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一. 语法(共 10 题,共 40 分) 1. I had () that I would always remember it. (4 分) A.such a good experience a good experience good an experience D.such good an experience ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:A ★考生得分:4 分评语: 2. You had better ()a jacket, because it is cold outside. (4 分) A.put on B.take on take on put on ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:B ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. A famous Canadian doctor expressed the value of hobbies by saying, “ () man is really happy without a hobby.” 分) (4 A.No B.Without C.Not D.None ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:B ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. They kept on () till they got to the foot of the hill. (4 分)

A. running run C.runing ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. He is () strong a man ()he can lift ten stones like this one. (4 分)…that B.such a …that C.such…so a …for ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. Two nuclear power stations ()in the past ten years. (4 分) A.have been built B. are built C.would be built D.are building ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:A ★考生得分:4 分评语: 7. Not a single mistake ()in the test. (4 分) A.did he make B.he made C.he has made

D.made he ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 8. () give us help is welcome. (4 分) A.No matter who B.Those who C.Whoever D.Who ever ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:C ★考生得分:0 分评语: 9. Oh, ()you have drawn! (4 分) A.what a beautiful picture B.what beautiful a picture beautiful a picture a beautiful picture ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 10. Is the Changjiang River ()river in the world? (4 分) A. the third longest B.the third longer C. the three longest D. the three longer ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:

★考生得分:0 分评语:

二. 词汇(共 7 题,共 28 分) 1. I () you a happy birthday. (4 分) A.wish B.hope C.want D.expected ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. You can eat food free in my restaurant () you like. (4 分) A. whenever B. wherever C.whatever D.however ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. Before the war broke out, many people () in safe places possessions they could not take with them. (4 分) A.put away B.threw away C.gave away D.carried away ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

4. — I think George doesn’t really care for TV plays. — Right, () he still watches the program. (4 分) A.but B.and C.or ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. — One week’s time has been wasted. — I can’t believe we did all that work for () 分) (4 A. nothing B. something C.everything D.anything ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. History is a record of mankind; different historians, (), interpret it differently. (4 分) A.however B.consequently C.on the contrary D. therefore ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. Before the child went to bed, the father asked him to () all the toys he had taken out. (4 分) A.put away B.put off

C.put up D. put out ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

三. 组合(共 2 题,共 32 分) 1. Students enrolled at least half time may borrow up to $3,000 form the government over a two-year period. Repayment of the loan begins six months after the student leaves school. These loans carry on interest until this time. The current interest rate is 5 percent. Students may borrow up to $4,500 annually from a bank, credit union, savings and loan association or other eligible lender. Repayment on these loans usually begins six months after the student leaves school. These loans carry no interest until this time. This current interest rate is 9 percent. Parents may borrow up to $300 annually for each dependent college. Repayment begins forty-five days after receiving the loan, and the interest rate is 12 percent. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) Which of the following is the main purpose? (4 分) A.To inform students and parents of the various loans available. B.To remind students and their families to repay their loan. C.To compare interest rates. D.To show that government loans charge the least interest. ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) The highest interest rate is charged to (). (4 分) A.parents B.full-time students C.students borrowing from a credit union D.half-time students ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:

★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) If parents had three children in college how much could they borrow annually? (4 分) A.900 B.3,000 C.300 D.9,000 ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) According to the passage which of the following is true?(4 分) A.Students may borrow up to $4,500 annually from four sources. B.The government lends students enrolled at least half time up to 3,000 annually. C.Students enrolled less than half time may borrow money. D.The current interest rate from banks is 5 percent. ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. Are you aware that you actually possess six senses? The sixth is a muscular sense responsible for directing your muscles intelligently to the exact extent necessary for each action you perform. For example, when you reach for an object, the sensory nerves linking the muscles to the brain stop your hand at the correct spot. This automatic perception of the position of your muscles in relation to the object is your muscular sense in action.Muscles are stringly bundles of fibers varying from one five-thousandth of an inch to about three inches. They have three unique characteristics, they can become shorter and thicker; they can stretch; and they can retract to their original positions. Under a high-powered microscope, muscle tissue is seen as long, slender cells with a grainy texture like wood.More than half of a person's body is composed of muscle fibers, most of which are involuntary-in other words, work without conscious direction. The voluntary muscles, those that we move consciously to perform particular actions, number more than five hundred. Women have only 60 to 70 percent as much muscle as men for their body mass. That is why an average woman can't lift as much, throw as far, or hit as hard as an average man. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) According to the selection, the muscular sense is responsible for (). (4 分) A.directing our muscles intelligently B.the efficiency of our muscles

