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⑴ 老师把小学生们聚集在她周围。The teacher ____________________ her. ⑵ 我们 8 点在校门口集合。We will _____________________ at eight. 4. award vt. 授予奖赏 n. 奖, 奖品 Some people might win awards for their farm produce, like the biggest watermelon or the most handsome rooster. 有些人可能会因为他们的农产品, 如最大的西瓜或最帅的公鸡而获奖。 Some farmers, every year, win awards for the best flowers which they have grown. 有些农民每年因他们 种出了最好的花而获奖。 搭配 win/ gain/ receive an award for sth. 因……获奖 award sb. a prize = award a prize to sb. 给某人颁奖 award sb. for…因……奖励某人 联想 reward vt. 酬谢;奖赏 n. 酬谢;报答 reward sb. for…因……而酬谢/奖赏某人 运用: ⑴ Robert ____________(award) the gold medal _____ being the fastest runner. ⑵ Who__________________________ (将获得这个奖) is still a puzzle. ⑶ The company _________________________ (已给设计者发奖) for his magnificent work yesterday. 5. admire vt. 钦佩;赞赏;羡慕(= respect) China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, when people admire the moon and in China, enjoy mooncakes. 中国和日本都有中秋节,这时人们赏月。在中国,人们还品尝月饼。 搭配 admire sb. for…因……钦佩某人 注意 admire 不接双宾语,也不接 that 从句作宾语。 运用 根据汉语提示完成英文句子。 I __________________________(钦佩她的勇气). 6. permission n. 许可; 允许 With your permission, he’ll go. 如果你允许,他会去的。 搭配 with sb’s permission 如果某人允许 without permission 未经许可 ask for permission 请求许可 用法 表示允许做某事,通常接不定式。 运用 He gave me permission _________________(提早下班) today. 7. apologise(=apologize) vi.道歉;认错 He was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize.他不想屏息等她来道歉。 搭配 accept (refuse) an apology 接受(拒绝)道歉 apologise for sth. 因……而道歉 apologise to sb. for (doing) sth. = make an apology to sb. for (doing) sth. 因(做)某事向某人表示道歉 运用 他因让女朋友等了好长时间而向她道歉。 ________________________________________________ having kept her waiting for a long time.

一轮复习 夯实基础 提升能力

the First Round

Unit One Book Three Festivals

Period 2 重点词汇应用
Learning aim: To master the following key sentence patterns. 1. belief n.信任;信心;信仰(pl. beliefs) The Western holiday Halloween also had its origin in old beliefs about the return of the spirits of dead people.西方节日万圣节也源自人们古老的信念,认为亡者的灵魂会返回人间。 搭配 beyond belief 难以置信 have belief in 信赖;信任 It is my belief that… 我相信 in the belief that… 相信…… 运用 用适当的词填空或根据提示完成句子。 ⑴________________________ (我相信) God helps those who help themselves. ⑵He has great belief ___ his doctor. ⑶ She is beautiful _______ belief. 2. gain vt. 获得; 得到(obtain, win get sth. needed or wanted) India has a national festival on October 2 to honour Mohandas Gandhi, the leader who helped gain India’s independence from Britain.在 10 月 2 日印度有一个全国性的节日纪念圣雄甘地,他是帮助印度脱离英国 获得独立的领导者。 gain 往往指通过努力而获得某种有益或者有利的东西,如知识(knowledge)、经验(experience)、财富 (wealth)、信心(confidence)、力量(strength)、支持(support)、奖品(prize)等。get 更口语化。 谚语 No pains, no gains. 不劳则无获。 运用 根据汉语提示完成英文句子。 ⑴ He quickly________________ (获得经验). ⑵ Each of the boys________________(赢得了一份奖品). 3. gather vt. & vi. & n. 搜集;集合;聚集 (come together or bring…together in one place) People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter and the agricultural work is over. 人们都 心怀感激,因为越冬的粮食收集起来了,而且农活结束了。 搭配 gather strength 恢复体力 gathering information 收集资料 gather flowers 采花;摘花 注意: ⑴ gather 常指多人聚集在一起,不用于两个人,两个人的聚集可用 get together; ⑵ 表示集邮不用 gather,要说 collect stamps。 运用 根据汉语意思完成英文句子。

