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人教版高中英语必修五 unit1_过去分词作定语和表语 语法训练 含答案

语法训练-Unit1 过去分词作定语和表语 一、语法单项填空 1. I’m calling to enquire about the position Daily. A. advertised B. to be advertised C. advertising D. having advertised 答案:A 2. The players honor in this summer game. A. selecting B. to select C. selected D. having selected 答案:C 3. You cannot accept an opinion A. offering B. to offer C. having offered D. offered 答案:D to you unless it is based on facts. from the whole country are expected to bring us yesterday’s China 4. Tom sounds can manage it. A. interested B. interesting C. interestingly D. interestedly 答案:A in the job very much, but I’m not sure whether he 5. Amie Salmon, disabled, is attended throughout school days by a nurse to guard her. A. to appoint B. appointing C. appointed D. having appointed her. 答案:C 二 、 单句语法填空 1. The salesgirl at last handled the difficult customer and gave a (satisfy) smile. 答案:satisfied 2. It was such a 答案:tiring, tired 3. Don’t drink 答案: polluted (pollute) water because it can cause diseases. (tire) job that I really felt (tire). 4. Look! The student (seat) at the back of the classroom is (absorb) in a novel while the teacher is giving a l e s s o n . 答案:seated, absorbed 5.1 was rather (surprise) accident. 答案:surprised, surprising 6. Who wrote the book having and caring for babies? 答案:explaining 7. The chairman announced the (excite) voice. 答案:exciting, excited 8. Please get the 答案:broken 9. Hearing what he said, we were all deeply 答案:impressed 10. The bridge 答案:built 11. After completing and signing it, please return the form to us in the envelope (provide). 答案:provided (build) last month needs repairing. (impress). (break) clock repaired as soon as possible. (excite) news in an (explain) how to cut the death rate from (surprise) when I was told about the 12. The island, 答案:joined 13.The (join) to the mainland by a bridge, is easy to go to. (break) glass was (break) by John. 答案:broken, broken 14. The (confuse) expression on his face suggested that he was (confuse) problem. not able to work out the 答案:confused, confusing 15. In April, thousands of holiday makers remained due to the volcanic ash cloud. 答案:stuck (stick) abroad


人教版高中英语必修五 unit1_过去分词作定语和表语 语....doc

人教版高中英语必修五 unit1_过去分词作定语和表语 语法训练 含答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。语法训练-Unit1 过去分词作定语和表语 一、语法单项填空 1. I’m...

人教版高中英语必修五 Unit1_过去分词作定语和表语 语....doc

人教版高中英语必修五 Unit1_过去分词作定语和表语 语法训练 Word版含答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。语法训练-Unit1 过去分词作定语和表语 一、语法单项填空 1. ...




必修五Unit1过去分词作定语和表语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。过去分词作定语和表语过去分词具有的性质, 同时兼有形容词或副词的性质, 在句中可以作 、 、状语和...

高二英语人教课标必修5 Unit 1 过去分词作定语和表语.doc

高二英语人教课标必修5 Unit 1 过去分词作定语和表语_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。过去分词作定语和表语 一、过去分词作定语 ★及物动词的过去分词作定语时...


高中英语Unit1Grammar(过去分词作定语和表语)讲练新人教版必修5_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语Unit1Grammar(过去分词作定语和表语)讲练新人教版必修5 ...

必修5 unit1 过去分词作定语和表语(上课用)_图文.ppt

必修5 unit1 过去分词作定语和表语(上课用)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。u


人教版高中英语必修五Book5Unit1Grammar(过去分词作定语和表语) - 过去分词作定语和表语 【归纳】 一、过去分词作定语 ★及物动词的过去分词作定语时, 一般表...

高中英语 unit1 grammar(过去分词作定语和表语)讲练 新....doc

高中英语 unit1 grammar(过去分词作定语和表语)讲练 新人教版必修5_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语 unit1 grammar(过去分词作定语和表语)讲练 新人教版必修5...

必修五unit1 过去分词作定语和表语.doc

必修五unit1 过去分词作定语和表语 - 1.(2017北京)Jim has


人教版高中英语必修五第一单元语法:过去分词作表语和定语的用法导学案(无答案) - Book V Unit 1 Great scientists Period 3 【学习目标】 1.扎实掌握过去分...




人教版必修五unit1动词过去分词作定语和表语 - Past Participl


人教版高中英语必修五Unit1Greatscientists巩固练习过去分词作表语和定语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。巩固练习Ⅰ. 用动词的正确形式填空: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...


人教版必修五Unit1+Grammar过去分词作定语和表语(共38张PPT)_英语_高中教育_...在必修四中我们已经学过非谓语动词 V-ing形式相关的语法知识,本册我们将 学习...


必修5unit1过去分词作状语和表语_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。基础语法知识点 同学们,你们还记得在 Book 4 Unit 3 A taste of English humour 中有这样...


人教版高中英语必修五Unit1Greatscientists知识讲解过去分词作表语和定语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。过去分词作表语和定语编稿:牛新阁 审稿:王春霞 概念引入 今天我们要...

人教版必修五Unit1 Grammar过去分词作定语和表语(共38....ppt

人教版必修五Unit1 Grammar过去分词作定语和表语(共38张PPT)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。英语过去分词做定语 Unit1 Grammar The Past Participle(1) as the ...


必修5-unit1过去分词作定语表语_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。过去分词...*语法点津* 辨别作定语的是现在分词还是过去分词,取决于分词所修饰的名词之间...

高中英语人教版必修五教学案:Unit 1 Section Ⅲ(含答案).doc

高中英语人教版必修五教学案:Unit 1 Section Ⅲ(含答案) - SectionⅢGrammar过去分词作定语和表语 对应学生用书 P12 语法图解 探究发现 ①But he b...

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