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2014 中考英语真题知识点分类汇编 1. 冠词、限定词 1. My brother Fred woke up with____ bad headache, yet by the evening the pain had gone. (2014 绍兴市) A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 2. — Is____ red bag under the table yours, Jean? —No, I only have ____yellow bag. Maybe it’s Julia’s. (2014 泰安市) A. a; the B. the; a C. a; a D. the; the 3. —Can you play ____guitar? —Sure. It’s a piece of cake for me. (2014 十堰市) A. a B. an C. the D./ 4. —Look! Who’s boy over there? —Oh, he is my cousin, Bob. He is honest boy. (2014 滨州市) A. a; the B. the; a C. the; an D. a; an 5. Reading can make you become expert and change your life. (2014 潍坊市) A. a B. an C. / D. the 6. —Daming, what’s your dream? —I want to be engineer some day. (2014 聊城市) A. a B. an C. the D.不填 7. —Tom, I’ll invite you to have lunch after playing violin. —Thank you. (2014 赤峰市) A. a; the B. the; the C. /;/ D. /; the 8. The little girl began to play violin at the age of five. (2014 永州市) A. a B. the C. 不填 9. Lily is active girl and she is good at playing guitar. (2014 绥化市) A. an; / B. a; the C. an; the 10. —Would you like to come to my party this afternoon? —I’d like to, but my mother is ill in hospital, I will go to hospital to see her. (2014 内江市) A. 不填;a B. a; the C. the; the D.不填;the 11. If we sit by ___window of the train, we’ll have___ better view. (2014 苏州市) A. /; the B. /; a C. the; a D. the; the 12. Lee Min-ho is____ actor from South Korea. He sang____ Chinese pop song on the 2014 CCTV New Year ’s Gala. (2014 连云港市) A. the; an B. /; the C. an; a D. a; / 13. —What do you think of Frank? —He’s ___boy and he shows great interest in anything new. (2014 无锡市) A. the creative B. a creative C. the curious D. a curious 14. —Have you seen film Where are We Going, Dad? —Yes, it’s ___interesting film! (2014 扬州市) A. a; the B. the; an C. a; an D. the; the 15. —Look! There is a monkey eating ____apple in the tree. —En, ____ money is very cute. (2014 达州市) A. a; a B. a; the C. an; an D. an; the

16. —Would you like___ new blue T-shirt, Mary? —Sorry, Mom. I prefer___ orange one. (2014 来宾市) A. a; a B. a; an C. an; a D. an; an 17. There is ___pen on the desk and___ pen is new. (2014 广安市) A. a; an B. an; the C. a; the 18. Jim is making kite. He’s going to fly kite with brother after school. (2014 黔东南州) A. a; the; his B. a; a; his C. a; the; him D. the; the; her 19. —How was ___dinner at Mike’s house? —It was great. Mike’s mum is ___wonderful cook. (2014 黔西南州) A. a; the B. the; a C. the; the D. a; an 20. This is ___useful book, ___book is my brother ’s. (2014 安顺市) A. a; the B. an; the C. a; an D. an; a 21. Beijing is one of___ biggest cities in China. (2014 淮安市) A. a B. an C. the D. / 22. The young man in a blue coat is my PE teacher. He often plays___ basketball with us. (2014 邵阳市) A. the B. a C./ 23. Do you know___ an “o” and ___ “u” in the word “computer”? (2014 铜仁市) A. there is; an B. is there; an C. there is; a D. is there; a 24. —Mary, who’s __woman over there? —She’s my aunt, __English teacher. (2014 天津市) A. the; the B. a; the C. the; an D. a; an 25. Cathy was very happy to meet __old friend on the plane to Paris. (2014 温州市) A. a B. an C. the D. / 26. —What do you think of Wang Wei? —He is ___honest boy, and always helps___ old. (2014 遂宁市) A. a; the B. an; the C. the; an 27. I think English is___ useful language, and it’s also ___important language. (2014 宜宾市) A. an; a B. a; an C. an; the D. a; the 28. Doing lots of listening practice is one of___ best ways of becoming ___good language learner. (2014 菏泽市) A. the; the B. the; a C. 不填; a D. the; 不填 29. Mom, I like ___green T-shirt. Could you buy it for me? (2014 威海市) A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 30. —Why did you laugh just now? —Ted wanted to tell us very funny story, but he forgot ending himself. (2014 呼和浩 特市) A. a; an B. the; the C. the; a D. a; the 31. —What’s that in English? —It’s ___eraser. (2014 南充市) A. a B. an C. the D. x 32. Have ___ nice day! (2014 毕节市) A. the B. a C. an D. /

33. I had ___ unusual day on my last school trip. (2014 陕西省) A. a B. an C. / D. the 34. Hello, boys and girls! Believe in yourself. If you do something with a light heart, you’ll get ___ excellent result. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. a B. an C. / 35. —What __heavy rain it was! —Yes, but I love air after it rains. It smells so fresh. (2014 河南省) A. the; a B. a; the C. the; the D. a; a 36. I’m going to be___ basketball player. (2014 成都市) A. the B. a C. an 37. I have___ English dictionary and it helps me a lot. (2014 重庆市) A. a B. an C. the D. / 38. —I want to be ___engineer. You know, it’s my dream job. —Good luck to you. You will certainly do___ job well. (2014 宜昌市) A. an; a B. an; the C. the; a D. a; the 39. I had ___wonderful time in Beijing. (2014 孝感市) A. a B. an C. the D. / 40. —What ___useful program it is! —Yeah. It tells us how to play___ violin. (2014 随州市) A. a; the B. an; the C. the; a D. an; 不填 41. Jolin is___ famous singer. She has a lot of fans. (2014 重庆市) A. a B. an C. the D. / 42. —You’ve dropped ___ “e” in the word “succeed”! —Sorry, I forgot ___letter “c” is doubled. (2014 黄石市) A. a; a B. a; the C. an; the D. the; the 43. —What do you think of Lucy? —She is __ honest girl. (2014 益阳市) A. an B. a C. the 44. My cousin went abroad at__ age of eighteen. (2014 杭州市) A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 45. “If you stop dropping litter, I’ll kiss__ pig.” The head teacher promised the students at a school meeting. (2014 东营市) A. a B. an C. the D. / 46. Mrs. Smith has__ 8-year-old daughter who has won two national painting prizes. (2014 丽水 市) A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

2. 数词 1. Christmas Day is on of December. (2014 聊城市) A. twenty-five B. the twenty-five C. twenty-fifth D. the twenty-fifth 2. It is said that of the water all over the world polluted. (2014 赤峰市) A. two three; is B. two thirds; is C. two thirds; are D. two thirds; has 3. — How old is Mary? — . We had a special party for her birthday yesterday. (2014 绥化市) A. Twenty; twentyth B. Twenty; twentieth C. Twenties; twentieth 4. —Mum, ___of the apples ___gone bad. —We’d better eat up the rest as soon as possible. (2014 内江市) A. one third; have B. one thirds; have C. one third; has D. first three; has 5. There are ___people shopping in the new supermarket, because it is on sale. (2014 来宾市) A. four hundereds B. four hundred of C. hundred of D. hundreds of 6. The Great Wall is famous, so every year ___people come to visit it. (2014 广安市) A. million B. million of C. millions of 7. There are___ months in a year. May is the___ month of a year. (2014 黔东南州) A. twelfth, five B. twelve, fifth C. twelve, fiveth D. twelfth, five 8. —Which is the biggest number of the four? —___ (2014 黔西南州) A. One third B. Two thirds C. A half D. A quarter 9. ___the teachers in their school is about 200 and one fourth of them are __teachers. (2014 黔西 南州) A. A number of; women B. A number of; woman C. The number of; women D. The number of; woman 10. About of the students like keeping diaries in English in our class. (2014 安顺市) A. two fifth B. two fifths C. second five D. two five 11. Sam enjoys collecting. He has collected over three _____ stamps. (2014 淮安市) A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of 12. A ___ player named Li Jianrou from China won China’s first gold medal in 2014 Winter Olympics. (2014 邵阳市) A. 27-years-old B. 27- year-old C. 27 years old 13. In our school, ___students like English, but___ of them can speak English smoothly. (2014 铜 仁市) A. a little, a few B. a few, few C. a few, little D. a little, few 14. __month of the year is May. (2014 天津市) A. Two B. The second C. Five D. The fifth 15. David Beckham has ___children. Brooklyn Beckham is his ___son. (2014 宜宾市) A. third, first B. three, one C. three, first D. third, one 16. —How many girls are there in your class? —___them___ over twenty. (2014 烟台市) A. A number of, are B. The number of, are C. A number of, is D. The number of, is 17. —How far is it from Tianjin to Changsha?

—It is a flight from Tianjin to Changsha. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. 2-hour-long B. 2-hours-long C. 2 hours’ long D. 2 hour long 18. Today is the boy’s___ birthday. He is 12 years old. (2014 南充市) A. twelve B. twelveth C. twelfth D. the twelfth nd 19. On June 2 this year, ___ people celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival near the Songhua River. To our joy, there was little rubbish left. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. thousands of B. thousand C. two thousands 20. —Which month of the year do you like? —_July, the__ month because summer vacation begins in this month. (2014 成都市) A. second B. seventh C. ninth 21. —I hear your pen pal is visiting Wuhan again. Is it the ___time for him? —Yes, and he will come for a third time next spring. (2014 孝感市) A. first B. second C. third D. fourth 22. —What do you think of the environment here? —Wonderful! ___of the land ___covered with trees and grass. (2014 随州市) A. Two fifths; is B. Two fifth; is C. Two fifths; are D. Two fifth; are 23. Yesterday ___people came to the town to watch the car race. (2014 重庆市) A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundreds of D. hundred of 24. There are __ doctors in this hospital; __ of them are women doctors. (2014 黄石市) A. two hundred; two fifth B. two hundreds; two fifth C. two hundred; two fifths D. two hundreds; two fifths 25. __ of the students in our class __ girls. (2014 益阳市) A. Two fifth; is B. Two fifth; are C. Two fifths; are 26. When he arrived at the airport, Lee Minho found that __fans were waiting for him there. (2014 东营市) A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of

3. 名词

1. Our school uniforms are out of____. We think young people should look smart. (2014 绍兴市) A. luck B. sight C. reach D. fashion 2. —I hear you have to get up early every morning. —Right. It’s one of the______ of my family. (2014 泰安市) A. plans B. jobs C. programs D. rules 3. What would like to say to your ____ before leaving school? I’d like to say “Thank you very much! I’ve learnt a lot from you in the past three years.” (2014 十 堰市) A. teachers B. workers C. doctors D.engieers 4. —You look so young, Madam! How old are you? —Aha! It’s a ___. (2014 抚州市) A. suggestion B. reason C. secret D. problem 5. —Whose ___are these? —I think they are John’s. (2014 永州市) A. key B. keies C. keys 6. Recently people care more about the safety of___ . Everyone wants to eat healthily. (2014 衡阳 市) A. foods B. clothes C. buildings 7. John didn’t find much about the accident. (2014 绥化市) A. news B. answer C. article 8. You can find many ___about the famous film star on the Internet. (2014 内江市) A. news B. pictures C. tickets D. information 9. —Nobody knows which team will win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. —Yes. That is the___ of the beautiful game. (2014 连云港市) A. question B. luck C. hope D. magic 10. —What a good___ you’ve given me! Thanks a lot. —My pleasure. (2014 扬州市) A. information B. news C. suggestion D. advice 11. —After P.E., I often feel very thirsty. —Why not buy some____ to drink? (2014 达州市) A. bread B. noodles C. apple juice D. teas 12. There are some___ and___ in the fridge. (2014 来宾市) A. tomatos; milk B. tomatos; milks C. tomatoes; milk D. tomatoes; milks 13. — How many___ are there? —About fifty. (2014 广安市) A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato 14. Where has the time gone is a beautiful___ . Can you sing it? (2014 盐城市) A. picture B. song C. game D. film 15. Look! There are some on the farm. (2014 黔东南州) A. chicken B. goose C. sheep D.cow

16. Could you please get me some ___? I’m hungry. (2014 黔西南州) A. apple B. water C. bread D. egg 17. There are fifty___ in our school. They are all friendly to us. (2014 安顺市) A. woman teachers B. women teacher C. woman teacher D. women teachers 18. The old man can’t hear us well because there’s something wrong with his___ . (2014 淮安市) A. mouth B. nose C. ears D. eyes 19. —Let’s make a banana milk shake. What do we need? —We need some___ and two___. (2014 巴中市) A. bananas; cup of milk B. bananas; cups of milk C. bananas; milks 20. If you work harder, you’ll have another __to play the violin at a concert. (2014 天津市) A. sleep B. chance C. mistake D. problem 21. There are some__ in Dayton Art Museum, for example, no food or drinks is allowed inside. (2014 温州市) A. jobs B. records C. rules D. paintings 22. —We will have a holiday next month, let’s have a___ trip to Mount Emei. —That’s great. (2014 遂宁市) A. three-day B. three-days C. three-days’ 23. In this test, we’re asked to write a passage of about___ . (2014 宜宾市) A. 80-words B. 80-word C. 80 words D. 80 words’ 24. —Yesterday, my father bought me a new mobile phone as a present., but I don’t know how to use it. —Why not read the ___first before using it? (2014 德州市) A. expressions B. applications C. advertisements D. instructions 25. My teacher gave me much___ on how to study English well when I had some trouble. (2014 菏泽市) A. advice B. question C. suggestion D. problem 26. When Peter comes, please ask him to leave a . (2014 呼和浩特市) A. notice B. message C. sentence D. information 27. —More and more people come to visit Mount Huangshan. —That’s true. It has become the ___of Anhui. (2014 安徽省) A. pride B. effort C. praise D. courage 28. —Oh, a nice photo! Is this your uncle’s child? —Yes, it’s my ___ . (2014 陕西省) A. cousin B. sister C. brother D. daughter 29. —I hear Mary has got a good job in a world’s top company. —Yes. Her good ___experience helped her a lot. She once studied in one of the best colleges in China. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. travel B. education C. life 30. Little Mike’s mother was proud of him because he drew plenty of ___and one of them won the top prize last year. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. paint B. painting C. paintings 31. —You may go to Milan for a free trip.

—It’s a very kind __, but I really can’t accept it. (2014 河南省) A. excuse B. offer C. promise D. decision 32. —Lily, could you please pass me the ___? I want to cut the apple. —Sure, here you are. (2014 重庆市) A. pen B. pencil C. book D. knife 33. —Do you come to South Korea for the ___of seeing your family or doing business? —I come here on business. (2014 鄂州市) A. interest B. benefit C. purpose D. thought 35. —It’s reported that many Chinese children are taking piano lessons. —But quite a few have little ___in it and some even hate it. (2014 宜昌市) A. interest B. relation C. attention D. situation 36. —I want to go to different places, but I don't know the___. —A map is helpful, I think. (2014 孝感市) A. map B. time C. way D. ticket 37. —What ___bowl of noodles would you like, small, medium or large? —A large bowl of beef noodles, please. (2014 黄冈市) A. color B. price C. size D. kind 38. —What’s your favorite___ , Bob? —Cats. They’re so lovely. (2014 重庆市) A. plant B. job C. sport D. animal 39. —Will you fix up the machine according to the__, David? —No problem. (2014 武汉市) A. instructions B. inventions C. invitations D. interviews 40. —Lily, could you please pass me the__? I want to cut the apple. — Sure, here you are. (2014 重庆市) A. pen B. pencil C. book D. knife 41. —Mum, I want to by an iPhone 5s for a change. —Well, I think there is no__. It’s almost the same as an iPhone 4s. (2014 宁波市) A. reason B. need C. answer D. way 42. Please give me some__ on how to learn English well. (2014 益阳市) A. plan B. information C. advice 43. I’m tired. This is not the right__ to ask me to go for a walk. (2014 杭州市) A. moment B. chance C. place D. season 44. What__ will global warming bring us? Scientists have given us a clear list. (2014 东营市) A. news B. dangers C. courses D. advantages 45. —It’s said that a college student had a__ to Tibet with 500 yuan for a month. —How surprising! Once you have an idea to go somewhere, do it! (2014 山西省) A. match C. change 46. —Betty, pass me the__ . I will cut the cake. —OK, Mom. Here you are. (2014 丽水市) A. sugar B. scarf C. knife D. note

4. 名词所有格 1. —Excuse me, is the museum far from here? —No, it’s about___. (2014 聊城市) A. 5 minutes walk B. 5 minute walk C. 5 minutes’ walk D. 5 minute’s walk 2. In China, we celebrate Day on June 1st, Day on September 10th. (2014 绥化市) A. Childrenn’s; Teacher ’s B. Children; Teachers C. Children’s; Teachers’ 3. The park is far away from here indeed it’s about____ walk. (2014 苏州市) A. three hour B. a three hour ’s C. a three-hours D. a three-hour 4. The online shop sells___ clothing at a very good price. (2014 盐城市) A. child and man’s B. children and men’s C. children’s and men D. children’s and men’s 5. —Is the schoolbag under the desk yours? —No, it’s my___ . He left it there just now. (2014 长沙市) A. brother B. brother ’s C. brothers’ 6. —It’s convenient to travel from Ezhou to Wuhan by taking the newly-built green railway. —Yes. It’s said that___ is enough. (2014 鄂州市) A. fifteen minutes drive B. fifteen- minutes drive C. fifteen minute’s drive D. fifteen minutes’ drive 7. —__ do you like Huo Zun’s “Roll of Bead Curtain”? —Very much. You know I love songs that both have great lyrics and beautiful music. (2014 东营 市) A. Why B. How C. When D. What

