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2016-2017年南方新课堂·高考英语二轮复习测试:专题一训练10写作目的 Word版含解析

专题一 训练 10

阅读理解 写作目的

A(导学号 59430072) Building a company website is one of the most important parts of creating a successful business.But designing a website can be time - consuming and expensive.Web designers are difficult to work with,even though you're paying them.There are cheaper ways to establish your company online, and stands out among them. offers free HTML5 and Flash website design that you can do on your own , without having to pay a pricey web designer.With unlimited space for as many pages as you want, customized looks,photo galleries,blog platform capabilities,and social networking buttons, has everything a business of any size needs to make an impact online.You get full control over what information fills in the blanks,and you don't have to know a thing about HTML to make this work.The way your website looks says a lot about your does that , and it does it for free.Another thing that makes the most affordable option in creating a website is that you don't have to pay for a separate web host—every page created on is hosted on,free of charge. The Internet is the marketplace of ideas: your company needs to share what you think.If you think just because you don't sell a product online you don't need a website,you're dead wrong.No matter what kind of business you have,if you want to reach an

audience,you want to have a website that speaks to lets you do that as quickly and easily as possible for free. If you have a bigger budget, has more options than just the free website design.You can choose to upgrade (升级) to the ad- less version which won't fill up your customers' screens when they visit your site.But if the most important thing to you is getting your company's name online right now,try today. 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了一个网络平台, 通过该平台 人们可以免费或低成本设计公司的网站。 is meant to ________. A.sell products on the Internet B.attract more customers online a company's website cheap D.collect any possible information 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段的最后一句“There are cheaper ways to establish your company online,and stands out among them.”可知, 用低成本建公司网站。 答案:C 2.What is Paragraph 2 mainly about? A.Ways of finding free service. B.Advantages of C.Skills of creating websites. D.Tricks of running a company. 解析:段落大意题。第二段主要介绍了 的优点,如: 它可以提供给用户免费的 HTML5 和 Flash 网站设计、 无限的网页空 间等。

答案:B 3.If you create a company website on,you ________. A.have to be a good web designer B.won't do it easily and quickly C.can share ideas with customers D.must upgrade to the ad-less version 解析: 细节理解题。 根据倒数第二段的第一句 “The Internet is the marketplace of ideas: your company needs to share what you think” 及最后两句“No matter what want to have a website that speaks to lets you do that as quickly and easily as possible for free”可知,如果你在 上建一个公司网站,你就 可以与顾客分享想法。 答案:C 4.What's the purpose of the text? A.To teach a budget lesson. B.To make an advertisement. C.To present a website design. D.To introduce a new business. 解析:写作意图题。本文主要是在为 做广告,介绍它 的服务内容及优点, 让人们使用该平台。 文章的最后一句更明确地表 明了作者的写作意图。 答案:B B(导学号 59430073) When Luke went to university he thought he would be embarking on a new journey in life and getting his own place.In the UK , it's common to fly the nest ( 另立门户 ) at a fairly young

age.Many choose a flat-share; others make plans to get on the property ladder. But the current economic situation forced Luke back to his mum's house at the age of 27.And he's not alone: a quarter of young adults in the UK now live with their parents.The Office for National Statistics said more than 3.3 million adults between the ages of 20 and 34 were living with their parents in 2013. Lack of jobs and the high cost of renting accommodation made Luke change his plans.He's frustrated. “ There's something very difficult about being an adult living in an environment where you're still a child, ” he says.“It limits me socially; sometimes I feel it limits me professionally.” Indeed,many young people have no choice but to stay at “the hotel of Mum and Dad” . Krissy had to return home after a year away and now lives in

rather cramped conditions,sharing the family's three-bedroom house with her siblings.She says they_end_up_getting_on each other's_nerves when it's time to use the bathroom in the morning. Of course,residing with your parents is not unusual in some countries.Economic conditions,culture,or family traditions mean many young people stay at home until they get hitched.Even then ,it can be too expensive to rent or buy a house and the married couples continue to live at one of their parents' homes. But some parents seem to enjoy having their kids back at home.Janice's daughters are part of what's being called “the boomerang generation”.She says, “I get to share their lives with them,and I've got to know them all as adults.We have the sort of

conversations that good friends do.” So for some it's a win - win situation—spending time with your families,and saving money. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文, 主要陈述了年轻人大学毕业 后与父母共同生活的社会现象。 5.How is the passage developed? A.By listing figures. C.By analyzing causes. B.By giving examples. D.By making comparisons.