C.the normal breathing function D. the work of only our involuntary muscles ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) Muscles are unique fibers because, they can (). (4 分) all of the above B.contract C.stretch D. retract ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) Under a microscope, muscle cells appear to be (). (4 分) A.textured like wood B.colored like wood C.smooth and red D.short and thick ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) According to the selection more than half of a person's body is composed of (). (4 分) A.muscle fibers B.voluntary muscles C.involuntary muscles D.sensory nerves ★标准答案:A

☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

一. 语法(共 10 题,共 40 分) 1. The city ()I was born is on the new railway line. (4 分) A.where B.which C.that D.on which ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. It was in 1961 ()John F. Kennedy became president of the United States. (4 分) A.that B.when C.then D.and ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. There is much work to do, ()? (4 分) A.isn’t there B. is it C.isn’t it there ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:A

★考生得分:4 分评语: 4. He () when the bus came to a sudden stop. (4 分) A.was almost hurt B.was almost to hurt himself C. was almost hurt himself D.was almost hurting himself ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. I suppose you are not serious, ()?(4 分) A. are you B. do I C.don't I D. aren't you ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. With the bridge (), there was nothing for it but to swim. (4 分) A.destroyed B.destroying C. was destroyed D.being destroyed ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:C ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. Having no money but () to know, he simply said he would go without dinner. (4 分) A. not wanting anyone B.not to want anyone

C. wanted no one D. to want no one ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:D ★考生得分:0 分评语: 8. The teacher, as well as all his students, () by the dancer's performance. (4 分) A.was impressed B. had impressed C.impressed D.were impressed ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 9. .() is well known, the key to success lies in hard work. (4 分) A. As B.That C. Which D. What ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:B ★考生得分:0 分评语: 10. Today the police can watch cars () on roads by radar. (4 分) A. running B. run run D. to be run

★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

二. 词汇(共 7 题,共 28 分) 1. This composition is good () some spelling mistakes. (4 分) A.except for B. besides C.except D. except that ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. When I say that someone is in Shanghai for good, I mean that he is there(). (4 分) A.for ever live a happy life C. to find a good job D.for tile time being ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. Rubber differs from plastics () it is produced naturally and not in file lab. (4 分) A. in that that C.for that D. with that ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

4. Women all over the world are() equal pay for equal jobs. (4 分) A.calling for B. calling on C. calling about D. calling off ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. The children lined up and walked out () 分) (4 A. in order condition C. in place private ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. The doctor will not perform the operation () it is absolutely necessary. (4 分) A.unless B.for C. so D. if ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. The little boy saw the plane () and burst into flames. (4 分) A. crash B. complete

C. compel D.clutch ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

三. 组合(共 2 题,共 32 分) 1. "Fingers were made before forks" when a person gives up good manners, puts aside knife and fork, and dives into his food, someone is likely to repeat that saying.The fork was an ancient agricultural tool, but for centuries no one thought of eating with it. Not until the eleventh century, when a young lady from Constantinople brought her fork to Italy, did the custom reach Europe. By the fifteenth century the use of the fork was widespread in Italy. The English explanation was that Italians were averse to eating food touched with fingers, "Seeing all men's fingers are not alike clean." English travelers kept their friends in stitches while describing this ridiculous Italian custom. Anyone who used a fork to eat with was laughed at in England for the next hundred years. Men who used forks were thought to be sissies, and women who used them were called show-offs and overnice. Not until the late 1600's did using a fork become a common custom. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) The custom of eating with a fork was (). (4 分) A.brought to Europe from Asia B.brought to Europe from America C.begun when forks were invented D.invented by Italians ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) By the fifteenth century forks were used (). (4 分) A.all over Italy B.only in Constantinople C. widely in Europe D.In England