5. 代词

? 人称代词 1. —What do you think of soap operas? —To be honest, I can’t stand___. (2014 抚州市) A. it B. them C. her D. him 2. My friend showed ___some old photos of his family. (2014 聊城市) A. my B. I C. me D. mine 3. We live in Hengyang city. She’s our beautiful home. We all love___. (2014 衡阳市) A. him B. them C. her 4. —I’ll do the washing-up. Jack, would you please do the floors? —Why ___? Susan is sitting there doing nothing. (2014 苏州市) A. her B. she C. I D. me 5. —This yellow T-shirt looks nice. May I ___? —Sure. (2014 广安市) A. try them on B. try on it C. try it on 6. —Is this ___bike? —No, it’s Lily’s. ___is over there. (2014 铜仁市) A. your, My B. your, Mine C. yours, Mine D. yours, My 7. We have made ___a rule to read aloud in the morning. (2014 遂宁市) A. this B. it C. that 8. I can’t find my English book. Could you help___ find it? (2014 德州市) A. her B. him C. me D. them 9. We decide to make___ rule for us roommates to turn off the lights at 10:30 pm. (2014 菏泽市) A. that B. this C. it D. one 10. Look at the girl in the red skirt. is my new classmate. (2014 南充市) A. She B. It C. He D. This 11. Aunt Tina will visit us soon. ___is arriving tomorrow morning. (2014 重庆市) A. He B. She C. His D. Her 12. —Susan, go and join your sister in cleaning the yard. —Why ___? John is sitting there doing nothing at all. (2014 黄冈市) A. I B. me C. myself D. mine 14. I can’t find my ticket. I think I must have lost__. (2014 杭州市) A. it B. one C. this D. them 15. —Susan, can you help clean the window? —Why __? Alice is sitting there doing nothing. (2014 丽水市) A. him B. her C. you D. me ? 物主代词 1. —What do you think of your host family, Jim? —Great. They ____try best to make me feel at home. (2014 十堰市) A. they B. their C. them D. theirs

2. —Is that car Mrs. Black’s? —No, is a white one. (2014 济宁市) A. she B. her C. hers D. his 3. This is ___dictionary. Where is ___? (2014 赤峰市) A. my; yours B. my; you C. mine; your D. me; you 4. —Excuse me, is this____ new pencil sharpener? —Yes, it’s ____. He bought it just now. (2014 达州市) A. Tom’s; his B. Tom; his C. Tom’s; hers D. Tom’s; yours 5. —Whose gloves are these? —They are ___. (2014 广安市) A. her B. hers C. she’s 6. —Is this___ ruler? —No. ___is over there. (2014 黔西南州) A. her, Her B. her, Hers C. hers, Hers D. hers, Her 7. What a nice computer! My parents bought it for my sister and me. It’s___. (2014 安顺市) A. ours B. hers C. thiers D. mine 8. John is fond of swimming. His hobby is different from___. (2014 淮安市) A. I B. me C. my D. mine 9. Mr. Han is ___teacher. He teaches___ math. (2014 巴中市) A. our; us B. our; our C. ours; us 10. That’s brother’s shirt. It isn’t___ . (2014 宜宾市) A. my, your B. yours, mine C. hers, his D. his, yours 11. —Is this red bag yours? —No, it isn’t. ___is that black one. (2014 威海市) A. Your B. I C. My D. Mine 12. —Whose coat is this? — It’s not___. (2014 毕节市) A. my B. I C. me D. mine 13. Walking in the woods makes Jenny think of the happy days in the countryside with her grandma. It is a favorite hobby of ___ . (2014 哈尔滨市) A. his B. her C. hers 14. I have a big brother. __ name is Paul. (2014 北京市) A. His B. Her C. He D. Your 15. —Excuse me, may I use your bicycle? __is broken. —Certainly. But remember to return it before lunch. (2014 南京市) A. I B. Me C. Myself D. Mine 16. Alice has a red pen, and the blue one is___ , too. (2014 成都市) A. his B. her C. hers 17. —If you prefer the red evening dress, you’ll have to pay___ 30 dollars, because it’s made of silk. —Ok. Here you are. (2014 鄂州市) A. other B. the other C. each other D. another 18. —What do you think of the new mobile phone?

—It looks cool and its screen is bigger than ___. (2014 宜昌市) A. mine B. me C. them D. it 19. —My computer doesn't work. May I borrow___ , Mary? —Sorry, I’m using it now. (2014 孝感市) A. his B. hers C. yours D. mine 20. —The camera in your hand is nice, is it___ ? —Yes, but I’ll give it to my friend Lily as ___birthday present. (2014 随州市) A. you; her B. your; hers C. yours; her D. you; hers ? 不定代词 1. I made a call to my parents yesterday, but______ of them answered it. (2014 泰安市) A. either B. none C. neither D. nobody 2. A smile costs , but gives so much. So we should learn to smile. (2014 潍坊市) A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 3. Look! Sonia looks worried. There must be wrong with her. (2014 济宁市) A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything 4. —What are you going to do this Sunday? —____. Any ideas? (2014 抚州市) A. No way B. No problem C. Nothing much D. Nothing serious 5. —Mum, I’ve got___ important to tell you. —What’s up? (2014 赤峰市) A. nothing B. anything C. something D. everything 6. in the room knew me, but I didn’t know . (2014 绥化市) A. Every; him B. Everyone; them C. Every one; those 7. This work needs close teamwork. ____will be achieved unless we work well together. (2014 苏 州市) A. Nothing B. Anything C. Something D. Everything 8. —This book on idioms is interesting. I’d like___ , where did you buy it, Simon? —In the Amazon Bookstore. (2014 连云港市) A. it B. this C. that D. one 9. —Do you drink much coffee as before? —No, ___at all. My sleeping problem is getting worse. (2014 无锡市) A. none B. little C. nothing D. anything 10. I think coffee tastes good, but not___ likes drinking it. (2014 盐城市) A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody 11. —Look, __is dancing under the tree. —Oh, that’s my cousin, Anna. (2014 温州市) A. everybody B. anybody C. nobody D. somebody 12. ___may have a chance to be successful if he tries his best. (2014 宜宾市) A. None B. Nobody C. Somebody D. Everybody 13. —Morning, class. Is___ here today? —No, sir. Tom is absent. He is ill at home. (2014 咸宁市) A. anybody B. everybody C. nobody D. somebody 14. Look! The clock has stopped. Maybe there’s __wrong with it. (2014 北京市) A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

15. At present, children mean __ to most parents in China. (2014 河南省) A. everything B. nothing C. anything D. something 16. I was looking for a birthday gift for my mother, but I couldn’t find __ suitable. (2014 南京市) A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 17. —Who helped you sweep the classroom yesterday? —___. I did it all by myself. (2014 随州市) A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody 18. —Everyone knows Canada is the second largest country in the world. —That is, it is larger than ___country in Asia. (2014 黄冈市) A. any B. any other C. other D. another 19. I turned to bookshops and libraries looking for information and found__. (2014 武汉市) A. none B. both C. one D. neither 20. —I’m a bit hungry, Auntie! —There’re some cakes on the table. You may take __ . (2014 宁波市) A. it B. one C. that D. this 21. The air in Dongying is much more worse than that in many other cities. We must do __to protect our environment. (2014 东营市) A. nothing B. anything C. something D. everything 22. Our mother earth gives us __we need in our daily life. (2014 临沂市) A. nobody B. nothing C. everybody D. everything 23. —Where would you like to go this Mid- Autumn Festival? —I’d like to go__. (2014 昆明市) A. everywhere relaxing B. somewhere relaxing C. peaceful anywhere D. peaceful somewhere ? 指示代词 1. The cars made in China are cheaper than made in Japan. (2014 绥化市) A. those B. that C. that 2. —The cars made in Germany are more expensive than made in Japan. —Yes, you are right. But they’re much better. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. those B. that C. ones D. it ? 反身代词 1. The song I Believe I Can Fly tells us that believing in ______ is very important. (2014 滨州市) A. themselves B. itself C. ourselves D. yourselves 2. We enjoyed___ in the park yesterday. (2014 永州市) A. us B. our C. ourselves 3. Peter and Kate went to the dancing party last night. They enjoyed . (2014 绥化市) A. myself B. themselves C. herself 4. —Hi, boys. How was your party yesterday? —Wonderful! We had a big meal and enjoyed___ . (2014 来宾市) A. themselves B. myself C. yourselves D. ourselves

5. Oh, your shirt is the same ___. (2014 烟台市) A. as me B. with her C. with mine D. as hers 6. My sister is old enough to dress now. (2014 长沙市) A. himself B. herself C. myself 7. Don't worry. We’re old enough to look after ___ . (2014 陕西省) A. myself B. me C. ourselves D. us 8. —I’ll have a tennis game tomorrow. I’m a little bit nervous. —Believe in___ . You’re the best in our club. (2014 随州市) A. yourself B. myself C. herself D. himself 9. Help___ to some fish, Jeff. (2014 重庆市) A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself 10. Last month, we went to Li Zhongsheng’s concert. The beautiful songs about his younger days reminded us to love__. (2014 山西省) A. yours B. thiers C. ours

6. 动词 1. —Smart phones are more and more popular now. —So they are. But they still___ too much. (2014 十堰市) A. pay B. cost C. take D. spend 2. —What will a science museum be like if you are asked to build one? —I hope it will ____like a book. (2014 潍坊市) A. taste B. sound C. look D. smell 3. Across from my home, ____a shop which sells things from foreign countries. (2014 济宁市) A. it is B. it has C. there is D. that is 4. I love the song by the band Wild and Windy. It ____ nice. (2014 抚州市) A. smells B. tastes C. feels D. sounds 5. I like the dress very much. It____ comfortable. (2014 聊城市) A. feels B. tastes C. sounds D. smells 6. —Do you take exercise every day? —Yes. I always half an hour walking after dinner. (2014 赤峰市) A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay 7. He always doesn’t know where to___ for vacation. (2014 枣庄市) A. go B. lead C. make D. invite 8. It’s probably a good idea for parents to allow teenagers to___ in groups after school in the afternoon because this help them keep healthy as well as become good friends. (2014 枣庄市) A. study B. design C. translate D. exercise 9. —Who was the first to___ school yesterday? —Tom was. (2014 绥化市) A. reach B. get C. arrive 10. The bag was very good, and she ___30 percent down for it. (2014 苏州市) A. paid B. cost C. bought D. spent 11. A bite of China 2 includes eight episodes. It___ the stories of more than 150 people, and over 300 types of food. (2014 连云港市) A. finds B. proves C. covers D. imagines 12. —What do you think of your school, Linda? —It’s a good place for us to___ ourselves for the future. (2014 扬州市) A. promise B. prove C. prepare D. present 13. The cake ___delicious. I can’t wait to eat it. (2014 来宾市) A. feels B. sounds C. becomes D. smells 14. —I ___a lot of time playing computer games every day. —Oh, boy. It’s bad for your eyes. (2014 广安市) A. spend B. take C. pay 15. I___ $300 for the bike. (2014 黔西南州) A. took B. spent C. cost D. paid 16. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and I didn’t him __at first. (2014 天津市) A. advise B. promise C. recognize D. hear 17. Coffee is ready. How nice it____ ! (2014 泸州市) A. smells B. sounds C. feels D. becomes 18. The vegetable soup ___delicious. Can I have more? (2014 德州市)

A. looks B. tastes C. sounds D. feels 19. —How do you like the fish I cooked for you? —I haven’t had it yet. However, it___ good. (2014 菏泽市) A. smells B. tastes C. sounds D. feels 20. —How long may I ___your dictionary? —For one week. But it mustn’t___ to others. (2014 烟台市) A. keep, be lent B. borrow, lend C. lend, be borrowed D. have, borrow 21. You look tired. You’d better___ a good rest. (2014 烟台市) A. stop to have B. stop having C. to stop to have D. to stop having 22. —How much is your coat? —Oh, it___ me 100 yuan. (2014 南充市) A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took 23. —Excuse me, can I ___your pen? —Sorry, I have it___ to Bob. (2014 南充市) A. borrow; lent B. borrow; borrowed C. lend; borrowed D. lent; lent 24. Mum, what are you cooking? It ___so sweet. (2014 安徽省) A. tastes B. feels C. sounds D. smells 25. I don't ___the heat, for I’m used to hot weather. (2014 安徽省) A. like B. mind C. know D. stand 26. He is an honest boy. I have no reason to___ what he said. (2014 安徽省) A. hear B. doubt C. repeat D. believe 27. The Chinese national women’s badminton team ___ the Japanese team by 3:1 in India on May 24. (2014 陕西省) A. won B. lost C. beat D. missed 28. Choosing the right circle of the friends will__us a lot of troubles, heartaches and possibly a life of deep regret. (2014 河南省) A. save B. share C. seldom D. always 29. We all know that learning a foreign language __ time and effort. (2014 南京市) A. requires B. reduces C. removes D. repeats 30. —Could I use your bike? Mine is broken. —Certainly. But please ___it back soon. I need it this afternoon. (2014 重庆市) A. give B. lend C. borrow D. keep 31. —A new shop ___for a week nearby. Let’s have a look there. —Good idea. But it doesn't ___on Mondays. (2014 鄂州市) A. opened; opened B. has been opened; open C. has opened; opened D. has been open; open 32. —It’s getting more and more difficult to get a taxi during rush hours now. —Why don't you try dididache? It ___well. (2014 宜昌市) A. uses B. makes C. works D. takes 33. —Smoking is really bad for health. —Teenagers in our school have___ they will refuse the first cigarette. (2014 宜昌市) A. pronounced B. provided C. promised D. produced 34. My brother___ to move the heavy box, but I didn't give up. (2014 孝感市) A. reminded B. refused C. agreed D. considered

35. —This is quite a new phrase. —Right. It has already__ the language. (2014 武汉市) A. spoken B. used C. entered D. covered 36. —How’s Bob now? —I hear the company __ him a very good job, but he turned it down. (2014 武汉市) A. donated B. served C. offered D. introduced 37. This kind of peach looks really ice, but it __very sour. (2014 宁波市) A. tastes B. looks C. feels D. sounds 38. —I got a message saying my phone number won a prize worth $3, 000. —Too good to be true. Don't __it. (2014 宁波市) A. do B. hold C. make D. believe 39. People were excited when they saw “Monkey King” __ 2014 the Yellow River Estuary International Marathon. (2014 东营市) A. losing B. running C. refusing D. forgetting 40. During the World Cup, a large number of soccer fans fly to Brazil. It has __ a great place for fans to have fun. (2014 山西省) A. made B. kept C. become 41. Mike went to the library__ some books yesterday. (2014 临沂市) A. borrow B. to borrow C. borrows D. borrowed 42. The skirt __soft as if it is made of silk. (2014 丽水市) A. sounds B. tastes C. feels D. smells 43. —Do you often watch Man and Nature on TV? —Sometimes. It’s an interesting program, but I __Sports News. (2014 丽水市) A. prefer B. want C. know D. review 44. —Hey guys, Chinese way of __the road is very dangerous. You must wait for the green lights on? —Thank you for your advice, sir. (2014 昆明市) A. going B. walking C. crossing D. passing 45. —The medicine __awful. I can’t stand it. —I know, Jimmy. But it’s helpful for you. (2014 昆明市) A. tastes B. eats C. drinks D. takes

7. 时态 1. —So you have watched the action movie, haven’t you? —Yes. I ______ it with my parents, in Lu Xun Theatre. (2014 绍兴市) A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. am watching 2. — Can you find our city ______a lot in recent years? —Yes. The road is wider and the buildings are taller. (2014 泰安市) A. has changed B. changes C. changed D. will change 3. —Why are you in such a hurry, John? —There ____an NBA basketball game in ten minutes. (2014 泰安市) A. will be B. was C. would be D. has been 4. —The book store ____ a big sale. The books there must be very cheap now. —Sounds great. Let’s go into it and have a look. (2014 十堰市) A. will have B. had C. is having D. was having 5. — Have you finished using my dictionary? —Yes, I put it back on your desk just now. Who ____ it away? (2014 十堰市) A. will take B. is taking C. took D. has taken 6. —Do you know if he will come tomorrow? —No. But if he____, I’ll call you to have a meal together. (2014 滨州市) A. will come B. won’t come C. comes D. doesn’t come 7. —Jim isn’t in the classroom. Where is he now? —He ___the library. (2014 滨州市) A. will go to B. has been to C. has gone to D. goes to 8. —Are Betty and Lingling still living in Beijing? —No, they___ to Qingdao. (2014 潍坊市) A. will move B. are moved C. have just moved D. move 9. If it ___rain tomorrow, we’ll go hiking. (2014 潍坊市) A. won’t B. doesn’t C. don’t D. didn’t 10. Hurry up! Everybody___ for you. (2014 抚州市) A. waited B. waits C. is waiting D. will wait 11. —You should have come earlier for the meeting. —Sorry, there___ heavy traffic on my way. (2014 抚州市) A. is B. was C. will be D. has been 12. —May I speak to Ann? —Sorry, she isn’t in. She___ France. (2014 聊城市) A. has gone to B. has been to C. was going to D. goes to 13. I will do some cleaning as soon as I ___my homework. (2014 聊城市) A. finish B. will finish C. has finished D. finished 14. —I called you at 8:00 yesterday evening, but no one answered. —Sorry. I ___clothes for my parents at that time. (2014 赤峰市) A. wash B. washed C. am washing D. was washing 15. —Do you know if he for picnic with us? —I think he will go if he free tomorrow? (2014 赤峰市) A. goes; is B. will go; is C. goes; will be D. will go; will be 16. —The storybook is very interesting.