解析:写作手法题。文章写作手法有举例子、讲道理、列数字和 作比较等。 通读全文, 本文列举了卢克、 克莉丝和珍妮丝女儿的例子, 用举例子的写作手法来陈述年轻人大学毕业后与父母共同生活的社 会现象。 答案:B 6.We can learn from the passage that ________. with parents is common in some countries B.all the parents enjoy residing with their children C.the author approves of children's living with parents D. Janice belongs to a group called “the boomerang generation” 解析:细节理解题。由第六段中的“residing with your parents is not unusual in some countries”可得知 A 项正确。B 项中的“all the parents”表达过于绝对,文中只是说有一些父母喜欢和孩子住在一 起,故 B 项错误。文章只是说明了一个现象,并没有明确提出作者 的观点,故 C 项错误。根据倒数第二段中的“Janice's daughters are part of what's being called ‘the boomerang generation’”可以判 断 D 项错误。

答案:A 7 . What does the underlined sentence mean in the fifth paragraph ? A.They get on very well with each other. B.They shout at each other angrily. C.They finally make each other annoyed. D.They are unwilling to share with each other. 解析:句意理解题。由第五段中的“Krissy had to return home after a year away and now lives in rather cramped conditions,

sharing the family's three-bedroom house with her siblings”“when it's time to use the bathroom in the morning”可知,目前克莉丝和家 里的兄弟姐妹共同住在三居室的房子里面, 所以当早上使用浴室的时 候会有不便之处, 故“they end up getting on each other's nerves”意思 应是他们最终都使对方心烦意乱。 答案:C 8.What is the purpose of the passage? A. To persuade children into living on their own after getting married. B.To show the present situation of young people living with their parents. C.To compare the advantages and disadvantages of residing with parents. D.To present the problems young adults may face after going to university. 解析: 写作目的题。 文章主要陈述了年轻人大学毕业后与父母共 同生活的社会现象, 因此作者写作的目的就是展示年轻人和父母共同

生活的一种现状。 答案:B C EF (English First) is the world's leading privately owned education company.Founded in 1965 , EF operates in over 50 countries around the world.We have vacancies for teaching positions across China so if you prefer the fast-paced city life like Shanghai, we probably have the position for you.We have both Kids & Teens schools and Adult schools in over 60 cities in China. Teaching at English First At English First,you'll be provided the resources to become the best teacher you can be.Our new and colourful classrooms offer state -of-the-art (最先进的) technology including Internet-connected computers,interactive whiteboards and iPads.We also offer a world -class teacher development programme with certification courses to our teachers to help them move into more senior positions within EF. Join the EF Teacher Network today Join a supportive community of EF staff and teachers from day one.We're here to provide the support you need every step of the way,from preparing your legal work visa to airport pickup.Learn how to order food in Chinese with our free language classes or attend a weekly teacher social sponsored by the company.There's so much to experience living abroad and you'll experience it to the fullest with EF. Requirements ☆A bachelor's degree ☆A TEFL Certificate (EF TEFL sponsorship available)

☆Passport holders from the UK,the USA,Canada,Ireland, Australia,South Africa or New Zealand ☆The ability to obtain a clear background check ☆The ability to live abroad for at least one year Your benefits package ☆12,000—13,500 RMB monthly,based on qualifications ☆10 paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays ☆Airport pickup upon arrival ☆Free hotel accommodation during your first two weeks at EF ☆Free Mandarin Chinese lessons 【语篇解读】 本文为一则招聘广告,旨在为 EF 公司招聘一批 即将在中国教英语的外籍老师。 9.What can be learned about EF? A.It only operates in China. B.It was founded in the 19th century. C.It targets at kids and teens. D.It aims to offer English lessons. 解析:细节理解题。由第一段中的 “EF (English First) is the world's leading privately owned education company...”可知 EF 公司 主要是培训英语的。 答案:D 10.What should an applicant have to get the position? A.A master's degree. C.American nationality. B.A TEFL Certificate. D.A background in English.