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联想 8. take place 发生, 举行(常指事先安排或计划的事情) Discuss when they take place, what they celebrate and what people do at that time.讨论它们(中国节日) 是什么时候举行, 庆祝什么, 人们在那天做什么。 Celebration took place just outside of the old castle where they could enjoy bonfire party. 他们在城堡外举 办庆祝活动在那里他们可以享受篝火晚会。 辨析 happen vi. 发生(非人们所控制,含“偶然性”) occur vi. 发生(同 happen,但更正式) break out vi. 爆发(指战争、灾害等突然发生) 注意 以上词都不能接宾语(他们是不及物动词) ,也没有被动语态。 运用 用上述表示“发生” 的词或词组填空。 ⑴ Great changes ______________ in China since 1979. ⑵ According to police, the traffic accident _________________ in the early morning. ⑶ World War Ⅱ _________ in 1937. 9. in memory of =in honor of 纪念; 追念 For the Japanese festival Obon, people should go to clean graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors. 在日本的盂兰盆节, 人们要扫墓、烧香, 以缅怀祖先。 In most part of China, people have dragon boat races in memory of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet. 在中国的大 部分地方,人们举办龙舟比赛来纪念爱国诗人屈原。 联想 in praise of our motherland 歌颂我们的祖国 in celebration of National Day 为庆祝国庆 in+名词+of in praise of 为……颂扬、 歌颂;in honour of 为纪念, 为了向某人表示敬意;in memory of 为了怀念;in favour of 赞同,支持;in place of 代替;in charge of 负责;in search of 寻找;in need of 需要。 注意:上述短语多用作表语、状语或定语。 应用 完成句子,句意不变 ①This is a book which sings high praise for pioneers. This is a book ________ ________ ________ pioneers. ②They startd off at once to look for the missing girl. They started off at once________ ______ _______the missing girl. ③We all agree to your plan. We are all ______ ________ ______your plan. ④We usr plastics instead of wood or metal. We use plastics_______ ________ ________ wood or metal. Key:①in, praise, of ②in, search, of ③in, favour, of ④in, place, of 10. dress up 打扮 It is now a children’s festival, when they can dress up and go to their neighbor’s homes to ask for sweets. 现在它已经演变成了孩子们的节日了, 在这个节日里, 孩子们可以穿上盛装到邻居家里去要糖吃。 On Independence Day, people in America dress up to attract others’ attention. 在独立日, 美国民众穿上盛 装来吸引别人的注意。

dress up+ as+ n.打扮成…… dress sb./oneself. 给……穿衣服 be dressed (up) in+衣物/颜色穿着… 运用 用上述词或短语完成下列句子。 ⑴ The gunman _________________ ______a policeman to rob. ⑵ Our English teacher ____________ red today so she looks more beautiful than ever. ⑶ Mrs. Jack _____________her baby when her husband got up. 11. look forward to (doing) sth. 盼望(做)某事 He had looked forward to meeting her all day.他一整天都在盼望着见到她。 运用 根据提示完成句子。 ⑴ The kid is looking forward to___________ (take) to the zoo this weekend. ⑵ The Spring Festival _______________________(我们盼望的) came at last. 12. as though/if 好像 The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as though it is covered with pink snow. 整个国度到处 是盛开的樱花,看上去就像覆盖了一层粉红色的雪。 用法 as though/as if 引导的从句中谓语动词既可用陈述语气,也可用虚拟语气,视情况而定。 运用 在所给词的正确形式填空。 ⑴ She hasn’t turn up now. It seems as though she___________________ (not come) today. ⑵ Mr. Li treated us students as if we ____ (be) his own children. ⑶ He talks as if he________ (be) abroad before. ⑷ They talked and talked as if they ______________ (never meet) again. 13. keep one’s word /promise 守信用; 履行诺言 She said she would be there at seven o’clock, and he thought she would keep her word. 她说她七点钟肯 定会在那里, 而且他也认为她会守信用。 The reason why she has so many friends is that she always keeps her word in any situation. 她有许多朋友 的原因是在任何情形下她都守信用。 联想 break one’s word/ promise 失信,食言; a man of his word 一个信守承诺的人 运用 Once you make a promise, you must _______________ (履行诺言) and mustn’t break it. 14. set off 出发,动身( vi. set out); 使爆炸( vt. cause…to explode) 搭配 set off for=set out for=leave for 起程前往(某地) set sth. off=set off sth. 引燃(火箭,炸弹等) 运用 If you want to catch that train we’d better__________________ (动身去火车站) immediately. 15. remind sb. of sth./sb.令某人想起某事/某人 I don’t want them to remind me of her. 我不想因它们想起她来。 The real story which happened in 1921 reminds me of my childhood. 发生在 1921 年的那个真实故事使 我想起了我的童年。 联想 remind sb. that 提醒某人…… remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 ⑴ The picture reminds me ___ an exciting experience I once had. ⑵ My father didn’t remind me ______ (get) up at 6 so I was late for school this morning. ⑶ Our teacher reminded _____ we should eat less.

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