—I agree with you. I___ it twice already. (2014 赤峰市) A. read B. will read C. am reading D. have read 17. —Ming ming, you TV for three hours. You should have a rest. —OK. Mum. (2014 永州市) A. have watched B. are watching C. watches 18. —Tom ___in the high jump at the school sports meet last week. —What a shame! (2014 衡阳市) A. do badly B. did badly C. did well 19. His grandma has___ for 5 years. (2014 衡阳市) A. died B. been died C. been dead 20. Mr. Wang isn’t here, I think he Shanghai. (2014 绥化市) A. went B. has been to C. has gone to 21. Jenny___ on holiday now. I wonder when she___ back. (2014 绥化市) A. is being; comes B. is; is coming C. will be; will come 22. I ___ my homework when my mother ___ in. (2014 绥化市) A. is doing; came B. was doing; come C. was doing; came 23. —Is your father in now? —No, he___ to Fan Changjiang Memorial with his friends. (2014 内江市) A. has been B. has gone C. will go D. went 24. — Do you think grandpa and grandma ___late? —No, the train is usually on time. (2014 苏州市) A. were B. will be C. was D. have been 25. Beijing and Zhangjiakou___ applying to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in 2013.(2014 连云港市) A. begin B. began C. have begun D. had begun 26. —Has David finished his project yet? —I guess not. He ___on it at lunchtime. Do you want me to confirm it? (2014 无锡市) A. is working B. was working C. has worked D. had worked 27. —Has your friend completed his design? —Not yet. He___ on it last night. (2014 扬州市) A. worked B. has worked C. is working D. was working 28. —Where is Mr. Wang? —He together with his students___ Zhuyuwan Park. (2014 扬州市) A. has gone to B. have gone to C. has been to D. have been to 29. —When will A Bite of China II begin tonight? —It___ for ten minutes. (2014 扬州市) A. will begin B. has begun C. will be on D. has been on 30. —Have you ever____ an amusement park? —Yes, I have. I ____Fun Times Amusement Park last year. (2014 达州市) A. been to, have gone to B. gone to, have been to C. go to, went to D. been to, went to 31. —Swimming in the river for teenagers is very dangerous. —So it is. If I ___them, I ___ a shower at home. (2014 达州市) A. am; would take B. were; will take

C. was; would take D. were; would take 32. —Would you mind turning down your music player? Everybody___ now! —I’m sorry. I’ll do it right now. (2014 来宾市) A. sleep B. slept C. is sleeping D. are sleeping 33. Bob with his parents___ Hong Kong since two years ago. (2014 来宾市) A. have been to B. has been to C. have gone to D. has gone to 34. —What did you do for your dad on Father’s Day this year? —I ___a beautiful tie for him. (2014 来宾市) A. buy B. bought C. buys D. buying 35. —Have you ever___ to the Movie Theatre? —Yes. I ___there with my friends last week. (2014 广安市) A. gone; go B. been; went C. gone; went 36. —May I speak to Ms Lane, please? —Sorry, she isn’t in right now. I’ll tell you as soon as she ___back tomorrow. (2014 广安市) A. come B. comes C. will come 37. I can’t find my notebook anywhere. I’m afraid I ___it. (2014 盐城市) A. lose B. lost C. have lost D. was losing 38. —___ you ever to Xijiang? —Yes, I___ there last year. (2014 黔东南州) A. Have gone, went B. Have been, have been C. Have been, went D. Have gone, have gone 39. There ___a basketball match between Class One and Class Three this afternoon. (2014 黔西 南州) A. is going to be B. will have C. are going to be D. is going to have 40. I ___my hometown for a long time. I really miss it. (2014 黔西南州) A. left B. went away from C. have left D. have been away from 41. I___ tennis with my cousin every day when I was in America. (2014 安顺市) A. play B. played C. had played D. has played 42. —Why are you in such a hurry, Mike? —There___ an NBA basketball game in ten minutes. (2014 安顺市) A. will have B. will be C. is going to have D. are going to be 43. If I ___a bird, I___ fly in the blue sky. (2014 安顺市) A. was; would B. am; will C. will be; will D. were; would 44. The book Alice in Wonderland is very interesting. I___ it twice already. (2014 淮安市) A. read B. have read C. am reading D. will read 45. In the past two years, Shaoyang ___ a lot. (2014 邵阳市) A. changes B. changed C. has changed 46. —Where’s your father? —He ___Beijing. He ___there last month. (2014 巴中市) A. has gone to; went B. has been to; went C. has gone to; has gone 47. Our teacher said the earth ___round the sun. (2014 巴中市) A. travelled B. travels C. travel 48. There a ___sports meet in our school next week. (2014 铜仁市) A. is B. will have C. are D. will be

49. —Where is Mr. Zhao? —He___ to Mount Fanjing. He’ll come back___ a week. (2014 铜仁市) A. has been; in B. has gone; after C. has gone; in D. has been; after 50. We ___for a picnic if it___ rain this Sunday. (2014 铜仁市) A. go; doesn’t B. will go; won’t C. will go; doesn’t D. go; won’t 51. Robots__ more heavy work for us in the future. (2014 天津市) A. will do B. did C. have done D. were doing 52. —__you ever__ the new Minyuan Stadium? —No, I haven’t. (2014 天津市) A. Do; visit B. Have; visited C. Did; visit D. Are; visiting 53. Alice likes doing housework. She __her room every afternoon. (2014 温州市) A. cleans B. cleaned C. is cleaning D. has cleaned 54. If you____ tomorrow, I will let you know all about it. (2014 泸州市) A. will come B. come C. came D. comes 55. —Come and join us, Betty! —I’m afraid I can’t. I’m too busy now. If I___ time, I would certainly go. (2014 宜宾市) A. have B. have had C. will have D. had 56. —Have you finished your homework yet? —Yes. I ___it twenty minutes ago. (2014 菏泽市) A. have finished B. finished C. will finish D. had finished 57. Look, so many people are running out of the station. I wonder what___ . (2014 菏泽市) A. is happened B. was happening C. is happening D. had happened 58. —When will Diana arrive? —Oh, she___ . She is in the meeting room now. (2014 威海市) A. arrives B. is arriving C. arrived D. has arrived 59. —Alan! Why are you so late? —Sorry! When I ___home, I met one of my old friends. (2014 威海市) A. went B. am walking C. has gone D. was walking 60. There ___ a great concert in the theater next Saturday evening. (2014 威海市) A. will be B. will have C. has D. is going to have 61. —Do you know Diaoyu Island? —Sure. It ___China since ancient times. (2014 咸宁市) A. belongs to B. belonged to C. has belonged to 62. —I want to know if Maria ___us in the fashion show tonight. —I believe if she___ her homework, she will join us. (2014 咸宁市) A. joins; finishes B. will join; finishes C. joins; will finish D. will join; will join 63. If we take environmental problems seriously, the earth worse and worse. (2014 呼 和浩特市) A. don’t, will be B. won’t; isn’t C. won’t; is D. don’t; won’t be 64. My husband always me flowers every week before we got married, but now he never . (2014 呼和浩特市) A. sends; does B. sent; does

C. was going to send; do D. sent; do 65. There___ a sports meeting in our school next week. (2014 南充市) A. will have B. is going to have C. are going to be D. is going to be 66. I don't know if Tom ___here tomorrow. If he ___, I’ll call you. (2014 南充市) A. comes; comes B. will come; will come C. comes; will come D. will come; comes 67. Mr. Wang has left for Guangzhou. He___ a speech there in two days. (2014 安徽省) A. gives B. gave C. will give D. has given 68. As we all know, the Silk Road ___China to the west in ancient times. (2014 安徽省) A. connects B. connected C. will connect D. is connecting 69. Little Tom ___computer games when his mother got home. (2014 长沙市) A. is playing B. plays C. was playing 70. —Your brother is an excellent basketball player. —So he is. He___ to play basketball three years ago. (2014 长沙市) A. has started B. starts C. started 71. You said that Zhijin Cave is very beautiful. ___ you ___ there? (2014 毕节市) A. Have… gone B. Have…been C. Have… gone to D. Have… been to 72. On May 22, a Han taxi driver ___ an old lady to the hospital as soon as he could in Xinjiang. (2014 陕西省) A. sent B. sends C. is sending D. has sent 73. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil makes the whole world crazy and nobody will miss it. I ___ all the matches so far. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. watched B. have watched C. will watch 74. Whenever a person ___difficulties, he___ two choices. One is to give up, the other is to face them bravely and try to overcome them. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. meets, had B. meets, will have C. will meet, has 75. —What do you often do at weekends? —I often__ my grandparents. (2014 北京市) A. visit B. visited C. have visited D. will visit 76. What were you doing when we were playing basketball yesterday afternoon? I __the classroom. (2014 北京市) A. was cleaning B. have cleaned C. will clean D. clean 77. He __ in this factory for 20 years already. (2014 北京市) A. will work B. works C. has worked D. is working 78. —Are you going anywhere? — __I about visiting my sister, but I have changed my mind. (2014 河南省) A. think B. have thought C. will think D. thought 79. —Does this bus go to the beach? —No. You __the wrong way. You want the Number 11. (2014 河南省) A. go B. were going C. are going D. would go 80. —Lily, why are you still here? School is over for half an hour. —Because I __my task yet. I still need one more hour. (2014 南京市)

A. won’t finish B. didn't finish C. haven’t finished D. hadn’t finished 81. Students in Class One ___the museum next Friday. (2014 成都市) A. visited B. visit C. will visit 82. —Where is your father? —He___ the World Cup in the living room. (2014 重庆市) A. is watching B. watches C. watched D. will watch 83. In Chongqing, you can often see many people dance outside together if it___ in the evening. (2014 重庆市) A. rains B. doesn't rain C. will rain D. won’t rain 84. —I hope there___ les pressure on us today. —If so, we___ enjoy a more pleasant life. (2014 鄂州市) A. is; can B. will be; can C. will be; should D. is; should 85. —I was at the cinema at 8 o’clock last night. What about you? —I ___the Internet at home. (2014 孝感市) A. am surfing B. surfed C. will surf D. was surfing 86. —I don't know if his uncle___ . —I think he___ if he is free. (2014 随州市) A. will come; comes B. will come; will C. comes; comes D. comes; will 87. —___ I wonder when you the new watch. —Well, I___ if for two weeks. (2014 随州市) A. have bought; have had B. bought; have bought C. bought; have had D. have bought; have bought 88. —Put some butter on a slice of bread and add a teaspoon of butter. What else? —Next___ some tomatoes. (2014 黄冈市) A. cut up B. cuts up C. to cut up D. cutting up 89. —I suppose you are at least 60 years old. —Thank you, I’m glad you___ that. My real age is 362. (2014 黄冈市) A. say B. said C. are saying D. were saying 90. —Where is Linda? I can’t find her anywhere. —She___ the flowers in the garden. (2014 重庆市) A. waters B. is watering C. watered D. has watered 91. Your uncle will come to see you as soon as he ___here. (2014 重庆市) A. arrives B. arrived C. will arrive D. is arriving 92. Everything ___in our school since 2009. Now it___ very modern. (2014 黄石市) A. is changed; is looked B. is changed; looks C. has changed; is looked D. has changed; looks 93. —I’m leaving for Xisai Mountain this afternoon. — __ you have packed everything. (2014 黄石市) A. To be sure B. Been sure C. Being sure D. Be sure 94. —Do you know if Jack will drive to London this weekend? —Jack? Never! He __ drving so far. (2014 武汉市) A. has hated B. will hate C. hated D. hates 95. —A nice tie! A present? —Yes, it is. My aunt __ it to me for my last birthday. (2014 武汉市)

A. was sending B. had sent C. will send D. sent 96. —Is Miss Green in the office? —No, she __ to the library. (2014 武汉市) A. goes B. had gone C. has gone D. would go 97. —Are you surprised at the ending of the movie? —No, because I __the story. (2014 宁波市) A. read B. will read C. have read D. was reading 98. After Steven sent some e-mails, he__ surfing the Internet. (2014 杭州市) A. starts B. has started C. will start D. started 99. There __more visitors in Dongying this year because 2014 City Landscaping Exposition of Shandong Province will be held here on September 1st. (2014 东营市) A. is B. are C. will be D. is going to have 100. Eating and drinking on Beijing subway is not allowed. If you__ the rule, you’ll face a fine of up to 500 yuan. (2014 东营市) A. broke B. break C. will break D. have broken 101. —You’re in a hurry. Where are you going? — To the cinema. Sue__ for me outside. (2014 江西省) A. waits B. waited C. is waiting D. was waiting 102. —Mr. Li will check our homework this afternoon. __you__ it? —Not yet. I’m doing it right now. (2014 江西省) A. Do; finish B. Had; finished C. Will; finish D. Have; finished 103. Hurry up! The sky is covered with black clouds. I’m afraid it __ . (2014 丽水市) A. rains B. is going to rain C. rained D. was raining

8. 被动语态 1. Hurry up! Once the concert starts, nobody___ to enter the concert hall. (2014 泰安市) A. allows B. allowed C. is allowed D. is allowing 2. We are glad to hear that the terrorists ___by the brave policemen several days ago. (2014 十堰 市) A. are caught B. were caught C. have been caught D. are going to be caught 3. —Excuse me, could I take this seat? —Sorry, ___. (2014 潍坊市) A. it’s taken B. take it C. here you are D. never mind 4. This kind of car looks so beautiful. It___ in my hometown. (2014 永州市) A. make B. makes C. is made 5. Chopsticks ___every day when people eat Chinese food. (2014 绥化市) A. is used B. are used C. was used 6. Your application won’t ___until your complete the survey. (2014 无锡市) A. accept B. receive C. be accepted D. be received 7. —Excuse me, could you please tell me if the sports meeting on time? —Hard to say. If it ___ tomorrow, we’ll have to put it off. (2014 达州市) A. will hold; rains B. will be held; rains C. will be held; will rain D. holds; will rain 8. A new library___ in our school next year. (2014 来宾市) A. will be built B. builds C. is built D. will build 9. —Chinese___ by many people all over the world today. —Yes, I agree with you. (2014 广安市) A. learnt B. is learn C. is learnt 10. Shenzhen X, China’s fifth manned spacecraft, ___into space on June 11, 2013. (2014 盐城市) A. has sent B. was sent C. will send D. is sent 11. Students ___not to use mobile phones in our school now. (2014 黔东南州) A. ask B. asked C. are asked D. were asked 12. —Wow! You have a ticket to the Expo! —It ___by my uncle. He is working in Shanghai. (2014 安顺市) A. has bought B. had bought C. is bought D. was bought 13. Last March, many trees___ along the streets to make our city more beautiful. (2014 淮安市) A. were planted B. were planting C. had planted D. planted 14. English__ widely all over the world. A. speaks B. is spoken C. are spoken 15. Look at our new school. It __last year. (2014 天津市) A. built B. was built C. is built D. will be built 16. The dictionary may____ for three weeks. (2014 泸州市) A. keep B. be kept C. borrow D. be borrowed 17. The terrorists in Xinjiang___ last month. (2014 宜宾市) A. are caught B. was caught C. were caught D. is caught 18. —Tom! I looked for you everywhere at the party last night. —Oh, I ___to the party. (2014 威海市)

A. am invited B. was invited C. am not invited D. wasn’t invited 19. —Food safety is very important. —So some rules ___to stop people from polluting food. (2014 咸宁市) A. must make B. must be made C. must made D. be made 20. — I am afraid that I can’t finish the task successfully. —Don't worry. You___ plenty of time to do it. (2014 长沙市) A. will be given B. give C. will give 21. Every day, too much water ___in our school. We should save it. (2014 陕西省) A. is wasted B. wastes C. was wasted D. wasted 22. A new hospital __ in my town next year. (2014 北京市) A. builds B. built C. is built D. will be built 23. When Tim __why he was late for school, he just kept silent. (2014 河南省) A. was asked B. asked C. was asking D. is asked 24. We’re sure that the environment in our city __greatly through our work in the near future. (2014 南京市) A. improved B. was improved C. has improved D. will be improved 25. —Mr. King ___by the reporter yesterday. —He’s great! He helped so many disabled people. (2014 成都市) A. was interviewed B. is interviewed C. is interviewing 26. —The meeting___ because of the smog in Northern China last week. —Oh, it’s too bad! We should take action to improve the air quality. (2014 鄂州市) A. put out B. was put out C. put off D. was put off 27. —Good news! Self-driving cars will come into use in one or two years. —Really? We’re expecting to see how they___ . (2014 宜昌市) A. are making B. are made C. make D. will make 28. —Look at the sign on the right! —Oh, smoking ___here. (2014 孝感市) A. isn’t allowed B. doesn't allow C. didn't allow D. wasn't allowed 29. —Claudia, are you going to Jeff ’s birthday party on Saturday? —Unless I___ . (2014 黄冈市) A. will be invited B. am invited C. was inviting D. invited 30. Keep quiet, please! Talking___ during the meeting. (2014 重庆市) A. is not allowed B. is allowed C. doesn't allow D. allows 31. I heard that Line 1 of Ningbo Subway__ last month. (2014 宁波市) A. was tested B. is tested C. tests D. tested 32. —Have you moved into the new house? —Not yet. The rooms__. (2014 益阳市) A. are painting B. have been painted C. are being painted 33. To my great surprise, the famous athlete’s story __differently in the newspapers. (2014 杭州 市) A. was reported B. reported C. was reporting D. reports 34. Many students__ chances to show themselves in class because the class size is too big. (2014 江西省) A. don't give B. aren’t given C. haven’t given D. won’t give

35. Three bridges__ over the river five years ago. (2014 临沂市) A. built B. build C. were built D. are built 36. —__free breakfasts__ in all schools in China? —No, not yet. Only in the rural areas. (2014 昆明市) A. Are; made B. Do; serve C. Are; served D. Do; make

9. 非谓语动词 1. Granny often tell us___ water in our daily life. (2014 泰安市) A. save B. saving C. to save D. saves 2. Jackie asked me ___anything. (2014 聊城市) A. not touch B. not touched C. not touching D. not to touch 3. Listen! I hear someone___ in the classroom. (2014 永州市) A. sing B. singing C. to sing 4. Tom was made___ his own clothes by his sister. (2014 衡阳市) A. wash B. washed C. to wash 5. We should do what we can ___our environment. (2014 绥化市) A. protect B. to protect C. protecting 6. The old man prefers to___ at home rather than___ to have a picnic. (2014 绥化市) A. staying; going B. stay; going C. stay; go 7. The doctor advised my father to give up___.(2014 绥化市) A. smoke B. smoking C. smokes 8. The students in this school are made ___school uniforms on Monday. (2014 内江市) A. to wear B. wearing C. wear D. worn 9. The driver wanted___ his car near the roadside but was asked by the police not to. (2014 苏州 市) A. park B. parked C. to park D. parking 10. —Some children can’t afford ___necessary stationary. —Let’s donate our pocket money to them. (2014 扬州市) A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. be bought 11. —I’m sorry I ____my exercise book at home this morning. —It doesn’t matter. Don’t forget____ it here this afternoon. (2014 达州市) A. left; to take B. forgot; bringing C. left; to bring D. forgot; to bring 12. —My teachers often encourage me____ more friends but I find it difficult. —Your teachers’ idea is right. The more friends you make, ____you will be. (2014 达州市) A. to make; the more happy B. to make; happier C. making; the happier D. to make; the happier 13. —Walking more is good for our health. —You’re right. So I’d rather ____an hour’s walk to work than consider____ a car. (2014 达州市) A. take; driving B. take; drive C. take; to drive D. to take; driving 14. Remember to return the book to the library when you finish ___it. (2014 来宾市) A. read B. to read C. reading D. reads 15. With the ___ of society, our environment is becoming worse and worse. So we should do what we can our environment. (2014 黔东南州) A. develop, protect B. developing, to protect C. development, protect D. development, to protect 16. Many students are looking forward to___ a good time after the final exam. (2014 黔东南州) A. have B. had C. having D. has 17. Tom’s mother told him ___eating too much meat. (2014 黔西南州) A. stopping B. to stop C. stops D. stopped 18. —What did Mr. Green say to his son?