★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) To English travelers in Italy, the use of forks seemed (). (4 分) A.ridiculous B.clever C.necessary D.good manner ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) The English thought that Italians used forks in order to (). (4 分) A.keep their food clean B.imitate the people of the East C.impress visitors with their good manners D.amuse the English ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very rich man. However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late. Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamite, so in 1895, just two weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for awarding prizes to people who had made worthwhile contributions to mankind. Originally there were five awards: literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, and peace. Economics was added in 1968, just sixty-seven years after the first award ceremony. Nobel’s original legacy of nine million dollars was invested, and the interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $30,000 to $125,000. Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death, the awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma, and money) are presented to the winners. Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judges’ decisions. Americans have won numerous science awards, but relatively few literature prizes. No awards were presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II. Some people have won two prizes, but this is rare; others have shared their prizes. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) When did the first award ceremony take place? (4 分)

A.1901 B.1895 C.1962 D.1968 ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) Why was the Nobel prize established? (4 分) A. To recognize worthwhile contributions to humanity. B. To resolve political differences. C. To honor the inventor of dynamite. D. To spend money. ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) In which area have Americans received the most awards? (4 分) B.literature C.economics D.peace ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) In how many fields are prizes bestowed? (4 分) A.6 B.2

C.5 D.10 ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

一. 语法(共 10 题,共 40 分) 1. Some cities have passed laws that allow coal and oil ()only if their sulfur content is low. (4 分) be burned B. burning C. to burn D. being burned ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. () was once regarded as impossible has now become a reality. (4 分) A.What B.That C.Which D.As ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. Mr. Smith, together with his wife and children, () going to the party this weekend. (4 分) A. is B.. am C.are

D. will ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:D ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. Would you mind () the computer game in your room? (4 分) A. his playing B. him playing C. him to play D.him play ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. By next year he () in New York for five years. (4 分) A.will have worked C. has worked D.has been working ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. Henry is often seen () English aloud every morning in the classroom. (4 分) read B.reading D.reads ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:C ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. Without heat and sunlight, plants on the earth () well. (4 分)

A.would not grow B. will not grow C.had not grown D. would not be grown ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:C ★考生得分:0 分评语: 8. Only recently () to deal with the environmental problems. (4 分) A.has something been done B.something has done C.has something done D.something has been done ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 9. The question () at the meeting tomorrow is very important. (4 分) A. to be discussed B. will be discussed C. to discuss D. being discussed ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:D ★考生得分:0 分评语: 10. Since this road is wet and slippery this morning, it () last night. (4 分) A.must have rained B. may rain C. must rain

D.was raining ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

二. 词汇(共 7 题,共 28 分) 1. I suppose you are not serious, ()?(4 分) A. are you B. do I C.don't I D. aren't you ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. With the bridge (), there was nothing for it but to swim. (4 分) A.destroyed B.destroying C. was destroyed D.being destroyed ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. Having no money but () to know, he simply said he would go without dinner. (4 分) A. not wanting anyone B.not to want anyone C. wanted no one D. to want no one

★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. The teacher, as well as all his students, () by the dancer's performance. (4 分) A.was impressed B. had impressed C.impressed D.were impressed ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. .() is well known, the key to success lies in hard work. (4 分) A. As B.That C. Which D. What ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. Today the police can watch cars () on roads by radar. (4 分) A. running B. run run D. to be run ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. Some cities have passed laws that allow coal and oil ()only if their sulfur content is low. (4

分) be burned B. burning C. to burn D. being burned ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

