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2008 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS) (初三)初赛 参考答案 听力部分(共四大题,计 30 分) I. Sentences (句子理解) 1-5 BBCDC II. Responses (句子应答) 6-10 BACBA III. Dialogues (对话理解) A) 11-15 CBCDC B) 16-20 EADBC IV. Passages (短文理解) A) 21-25 BADCC B) 26. history 27. art 28. sport 29. computer / Internet 30. vegetables 笔试部分(共八大题,计 120 分) I. Multiple-choice (选择填空) 31-35 BDCCD 36-40 ABBCC 41-45 DABCB 46-50 DADCB II. Reading comprehension (阅读理解) A) 51-55 BBDAC B) 56. parents / family 57. taken / sent / rushed 58. die 59. trust / like 60. six months 61. Kids' Week 62. 14 63. hat 64. £30. 65. So they will get a chance to win a (new Ice Shark) snowboard. 66. 距离终点还有十米的时候,Dawson 和 Emily 齐头并进。 67. Emily 走上了沙滩,筋疲力尽,但是却很开心。 68. The strength that her family gave her. 69. Jack told him (about the race). 70. Jack. III. Cloze (完形填空) A) 71. special 72. or 73. rings 74. lists 75. also 76. expensive 77. messages 78. to 79. send 80. which B) 81. require 82. happened 83. hurt 84. standing 85. is IV. Sentence pattern transformation (句式转换) 86. Do many people agree that 87. was poor / wasn't rich 88. which / that was 89. In what years / When did he help Brazil to win the World Cup? 90. Soccer was made a popular sport (by him) in the USA. V. Translation (翻译) 91. I don't want to make a wrong decision. 92. She tried to pay attention to what he was saying. 93. Would you rather walk than take the / a bus? 94. Is that / this the best excuse you can come up with?

95. Mum used up all the milk when she was cooking. VI. IQ (智力测试) 96. $3.70. (The Frisbee costs $3.70 and the softball costs $2.50. As you can see, the Frisbee costs $1.20 more than the softball, and together they cost $6.20.) 97. begin 98. Saturday. 99. 99. H NTIME TEUSED 100. It's now 4:39. [John has to wait 9 minutes for his train (to Newburgh). Heather has to wait 18 minutes for her train (to Springfield) while Barbara has to , wait 36 minutes for her train (to Clarksville).] VII. Error correction (短文改错) 101. height 102. √ 103. many 104. drive 105. think VIII. Writing (写作) A) One possible version: Hi! I'm David and I'm a Junior 3 student. I usually do all my homework. I eat a lot of healthy foods because they are good for me and my studying. And I'm never late for school. I also have some bad habits. I don't tidy my room and I seldom help with the housework because my mother won't let me. She does all the work. I never play any sport. I spend my spare time watching TV. In the future I will try to give up my bad habits and live a healthy, happy life. B) One possible version: If I were the manager of the shop, I would have batteries. Kids love listening to their Walkmans, and they are not happy if their batteries run down. Today's children have different tastes in music. I would have a great collection of CDs for them to choose from. Teenagers like to look different. I would also have cool T-shirts and bags. Lots of school shops sell junk food and fizzy drinks. They're unhealthy, so I would not sell these things in my shop.



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