—He told him___. (2014 安顺市) A. didn’t smoke B. don’t smoke C. not to smoke D. not smoke 19. I saw some boy students ___basketball when I passed the playground. (2014 安顺市) A. played B. plays C. playing D. to play 20. —What else should we pay attention to___ building the bridge? —The change of the weather, I think. (2014 淮安市) A. finish B. finished C. to finish D. finishing 21. Li Jun always makes his little sister___ . (2014 邵阳市) A. crying B. to cry C. cry 22. Mrs. Zhao went ___after she finished___ her work last Monday. (2014 巴中市) A. shop; doing B. shopping; doing C. shopping; to do 23. When you leave, please turn off the light__ energy. (2014 天津市) A. save B. saving C. saved D. to save 24. Thanks for____ me with my science. (2014 泸州市) A. help B. to help C. helping D. your help 25. Please remember____ your notebook here tomorrow. (2014 泸州市) A. brings B. brought C. bringing D. to bring 26. —You look so tired! —My mother makes me ___playing the piano for 2 hours every day. (2014 遂宁市) A. practice B. to practice C. practicing 27. Dale used to ___to office in his car, but he is used to___ the bus now. (2014 遂宁市) A. going; taking B. going; take C. go; taking 28. Can you hear someone ___in the classroom? It is Mary. (2014 威海市) A. sing B. sings C. singing D. sang 29. —Would you mind not noise? Alice is sleeping. —Sorry, I didn't know. I___ she was awake. (2014 烟台市) A. make, think B. making, thought C. making , think D. make, thought 30. —What’s the most important morning news on CCTV today? —The Chinese government warned Japan___ do harm to China’s territorial sovereignty again and again. (2014 咸宁市) A. to not B. didn't C. not to 31. —Do you have any difficulty in ___English? —Yes, but I try to make myself___ .(2014 咸宁市) A. to speak; understood B. speaking; understand C. to speak; to understand D. speaking; understood 32. —Why don’t you watch TV at home? —I’d love to, but my mother doesn’t allow me that. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. do B. did C. to do D. doing 33. She used to___ a bus to school, but now she is used to ___to school. (2014 南充市) A. taking; walk B. take; walk C. taking; walking D. take; walking 34. —It is getting cold. Would you mind___ the window? —Of course not. (2014 长沙市)

A. closing B. to close C. closed 35. —Would you like something ___? —Yes, I’d like some___ . (2014 毕节市) A. drink, orange B. to drink, orange C. to eat, oranges D. eat, oranges 36. Most students spend too much time ___ computer games. (2014 毕节市) A. playing B. play C. plays D. played 37. My parents always tell me __ more vegetables and fruit. (2014 北京市) A. eat B. eating C. eats D. to eat 38. —Do you climb mountains every day? —Yes, __a little exercise. I’m so out of shape. (2014 河南省) A. getting B. get C. got D. to get 39. Kate, remember___ for the sick to cheer them up. (2014 成都市) A. to sing B. not to sing C. singing 40. The little girl was crying because her mother didn't allow her___ the ice cream. (2014 重庆 市) A. eat B. eats C. to eat D. ate 41. —The World Cup is coming. I won’t___ any game! —I’m looking forward to _____ every match of it, too. (2014 鄂州市) A. miss; to watch B. miss; watching C. to miss; watch D. to miss; watched 42. My old neighbor Charles enjoys ___photos. He always goes out with his camera. (2014 孝感 市) A. take B. to take C. taking D. took 43. —What do you usually have for breakfast? —I used to ___dumplings, but these days I’m used to___ bread and milk. (2014 随州市) A. eat; have B. eating; having C. eating; have D. eat; having 44. —Mary was heard___ just now. What happened? —Joe was telling her some jokes. (2014 随州市) A. cry B. laugh C. to laugh D. to cry 45. —Grandpa has changed a lot. —So he does. He spends more time then he used to___ games with the children. (2014 黄冈市) A. play B. playing C. played D. plays 46. You’d better ___Oliver about it. It’s secret. (2014 重庆市) A. tell B. to tell C. not tell D. not to tell 47. When summer comes, a lot of people feel like __ to have fun. (2014 黄石市) A. to swim B. swim C. swimming D. have swum 48. —Where’s Tonny now? —I saw him __in the garden a moment ago and I told him__. (2014 黄石市) A. play; go home B. playing; to go home C. to play; goes home D. play; going home 49. Jenny, you should practice as often as you can __ the piano competition. (2014 宁波市) A. fail B. to fail C. win D. to win 50. —I want to go to Xiufeng Park. How can I get there?

— __ there, just go along this street and turn left at the third crossing. (2014 益阳市) A. To get B. Getting C. Get 51. Many fast food restaurants paint their wall red, play loud music and have hard seat __ customers eat quickly and leave. (2014 杭州市) A. make B. to make C. made D. making

10. 情态动词 1. —Let’s go climbing, shall we? —You be____ joking? Don’t you know I’m afraid of high places? (2014 绍兴市) A. may B. can C. must D.should 2. —Could you please have a talk with me? —Sorry, I ____ . I have something important to do now. (2014 绍兴市) A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. may not 3. —Mom, must I take out the trash now? —No, you____. You may take a rest first. (2014 十堰市) A. mustn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. don’t have to 4. —Must we take out the trash now? —___. You can do it after class. (2014 滨州市) A. Yes, you must B. No, you can’t C. Yes, you may D. No, you needn’t 5. People wait until the traffic light becomes green. That’s the traffic rule. (2014 潍坊市) A. must B. can C. need D. may 6. —Is the long-haired man Bruce? —No, it be____ him. He’s in New York now. (2014 聊城市) A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not 7. —Do you have any plans for this weekend? —I’m not sure. I ___ go climbing Mount Tai. (2014 赤峰市) A. must B. need C. may D. have to 8. — ___ you tell us a story in English? —Certainly! (2014 永州市) A. Must B. Should C. Can 9. If I make a lot of money I ___give some to medical research or charities. (2014 枣庄市) A. am going to B. can C. make D. invite 10. The girl in the classroom ___ be Maria. She called me from the library just now. (2014 内江 市) A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t 11. —May I take this magazine out of the reading room? No, you___ . You read it in here. (2014 苏州市) A. mightn’t B. won’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t 12. —___I know by what time you want the project to be done? —By the day after tomorrow. ___you finish it on time? (2014 连云港市) A. May; Can B. Must; Need C. Could; Must D. Need; Would 13. —Life gets easier with the Internet. —That’s true! Almost everything___ be done online. (2014 无锡市) A. can B. need C. must D. should 14. —Excuse me, may I keep the book a little longer? —Sorry. You___ return it today. (2014 扬州市) A. must B. mustn’t C. can D. can’t 15. —Must we clean the room at once? —No, you ___. You can do it after school. (2014 广安市) A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t

16. We should study hard for the future. (2014 黔东南州) A. shall B. are supposed to C. could D. would better 17. — Is the man over there Mr. Brown? —It___ him. He has gone to Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup. (2014 黔西南州) A. may not B. can’t be C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 18. The students ought to wear school uniforms when they’re at school. A. are supposed to B. are allowed to C. would like to D. love to 19. —Must I do my homework now? —No, you___ . You may have a rest. (2014 安顺市) A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D.wouldn’t 20. —Whose is the dictionary? —It___ be Alice’s. Look at her name on the cover. (2014 邵阳市) A. must B. can C. may 21. Students don’t have to wear uniforms on weekends. (2014 巴中市) A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. don't need 22. —Must I water the flowers now, Mum? —No, you___. You ___do it later. (2014 铜仁市) A. mustn’t, must B. mustn’t, may C. needn’t, may D. needn’t, must 23. Look at the “No parking” sign. You __park your car here. (2014 天津市) A. should B. must C. needn’t D. mustn’t 24. —Nancy, is this blue bag Tom’s? —It ___be his. His is black. (2014 遂宁市) A. must B. may C. can’t 25. —Lingling, can I use your e-dictionary? —Sure. But you___ return it after class. (2014 德州市) A. must B. can C. may D. would 26. —Look, someone left a book. —Oh, yeah… This book ___be Kitty’s. Only she likes to read this kind of books. (2014 菏泽市) A. can B. must C. may D. might 27. —Bob, where is Linda? —She___ be in the library, but I am not sure. (2014 威海市) A. must B. may C. need D. has to 28. —I forgot to bring my dictionary. Could I use yours? —Yes, you___. (2014 安徽省) A. can B. must C. could D. should 29. —Who’s singing in the garden? —It ___be Mr. Brown. He always practices singing at this time. (2014 长沙市) A. must B. can’t C. need 30. Look! Laura is getting the first place. ___ fast runner she is! (2014 陕西省) A. How B. What C. How a D. What a 31. —You can hardly imagine the pleasure of talking on the Wechat. —Really? But it___ cause you much trouble if somebody gets your personal information. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. may B. need C. has to

32. —Must I hand in my homework now, Mr. Smith? —No, you __ . (2014 北京市) A. can’t B. shouldn’t C. wouldn’t D. needn’t 33. —Simon, what do I need to take for the hiking? —You’d better __more water than usual. It’s hot today. (2014 南京市) A. to take B. take C. taking D. took 34. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love ___do that. ---Martin Luther King. Jr. A. can B. must C. should 35. Children__ sit in the front seat of a car. It’s too dangerous. (2014 重庆市) A. need B. needn’t C. must D. mustn’t 36. —Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I ___ not remember. Let me try and I’ll understand. —I believe it. (2014 宜昌市) A. should B. may C. must D. need 37. The lady in red ___be over fifty! She looks so young. (2014 孝感市) A. must B. mustn’t C. can D. can’t 38. The man is feeling much better now, so you___ call a doctor. (2014 重庆市) A. needn’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn't 39. —Is that Kate’s car? —It __ be hers. She has just gone for a meeting. (2014 武汉市) A. can’t B. should C. mustn’t D. may 40. — __ you leave now? You only arrived here an hour ago. —Sorry, but so much homework is waiting for me. (2014 宁波市) A. May B. Must C. Can D. Might 41. —Must I be in hospital for a week, doctor? —No, you __. You can go back home tomorrow. (2014 益阳市) A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t 42. If you __ smoke, please go outside. (2014 杭州市) A. can B. may C. must D. might 43. After you read the article” Why fast food is slowly killing you”, you __stop eating fast food. (2014 东营市) A. can B. may C. have to D. should 44. We __pay to get into the concert. It’s free. (2014 江西省) A. can’t B. mustn’t C. might not D. don't have to 45. Here is my phone number. You __call me anytime you like. (2014 丽水市) A. must B. can C. should D. need

11. 动词短语 1. —Do you _____your son after school? —No. He comes back home on the school bus. (2014 绍兴市) A. pick up B. look after C. drop in D. send for 2. —The song Where did the time go ____the old days and the love of family. —Sure. It’s my favorite song. (2014 十堰市) A. helps us out B. reminds us of C. lets us down D. regards us as 3. Smoking is bad for your health. You’d better____. (2014 滨州市) A. set it up B. give it up C. pick it up D. look it up 4. —Have you seen the film Coming Home directed by Zhang Yimou? —Not yet. I’m ____seeing it. It’s said the film is great! (2014 潍坊市) A. looking down on B. looking out for C. looking up to D. looking forward to 5. It’s too cold outside today. You’d better____ your jacket. (2014 潍坊市) A. put on B. put up C. take off D. take after 6. Li Yan is a helpful girl. She always ____my little sister while I’m away. (2014 抚州市) A. looks for B. takes after C. looks after D. runs after 7. —You’d better ___ early. It is good for your health. —Thanks. I’ll do as you say. (2014 赤峰市) A. get up B. to get up C. getting up D. got up 8. Last Sunday she___ and they had a good time. (2014 枣庄市) A. hung out with her friends B. had an ice cream C. took some photos D. went to the park 9. Liu Huan, a famous male singer, has long hair, because he ___long hair. (2014 枣庄市) A. used to have B. is used to having C. is used for having D. is used to have 10. —What is Amy doing? —She’s ___ her English book. (2014 绥化市) A. looking B. looking for C. looking out 11. Oh, you are so clever! You have ___a solution to the difficult problem! (2014 内江市) A. gone on with B. made up C. come up with D. given out 12. China is going to ____a manned space station around 2020 to explore more space. (2014 连云 港市) A. set up B. put up C. wake up D. turn up 13. It’s not the right time to argue about who should be blamed. We’d better___ and find a way out as soon as possible. (2014 无锡市) A. stay up B. give up C. calm down D. look down 14. —Do you know the latest information about Flight MH370? —I’ve no idea. Let’s ___the TV to watch the news program. (2014 扬州市) A. turn on B. turn down C. turn up D. turn off 15. UNICEF was___ in 1946. It works to help children live a better life. (2014 盐城市) A. set up B. put up C. picked up D. turned up 16. The teacher takes pride in his students. (2014 黔东南州) A. is pride in B. is proud in C. is proud of D. was proud of 17. The doctor asked him to give up smoking. (2014 黔东南州)

A. give to B. go on C. stop D. give in 18. Mr. Green is very happy because he is satisfied with his students’ work today. (2014 黔西南 州) A. is moved by B. is good for C. is fond of D. is pleased by 19. Dick___ in America, but he has been___ Chinese food since he moved to China. (2014 安顺 市) A. used to live; used to eating B. is used to live; used to eat C. used to live; used to eating D. used to living; used to eat 20. Spring has come. We can’t ___the plan. The tress must be planted this week. (2014 安顺市) A. put off B. make up C. come up with D. look up 21. You should ___smoking. It’s really bad for your health. (2014 淮安市) A. look up B. give up C. get up D. set up th 22. The 18 Jiangsu Provincial Games will___ in September. Many students want to be volunteers. (2014 淮安市) A. take place B. take part C. take action D. take care 23. Kate does well in singing. (2014 巴中市) A. is good for B. is good at C. is good with 24. Bob is similar to his father, they are both outgoing. (2014 巴中市) A. looks after B. looks for C. takes after 25. My brother often borrows my money, but he doesn’t return it. (2014 巴中市) A. get it back B. give it back C. give back it 26. It’s cold outside, please___ your coat when you go out. (2014 巴中市) A. put on B. dress C. wear 27. The book won’t __until the end of the year. (2014 天津市) A. come out B. come over C. come true D. come on 28. Be friendly and you’ll __well with other. (2014 天津市) A. look at B. get on C. put on D. pick up 29. —Don’t__ late, Mary. You have a singing competition tomorrow morning. —Ok, dad, I’ll go to bed right now. (2014 温州市) A. dress up B. grow up C. stay up D. mix up 30. We are planning to go for a picnic this weekend, but it ___the weather. (2014 遂宁市) A. keeps on B. puts on C. depends on 31. Mike is___ , but his brother Sam is much___ . (2014 宜宾市) A. heavy; heavier B. heavy; heaviest C. heavier; heaviest D. heavier; the heaviest 32. The old man was so ___the good news that he couldn’t say a word. (2014 宜宾市) A. interested in B. excited about C. afraid of D. worried about 33. If you want to know more information about the coming party, please___ the website: http: // www. (2014 德州市) A. set up B. look through C. pick out D. turn off 34. “Learning from Lei Feng Day” is only two weeks from now. We need to ___a plan about it. (2014 菏泽市) A. come up with B. put up C. call up D. set up 35. Learning Chinese really___ my mind to the Chinese world. (2014 烟台市)

A. called up B. turned up C. opened up D. made up 36. —Peng Liyuan is___ Chinese people as a beautiful and popular singer. —And now she is also the First Lady in China. (2014 咸宁市) A. known as B. proud of C. famous for D. well-known to 37. —Did you ever listen to Zhang Lili’s story yesterday afternoon? —Yes. We all ___listening carefully and were moved deeply. (2014 咸宁市) A. enjoyed ourselves B. helped ourselves to C. lost ourselves in D. put ourselves in 38. —When will your new book___ ? —It has not been decided yet. (2014 咸宁市) A. find out B. come out C. look up D. set up 39. —The shoes are very nice. I’ll take them. —You’d better first. I’m afraid the size is a bit small for you. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. pay for them B. take them off C. put them on D. try them on 40. The radio is too loud. Please___ . (2014 南充市) A. turn it down B. turn it up C. turn it on D. turn it over 41. As time___, you’ll come to think of English as your friend and love it. (2014 安徽省) A. goes by B. runs out C. takes off D. turns up 42. Rose finished her study in the university and went to___ a good job. (2014 安徽省) A. take after B. look after C. care for D. search for 43. Our school is planning to___ a band to give the students a chance to show their musical talent. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. take up B. set up C. pick up 44. This bus doesn't go to the train station. I’m afraid you’ll have to __ at the library and take the A52. (2014 河南省) A. take off B. put off C. get off D. turn off 45. —Yesterday Tommy walked past my table and __my bowls and dishes. —He should be careful next time. (2014 南京市) A. knocked off B. took off C. showed off D. turned off 46. Mum wants to watch the CCTV news. Let’s ___the TV. (2014 成都市) A. turn down B. turn on C. turn off 47. We should think more of others if we want to___ them. (2014 重庆市) A. get on well with B. hear of C. get ready for D. hear from 48. —Everyone must___ the security check before getting on the plane at the airport. —Yes. It’s necessary to ensure the passengers’ safety. (2014 鄂州市) A. get through B. get across C. go through D. go across 49. —The misuse of personal information is becoming very serious. —How terrible! The public safety department must ___a solution. (2014 宜昌市) A. take up B. catch up C. come up D. think up 50. You should try to ___the problems by yourself. You’re not a child any longer. (2014 孝感市) A. get on B. get into C. get over D. get off 51. —Jim, you look sleepy. What’s wrong?

