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必修 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:pond, fresh, brick, electricity, organize, injure, judge, shake, rise, speech, disaster, destroy 1 Let me write it down while it is still _________ in my mind. 2 Without __________ our life would be quite different today. 3 He got _________ in the right leg while playing football last week. 4 When an earthquake comes people can feel the house _________. 5 At Jerry’s party, Mr Smith delivered an amusing _________. 6 If a nuclear war should break out, it would bring a great _________ to man. 7 Most of the buildings _________ in the earthquake. 8 From yesterday on the temperature began to _________. 9 Never _________ a person only by his clothes. 10 Our class went on an _________ trip last Monday. 11 Stones and _________ are used to build a house. 12 The water in the small _________ froze and kids skated on it. 第二组:ruin, smelly, steam, honour, rescue, bury, shelter, dam, canal, burst, shock, prepare, mine 13 The clothes of those who smoke a lot are often __________. 14 Li Siguang is __________ as the father of geology in China. 15 After getting hanged Saddam Hussin _________ in his home town. 16 Three Gorges (峡)_______on the Changjiang River is a great project in the world. 17 Reading the letter, she _________ out crying. 18 The students are busy __________ for the New Year’s Day Evening. 19 Hundreds of workers were killed in the coal _________ accidents last year. 20 He was greatly _________ at the news of his uncle’s death. 21 The Grand ________ was built during the Sui Dynasty(隋朝). 22 It looks like rain. We’d better seek _________ from the rain. 23 Five soldiers were sent to _________ those skiers trapped in the snow. 24 _________ can be seen rising from the boiling kettle(水壶). 25 The bad weather _________ our trip. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化): right away at an end dig out a number of thousands of give out 1 After a long walk we all __________. 2 __________ workers went on the strike(罢工), but I didn’t know the exact number. 3 Just wait for me on the spot; I will come ___________. 4 More than a dozen people ___________ of the avalanche(雪崩) alive. 5 When we arrived at the cinema, the film was nearly __________. 6 __________ people gathered on the square watching the fireworks. 三、语法填空 专题训练(一) 巧用派生词,做好语法填空。 ◆技巧点拨 英语中有许多单词可带否定前缀或否定后缀,将该词变成一个与原来单词意义完全相反 的词。在做语法填空时,要仔细领会短文的意思,理清文章脉络,注意行文逻辑,特别 注意上下文之间有无转折、对比、相反关系,如果有此种关系,文中又没有相应过渡词 语,就要考虑利用构词法知识,即利用单词的否定前缀或否定后缀来解题。? 常用的否定前缀有:? in ?+? adj ?.—? adj. correct—incorrect(不正确的) active—inactive(不积极的) im ?+? adj ?.—? adj polite—impolite(不礼貌的) patient—impatient(不耐烦的)? un ?+? adj ?.—? adj lucky—unlucky(不幸运的)? happy—unhappy(不高兴的)

il ?+? adj ?.—? adj ir ?+? adj ?.—? adj dis ?+? adj ?.—? adj un ?+? v ?.—? v ? dis ?+? v ?.—? v ? non ?+? n ?.—? adj ? ill ? 常用的否定后缀有:? ? n ?.+? less—? adj ? ? n ?.+free—? adj ?.

logical—illogical(不合逻辑的)? legal—illegal(非法的) regular—irregular(不规则的)? responsible—irresponsible(不负责任的) honest—dishonest(不诚实的)? satisfied—dissatisfied(不满意的) dress—undress(脱衣服)? load—unload(卸货) like—dislike(不喜欢)? cover—discover(发现) profit—nonprofit(非盈利的)? stop—nonstop(不间断的) treat—illtreat(虐待)? manner—illmannered(没礼貌的) care — careless( 粗 心 的 ) home — homeless(无家可归的) care—carefree(无忧无虑的)? paper—paper ? free(无纸张的)

◆活学活用? (一)用所给单词的适当形式填空。? Ann walked out of the chemical factory,annoyed at her ? 1 (pleasant)interview with Jack,the vice general manager of the factory.Ann was told the factory had been pouring waste water directly into the river,making the water ? 2 (suit)to drink.Ann thought it was her duty to ? 3 (close)the matter and had it reported in the newspaper.She also thought it was ? 4 (responsible) JP3〗 the factory 〖 for to do so.Jack thought it was ? 5 (proper)and ? 6 (legal)for Ann to report the whole thing in public without telling them in advance.? However,Ann regarded it most important to ensure the residents near the factory to drink ? 7 (pollution)water.She told Jack if his factory kept on polluting the river,he was sure to answer for what he had done one day. (二)语法填空。? In the days when an ice cream cost much less,Tom, ? 1 eight ? year old boy,entered a hotel coffee shop ? 2 sat at a table.A waitress put a glass of water in front of him.“How much is an ice ? cream?” “Fifty cents,”replied the waitress.The little boy pulled ? 3 right hand out of the pocket and studied a number of ? 4 in it.“How much is a dish of plain ice cream?”he asked.Some people were now waiting for her service and the waitress grew a little ? 5 (patient).“Thirty cents,” she said ? 6 (polite)and loudly,which surprised other 〖JP3〗customers.The boy counted the coins ? 7 .”I will have a plain ice cream, ” he said.The waitress walked ? 8 .The boy finished the ice cream,paid the cashier and left.It was not long ? 9 the waitress came back and then she began to wipe the table and suddenly was surprised at what she saw.There, ? 10 (place)neatly beside the empty dish,were two nickels and five pennies —her tip! 四、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出最佳选项。? As a child, I was very shy. I wanted to be successful, but lacked ? 1 . When I discovered climbing, I found something I was good at. I began to be ? 2 by my friends and this gave me the desire to climb ? 3 and higher mountains. I found that nothing was impossible if I could find the ? 4 to try to achieve my goals.?