三. 组合(共 2 题,共 32 分) 1. The Egyptian kingdom was not self-contained but traded widely with the outside world, using the enormous surpluses of wheat grown on the rich valley soil to profit from high prices resulting from famine in various parts of the Mediterranean world. Relations with the neighboring and in some ways similar civilization of Mesopotamia were always close, though often hostile. Syria and Palestine suffered much in biblical times from the competition of the two world powers of the day. For long, Egypt ruled over Syria but gradually its power declined and it was itself conquered, first by the Assyrians (663 B. C.) and then for a longer term by the Persians (525-332 B. C.). (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) This passage is mainly about (). (4 分) A.the early history of Egypt B. the fall of Egypt C.wheat trade between Egypt and its neighbors D.famine in the Mediterranean world ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) Egypt’s relations with its neighbors were (). (4 分) A. close but hostile B.close and friendly C. friendly though sometimes hostile

D.hostile but sometimes friendly ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) By “the two world powers” the author means (). (4 分) A.Syria and Palestine B. Egypt and Syria C. Egypt and Persia D.Assyria and Persia ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) Which of the following statements is true? (4 分) (答题时限:00:00:30) A.Egypt turned out much more wheat every year than its people could eat. B.The famine in the Mediterranean countries brought about damaging results to Egyptian farming. C.Egypt had developed an entirely different culture from its neighbors. D.Egypt ruled over Assyria and Persia before 633 B. C. ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. How men first learned to invent words is unknown. In other words, the origin of language is a mystery. All we really know is that men, unlike animals, somehow invented certain sounds to express thoughts and feelings, actions and things, so that they could communicate with each other; and that later they agree upon certain signs, called letters, which could be combined to represent those sounds, and which could be written down. Those sounds, whether spoken or written in letters, we call words. The power of words, then lies in their associations—the things they bring up before our minds. Words become filled with meaning for us by experience; and the longer we live, the more certain words recall to us the glad and sad events of our past; and the more we read and learn, the more the number of words that mean something to us increase. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) How language began is (). (4 分)

A.a question difficult to answer B.a legend handed down from the past C. a matter that is hidden and secret D.a problem not yet solved ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) The meaning of words comes from their (). (4 分) A.associations B. sounds C.letters D.differences ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) By “association”, the author means (). (4 分) A.a joining of ideas in the minds B. a special quality C. a strange feature appearance which is puzzling ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) Which of the following statements is true? (4 分) (答题时限:00:00:30) A.The more we read and learn, the more learned we are. B.The more we read and learn, the more ignorant we are. C.The more we read and learn, the more sensitive we become.

D.The more we read and learn, the more confused we will be. ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

一. 语法(共 10 题,共 40 分) 1. The mother didn't know () to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. (4 分) B.what C.who D. when ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:B ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. The workers are busy () models for the exhibition. (4 分) A.making B. being making C. to make D.with making ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. By the time you arrive this evening, () for two hours. (4 分) A. I will have been studied B. I will study C. I had studied

D. I will have been studying ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:C ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. I would have joined him in a picnic, but I () his company. (4 分) A.don't like B.will not like C. had not liked D. might not like ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. Let's finish our homework in a few seconds; it's time we (). (4 分) A.played football B. will play football C. play football D. are playing football ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. Pierre often makes himself () by gesturing with his hands. (4 分) A.understood B. to understand C.understanding be understood ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:

★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. We had to wait a long time to get our passports, ()? (4 分) A.didn't we B.won't we C.don't we D. shouldn't you ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:B ★考生得分:0 分评语: 8. Do you feel like () today? (4 分) A.having something to eat B.having something eaten have something eaten D. to have something to eat ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 9. It's vital that enough money () collected to get the project started. (4 分) B. is C.must be D. can be ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:D ★考生得分:0 分评语: 10. We consider ()the instrument be adjusted each time it is used. (4 分) necessary that B. that it necessary

C.necessary that D. necessary of it that ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

二. 词汇(共 7 题,共 28 分) 1. I believe that every crime, () the circumstance, should be severely punished. (4 分) spite of B.because of C. instead of D.on account of ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. The bridge was named () the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people. (4 分) A.after B. for C. because of D.before ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. There was a large crowd in the square () against the war. (4 分) A.protesting B. protecting C.preventing