—I___ to write a report last night. (2014 随州市) A. looked up B. ended up C. stayed up D. took up 52. —Another good idea! And we could each call up ten people and ask them to come. —Hey, we’re ___a lot of good ideas, aren’t we? (2014 黄冈市) A. getting along with B. coming up with C. catching up with D. doing well in 53. She wants to___ her job and go to study in Australia. (2014 重庆市) A. grow up B. wake up C. pick up D. give up 54. About 50 family members of the Chinese passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ___answers at the meeting. (2014 黄石市) A. call for B. call up C. call on D. call in 55. I used to __ with my wife and watch TV movies at home. (2014 武汉市) A. show up B. wake up C. come up D. stay up 56. At the road to the airport is under repair, we will have to __ early to get there in time. (2014 宁波市) A. turn off B. take off C. put off D. set off 57. —You’d better hurry. We’ll be late for the plane. —Don't worry. The plane will __ in two hours. (2014 益阳市) A. take out B. take away C. take off 58. The boats take different routes, but they all__ in the same place. (2014 杭州市) A. give up B. clear up C. end up D. make up 59. —Are you going to Brazil to watch 2014 FIFA World Cup this summer> —I’m not sure. It __time. (2014 东营市) A. depends on B. cares about C. agrees to D. finds out 60. CoCo Lee was born in Hong Kong but__ in America. (2014 东营市) A. picked up C. gave up C. grew up D. dressed up 61. Recycling is good, __ so don't bottles or newspapers. (2014 江西省) A. find out B. hand in C. use up D. throw away 62. —What are you busy doing these days, Mr Zhao? —I __my newborn baby. You can’t imagine how busy I am! (2014 山西省) A. look after B. looked after C. am looking after 63. —Mum, I did best in our group discussion today. —Well done! I __you. (2014 山西省) A. am mad at B. am patient with C. am proud of 64. Many successful people have the same quality-- they never__ no matter what difficulties they’ve had. (2014 山西省) A. give up B. stay up C. cheer up 65. It’s a bad habit to __ what you can do today until tomorrow. (2014 丽水市) A. write down B. talk about C. worry about D. put off 66. —Does Mary only have an apple for breakfast? —Yes. She eats like a bird __ . (2014 丽水市) A. to wake up B. to be strong C. to lose weight D. to fall asleep 67. We are supposed to __ a solution to stop people from looking down at their mobile phones while driving cars. (2014 昆明市)

A. come up with

B. come from

C. come out

D. come true

12. 形容词和副词 1. —Guess what! Tersa makes her own clothes. —Wow, she is so______ . I could never do that. (2014 绍兴市) A. simple B. creative C. popular D. energetic 2. —Is your headache getting___? —No, it’s worse. (2014 泰安市) A. better B. bad C. less D.well 3. —Excuse me, would you please speak a little more___? —Sorry, I thought you could follow me. (2014 滨州市) A. sadly B. quickly C. politely D. slowly 4. —Tom, are you___ boy in your class? —No, but John is. I’m shorter than him. (2014 滨州市) A. the tallest B. the shortest C. the youngest D. the oldest 5. — Have you heard the song Stay Here Forever? —Yes. It sounds___. (2014 济宁市) A. well B. loudly C. sweet D. beautifully 6. Taobao. com is one of ___shopping websits in China. (2014 济宁市) A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest 7. Tomorrow is Anna’s birthday. Her mother is going to make a ___ meal for her. (2014 抚州市) A. big B. common C. quick D. simple 8. Grace is pretty healthy because she ___exercises and eats a lot of vegetables. (2014 抚州市) A. never B. hardly C. sometimes D. often 9. I believe you’ll make ___progress if you work harder. (2014 抚州市) A. greater B. less C. the greatest D. the least 10. I think Spiderman is ___ cartoon I’ve ever seen. (2014 聊城市) A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting D. the most interesting 11. It’s dark. I can’t see the words on the blackboard ___. (2014 聊城市) A. carefully B. clearly C. silently D. patiently 12. This tree is___ than that one. (2014 永州市) A. taller B. tall C. the tallest 13. There are many beautiful flowers in the world, but in parents’ eyes, their children are of ___all. (2014 衡阳市) A. as beautiful as B. more beautiful C. most beautiful 14. Tom doesn’t like thrillers because it’s___ . (2014 枣庄市) A. funny B. interesting C. exciting D. scary 15. Of all the teachers I love the ones who are ___because they treat students as their family members. (2014 枣庄市) A. the strongest B. the friendliest C. the most experienced D. the funniest 16. She likes___ cookies. They are hard dry and easily broken. (2014 枣庄市) A. salty B. sweet C. sour D. crispy 17. The ___you do for others, the ___you will feel. (2014 绥化市) A. mucher; happier B. more; happier C. much; happy 18. There isn’t a train station near my home. The ___one is about 100 miles away. (2014 绥化市)

A. busiest B. newest C. nearest 19. Keep all the windows ___ , it’s too hot in the room. (2014 绥化市) A. opened B. open C. closed 20. The cakes taste ___ , and they sell ___ . I will buy some. (2014 绥化市) A. good; well B. well; well C. well; good 21. If you have ___ new message on it, please call me. (2014 绥化市) A. any B. some C. lots 22. — What do you think of receiving and giving gifts? —I think the art of receiving a gift is than the art of giving. (2014 内江市) A. much more difficult B. very more difficult C. much difficult D. as difficult as 23. —The picture is, I have to say, not a bit beautiful. —Why? It’s ____than the pictures I have ever seen. (2014 苏州市) A. far more beautiful B. much less beautiful C. no more beautifu D. any less beautiful 24. I could____ control my feelings at the moment. The song brought back so many childhood memories. (2014 连云港市) A. really B. hardly C. nearly D. clearly 25. Mr Black used to be busy. But now he’s tired and___ , so he has plenty of time to exercise. (2014 连云港市) A. hard B. calm C. free D. nervous 26. A little wine will not be___ to your health. Just don’t drink too much. (2014 无锡市) A. helpful B. helpless C. harmful D. harmless 27. The shop owner suddenly stopped talking with his mouth___ like a big “O”. It was the President! (2014 无锡市) A. tight closed B. tightly closed C. wide open D. widely open 28. —It’s said that Mo Yan’s speech was wonderful. —That’s true. We clapped our hands___ many times during his speech yesterday. (2014 扬州市) A. excited B. excitedly C. exciting D. excitingly 29. After the earthquake, we heard of lots of ___stories, and all of us were deeply___ . (2014 来 宾市) A. moving; moved B. moving; moving C. moved; moving D. moved; moved 30. —What do you think___ invention in the 21st century? —Internet, I think. (2014 广安市) A. important B. more important C. the most important 31. People usually like the TV channels with funnier programs but___ advertisements. (2014 盐 城市) A. few B. little C. fewer D. less 32. It was raining___ when my sister and I got to the museum. (2014 盐城市) A. badly B. softly C. hardly D. heavily 33. —How___ Li Ming writes! —Yes, he is the___ in our class. (2014 黔东南州) A. carefully, most careful B. careful, most careful

C. carefully, careful D. careful, careful 34. The bread smells___ and it sells___ . (2014 黔西南州) A. well; good B. good; good C. good; well D. well; well 35. —Fred is studying Chinese in one evening school. —Is that true? He has ___told me about it. (2014 安顺市) A. ever B. even C. already D. never 36. Mum likes making pies and the pies she cooks always taste___ . (2014 淮安市) A. good B. well C. bad D. badly 37. New teenagers are very busy with their schoolwork and they have ___time to do exercise. (2014 淮安市) A. few B. little C. a few D. a little 38. Prince George is___ lovely that many people like him very much. (2014 淮安市) A. very B. such C. as D. so 39. —Do you know Mo Yan? —Of course. He is one of ___ writers in China. He won the Nobel Prize in 2012. (2014 邵阳市) A. famous B. more famous C. the most famous 40. —Are you feeling better now? —Yes. I’m ___to go to school. (2014 巴中市) A. good enough B. enough well C. well enough 41. Da Shan is ___at Chinese. He can speak Chinese very___ . (2014 铜仁市) A. good, good B. well, well C. good, well D. well, good 42. The Yangzhi River is one of___ in the world. (2014 铜仁市) A. the longest rivers B. the longest river C. longer rivers D. longer river 43. Mo Yan is one of__ writers in the world. (2014 天津市) A. famous B. more famous C. most famous D. the most famous 44. We don’t want to speak badly or __in front of the class. (2014 天津市) A. clearly B. carefully C. carelessly D. properly 45. Leo was __so that he rushed to the kitchen, hoping to find something to eat. (2014 温州市) A. thirsty B. hungry C. tired D. sleepy 46. —How often do you go skating? —__I can’t skate at all. (2014 温州市) A. Always B. Sometimes C. Seldom D. Never 47. Linda is one of____ students in our class. (2014 泸州市) A. good B. better C. feels D. the best 48. —How do you feel about the movie? —Wonderful! I’ve never seen a ___one before. (2014 遂宁市) A. good B. better C. best 49. The basketball match was really fantastic, ___when Shu-How Lin scored in the last second. (2014 德州市) A. probably B. especially C. exactly D. mostly 50. —Would you like some cakes, Allen? —Yes, please. And I also want some water. I’m so ___! (2014 德州市) A. lazy B. hungry C. sleepy D. thirsty 51. —What does your father think of your school report this term?

—The smile on his face shows that he is___ what I have done in my study. (2014 德州市) A. surprised with B. afraid of C. angry with D. pleased with 52. —It’s one of the ___things in the world to stay with friends. —I agree. It always makes us relaxed. (2014 德州市) A. worst B. happiest C. busiest D. hardest 53. I’d love to go to the English evening. But I’m a little , because I will be asked to sing an English song in front of the whole school. (2014 菏泽市) A. tired B. sad C. nervous D. pleased 54. People who eat a balanced diet should be___ than those who only eat hamburgers. (2014 菏泽 市) A. clever B. cleverer C. healthy D. healthier 55. I am sorry this coat is not big enough. I want a ___one. (2014 威海市) A. bigger B. big C. smaller D. small 56. To my surprise, my brother can speak English ___ . (2014 威海市) A. lively B. perfectly C. badly D. friendly 57. —Would you please tell me the way to the Pacific Hotel? —Go ___the post office, and you will find it on the left. (2014 烟台市) A. pass B. past C. to pass D. passed 58. —What do you think of her teaching English? —Great! No one teaches ___in our school. (2014 咸宁市) A. good B. worse C. better D. best 59. —As we know it’s difficult to live in a foreign country. —___if you can’t understand the language there. (2014 咸宁市) A. Exactly B. Naturally C. Usually D. Especially 60. The box was than I had expected. I was out of breath when I got home. (2014 呼和浩特 市) A. more heavier B. much heavier C. little heavier D. very heavier 61. —I think English is as ___as maths. —I agree with you. (2014 南充市) A. more interesting B. most interesting C. the most interesting D. interesting 62. It is ___for me to follow the Australian guests because I am good at English. (2014 安徽省) A. bad B. easy C. hard D. right 63. If my friends have any problems, my door is ___open to them. (2014 安徽省) A. never B. seldom C. sometimes D. always 64. —Oh, it was fantastic! Lily danced so well. —Well, I think Kate danced___ than Lily. (2014 长沙市) A. well B. better C. best 65. Lucy is a(n) ___ student, she answers the teachers’ questions ___ in her class. (2014 陕西省) A. more active; more actively B. active; more actively C. more active; the most actively D. active; the most actively 66. If you want to get on well with your classmates, you’d better not think too much about yourself, because a selfless child is popular___. (2014 哈尔滨市)

A. somewhere B. everywhere C. where 67. There are many___ chances hidden in the challenges. Open your eyes to find them and catch them in your hands. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. valuable B. opposite C. surprised 68. —Which season do you like__, winter or summer? —Summer. (2014 北京市) A. well B. better C. best D. the best 69. It’s possible to get $100 a day in this company, and some days you can get __ . (2014 河南省) A. much B. more C. little D. fewer 70. —Where shall we eat tonight? —Let’s call Harry. He __ knows the best places to go. (2014 河南省) A. only B. nearly C. seldom D. always 71. —Do you enjoy Han Lei’s songs? —Yes. He is the winner of I’m Singer II. I can’t think of anyone with a __voice. (2014 南京市) A. better B. best C. more D. most 72. Don't worry. We have___ food in the fridge now. (2014 成都市) A. much B. many C. little 73. Li Ke___ runs in the morning, for he wants to be healthy. (2014 成都市) A. never B. often C. hardly 74. It is ___to do things well than do big things poorly. (2014 成都市) A. worse B. funnier C. better 75. —That clothes store is ___on weekends. —I see. I’ll go there next Monday then. (2014 重庆市) A. open B. close C. opened D. closed 76. Lin Fang comes home___ than before this term. She doesn't have so many classes in the afternoon. (2014 重庆市) A. early B. earlier C. late D. later 77. He was chosen to be a volunteer of the Olympic Games. —___Great! No one speaks English him. (2014 鄂州市) A. as beautiful as B. as badly as C. worse than D. better than 78. —The Chinese government is trying to solve the problems between China and other neighboring countries ___. —A ___way is better for all. (2014 宜昌市) A. peaceful; peaceful B. peaceful; peacefully C. peacefully; peaceful D. peacefully, peacefully 79. —Will Betty take part in this year ’s talent show? —I’m sure she will. She is especially___ at singing and dancing. (2014 宜昌市) A. lucky B. realistic C. pleased D. good 80. “Food Safety” has become one of ___topics recently. (2014 孝感市) A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. the hottest 81. —How is Lucy’s English? —She always does very well in her English exams. But she can___ understand English radio programs. (2014 随州市) A. always B. already C. easily D. hardly

82. —Tina, breakfast is ready. Dad cooked it for us. —It can’t have been Father. He ___early on Sundays. (2014 黄冈市) A. always gets up B. often got up C. had got up D. never gets up 83. I’ll ___stay at that hotel again. It’s so dirty and noisy. (2014 重庆市) A. really B. usually C. still D. never 84. Come here at Christmas! You can buy___ clothes in a year. (2014 重庆市) A. the cheapest B. cheaper C. the worst D. worse 85. It is not so___ as yesterday, so there are ___people walking in Tuan Chengshan Park today. (2014 黄石市) A. cold; fewer B. warm; more C. cold; more D. warm; most 86. —We’ve no money and the last bus has gone. Any__ ideas? —Oh, Tom’ll drive home from work at this time. Ask him for a ride? A. funny B. bright C. opposite D. correct 87. —I really like to watch the TV program I AM A SINGER. —Me, too. It’s one of the __TV programs I’ve ever seen. (2014 宁波市) A. least boring B. least interesting C. most boring D. most interesting 88. —Did you go to the cinema last night? —Oh, no. I__ go to the cinema. The tickets, you know, are too expensive. (2014 宁波市) A. always B. hardly C. usually D. often 89. —As a student, we should study hard. —Yes. __we study, __results we’ll get. (2014 益阳市) A. The hard; the good B. The harder; the best C. The harder; the better 90. Of the two shirts, I’d like to choose the__ one to save some money for a cap. (2014 杭州市) A. cheapest B. cheaper C. more expensive D. most expensive th 91. On March 8 , Flight MH370 went missing. The news brought great sadness to us, __the families of the passengers. (2014 东营市) A. even B. only C. also D. especially 92. Overseas experience may help make our life__. So why not try to study abroad? (2014 东营 市) A. usual B. useful C. successful D. traditional 93. You have to be __and wait until I finish my work. (2014 江西省) A. patient B. strict C. honest D. active 94. My sister __ goes to bed early because she needs a lot of sleep every day. (2014 江西省) A. always B. sometimes C. hardly D. never 95. There will be__ jobs for people because some robots will do the same jobs as people. (2014 江西省) A. many B. more C. fewer D. fewest 96. —Have you watched A Bite of China recently? —Of course. I do believe Chinese food is __in the world. (2014 山西省) A. the most delicious B. more delicious C. delicious 97. —The song Where did the time go tells us that our parents grow old without being noticed. —We should stay with them as__ as possible. (2014 山西省) A. often B. soon C. little 98. We are happy to see our city is developing__ these years than before. (2014 临沂市)

A. quickly B. the most quickly C. very quickly D. more quickly 99. Steve isn’t as__ as Kelly. He often makes mistakes in his writing. (2014 丽水市) A. careless B. tidy C. careful D. difficult 100. The safety of food has become one of__ the problems in our daily life. (2014 昆明市) A. more expensive B. more important C. most expensive D. most important 101. —Although Ms Zhou is an old lady, she is always in the pink. —Yes. Because she exercises every day and eats a balance diet. (2014 昆明市) A. healthy B. lucky C. beautiful D. creative 102. —It’s smoggy these days. That’s terrible! —Yes, I hope to plant trees. __ trees, __air pollution. (2014 昆明市) A. The more; the fewer B. The less; the more C. The less; the fewer D. The more; the less

13. 介词 1.It’s friendly ___him to help me when I’m in trouble. (2014 十堰市) A. of B. with C. to D. in 2. A ship from South Korea sank into the sea ___April 16, 2014. (2014 滨州市) A. in B. on C. at D. for 3. —What can I do for you? —I hope I have a nice house a big garden. (2014 潍坊市) A. of B. with C. from D. about 4. Meimei is a beautiful girl___ big eyes and dark hair. (2014 济宁市) A. in B. on C. at D. with 5. —How soon will his father come back from London? —___a week. (2014 聊城市) A. Since B. In C. At D. On 6. I get up ___ 6:30 in the morning. (2014 永州市) A. in B. at C. on 7. This boy was born___ the morning of July 6th, 2010. (2014 绥化市) A. in B. at C. on 8. When people mention planes, it will remind the parents___ their daughter on the Malaysian Airlines plane MH370. (2014 内江市) A. with B. for C. in D. of 9. The castle stands in a quiet place___ the main road at the far end of the river. (2014 苏州市) A. to B. for C. off D. out 10. — A person’s life is like a road ___lots of difficulties. —Yes, so we need positive energy. (2014 连云港市) A. by B. with C. along D. during 11. I hope the train will arrive on time, but it’s___ my control. (2014 无锡市) A. within B. without C. under D. beyond 12. —This problem is far___ me. I’m afraid I can’t work it out. —Don’t worry, we will help you. (2014 扬州市) A. beyond B. beside C. behind D. between 13. —When is Jay’s concert? —It’s___ three o’clock ___the afternoon. (2014 来宾市) A. at; in B. at; on C. in; in D. on; in 14. — Li Na is good at tennis. She is my favorite player. —Yes. Everyone in China is proud ___her. (2014 广安市) A. of B. for C. with 15. Many cities in China, ___Beijing, have been deeply affected by dirty air. (2014 盐城市) A. including B. behind C. without D. beyond 16. —Is the wine made ___grapes? —Yes, it’s made ___France. (2014 黔东南州) A. of, in B. from, in C. from, by D. of, as 17. It’s kind___ you ___help me with my English. (2014 安顺市) A. of; to B. for; to C. of; for D. to; to 18. Thanks ___Mr. Hu, we have learnt many English songs. (2014 巴中市)

