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初中英语人教版八年级下册unit 2


unit2 Section B Reading 教学设计

1 教学目标 At the end of the class, the students should be able to: 1. learn some new words and phrases, especially some adjectives: e.g. disabled, blind, deaf, clever, excited, normal, difficult, trained; 2. give a short speech after some reading and practice; 3. know the friendship between humans and animals and how to help disabled peo ple. 2 学情分析 八年级 061 班学生大多来自农村,学习基础较弱,但多数学生对于英语学习有较浓厚的兴 趣,少部分学生对于英语有畏难情绪。通过本单元 Section A 部分的学习,学生已经对志愿 者工作及如何帮助他人有了初步认识。 本课时以导盲犬为视角, 帮助学生了解了人与动物的 和谐关系并进一步学会如何尽己所能地帮助有需要的人。 3 教材分析 人教版 2013《新目标》八年级下册第二单元主题是 offering help。本课是 Section B Rea ding 部分,要求学生读懂长约 300 字的书信,了解残疾人和导盲犬之间的故事,进而反思 自己在今后的生活中应如何给他人提供帮助。 4 重点难点 1. Get the students to understand the details of the text fully. 2. Get the students to retell the letter. 5 教学用具 a multi-media classroom, interactive white board, worksheets 6 教学方法 task-based language teaching method, integrative method 7 教学过程

教学活动 活动 1【导入】Unit2 Section B Reading Before class, the teacher will ask 4 students to write the words to the homework on th e blackboard. When the class begins, firstly the teacher will check the words with the whole class. Then lead the whole class to read all adjectives in this letter. Say to the class: Recently, a piece of news shocked the public. Can you guess what th e news may be about? Let’s have a look.

活动 2【讲授】Unit2 Section B Reading
Step 2 Reading comprehension A. Skim the letter and finish the exercises. B. Scan the letter and fill in the blanks. C. The Big Board Facts Game

活动 3【练习】Unit2 Section B Reading
Read the letter quickly and finish the following exercises. 1. wrote the letter to Miss Li.

2. This letter is mainly about_____. A. the difficulties of disabled people in the daily life B. the introduction of Animal Helpers C. Ben thanking Miss Li for helping him have a dog helper

活动 4【活动】Unit2 Section B Reading
Group discussion

Ben Smith is ____, who has problems doing ____ things. Thanks for Miss. Li and Ben’s fr iend’s ____, he got a ______ dog that made a big _______ to his life. Lucky is very ___ _ and can ____ Ben’s orders. We should try our best to ______ disabled people and ______ animals. Group discussion Ben Smith is ____, who has problems doing ____ things. Thanks for Miss. Li and Ben’s fr iend’s ____, he got a ______ dog that made a big _______ to his life. Lucky is very ___ _ and can ____ Ben’s orders. We should try our best to ______ disabled people and ______ animals.

活动 5【作业】Unit 2 Section B Reading
Finish exercises of parts 2d and 2e on Page 15 of the textbook.

活动 6【活动】Unit2 Section B Reading
教学反思(Reflection):本节课为八年级下册的一篇关于导盲犬的阅读文章,想要学生通过 对文本的理解来达到乐于助人的情感态度目标。因此,为寓教于乐,在设计本节课时,考虑 了许多种导入,如萧煌奇的《你是我的眼》歌曲导入、导盲犬与残疾人图片导入等,最后还 是采用本堂课所呈现的导入方式,即时事新闻的视频导入。还应用了多种信息技术手段,如 音频、视频的插入,阅读部分让学生做限时训练时使用了计时器,交互式白板的使用,还用 PPT 超链接的形式制作了一个小游戏。因此,就提出了一个困惑:信息技术作为一种教学辅 助手段,不能喧宾夺主,哗众取宠,如何协调好信息技术在授课过程中出现的比例?


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