Both personal determination and teamwork are ? 5 when you climb. You need to rely on the ? 6 of your team and share in the achievement. But personal focus and determination to keep going despite any difficulty are also very helpful to team success.? My greatest achievement in ? 7 was being the first ever to reach the top of the 5,000 ? foot Troll Wall in Norway, which has the highest and most vertical(垂 直的) rock face in Europe. A stone dropped from the top of the mountain will ? 8 nothing until it lands on the valley floor one ? 9 below. So it was very adventurous.? Before our climb, the experts in Europe had said it was ? 10 to climb the Troll Wall. But with three companions, I decided to ? 11 . It took ten days to make the climb and we ? 12 on ledges(岩石架)no more than a foot wide when we were tired. Thankfully, we ? 13 .? Afterwards, I said to myself, “If I can do that, I can do anything.” Some years later, I climbed up Mount Everest-the highest mountain in the world. Adventure to me is not just ? 14 a rope along the side of a mountain, but is one field where adventurous people can often ? 15 themselves. If we look at every day as an adventure, we can test ourselves and continue to grow throughout our life. That is the final adventure.? B.confidence ? C.purposes D.chances ? 2.A.denied B.attacked ? C.recognized D.tricked ? 3.A.harder B.farther ? C.smaller D.safer ? B.secret ? C.courage D.time ? 5.A.suitable B.simple ? C.equal D.important ? 6.A.comfort ? C.interest D.doubt ? B.medicine ? C.climbing ? 8.A.touch B.stop ? C.pollute D.hurt ? 9.A.meter B.inch ? C.centimeter D.mile ? 10.A.easy B.impossible ? C.exciting D.useful ? 11.A.try B.learn ? C.return D.escape ? 12.A.ate B.lived ? C.rested D.stood ? 13.A.worked B.decided ? C.continued D.succeeded ? 14.A.bending over B.falling off ? C.hanging onto D.leaning against ? 15.A.hold B.forgive ? C.punish D.challenge ? 五、阅读理解 专题训练(一)阅读中的猜词技巧(4)? 根据同等关系猜测词义 ◆方法点拨 同等关系指一组词在句中作同一成分,且它们的词义属于同一义域,这些词常用 and 或 or 来连接。如:? At fifty he is in his prime of life and always full of energy. 根据 full of energy 可判断出 in his prime of life 的意思为“最好的时候、精力旺 盛之际” 。? ◆活学活用? (一)利用上述猜词技巧,猜测下列各句划线部分的意思。? 1.He is a serious person who always does everything conscientiously.? 2.If you don ? t stop doing like this,you ? ll impair your health.??? 3.He strayed because of the darkness,and didn,t know where he was.?? 4.In the ancient city of Rome,we visited every mansion,battle site,theatre and other public halls.??? (二)阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。? Parents and kids today dress alike,listen to the same music,and are friends.Is this a good thing?Sometimes,when Mr.Ballmer and his 16 ? year ? old daughter,Elizabeth,listen to rock music together and talk about interests they

both enjoy,such as pop culture,he remembers his more distant relationship with his parents when he was a teenager.? “I would never have said to my mom,‘Hey,the new Weezer album is really great.How do you like it?’ says Ballmer. ” “There was just a complete gap in taste.” Music was not the only gulf.From clothing and hairstyles to activities and expectations,earlier generations of parents and children often appeared to move in separate orbits.? Today,the generation gap has not disappeared,but it is getting narrow in many families.Conversations on subjects such as sex and drugs would not have taken place a generation ago.Now they are comfortable and common.And parent-child activities,from shopping to sports,involve a feeling of trust and friendship that can continue into adulthood.? No wonder greeting cards today carry the message,“To my mother,my best friend.” But family experts warn that the new equality can also result in less respect for parents.? “There,s still a lot of strictness and authority on the part of parents out there,but there is a change happening,” says Kerrie,a psychology professor at Lebanon Valley College.“In the middle of that change,there is a lot of confusion among parents.”? Family researchers offer a variety of reasons for these evolving roles and attitudes.They see the 1960s as a turning point.Great cultural changes led to more open communication and a more democratic process that encourages everyone to have a say.? “My parents were on the ‘before’ side of that change,but today ? s parents,the 40 ? year ? olds,were on the ‘after’ side,” explains Mr.Ballmer. “It ? s not something easily accomplished by parents these days,because life is more difficult to understand or deal with,but sharing interests does make it more fun to be a parent now.”? Ⅰ.根据短文,写一篇 30 词左右的摘要。? ____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _? Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选出最佳答案。? 1.The underlined word gulf in Para.3 most probably means _______________.? A.interest B.distance ? C.difference D.separation ? 2.Which of the following shows that the generation gap is disappearing? A.Parents help their children develop interests in more activities.? B.Parents put more trust in their children ? s abilities.? C.Parents and children talk more about sex and drugs.? D.Parents share more interests with their children.? 3.The change in today,s parent ? child relationship is _____________. A.more confusion among parents ? equality between parents and children ? C.less respect for parents from children ? D.more strictness and authority on the part of parents ? 4.By saying “today ? s parents,the 40 ? year ? olds,were on the ‘after’ side.” the author means that today ? s parents _______________.? A.follow the trend of the change ? B.can set a limit to the change ? to take the change seriously ? D.have little difficulty adjusting to the change ? 5.The purpose of the passage is to _______________.? A.describe the difficulties today ? s parents have met with ? B.discuss the development of the parent ? child relationship ?

C.suggest the ways to handle the parent ? child relationship ? today ? s parent ? child relationship with that in the past ??



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