A. for B. at C. to 19. —How can we protect ourselves___ the earthquake? —We should stay calm first. (2014 铜仁市) A. with B. about C. for D. from 20. We’ll play basketball___ Class 2 tomorrow. (2014 铜仁市) A. over B. against C. to D. for 21. Cambridge is a small city__ the east of England. (2014 天津市) A. between B. with C. in D. under 22. Can you tell me what happened____ him just now? (2014 泸州市) A. with B. for C. to D. at st 23. It is believed that___ December 21 , 1891, the first basketball game in history was played. (2014 菏泽市) A. on B. in C. at D. by 24. We are leaving tomorrow. We will be away ___next Friday. (2014 威海市) A. from B. until C. on D. since 25. —What would you like your afternoon tea? —Just a cup of coffee some sugar and milk. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. of; with B. of; without C. for; with D. for; without 26. —When were you born? —I was born ___a cold winter morning in 1994. (2014 南充市) A. in B. at C. on D. of 27. ___the exam, we’ll say goodbye to our dear teachers, classmates as well as our beautiful school. (2014 安徽省) A. In B. For C. After D. Through 28. Mother’s Day is ___the second Sunday in May in the United States. (2011 长沙市) A. on B. in C. at 29. ___ the development of economy, my hometown is becoming more and more beautiful. (2014 毕节市) A. In B. On C. By D. With 30. The sweet smell of the flowers in the garden comes in___ the open window, making us feel in a good mood. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. on B. with C. through 31. I sometimes help my mom with her housework __Saturdays. (2014 北京市) A. at B. in C. on D. to 32. A conversation __a wise person is worth ten year’s study of books. (2014 河南省) A. for B. like C. with D. to 33. Nanjing Lishui Strawberry Festival opened __ March in Fujiabian Modern Agricultural Park this year. (2014 南京市) A. on B. at C. in D. to 34. Gina, what’s this___ English? (2014 成都市) A. by B. for C. in th 35. Mr. Green’s office is___ the 26 floor. You can take the lift there. (2014 重庆市) A. at B. in C. on D. for

36. —She sold her treasures to cure her mother’s illness, even though it was___ her own wishes. —It’s so kind ___her. (2014 鄂州市) A. against; of B. above; of C. on; for D. for; for th 37. My friend, Susan, was born___ September 12 , 1999. (2014 孝感市) A. in B. at C. on D. for 38. —What time do you usually go to school, Jack? —___about half past seven. (2014 重庆市) A. On B. In C. At D. For 39. Uncle Tom lives __ a farm __ the country. (2014 益阳市) A. in; at B. near; on C. on; in 40. They usually go shopping __their lunch break. (2014 杭州市) A. against B. among C. between D. during th 41. On May 10 , a horse was found running happily __ the busy street in Beijing. (2014 东营市) A. at B. of C. in D. from 42. Now, people regard drinking tea __a culture more than a habit. (2014 临沂市) A. as B. by C. of D. with 43. __all his pocket money, Dan bought a present for his mother on Mother’s Day. (2014 丽水市) A. With B. For C. By D. In 44. Teenagers should be encouraged to go__ and be close to nature. (2014 昆明市) A. inside B. back C. outside D. off

14. 连词 1. I really like the photo of my family___ my sister took in the city park last year. (2014 绍兴市) A. which B. who C. what D. whom 2. Your dream will come true___ you put your heart and soul into it. (2014 泰安市) A. if B. unless C. although D. until 3. ___ we deal with our problems, we can easily become unhappy. (2014 十堰市) A. Until B. If C. Unless D. Though 4. The teacher asked me to read aloud ___all the students could hear me. (2014 滨州市) A. so that B. for C. because D. in order to 5. Laura opened the door and rushed into the rain___ I could stop her. (2014 济宁市) A. until B. after C. before D. unless 6. Tom knew nothing ___his friend told him. (2014 抚州市) A. because B. until C. since D. if 7. —Would you like to have dinner with us? —I’d love to, ___I’m too busy now. (2014 聊城市) A. and B. or C. but D. so 8. —Will you please give the message to Helen? —Sure. I’ll give it to her ___ she arrives here. (2014 赤峰市) A. until B. although C. before D. as soon as 9. Hurry up, ___ you’ll be late for school. (2014 赤峰市) A. but B. and C. or D. then 10. ___we felt tire, ___we felt happy. (2014 衡阳市) A. Though; but B. If; but C. Though; / 11. Come on, Mike! You will miss the bus___ you hurry up. (2014 内江市) A. unless B. if C. after D. because 12. Read this article, ___you will understand that not everything can be bought with money. (2014 苏州市) A. or B. and C. but D. so 13. On those foggy days, you could hardly see anything around you ___it was at noon. (2014 无 锡市) A. so B. because C. but D. though 14. —The air pollution is terrible. —It will be worse ___we take action to protect the environment. (2014 扬州市) A. if B. unless C. until D. when 15. I didn’t know the news ___you told me. Thank you for telling me that. (2014 来宾市) A. unless B. though C. until D. while 16. I’m going to take him to some famous hutongs___ he can learn more about China. (2014 盐城 市) A. because B. when C. so that D. as if 17. ___it is raining hard, they are still working in the open air. (2014 黔东南州) A. Because B. When C. Though D. Before 18. They will lose the game___ they try their best. (2014 黔西南州) A. unless B. once C. since D. after 19. He didn’t go to school yesterday___ he was ill. (2014 黔西南州)

A. because B. because of C. if D. so 20. Study hard, ___you will pass the exam. (2014 安顺市) A. so B. or C. but D. and 21. It was raining heavily. __we decided to stay at home and watch TV. (2014 天津市) A. but B. or C. because D. so 22. __he was very tired, he continued working in his office. (2014 天津市) A. Since B. Although C. As soon as D. Because 23. —Excuse me, is it my turn now? —Not yet. Please wait on the chair __your name is called. (2014 温州市) A. and B. until C. although D. since 24. The movie is ____wonderful____ I want to see it again. (2014 泸州市) A. too; to B. so; that C. as; as D. so; as 25. —Lucy, save water, ___we will have no water to drink in the future. —OK, you’re quite right. (2014 遂宁市) A. or B. and C. so 26. —Are you going out, Mike? It’s really late now. —It’s the last day to buy tickets to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, ___I must go now. (2014 德州市) A. if B. or C. so D. though 27. —When will you return the book to me? —I’ll give it to you ___I finish it. (2014 菏泽市) A. once B. until C. as soon as D. unless 28. Why not look up the new word in a dictionary ___ you don’t know it? (2014 威海市) A. if B. that C. though D. whether 29. Father won’t allow me to play outside ___I wash up the dishes. (2014 烟台市) A. if not B. if C. unless D. because 30. Rick has learned a lot about Chinese culture ___he came to China. (2014 安徽省) A. before B. when C. until D. since 31. —It’s so late. Why not write the report tomorrow? —But I don't know ___I can do it if not now. (2014 安徽省) A. why B. when C. how D. where 32. ___the sun was not yet up, many people were already taking exercise in the square. (2014 安 徽省) A. As B. If C. Though D. Because 33. Spend more time talking with your parents, ___they may not well understand you. (2014 安徽 省) A. or B. so C. and D. but 34. It’s going to rain. You’d better take an umbrella ___you may get wet. (2014 长沙市) A. or B. and C. but 35. I won’t go to tomorrow’s party ___I am invited. (2014 长沙市) A. if B. unless C. when 36. Don't run in the classroom, ___ you may hurt yourself. (2014 陕西省) A. and B. or C. but D. so 37. I’d like to go with you, __I’m too busy. (2014 北京市)

A. or B. and C. so D. but 38. He’s not a perfect child. He sometimes talks back __ his parents talk with him. (2014 河南省) A. if B. before C. when D. until 39. __Lin Feng has to work late, she always wears a smile on her face. (2014 南京市) A. Because B. If C. Until D. Though 40. ___I am in trouble, my classmates will help me out. (2014 成都市) A. Before B. Whenever C. Although 41. Confucius once said, “Everything has beauty, ___ not everyone sees it.” (2014 成都市) A. but B. or C. and 42. Practice more, ___you’ll do better in playing chess. (2014 重庆市) A. but B. and C. when D. after 43. —We will certainly enter a good high school ___we work hard. —Yes. Our dream will come true by working hard. (2014 鄂州市) A. as soon as B. as long as C. as far as D. even if 44. Her grandfather lives a simple life___ he has much money. (2014 孝感市) A. because B. so C. though D. if 45. —What do you think of this soap opera? —I think it’s very boring, ___my mother can’t wait to watch it every day. (2014 随州市) A. and B. but C. or D. so 46. —I can hardly believe my eyes. Is that you, Lucy? —Yes. It has been almost 20 years ___we were together. (2014 黄冈市) A. since B. before C. after D. until 47. I’d like to have a try, ___I may fail. (2014 重庆市) A. since B. though C. until D. after 48. The students can’t go home __ they finish cleaning the classroom, for it’s their duty. (2014 黄 石市) A. when B. since C. if D. until 49. Jim’s a taxi driver, __ he really wants to be a doctor. (2014 武汉市) A. or B. and C. so D. but 50. —May I go to the movies with you? —I’m afraid not __ you have a ticket, because I have only one. (2014 益阳市) A. if B. unless C. though 51. In summer milk will quickly go bad __it is put into a fridge. (2014 杭州市) A. though B. unless C. because D. once 52. It is better to travel 10,000 miles__ to read 10,000 books. (2014 东营市) A. as B. but C. nor D. than 53. __jeans were invented over 100 years ago, they’re still in fashion today. (2014 江西省) A. Because B. If C. Although D. Since 54. —Mrs. Li, will you be angry __your students don't obey the rules in class? —A little. But I will stop them in a friendly way. (2014 山西省) A. if B. unless C. though 55. Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, __ you know they are there. (2014 丽 水市) A. as B. but C. for D. then

56. __ Frank left school at 16, he still became a successful writer. (2014 丽水市) A. Ever since B. In fact C. After all D. Even though 57. The left-behind kids can’t see their parents __ the parents come back home from work. (2014 昆明市) A. but B. until C. or D. if

15. 宾语从句 1. —I can’t decide _____on vacation. Any advice? —What about Hainan? It’s warm in winter. (2014 绍兴市) A. when I will go B. where will I go C. when will I go D. where I will go 2. —Do you___ know the Capital Museum? —Next Friday. (2014 泰安市) A. when will they visit B. when they will visit C. when did they visit D. when they visited 3. —Could you please tell me___? —Of course. Many people in Shiyan know it. (2014 十堰市) A. where is Mount Wudang B. how can I get to Wulong River C. what is Shenlongjia famous for D. if there will be a new airport in Shiyan 4. Excuse me, can you tell me___? (2014 滨州市) A. when does the plane leacve B. how long the plane has left C. when the plane leaves D. when did the plane leave 5. There are so many foggy days these days. We all want to know___. (2014 潍坊市) A. how can we do to prevent it B. how we can do to prevent it C. what we can do to prevent it D. what can we do to prevent it 6. —Could you tell me___? —At 9:20 tomorrow morning. (2014 济宁市) A. what time you arrived B. who you are coming with C. when will you be here D. what time you are arriving 7. —I’m new here. Could you tell me___? —Certainly. It’s over there across from the bank. (2014 赤峰市) A. when the park opens B. where the park is C. how far is the park. D. how can I get to the park 8. Could you tell me___? (2014 永州市) A. where are you from B. where you are from C. you are from where 9. —You speak good English. Could you tell me___? (2014 衡阳市) —You’d better communicate with others in English as much as possible. A. how can I improve my English B. how could I improve my English C. how I can improve my English 10. Could you please tell me ___ at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi? (2014 内江市) A. how many gold medals did Chinese athletes win B. Chinese athletes won how many gold medals C. did how many Chinese athletes win gold medals D. how many gold medals Chinese athlets won 11. —I don’t understand____. —I’m sorry. But I was doing my homework. (2014 苏州市) A. why you didn’t watch the football match B. why didn’t you watch the football match C. why you don’t watch the football match D. why don’t you watch the football match 12. —Jack, could you tell me___ for travelling this summer?

—We plan to go and see the beautiful sea in Hainan. (2014 连云港市) A. where your family will go B. how will your family go C. how your family will go D. where will your family go 13. —Could you tell me___? —In August, 2014. (2014 扬州市) A. where will the Youth Olympic Games take place B. when will the Youth Olympic Games take place C. where the Youth Olympic Games will take place D. when the Youth Olympic Games will take place 14. —We have no idea____ . —It’s heard that he is Mr. Green’s son. (2014 达州市) A. where he comes from B. if does he live here C. who he is D. who is he 15. —The boy is so lovely, can you tell me ___? —Sure. His name is Kimmy. (2014 来宾市) A. what is his name B. what his name is C. what was his name D. what his name 16. —Do you know___? —Sorry, I don’t know. (2014 广安市) A. if she will come to the concert or not B. whether she will come to the concert or not C. if will she come to the concert 17. —Could you tell me___? —Sure. Walk straight along this street and you’ll find it. (2014 盐城市) A. how can I get to the post office B. where is the post office C. which is the way to the post office D. how far the post office is 18. —I don’t know or not___. —Neither do I. You may ask his teacher. (2014 黔东南州) A. whether he is at school B. if he is at school C. that he is at school D. whether is he at school 19. —Could you tell me___? —You can take the No. 1 bus. (2014 黔西南州) A. how can we get to Xingyi Airport B. how we can get to Xingyi Airport C. how do we get to Xingyi Airport D. how we got to Xingyi Airport 20. —Mr. Wang, could you tell me how long___ the magazines? —At most ten days. (2014 淮安市) A. I can borrow B. can I borrow C. I can keep D. can I keep 21. Gina asked John ___. (2014 邵阳市) A. where he comes from B. where did he come from C. where he came from 22. —Could you tell me __ yuanxiao in China? —Usually at Lantern Festival. (2014 天津市) A. when do people eat B. how do people eat

C. when people eat D. how people eat 23. —Mr. Green, do you know ____? —July 10, it will last a month. (2014 温州市) A. when our summer camp begins B. when does our summer camp begin C. where our summer camp begins D. where does our summer camp begin 24. —Can you tell me___? —Yes, it’s on Xinhua Street. (2014 遂宁市) A. how can I get to the bookstore B. where the bookstore is C. where is the bookstore 25. Her mother didn’t tell her___ then. (2014 宜宾市) A. where is the MH 370 flight B. where the MH370 flight is C. where was the MH 370 flight D. where the MH 370 flight was 26. —Could you tell me ___? Daming will pick you up at the train station. —At 16:00 this Sunday. (2014 德州市) A. where you met him B. who you are coming with C. why you came here D. what time you are arriving 27. Alice, do you know ___tomorrow? (2014 威海市) A. what will we do B. when we will start C. where they went D. how will they go there 28. She got a nice skirt as a present on her birthday. Do you know ? (2014 呼和浩特市) A. what was it made of B. how much did it cost C. who buys it for her D. where she bought it 29. —I want to know___ the machine. —It’ easy. Let me show you. (2014 南充市) A. what I can use B. how I can use C. what can I use it D. how can I use it 30. — Excuse me, could you please tell me ___? —Sure. It’s about ten minutes’ walk. (2014 长沙市) A. how long it takes to go to the zoo B. how far it is from here to the zoo C. how far is it from here to the zoo 31. Excuse me, would you please show me ___? (2014 毕节市) A. where is Bijie B. where Bijie is C. is where Bijie D. Bijie is where 32. —Mum, summer holiday is coming. I wonder ___. —How about Qinling Wild Zoo? (2014 陕西省) A. where can we go B. where we can go C. how we can go D. how we can go 33. Our hometown has changed a lot these years. These pictures can show you___ in the past. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. what our hometown looked like B. what was our hometown like

C. how our hometown looked like 34. —Do you know __the meeting? —Tomorrow morning. (2014 北京市) A. when they had B. when they are going to have C. when did they have D. when are they going to have 35. —Excuse me, can you tell me__? —Sorry, I don't. You can go to the information desk. (2014 河南省) A. that there is a train B. when the train C. which train can I take D. where does the train go 36. —David, could you tell me__? —Every four years. (2014 南京市) A. when the 2014 World Cup will finish B. how often the World Cup takes place C. how many teams take part in the World Cup D. who may score the most goals in the World Cup 37. —Excuse me, do you know___ ? —About five minutes’ walk. (2014 成都市) A. where the hospital is B. how far the hospital is C. how I can get to the hospital 38. —Do you know ___? —This afternoon. (2014 重庆市) A. when will the policeman give us a talk B. where will the policeman give us a talk C. when the policeman will give us a talk D. where the policeman will give us a talk 39. —Can you tell me___? —In three days. (2014 鄂州市) A. when will they go to the Science Musuem B. how long they have been in New York C. how soon they will go to see the children left at home D. what time will they attend the meeting 40. —The interviewer wants to know___ in your home. —Well, never let yesterday use up too much of today. (2014 宜昌市) A. how your family tradition is B. why you have family tradition C. when you have family tradition D. what family tradition you have 41. —What did your father say? —He asked us___ . (2014 孝感市) A. how to fix up the bicycles B. why we fix up the bicycles

C. that we fixed up the bicycles D. where did we fix up the bicycles 42. —So, can you tell me ___here today? —Well, I was walking down Centre Street when a UFO landed. (2014 黄冈市) A. what did you see B. what you saw C. when did you see it D. when you saw 43. —Could you please tell me___? —Two months ago. (2014 重庆市) A. when did you take this photo B. when you took this photo C. where did you take this photo D. where you took this photo 44. —Can you tell me __ to Huangshi? —He will come next month with some members of Houston Rocket. (2014 黄石市) A. when Jeremy Lin will come B. why will Jeremy Lin come C. when will Jeremy Lin come D. why Jeremy Lin will come 45. I didn't know __ . (2014 武汉市) A. when would the train arrive B. where could I get the book C. what has been done D. who left the message 46. —I’d like to visit Kate tomorrow. Do you know__? —Sorry, I don't know her address, either. (2014 宁波市) A. why she lives there B. who she lives with C. where she lives D. how she lives 47. She wants to know __ . (2014 益阳市) A. what your mother does B. how old are you C. where are you from 48. It’s hard to believe __the way out of the forest without the help of the local guide. (2014 杭州 市) A. what they were able to find B. what were they able to find C. how they were able to find D. how were they able to find 49. —Excuse me, could you tell me__? —Go along this street until you see some buildings with golden roofs. (2014 东营市) A. how I can go to Tianning Temple B. how often you go to Tianning Temple C. how soon you will got to Tianning Temple D. how many times you have been to Tianning Temple 50. —At present, many people like talking about “Kuaidi” and “Didi”. I really wonder__. —You can order a taxi through them on your mobile phone easily. (2014 山西省) A. how can I use them B. who uses them most C. what they are used for 51. —Excuse me, could you please tell me__? —Yes, there is a history museum. (2014 昆明市) A. how often do you go to the history museum B. are there any good museums in Kunming

