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必修3Unit 2 Healthy eating单词导学案



Unit 2

Healthy eating 单词导学案
审定人:高一英语组 编写时间:2013-2-22

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【学习目标】重点词汇的用法 【学习重点】diet balance curiosity benefit limit consult combine 【学习策略】自主—合作—展示—质疑 n.节食 日常饮食 v. 节食 按规定进食 【原句回放】Everybody has to eat,but do you eat a healthy diet? 人人都要吃饭,但你的饮食健康吗? 【常用搭配】 put sb. on a diet 限制某人的饮食 . a balanced diet 均衡的饮食 be/go on a diet 节食 控制饮食 A balanced diet is important for health. She is always dieting, but never seems to lose any weight 【词义辨析】diet &food diet 指通常吃的食物,尤指规定的食谱,还可作动词“节食” 。 food 指人或动物所需的食物;或植物所需的养料。 【即学即用】 1). The sick man mustn’t go without _______ but he must have a _______ without sugar. (用 diet,food 的适当形式填空。 ) 2). The doctor____________________________a very strict _______. 医生严格限制我的饮食。 2.. balance n. 天平;平衡;结余,余额 v.平衡;权衡 balanced adj. 合理的;收支平衡的;镇静的 【原句回放】 what will happen to you if you don’t eat a balanced diet? 如果你的饮食不均衡,你会怎样呢? 【语境呈现】 Can you balance yourself on skates? You have to balance the advantages of living in the country against the disadvantages.你得权衡一下住在乡下的好处和坏处。 If you earn £100 and spend £60,your balance is £40. 如果你挣 100 英镑,花 60 英镑,那么你就会结余 40 英镑。 The two trucks had wheels out of balance on delivery. 这两部卡车在交货时车轮失去了平衡。 We must balance the advantages against the disadvantages before we decide. 我们必须权衡利弊才做出决定。 【总结归纳】 keep a balanced diet 保持饮食平衡 keep one’s balance 保持平衡 lose one’s balance 失去平衡




out of balance 不平衡 a sense of balance 平衡感 keep the balance of nature 保持生态平衡 balanced diet 均衡饮食 a balanced judgement 公平的判决 【即学即用】 单项填空 Generally speaking, men have to ______the relationship between their mothers and wives’ A devote B. balance C. give D. keep 用 balance 短语填空或翻译。 1). He ______ ______ ______ and hurt himself when he went upstairs. 2). It is difficult for you to ______ ______ _______ on an icy pavement. 3. curiosity n. 好奇心 【原句回放】Curiosity drove Wang peng inside. 好奇心驱使王鹏走了进去。 【语境呈现】 Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them. I opened the packet just to satisfy my curiosity. 【归纳拓展】 out of curiosity 出于好奇 with curiosity = curiously 好奇地 curious adj. 好奇的 curiously adv. 好奇地 be curious about sth. 对某事好奇 be curious to do sth. 好奇地做某事 【即学即用】完成句子 ①Margaret looked at him (好奇地). ②She decided to try a cigarette (出于好奇). ③All the employees in this firm (好奇) the personal life of the general manager. ④ (奇怪的是) enough, he had never seen the little girl. ⑤ (好奇心) drove Mary to open her husband’s letter though she knew it was wrong. 4. benefit v. 有利,有益 n. 好处;利益;优势 【原句回放】I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. 我发现你菜谱上的菜太少了, 于是我就不着急了, 开始宣传我的食物的好处。 【总结归纳】 benefit from/by... 从……受益,得益于…… benefit sb. 对某人有益 be of (much, great)benefit to sb. =be beneficial to sb. 对某人有益处 be of no benefit to sb. 对某人没有益处 for the benefit of ... 为了……的利益 【语境呈现】




I have benefited a lot from extensive reading. It is said Yoga is of great benefit to human health. 【即学即用】单项填空 ①We should spend the money on something that will everyone. (2009· 福建福 12· 州检测) A. benefit B. benefit from C. beneficial D. benefit to ②Never forget we receive from our parents. (2009· 福建龙岩检测) 12· A. the benefit B. the benefits C. beneficial D. to benefit 用 benefit 或其短语的适当形式填空。 1). The new highway will ________ the villagers. 2). He will _________ the new way of studying. 3). The warning sign was put there _________ the public. 5. limit vt. 限制;限定 n. 界限;限度 【语境呈现】 The speed limit on this road is 70 mph. We must try and limit our expenditure. There’ s a limit to how much I’ m prepared to spend. 【总结归纳】 limited adj. 有限的 limitless adj. 无限制的 limitation n. 限制?限制条件?不足之处 limit sb./sth. to ...限制某人/某事到(某种程度) be limited to sth. 受限制于?? go beyond/over the limit 超过限度 there is a limit to ...对……是有限的 without limit 无限地,无限制地 within limits 在一定范围内?有限度的 set a limit to 设定限度 Limited Liability Company = Co. Ltd 有限责任公司 【即学即用】 用 limit 相关短语的适当形式填空 ①One’s energy is . ② (没有止境) what you can do if you try. ③He must our weekly expenditure ten pounds. ④I've ____________________ 1 000 calories a day to try to lose weight. 我试着减肥?限定自己每天摄入 1 000 卡的热量。 ⑤A wise man knows his own ______________. 人贵有自知之明。 ⑥As we all know, a person's life is ______,but knowledge is ____________ ? = As we all know, there is ________________a person's life but ________________ knowledge. 我们都知道人的生命是有限的?而知识却是无限的。 6 consult v. .咨询 请教 商量




参考 查阅 【原句回放】 she was so afaid of being laughed at by her friends, she did not consult As a doctor but ?因为她害怕被朋友们嘲笑,所以她不敢向医生咨询 【总结归纳】 consultant 顾问 会诊医师 consultation n. consult with sb. 同某人商量;商议 consult sb. on / about sth. 就某事向某人请教(询问 consult one’s lawyer 咨询律师 consult a map 查看地图 consult the dictionary 查字典 = look up a word in the dictionary 【语境呈现】 You'd better consult a doctor about your illness. Before a decision has been'd better consult your father. When you take a geography may Consult a map. He is consulting with his advisor.他正同他的顾问磋商事情。 I will consult the plane timetable first. 【即学即用】 Once you have decided to buy an expensive article, you had better __ an expert on it. A. ask B. advise C. consult D, find 6. combine vt.&vi. (使)联合; (使)结合 【原句回放】perhaps we ought to combine our ideas and provide a balanced menu with food full of energy and fibre. 【总结归纳】 combine into ... 联合成…… combine ...with ...把……与……结合起来 combination n.结合;联合;化合(物) 【语境呈现】 Diets are most effective when combined with exercise. We consider it is necessary to combine theory with practice. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water. The pursuit of knowledge should be combined with wisdom. 知识的追求应与智慧相结合。 【即学即用】 单项填空 ①The two parties have to form a new government. (2009· 福建厦门检测) 12· A. Mixed B. combined C. joined D. formed ② Chinese traditional medicine with western medicine. (2009· 江苏如 12· 东检测) A. Link B. Connect C. Combine D. Join 用 combine 的短语或其适当形式填空。 1) A _______ of factors led to her decision to resign. 2) Success was achieved by the _______ efforts of the whole team. 3) As a writer, he _______ wit _______ passion.



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