

easily (容易洗). 3. The kind of cloth washes ____________ opens at ten (十点钟开门). 4. The library____________ 5. He says he will leave the company if he ___________________ is punished for this (因此事被惩罚).


1. Beijing will hold the 29th Olympic Games in the year 2008. →The 29th Olympic Games will be hold in Beijing in the year 2008. →When will the 29th Olympic Games be hold in Beijing ?

2. Millions of people will watch the final match on TV.

→The final match will be watched on TV by millions of people. →Where will the final match be watched by millions of people? →How will the final match be watched by millions of people?

1. This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot. He _______ trying to save a child in the earthquake. C A. killed B. is killed C. was killed D. was killing 解析:答案C。根据题意,此处需用被动 形式表达被动意义,B项时态不对。

2. Visitors _______ D not to touch the exhibits. A. will request B. request C. are requesting D. are requested 解析:答案D。题意为“要求参观者不要 动展品”,需用被动结构。

十、 用所给动词的正确时态和语态填空。 1. It is clear that Brazil ( 巴西) Olympic will be held (hold) in 2016. Games ___________ 2. While many people turn to computer for news and movies, it doesn’t mean that the be replaced (replace) in the near TV set will _____________ future. will be lost (lose) if you 3. Many chances ___________ don’t work hard. will be fined(fine) by the police if 4. You __________ you keep driving so fast.

5. The question is going to ____________ be discussed (discuss) by us. 6. The little girl is so pretty that she will be admired (admire) by all the people ______________ when she grows up. 7. Don’t worry about that. It will ___________ be finished (finish) next week. 8. She ___________ will be met (meet) by her friends as soon as she arrives. 9. I hear that more than one million will be spent (spend) on the dollars ___________ project next year.


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