C. how long it takes to get to the history museum D. if there are any good museums in Kunming

16. 定语从句 1. —Which is your new neighbor, Liu Hua? —The man ___T-shirt is red. (2014 泰安市) A. that B. who C. which D. whose 2. He likes low-carbon life. He lives in the house ___he built himself out of trash. (2014 十堰市) A. where B. what C. which D. in which 3. —Do you know the girl ___is talking with our teacher? —Oh, she’s my sister. (2014 滨州市) A. who B. whose C. whom D. where 4. Tommy couldn’t stop thinking about the boy ___made him a fool in front of the whole class. (2014 潍坊市) A. whom B. which C. what D. who 5. The man ___is speaking over there is my uncle. (2014 永州市) A. who B. whom C. which 6. He is unlikely to find the school ___he taught 50 years ago. (2014 枣庄市) A. where B. when C. how D. why 7. The story book___ you lent me is very interesting. (2014 绥化市) A. which B. it C. what 8. —The TV play You Who Came from the Stars is popular recently. —Yes. It is the only program___ I watched this month. (2014 内江市) A. who B. that C. where D. when 9. —What kind of movies do you like? —I like movies ____scary monsters. (2014 达州市) A. which has B. that have C. what has D. why have 10. Do you know the girl___ is drawing a picture? (2014 黔东南州) A. whom B. whose C. which D. who 11. Yesterday was my birthday. My friend sent me a CD___ is made by Han Geng. (2014 安顺市) A. who B. what C. which D. whom 12. — Do you know the man ___is talking to Mr. Li? —He is our new headmaster. (2014 遂宁市) A. that B. which C. what 13. Do you know the man___ saved five people in the fire? (2014 ) A. who B. it C. when D. whom 14. —What are you looking for? —I’m looking for the CD about EXO___ I bought yesterday. (2014 德州市) A. that B. who C. whose D. when 15. —Have you seen the documentary named A Bite of China? —Yeah! It’s the most funny one ___I have ever seen. (2014 咸宁市) A. that B. what C. which D. where 16. People overweight need more water than thin people. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. who is B. which are C. that is D. who are 17. The shop ___sells flowers is at the end of the street. (2014 长沙市) A. who B. where C. which

18. Everyone has his aim in life. However, you can’t get fat on one mouthful. Start with the easiest thing ___you can control. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. who B. that C. which 19. “Underground” is the only word in the English language __ begins and ends with the letter “und”. (2014 河南省) A. what B. that C. who D. whom 20. I like the writers___ are popular among teenagers. (2014 成都市) A. who B. which C. whom 21. —Where is the School English Speech Contest going to be held tonight? —I’m not sure. Is it in the hall ___can hold 300 people? (2014 鄂州市) A. where B. what C. that D. when 22. All the students like the teachers ___can understand them well. (2014 孝感市) A. what B. who C. whom D. which 23. —What are you looking for? —I’m looking for the book ___you lent me yesterday. (2014 随州市) A. what B. who C. when D. 不填 24. —In a text message, 88 means Bye-bye. —And another example is F2F ___stands for face to face. (2014 黄冈市) A. that B. who C. whom D. it 25. First Lady Peng Liyuan was watering the flower__ were named “Cathy” with Dutch Queen Maxima. (2014 黄石市) A. what B. which C. who D. whose 26. I will never forget the day__ we spent in the old town with small houses. (2014 杭州市) A. who B. whom C. that D. what 27. When some Chinese women were dancing to loud music in a park in New York, the people __lived by called the police. (2014 东营市) A. who B. whom C. whose D. which 28.

17. 疑问句 1. —____will your father come back from Beijing? —In two days. (2014 泰安市) A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon 2. —____do you go to Weifang Theatre? —Once a month. (2014 潍坊市) A. How soon B. How often C. How much D. How long 3. —____are you always staying up so late these days? —To prepare for my final exam. (2014 济宁市) A. How B. Why C. When D. Where 4. —___is your new schoolbag? —It’s 30 yuan. (2014 永州市) A. How many B. How much C. How long 5. —Why do you like your history teacher? —___he is very friendly and kind to us. (2014 永州市) A. Because B. When C. But 6. —___does Tom go to the club? —Once a week. (2014 衡阳市) A. How often B. How soon C. How long 7. —Which do you like better, Han Han or Guo Jingming? —___. In fact, I prefer Jiang Fangzhou. (2014 内江市) A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All 8. —___do you go to the sports club? —At least once a week. (2014 苏州市) A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How far 9. —___ will the fog and haze last? —I’ve no idea. There is no sign of an end. (2014 连云港市) A. How soon B. How far C. How long D. How often 10. —___is the World Cup held? —Every 4 years. (2014 无锡市) A. How soon B. How often C. When D. Where 11. —Which of the two T-shirts would you like? —___. I don’t like their styles. (2014 苏州市) A. Either B. Both C. None D. Neither 12. —What does your mother do? —____. (2014 达州市) A. She does the house work B. She is a nurse C. She is very thin D. She looks very young 13. —___ does Nancy help the old lady with her housework? —About twice a week. (2014 盐城市) A. How often B. How long C. How much D. How soon 14. —___ will your parents come back? —In a month. (2014 黔东南州) A. How long B. When C. How soon D. What time

15. —___ do you go to the supermarket, Amy? —Once a week. (2014 淮安市) A. How many B. How much C. How far D. How often 16. —___ will you finish your homework, Kate? —In an hour. (2014 邵阳市) A. How soon B. How often C. How long 17. —What would you like, coffee or tea? —___I’d like some juice. (2014 巴中市) A. Both B. Neither C. Either 18. —___did it take you to finish the work? —About three hours. (2014 巴中市) A. How soon B. How long C. How often 19. —Is there__ beef in the fridge? —No, there isn’t. There is__ pork. (2014 天津市) A. some; any B. any; any C. some; some D. any; some 20. —____do you exercise? —Twice a week. (2014 泸州市) A. How long B. How much C. How often D. How hard 21. —___did you achieve your dream? —By working hard, of course. (2014 遂宁市) A. When B. Why C. How 22. —___are you going to buy for your father for Father’s Day? —A T-shirt. (2014 德州市) A. What B. When C. Where D. How 23. —Look at the flowers I gave you last month. They are dying! ___do you water them? —Sorry. I forgot to water them. (2014 菏泽市) A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How much 24. I hear they are going to London, but I don't know they will stay there. (2014 呼和浩特 市) A. how soon B. how often C. how long D. how fast 25. — __the population of China? —1.3 billion. Everyone knows China has the ___ population in the world. (2014 毕节市) A. What are; most B. What is; largest C. How many are; most D. How many are; largest 26. — __ people are there in your family? —Three. (2014 北京市) A. How often B. How long C. How many D. How much 27. — __are you going to the School Uniform Exhibition, Amy? —To learn about different styles of school uniform. (2014 南京市) A. What B. Where C. Why D. Which 28. —We can invite our teachers to the farewell party next Saturday. —Yes, __? I’ll call them at once. (2014 南京市) A. what for B. what C. why not D. why

29. —___does your cousin usually go to work on foot? —He says it’s good for his health. (2014 重庆市) A. Where B. When C. Why D. How 30. —Would you like something to drink? —___. I’m thirsty. (2014 重庆市) A. Yes, I can B. No, thanks C. Yes, please D. No, I don't like it 31. —How often do the children play sports? —___. (2014 孝感市) A. Twice a day B. For two hours C. Since last weekend D. Three days ago 32. —___have you been in Chongqing? —For five years. (2014 重庆市) A. How many B. How soon C. How much D. How long 33. —We’d better invite Jim and Jack to the party tonight. —Yes, __? I’ll give them a call right now. (2014 武汉市) A. why B. why not C. what for D. how 34. — __ does your cousin usually go to work on foot? —He says it’s good for his health. (2014 重庆市) A. Where B. When C. Why D. How 35. — __ will the dinner be ready? —Just a minute. (2014 宁波市) A. How much B. How long C. How soon D. How often 36. —__do you like the film, American Captain 3? —It’s wonderful! I like it very much. (2014 丽水市) A. How B. Who C. What D. When 37. —__? —He is of medium build and has straight hair. (2014 昆明市) A. What does his uncle do B. What does his uncle look like C. What can his uncle do D. What is his uncle doing 38. —Have you ever seen the TV show Where Are We Going, Dad? —__. I think it’s quite moving and funny. (2014 昆明市) A. Yes, I have B. No, I haven’t C. Yes, he has D. No, she hasn't 39. —__ —Sorry, we’ll go and play in the park. (2014 昆明市) A. Don't drop litter here. B. Would you mind not playing baseball here? C. You have to get up early. D. Would you mind not smoking in public?

18. 反义疑问句 1. He can hardly stay awake because he is so tired, ___. (2014 内江市) A. does he B. isn’t he C. can’t he D. can he 2. —Judy’s never been late for school, she? —____. She is always the first to get to school every morning. (2014 达州市) A. is; Yes B. has; No C. isn’t; Yes D. hasn’t; No 3. I don't think she will agree with us, __? (2014 安顺市) A. will she B. won’t she C. don’t you D. do you 4. He hardly goes to school by car, ___he? (2014 铜仁市) A. does B. doesn’t C. is D. isn’t 5. They had a good time last night, ___? (2014 毕节市) A. hadn’t they B. haven’t they C. didn't they D. weren’t they 6. —Your sister doesn't get up early, does she? —___. But she gets up late on weekends. (2014 随州市) A. No, she doesn't B. Yes, she does C. No, she does D. Yes, she doesn't 7. Actually, I don't think Spiderman II is as interesting as the first, __? (2014 黄石市) A. does it B. doesn't it C. isn’t it D. is it 8. She’ been to Shanghai before, __? (2014 益阳市) A. isn’t she B. hasn't she C. has she 9. Thanks to the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi is well-known, __? (2014 昆明市) A. isn’t it B. was it C. is it D. wasn't it

19. 感叹句 1. ___ weather it is today! (2014 十堰市) A. What hot B. How hot C. What a hot D. How a hot 2. —___ interesting the film is! —Yes. I have seen it twice. (2014 滨州市) A. What B. How C. What an D. How an 3. ___ weather it is! We can go boating on the Dongchang Lake. (2014 聊城市) A. How bad B. How good C. What good D. What bad 4. ___kind girl Nancy is! She is always ready to help the students in trouble. (2014 赤峰市) A. What a B. What C. How D. How a 5. ___exciting the movie is! It’s worth watching again. (2014 绥化市) A. How an B. What an C. How 6. ____role she played in the movie! That’s why she has a lot of fans. (2014 苏州市) A. How interesting B. How an interesting C. What interesting D. What an interesting 7. —The six students from Lianyungang got the first prize in the Chinese Character Dictation Competition in Jiangsu. —___exciting news it is! (2014 连云港市) A. What B. How C. What an D. How an 8. ___sunshine! Shall we take a walk in the garden? (2014 无锡市) A. What a beautiful B. What beautiful C. How a beautiful D. How beautiful 9. ___good time we have had in the junior middle school! (2014 盐城市) A. What B. What a C. How D. How a 10. __beautiful place Mount Liang is! Thousands of visitors come here to spend their holidays every year. (2014 邵阳市) A. What a B. What C. How 11. —___sweet music! Do you like it? —Mm, it___ beautiful! (2014 铜仁市) A. How, listens B. How a, sounds C. What a, listens D. What, sounds 12. —___honest man he is! (2014 烟台市) A. What B. What an C. How D. How an 13. —___sweet music! —And I really like the Voice of China TV programs. (2014 咸宁市) A. What B.What a C. How D. How a 14. ___nervous the girl was! She could not fall asleep all night. (2014 长沙市) A. What B. What a C. How 15. __wonderful furniture! Congratulations to you on moving into such a nice house. (2014 哈尔 滨市) A. How B. What C. What a 16. — __ brave Zhang Hua is! —Yes. He helped his neighbor, Mrs. Sun out of the fire. (2014 南京市) A. What a B. How C. How a D. What 17. ___amazing picture! Who painted it? (2014 孝感市) A. How B. What C. How an D. What an

18. __ exciting new it is that we have won the match! (2014 黄石市) A. What a B. What an C. What D. How 19. —__fantastic documentary it is! —Do you mean the hot film “Diaoyu Island-- The Truth”? (2014 东营市) A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

20. 主谓一致 1. —What ___the number of the students in your school? —About two thousand. A number of them___ from the countryside. (2014 泰安市) A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. are; are 2. There___ some milk and two eggs on the table. (2014 永州市) A. is B. are C. has 3. This pair of pants ___mine. Yours may ___on the bed. (2014 绥化市) A. is; be B. are; be C. are; are 4. —I called you at 5:00 yesterday afternoon, but no one answered. —Sorry, I with my parents____ at that time. (2014 达州市) A. was shopping B. were shopping C. are shopping D. went shopping 5. —Neither Tony nor I___ interested in playing Weibo. —You are out. (2014 广安市) A. am B. is C. are 6. Climbing hills___ good for our health. (2014 黔东南州) A. are B. is C. was D. were 7. Look, the set of keys___ on the teacher’s desk. (2014 安顺市) A. are B. were C. is D. was 8. Andy, you’d better not eat meat only. You should know milk and fruit___ good for you. (2014 淮安市) A. is B. are C. was D.were 9. This pair of shoes___ me well, but the shoes___ expensive. (2014 巴中市) A. fit; are B. fits; are C. fits; is 10. Look! The police___ the food onto the bank of the river. (2014 宜宾市) A. am carrying B. is carrying C. are carrying D. are carried 11. —What are you going to do this weekend? —I together with my classmates___ going to climb Mount Qian. (2014 咸宁市) A. is B. am C. are D. were 12. Carmen likes musicians who different kinds of music. (2014 南充市) A. plays B. play C. is playing D. was playing 13. There___ a book and some pens in the bag. Please give them to the old man. (2014 毕节市) A. be B. are C. is D. have 14. There___ lots of sheep and pigs on my uncle’s farm now. (2014 重庆市) A. was B. were C. is D. are 15. —A number of people___ killed by the terrorists at the Urumqi train station. —___terrible it is! (2014 鄂州市) A. were; How B. was; How C. were; What D. was; What 16. A number of volunteers ___from faraway cities. (2014 孝感市) A. is B. are C. is come D. are come 17. There ___more and more foreigners learning Chinese now. (2014 重庆市) A. is B. are C. was D. were 18. The summer holidays are coming, so the twins as well as Jack ___to Hong Kong for vacation. (2014 黄石市) A. is going B. are going C. goes D. go

21. 倒装句 1. —I have changed my job. —___(2014 黔西南州) A. So do I. B. So have I. C. So I do. D. So I have. 2. Jack went to see the man who was in hospital yesterday. ___ A. So did he B. So he did C. He did so D. Did so he 3. —Will you go to Peter’s party this Saturday evening? —I haven’t decided yet. If you don’t go, ___. (2014 遂宁市) A. so will I B. neither do I C. neither will I 4. —I’m not going swimming this afternoon. —___I have to help my mother do some cleaning. (2014 宜宾市) A. So am I. B. So I am. C. Neither am I. D. Neither I am. 5. —Sorry sir, I’ve made so many mistakes in this paper. —It’s OK. __. This paper is very difficult. (2014 黄石市) A. So have other students B. So do other students C. Neither do other students D. Neither have other students 6. —My grandma is used to living in the city. — __. (2014 益阳市) A. So my grandpa is B. So is my grandpa C. So my grandpa did

22. 其他短语 1. —I’m afraid that boy can’t deal with the problem. —Me, too. _____ , he is only 8 years old. (2014 绍兴市) A. In general B. So far C. After all D. For example 2. —How do you like the two pairs of shorts? —They don’t fit me well. They are _____too long _____too short. (2014 滨州市) A. not only; but also B. both; and C. neither; nor D. either; or 3. I know, more and more people in the world are learning Chinese. (2014 潍坊市) A. As well as B. As often as C. As soon as D. As far as 4. There are a lot of birds in the tree. (2014 黔东南州) A. much B. a few C. a lots of D. many 5. The little boy is ___lovely ___everyone likes him. (2014 巴中市) A. such; that B. too; to C. so; that 6. The old man would rather___ money to charity than___ himself expensive things. (2014 巴中 市) A. to donate; buy B. donate; buy C. donating; buying 7. __free education, more and more poor children can go back to school in the mountain areas. (2014 遂宁市) A. Without B. Thanks to C. Instead of 8. Don’t ask him to study too late into night. ___, he is only a child. (2014 德州市) A. As a result B. After all C. On earth D. For example 9. —Which of the two pairs of shoes will you take? —I’ll take___ . They are two small for me. (2014 菏泽市) A. both B. all C. either D. neither 10. —Which jacket do you prefer, this one or that one? — ___is OK. I don’t care too much. (2014 威海市) A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All 11. You didn't know ___I wanted to see you. It’s a year since I last saw you. (2014 威海市) A. how often B. how long C. how much D. how far 12. —Can you come on Monday or Tuesday, Scott? —I’m afraid___ possible. I’ll be on business on those two days. (2014 烟台市) A. either B. neither C. every D.each 13. —I’m sorry, sir. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the exam. —Never mind. , the exam is a little difficult. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. In all B. First of all C. After all D. Above all 14. —Where are you going to stay when you get to Shanghai? —I may live in a hotel in a friend’s house. (2014 呼和浩特市) A. both; and B. either; or C. neither; nor D. not only; but also 15. —He hasn’t seen that interesting film before. —___. (2014 南充市) A. So have I B. Neither have I C. Nor do I D. So do I

16. You can take ___of the two toy cars and leave the other for your brother. (2014 安徽省) A. both B. none C. either D. neither 17. ___of us wants to go to the park today, because we have to finish so much homework. (2014 长沙市) A. Either B. Both C. Neither 18. —When shall we go swimming this Friday or Saturday? —___is OK. I’ll be free next week. (2014 哈尔滨市) A. Both B. Either C. Neither 19. —Can she play the guitar or the violin? —___. But she can play the drums. (2014 成都市) A. Both B. Either C. Neither 20. Sam and Henry play football very well. We hope___ of them can join our team. (2014 重庆 市) A. all B. both C. every D. some 21. —What would you do for your dad on Father’s Day? —I prefer to take him for a trip___ buy him gifts. (2014 宜昌市) A. in order to B. no more than C. rather than D. according to 22. —Can I come this evening or tomorrow morning? —___is OK. I’m free today and tomorrow. (2014 孝感市) A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None 23. —Hurry up! It’s almost time for school. —Don't worry. We are sure to be at school___ . (2014 孝感市) A. at times B. on time C. all the time D. by the time 24. —Which of the two magazines will you take? —I’ll take___ though I find ___of them are very useful to me. (2014 黄冈市) A. all; both B. either; either C. either; neither D. either; both 25. — Would you like coffee or tea? —___. Some water, please. (2014 重庆市) A. Both B. Neither C. Either D. All 26. — How do you like these two books? — __ of them are interesting. And I’ve read them several times. (2014 益阳市) A. Both B. Neither C. None 27. Scientists say that banana tress may disappear from the world__ banana cancer. (2014 东营 市) A. because of B. instead of C. as for D. together with 28. Everyone wants to win. But__ me, the most important thing is to learn something new and have fun. (2014 江西省) A. as for B. thanks to C. instead of D. such as 29. —Jack, I want to go to __to see a dentist. Could you tell me the address. —No problem. (2014 山西省) A. Room 606 B. No.2 Hospital C. Fifth Avenue 30. —The more I get to know Nancy, the more I can realize that we have a lot__ . —No wonder she is your best friend. (2014 山西省) A. in style B. in common C. in need