D. promoting ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. We have () to the government for a home improvement loan. (4 分) A. arranged B. approached C. applied D.appointed ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. He couldn't explain the () of ten years in his job history. (4 分) B. interrupting C. opening D. margin ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. Our friendship is () and we will never again be separated. (4 分) A.restored B.reserved C. restrained D. repeated ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

7. A child learns to read by seeing the words (). (4 分) A. repeatedly B.properly C.repeatly D. obviously ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

三. 组合(共 2 题,共 32 分) 1. In Europe, where people seem to improve their trains as fast as we in the United States retire ours, we have living proof that railroads can compete with, and often outstrip, airlines and cars. “If the distance is seven hundred miles or more, people in Europe might prefer to fly,” says an official of the French National Railroads, “but when you get down to four or five hundred miles the train is convenient.” In France, a businessman says to his secretary, “What’s the next train to Lyons?” –not the next plane. Taking the train is a way of life. As the fleet of European trains continues to cut the time between major cities in the bid to hit the magic 125 miles per hour mark, airlines are halting or diminishing short-haul service and concentrating on the longer runs. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) In the U. S. people seem to be (). (4 分) A.putting their trains out of service B.modernizing their trains C.improving their trains D.destroying all their trains ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) In what case can railroads outrun airlines and cars? (4 分) A.Short-haul service B.The longer runs.

C.When the distance is 700 miles or more. D.When the train leaves for Lyons. ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) In Europe a businessman (). (4 分) A. often takes the train B.seldom takes the train C. takes the train only when it is automatic D.never takes an airplane ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) In the U. S. the railroads (). (4 分) A.can hardly compete with airlines and cars B.can compete with airlines and cars C.can sometimes outstrip airlines and cars concentrating on the longer runs ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. In order to learn to be one’s true self, it is necessary to obtain a wide and extensive knowledge of what has been said and done in the world; critically to inquire into it; carefully to consider it; clearly to analyze it; and earnestly to carry it out. It matters not what you learn, but when you once learn a thing, you must never give it up until you have mastered it. It matters not what you inquire into, but when you once inquire into a thing, you must never give it up until you have thoroughly understood it. It matters not what you try to think of, but when you once try to think of a thing, you must never give it up until you have got what you want. It matters not what you try to carry out, but when you once try to carry out a thing, you must never give it up until you have done it thoroughly and well. If another man succeeds by one effort, you will use a hundred efforts. If another man succeeds by ten efforts, you will use a thousand. (16 分) (答题时限:

00:01:00) (1) According to the author, first of all one must (). (4 分) A.obtain knowledge B. analyze C.inquire D.act ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) The end of learning should be (). (4 分) A.mastery B. thought C. inquiry D.analysis ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) According to the author, another man’s success should (). (4 分) A.spur us on to greater efforts B.not be taken into consideration C. make us nervous D.cause one to stop trying ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) The author implies but does not say that (). (4 分) A.success depends not so much on natural ability as it does on effort

B.the way to knowledge is through specialization C. one has to know everything to be successful D.success in one’s profession is least important in one’s life ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

一. 语法(共 10 题,共 40 分) 1. Don't forget () the window before leaving the room. (4 分) close have closed C.having closed D.closing ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. The old man is used to () early in the morning. (4 分) A.exercising B.exercise C.exercised D.exercises ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:D ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. Do you know the singer and dancer who () at the gate? (4 分) standing B.are standing stand D.standing ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. It is the young man () looked for () caught the murderer.?(4 分) A.they, which B.that, they C.that, who D.they, that ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. —()? ? — I’m suffering from a stomachache.?(4 分) A.What’s trouble with you B. What’s the matter with you C. Are you feeling better D.Is there wrong with you ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. European football is played in 80 countries, () it the most popular sport in the world. (4 分) A.made B.making C.makes make

★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. The reason he has been such a success () he never gives up. (4 分) B. is what C. is that D. is because ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:A ★考生得分:4 分评语: 8. You had one of your teeth pulled out yesterday, ()? (4 分) A.did you B. didn’t you ? C. hadn’t you D.had you ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:D ★考生得分:0 分评语: 9. I was really anxious about you. You () home without a word. (4 分) A. mustn’t leave B.shouldn’t have left C.couldn’t have left D.needn’t leave ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 10. The crazy fans () patiently for two hours, and they would wait till the movie star arrived. (4 分)