解析:细节理解题。根据文章 Requirements 部分中的“A TEFL Certificate(EF TEFL sponsorship available)”可知答案为 B 项。

答案:B 11.What is the purpose of the passage? A.To attract teens or kids to EF. B.To stress EF's achievements in China. C.To employ teachers working in China. D.To introduce the company English First. 解析:写作意图题。由文章内容尤其是第一段中的 ”We have vacancies for teaching positions across China”可知本文旨在招聘在 中国教英语的老师。 答案:C D It seems that the great desire among the young is to be popular.The desire to be popular can force you into looking and acting like everyone else.You can lose yourself in a sea of identical hairstyles and thinking styles. I was forced to think about popularity not too long ago in a talk I had with my daughter.Margy had to change schools when my busy work schedule made it necessary for me to move houses.I suppose that,for a girl in her teens,entering a new school is like spending a season alone in the tropical jungles.At least that's how Margy found it at first.However,as the school year drew to a close,one student after another came to her.I told Margy that I would have been more concerned if she had been an instant social success in her new school.Nobody can please everyone.If you try to do so,you will find values as lasting as soap bubbles blown into the air. Some teenagers claim they want to dress as they please.But they all wear the same clothes.They set off in new directions in music.But

somehow they all end up listening to the same record.Their reason for thinking or acting in a certain way is that the crowd is doing it.They have come out of their cocoon into a larger cocoon. I know that it has become harder for a young person to stand up against the popularity wave.Our way of life makes a young nonconformist stand out like a Martian.These days there's a great barrier for the young person who wants to find his or her own path.But the barrier is worth climbing over.You may want to listen to classical music instead of going to a party.Well , go to it.Be yourself.Popularity will come with the people who respect you for who you are.That's the only kind of popularity that really counts. 【语篇解读】 本文作者从自己女儿换了新学校后迅速受到新同 学欢迎的事实谈起,批判了那些为迎合他人而放弃自我的行为方式, 并就“受欢迎”表达了自己的观点: 做真实的自己, 别人也会尊重你 的本真。 12. Why was the author worried about his daughter's popularity in her new school? A.She might find no true friends. B.She would ignore her academic performance. C.She had no idea of her own. D.She might betray her true self. 解析: 推理判断题。 第一段提到为了受欢迎而一味迎合别人的人 “can lose yourself in a sea of identical hairstyles and thinking styles ” 再由第二段中的 “Nobody can please everyone.If you try to do so, you will find values as lasting as soap bubbles blown into the air.”可知, 作者认为如果他的女儿在新学校已取得人际交往上的即刻成功的话, 那么对作者来说, 女儿肯定是违背了真实的自我以取悦他人, 使自己

变得受欢迎。因此,答案选 D 项。 答案:D 13.What does the author think of most teenagers? A.They're afraid of getting lost in life. B.They have difficulty understanding each other. C.They lack the courage to be truly different. D.They find it hard to gain popularity as expected. 解析:推理判断题。由第三段的内容可知,一些青少年想要随心 所欲地穿衣搭配, 但却和大多数人穿得一样; 一些人在音乐方面想走 不同的路, 但最终却还是和大多数人听一样的歌; 他们用某种方式思 考或做事是因为大家都那样做。 由此推断, 作者认为大多数青少年缺 少真正变得与众不同的勇气。因此,答案选 C 项。 答案:C 14 . What is the probable meaning of the underlined word “nonconformist” in Paragraph 4? A.Someone who cares about others' opinion. B.Someone who desires popularity greatly. C.Someone who behaves in his own way. D.Someone who wants to please others. 解析:词义猜测题。由第四段中的“I know that it has become harder for a young person to stand up against the popularity wave” 可知,此处指想要变得与众不同,走自己的路变得更难了。由此可推 知画线词“nonconformist”指的应是“不遵循常规的人”。因此,答 案选 C 项。 答案:C 15.What is the author's purpose of writing this passage?

A.To persuade readers to pursue valuable popularity. B.To tell parents how to guide their children. C.To criticize the present values and beliefs. D.To suggest a good way to be popular. 解析:写作目的题。由全文内容可知,作者从自己女儿换了新学 校后迅速受到新同学欢迎的事实谈起, 批判了那些为迎合他人而放弃 自我的行为方式, 并就“受欢迎”表达了自己的观点: 做真实的自己, 别人也会尊重你的本真。 因此, 作者的写作目的在于劝诫读者追求有 价值的“受欢迎” ,而不要去一味地迎合他人。因此答案选 A 项。 答案:A


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