31. —The ship sinking of Korea teaches us to care for ourselves and the people around us. —So it is. __ , life is the most important to everyone. (2014 山西省) A. For example B. At last C. After all

23. 交际用语 1. —I’m sorry I have broken the chair. —____ I can easily get it repaired. (2014 绍兴市) A. That’s true. B. You’re welcome. C. Never mind. D. Sounds fun 2. —Hi, Lucy. Our school won the football match yesterday. — (2014 泰安市) A. Congratulations! B. What a pity! C. No problem. D. Never mind. 3. —Would you like some juice? — I’d like something to eat. (2014 十堰市) A. Yes, please. B. No problem. C. That’s OK. D. No, thanks. 4. —It will be my turn. I feel a little nervous. —____You can make it! (2014 滨州市) A. Congratulations! B. Take it easy. C. Look out. D. Have a good time. 5. —I’m very sorry I am late. Too crowded in the street. —____Better late than never. (2014 潍坊市) A. It’s too bad. B. You’d better not. C. Take it easy. D. It doesn’t matter. 6. —May I use your dictionary for a while? —____. It’s on the desk. (2014 济宁市) A. Yes, sure B. Take it easy C. You’ve got it D. Sorry, you can’t 7. —Thank you for helping me with my geography! —____. I hope you can do better in it. (2014 抚州市) A. That’s right B. See you C. Sounds good D. You’re welcome 8. —Hello! This is Michael. May I speak to Sam? —____. He isn’t in. He is on vacation in Hainan. (2014 抚州市) A. Sorry B. All right C. Wait a minute D. Speaking, please 9. —We’ll have a school trip to Fuzhou City Museum next week. —____. And I’m sure you’ll learn a lot. (2014 抚州市) A. Have fun B. Cheer up C. Best wishes D. Never mind 10. —Would you like to come to my party this evening? —___.But I have to study for my math test. (2014 抚州市) A. My pleasure B. I’d love to C. That’s all right D. Don’t mention it 11. —I’m going to take a physics exam this afternoon. —___! (2014 聊城市) A. Never mind B. Have a good time C. Good luck D. What a pity 12. —We’ll study in different schools next term. Enjoy your time in the new school. —___. (2014 赤峰市) A. I’ll take your advice B. The same to you C. Have a good trip D. You’re welcome 13. — My mother is ill in hospital. I have to look after her. —___. (2014 永州市) A. It doesn’t matter B. I’m sorry to hear that C. Not at all 14. — Congratulations! You’ve got a chance to take part in the talk show. —___. (2014 衡阳市) A. Thank you B. I agree C. Good luck

15. —Will you open the door? —______. (2014 枣庄市) A. All right B. It’s right C. That’s all right D. Quite right 16. —May I speak to Rache? —___, but I’m afraid you have the wrong number. (2014 内江市) A. Yes, please B. Hold on C. That is Tom D. Sorry 17. —Shall we go fishing at six o’clock tomorrow morning? —____. Will seven o’clock be OK? (2014 苏州市) A. Sure, it’s up to you B. Sure, no problem C. Sorry, I can’t make it D. Sorry, I’m not available 18. —I missed the beginning of The Voice of China yesterday evening. —___! But you can watch the re-play tonight. (2014 连云港市) A. Hurry up! B. What a pity C. Try your best D. I don’t think so 19. —Are you willing to live on Mars one day? —___It sounds exciting, but it still worries me. (2014 无锡市) A. Of course I am. B. I’m not sure. C. Why not? D. Are you joking? 20. —Would you mind if I turn on the radio? —___. The baby is sleeping in the next room. (2014 达州市) A. No, I don’t mind B. Not at all C. Better not D. That’s all right 21. —May I speak to Tina, please? —___ (2014 来宾市) A. Yes, I am Tina. B. Who are you? C. Yes, you may. D. Speaking, please. 22. —I will have an exam tomorrow. —___. (2014 广安市) A. Thank you B. Good luck C. Congratulations 23. —Mum, I won the first prize in the school drawing competition. —___, Sam. I’m proud of you! (2014 盐城市) A. Have a good time B. Good luck C. Best wishes D. Congratulations 24. —Mom, I got the first place in the exam. —___. (2014 黔东南州) A. Have a good rest B. Thank you C. Good luck D. Congratulations 25. —Hello, may I speak to Jane? —___(2014 黔西南州) A. Who are you? B. What’s wrong? C. This is Jane speaking. D. She’s Jane. 26. —I’ll go to Hong Kong for a trip next weekend. —Great! ___ (2014 黔西南州) A. Good luck! B. Have a good time! C. Best wishes! D. Glad to see you again. 27. —You have a beautiful voice. I love your songs. —___(2014 黔西南州)

A. No, I’m not B. Thank you C. It’s OK. D. That’s all right. 28. —Are you confident about the basketball match against Class 9, Yangyang? —___I’ve got everything ready! (2014 黔西南州) A. Of course not. B. It’s hard to say. C. Sure, I am D. I am afraid not. 29. —You’d better not eat too much salt. It’s bad for your health. —___.(2014 黔西南州) A. Not at all. B. You’re welcome. C. I’m thirsty now. D. Thanks for your advice. 30. —My new iPhone was stolen when I took a bus yesterday. —___(2014 黔西南州) A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. It doesn’t matter. C. Don’t be silly. D. I’d love to. 31. —Would you mind my opening the window? —___It’s much too hot here. (2014 黔西南州) A. Certainly. B. Of course not. C. All right. D. Yes, you can. 32. —Mum, I’ve got the first prize in the photo competition. —___(2014 黔西南州) A. Good luck! B. Not at all. C. Good idea. D. Congratulation! 33. —Is everyone here today? —___(2014 黔西南州) A. No, Jack isn’t here. B. Yes, please C. Yes, it is. D. Let’s go. 34. —What’s the weather like in your hometown? —___(2014 黔西南州) A. Yes, I like it. B. It’s warm in winter. C. Why not? D. Yes, very much. 35. Your son is very clever, Mrs White! —___. (2014 邵阳市) A. Thank you B. Yes. You are right C. No. He isn’t clever at all 36. —Could you please not run in the hallways? —___ (2014 巴中市) A. Sure. I’ll do it right away. B. No, not at all C. Sorry. I won’t do it again. 37. —My mother has been ill for several days. —___ (2014 铜仁市) A. That’s too bad. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. How terrible! D. Never mind. 38. —It’s too hot. Why not go swimming with us? —___ (2014 铜仁市) A. Good idea! B. That’s right! C. Well done! D. Congratulation! 39. —The program is very popular. —__We all like it. (2014 天津市)

A. That’s right. B. Not at all. C. It doesn’t matter D. You’re welcome 40. —Can I have a look at your photos, please? —__. (2014 天津市) A. Sure, here you are B. Don’t mention it C. I can’t agree with you D. I’m sorry to hear that 41. —Mike, thank you for driving me home. —____. Have a nice day! (2014 温州市) A. That’s right B. I’m afraid not. C. You’re welcome. D. It’s a good idea. 42. —Let’s go out for a picnic on Sunday. —____ (2014 泸州市) A. Good idea. B. Here you are. C. Nice to meet you D. Don’t worry about it 43. —Would you mind moving your bike? —___. (2014 遂宁市) A. Yes. I’ll do it right away. B. Not at all. I’ll do it at once. C. Of course. I’ll do it in a minute. 44. —Don’t smoke here, please. —___. (2014 宜宾市) A. I don’t B. Sorry, I won’t C. No way D. I will 45. —Mum, may I play football with my classmates after school? —___ (2014 德州市) A. I can’t wait to see her. B. I don’t feel alone any more. C. You’d better come back home earlier. D. Great! Let’s do it. 46. —Why don’t you join an English language club to practice speaking English? —___. (2014 菏泽市) A. It’s my pleasure B. Take it easy C. That’s all right D. That’s a good idea 47. —Do you want to go to Taiwan or Tibet for holiday? —___. (2014 咸宁市) A. No, I don't B. Yes, I do C. Good idea! D. I want to Taiwan 48. —Do you mind if I sit here? —___. It's for my friend Cindy. (2014 南充市) A. Not at all B. No, I don’t mind C. Better not D. That’s all right 49. —Can I bring a friend to your birthday party? —Sure, ___. (2014 安徽省) A. no problem B. not at all C. my pleasure D. well done 50. —Jim, remember to return this book by Friday. —___. (2014 安徽省) A. Got it B. Good luck C. That’s true D. It’s nothing

51. —We failed in the singing competition. —___. Better times are waiting for you. (2014 安徽省) A. No way B. Best wishes C. Cheer up D. Good job 52. —The documentary A Bite of China II is quite popular around China recently. How do you like it? — __. (2014 南京市) A. I think so B. Pretty good C. It’s my pleasure D. All right 53. —I have looked for my lovely dog everywhere but I still can’t find it. —___ (2014 重庆市) A. Great! B. Good idea. C. I don't think so. D. I’m sorry to hear that. 54. —He has to stay in Thailand for one more week because his passport and ID card were stolen. —___. (2014 鄂州市) A. Forget it B. It doesn't matter C. I’m sorry to hear that D. Great 55. —It’ll be my turn soon. I feel very nervous. —___. You can make it! (2014 宜昌市) A. Well done B. Take it easy C. So am I D. I hope not 56. —Can’t you stay until Monday? —___, but I have an appointment on Sunday. (2014 宜昌市) A. No problem B. I’m afraid not C. I’d love to D. No, I can’t 57. —I’d like a cup of tea. What about you? —No, thanks. I’ve got myself a cup of coffee. ___. (2014 宜昌市) A. Take care B. Not yet C. Best wishes D. Help yourself 58. —Congratulations! You have won the first prize in the English Contest. —___! (2014 随州市) A. Thank you B. Good idea C. Of course D. Enjoy yourself 59. —Bill, can I get you anything to drink? —___. (2014 黄冈市) A. You are welcome B. No problem C. I wouldn't mind a coffee D. It doesn't matter 60. —Will you be back before 10 o’clock? —___. The exam won’t be over until eleven. (2014 重庆市) A. I hope not B. Here you are C. I’m afraid not D. Best wishes 61. —Please remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room. —___. (2014 重庆市) A. Yes, I do B. No, thanks C. OK, I will D. Sorry, I won’t 62. —We’ll travel to different places this winter vacation. Enjoy your trip! — __. (2014 武汉市) A. The same to you B. Yes, I’d love to C. Me, too D. Very well, thank you 63. — Oh, you sound just like an American. — __. I still have trouble expressing myself. (2014 武汉市) A. Yes, you’re right B. Well, not quite like that

C. I don't mind D. You’re welcome 64. —Would you like something to drink? — __ I’m thirsty. (2014 重庆市) A. Yes, I can B. No, thanks C. Yes, please D. No, I don't like it 65. —I’m so sorry about last night. It was all my fault. — __. (2014 宁波市) A. Forget it B. No way C. Go ahead D. My pleasure 66. —I forgot my mother ’s birthday! — __ You’d better keep it in mind next year. (2014 宁波市) A. You did? B. I don't mind. C. I’m afraid so. D. No problem. 67. Could I use your dictionary to look up some new words? —OK, __. (2014 益阳市) A. it’s a pleasure B. that’s right C. no problem 68. —What about having a drink? —__ . (2014 杭州市) A. Help yourself B. Never mind C. You’re right D. Good idea 69. —My parents and I will go to London for a trip tomorrow. —__Really? (2014 江西省) A. I don't think so B. Have a good time C. That’s very strange D. You should try it 70. —Good morning, sir! __ ? —I’d like to buy a sweater for my daughter. (2014 江西省) A. What can I do for you B. What are you doing C. How about the sweater D. Can you help me 71. —Hi, John. __? —It’s Lucy, my dog. Her leg is hurt. (2014 江西省) A. How are you B. What’s the matter C. Who’s that D. What’s Lucy like 72. —Why don't you join us for breakfast? —Sure! __ (2014 江西省) A. Good luck! B. Congratulations! C. What to do? D. Why not? 73. —I want to put up the picture on the wall. Would you mind helping me with it? —__. With pleasure. (2014 江西省) A. Of course B. Of course not C. You’d better not D. Thanks a lot 74. —__? —Sorry. There is no one named Gary. You must have the wrong number. (2014 山西省) A. Can I help you B. What’s the matter C. Is that Gary speaking 75. —It’s time to graduate. Why not get our teachers some flowers to say thanks? —__. They have done so much for us and we will miss them. (2014 山西省) A. That’s all right B. Good idea C. I hope not 76. —I’m terribly sorry that I’ve kept you waiting for so long. —__ (2014 丽水市)

A. Never mind B. It’s a pity C. You’re welcome D. That’s right 77. —How’s it going, Alan? —__ (2014 昆明市) A. Long time no see B. I’m drawing a picture C. It’s going to rain D. Pretty good 78. —May I speak to Rober? —__ (2014 昆明市) A. I am Robert B. Speaking , please C. It’s 78345190 D. He is Robert

24. 其他 1. —I didn’t expect to see you studying at the library so early in the morning. —___, huh? (2014 连云港市) A. Every dog has its day B. Many hands make light work C. The early bird catches the worm D. Too many cooks spoil the broth 2. —My friend has achieved his goal after years of hard work. —Great! ___. (2014 扬州市) A. One tree can’t make a forest B. Where there is a will, there is a way C. Many hands make light work D. A friend in need is a friend indeed 3. —Shall we ask more friends to help raise money for charity? —Good idea. As an old saying goes, ___ . (2014 盐城市) A. many hands make light work B. too many cooks spoil the broth C. don’t put all your eggs in one basket D. it is better to be safe than sorry. 4. It is raining cats and dogs outside. We have to stay at home. (2014 黔东南州) A. animals B. plants C. suddenly D. heavily 5. He could play the violin when he was five. (2014 黔西南州) A. at the age of five B. five years later C. for five years D. five years ago 6. He was very ill, but now he is out of danger. (2014 黔西南州) A. dangerous B. safe C. safely D. in danger 7. The Smiths are watching the men’s table tennis match at the moment. (2014 黔西南州) A. Mr. Smith B. Mrs. Smith C. The Smith family D. Mr. Smith and his son 8. I want to have a pen pal who comes from Australia. (2014 巴中市) A. a pen pal is from Australia B. an Australian pen pal C. a pen pal in Australian 9. In the word “down”, the underlined part is pronounced as___. (2014 宜宾市) A. /au/ B. /?u/ C. /ai/ D. /a:/ 10. In western countries, when someone says something nice to a person sincerely, the person will appreciate it. Therefore, which situation fits western customs? (2014 哈尔滨市) A. In a hotel A:Your good service makes me feel at home. B: That’s what we should do. B. In the office A: Your skirt is so nice. B: Oh, thanks. But I don't think it’s beautiful. C. At a friend’s home A:It’s the best dinner I’ve ever had. B:Thanks. I’m glad you like it. 11. A polite tourist is part of the beautiful scenery. So when you travel around, you should pay attention to your behavior. As a popular visitor, you should___ . (2014 哈尔滨市) ①throw paper or something else around ②keep quiet in public ③avoid writing or drawing anything on walls ④take photos as many as possible in a museum or a place like that ⑤wait in line A. ②④⑤ B.①③④ C. ②③⑤ 12. Many adults think a regular pocket money is a good way to teach children the valued of money.

With 200 yuan every month, we can know Yuanyuan’s money kept in the bank is___ less than used for food every half a month. (2014 哈尔滨市) Food 35% In the bank 1.5 yuan Traffic 30 yuan School things 10 yuan Games 15%

A. 5 yuan B. 10 yuan C. 20 yuan 13. Which word of the following doesn’t have the same stress as the others? (2014 哈尔滨市) A. Alive B. Beyond C. Wedding 14. ___wake up your sister, Ben. She needs a good sleep. (2014 重庆市) A. Don't B. Doesn't C. Aren’t D. Can’t 15. The boy said no, so the monster breathed on the road and made it disappear. (2014 黄冈市) A. replied B. refused C. relaxed D. regarded 16. —I hope to see Niagara Falls one day. What about going there? —Niagara Falls would be beautiful, but there is not much to do there. (2014 黄冈市) A. sometimes B. in the day C. a day D. some day 17. —Is she a lot like you? —Some people say we look like each other. We’re both tall, and have long curly hair. (2014 黄 冈市) A. look alike B. look forward C. look after ourselves D. dislike one another 18. He told the interviewer that he had run out of money to buy old bikes. (2014 黄冈市) A. put away B. turned off C. taken out D. used up 19. —Why are you in such a hurry? —I studied very hard for my math exam last night, so I slept late. (2014 黄冈市) A. stayed up late B. didn't go to bed C. got up late D. went to bed late 20. —What are the rules at your school? —Don't run in the hallways and ___arrive late for class. (2014 黄冈市) A. not to B. won’t C. don't D. no 21. WeChat’s popularity has grown quickly since 2011. But my neighbor is out of style and doesn't know beans about WeChat. (2014 昆明市) A. knows well about WeChat B. knows a little about WeChat C. knows nothing about WeChat D. does well in WeChat 22. —The final exams are coming soon. —Yes, I have ants in my pants. (2014 昆明市) A. 我有热锅上的蚂蚁 B. 有很多蚂蚁爬在我的裤子上 C. 我养了一些蚂蚁 D. 我很焦虑 23. —Are you still mad at Lana? —No, it's water under the bridge. I’ve forgotten it. (2014 昆明市) A. 这是桥下的水 B. 这是水中的桥 C. 过去的,就让它过去吧 D. 蚂蚁过不去的坎



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