A.had been waiting B. were waiting C.had waited D.would wait ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案:C ★考生得分:0 分评语:

二. 词汇(共 7 题,共 28 分) 1. The () of blood always makes him feel sick. (4 分) A.sight B.view C.look D.form ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. Billing pitched so well () everyone cheered him at the end of the game. (4 分) A.that B.since C. as D. whereas ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 3. You are worthy () the honour. (4 分) A.of

B. for D. to ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 4. One of his many faults is that he never () any thing very long. (4 分) A.sticks to B.decides on C.goes over D.makes up ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 5. He attempted () to set up a company of his own. (4 分) vain B.of vain C.on vain D.with vain ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 6. It's a good () to eat with the mouth closed. (4 分) A.habit B. custom C.way D. style

★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 7. Neither of your proposals (). (4 分) A.makes sense B.make senses C. are practical D.make sense ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:

三. 组合(共 2 题,共 32 分) 1. In the water around New York City is a very small island called Liberty Island. On Liberty Island there is a very special statue called the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most famous sights in the world. The Statue of Liberty was gift from the people of France to the people of the United States. The statue was made by a French sculptor named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. The inner support system was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same man who made the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Liberty, of course, means freedom, and the Statue of Liberty was given to the United States to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of U. S. independence from England. The statue was built in France, taken apart piece by piece, and then rebuilt in the United States. It was opened for the public on October 28, 1886. As you might expect, the statue is very big. Visitors can ride an elevator from the ground to the bottom of the statue. If they want to, they can then walk up the 168 steps to reach the head of the statue where they can look out and enjoy the beautiful sight of the city of New York. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) A good title for this selection is (). (4 分) A. The Statue of Liberty B. Famous Sights in the World C.Liberty Island D.Gift from France ★标准答案:A

☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) The word “sights” in the first paragraph means (). (4 分) A.something that you can see B.a small present or gift C. a kind of postcard D.the power of seeing ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) The statue was built (). (4 分) France B. in the United States England D.on Liberty Island ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) We may conclude that the elevator does not (). (4 分) A.go to the top B. go fast enough C.cost lots of money D.both A and B ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: 2. Why don’t birds get lost on their long flights from one place to another? Scientists have puzzled over this question for many years. Now they’re beginning to fill in the blanks. Not long ago, experiments showed that birds rely on the sun to guide them during daylight hours. But

what about birds that fly by night? Tests with artificial stars have proved that certain night-flying birds are able to follow the stars in their long-distance flights. A dove had spent its lifetime in a cage and had never flown under a natural sky. Yet it showed an inborn ability to use the stars for guidance. The bird’s cage was placed under an artificial star-filled sky. The bird tried to fly in the same direction as that taken by his outdoor cousins. Any change in the position of the artificial stars caused a change in the direction of his flight. But the stars are apparently their principal means of navigation. When the stars are hidden by clouds, they apparently find their way by such landmarks as mountain ranges, coast lines, and river courses. But when it’ too dark to see these, s the doves circle helplessly, unable to find their way. (16 分) (答题时限:00:01:00) (1) The reasons why birds don’t get lost on long flights ________. (4 分) A. have only recently been discovered B. have been known to scientists for years C.are known by everyone D.will probably remain a mystery ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (2) By “his outdoor cousins” the author means (). (4 分) A.doves under the natural sky B.other experimenters C.the other doves of the same brood D. other birds in general ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (3) During daylight hours, birds (). (4 分) A.use sun for guidance B. fly aimlessly C.rely on landmarks D.are more likely to get lost

★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语: (4) The experiment with the dove indicated that (). (4 分) A.some birds seem to follow the stars when they fly at night B.birds have to be taught to navigate C.a bird that has been caged will not fly long distances D.some birds cannot fly at night ★标准答案:A ☆考生答案: ★考生得分:0 分评语:



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