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Love brighten world
When there is love, there comes hope. The picture depicts a common sense of a lamp brightening the darkness, telling a philosophy to us as to love. As we can see, evidently, love compared to be a lamp and when the darker surrounding is, the brighter it will be. Though conspicuous, the drawing is undoubtedly meaningful and pays to think that have we ever attach importance to love surrounding us. It goes without saying that love is of essential for everyone, whereas only when our condition is rougher will the love become more significant. A case in point is the Brooklyn bridge, built by John Roebling and his son and considered as one of the most unbelievable miracle in architecture. On account of an accident, Roebling died of tetanus and his son, called Washington Roebling, was completely paralyzed. However, Washington was encouraged by his wife who gave him love and support him to overcome the obstacles in his path. Without her help and affection, he hardly can achieve this spectacular project and not to mention the reward he can take pride in.What's more, the Brooklyn indeed light up the world, so do their love. As far as I am concerned, it is universally acknowledged that love is of consequence, while loving each other is our obligation and being loved is our privilege. For one thing, on no account can we be indifferent to other's pain since they might go through some surge. That is the reason why we should hug and counsel them to restore their confidence. For the other thing, we may as well go all out to lend them a hand and take advantage of our love to illuminate the darkness of their hearts as well. To conclude, only when we fall into the darkest place, will we truly understand how precious love is. For your information, it is love that contributes to the harmony and wealthiness of a nation, that results in our power and ability to tackle the challenge and finally cope with it once for all, that leads to a considerable number of people struggle to achieve their goals.

A letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus
Date: November 21,2013 Dear president, I am an undergraduate of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication. The reason why I write this letter is to complain about the canteen service on campus. On account of that they fail to provide healthy food for us. It goes without saying that we should attach importance to the quality of food, furthermore I have to indicate that the price is definitely unacceptable. What's more, the waiter's attitude to consumers is fairly rude. First and foremost, it is universally acknowledged that quality is of essential,

especially in business of restaurants. Whereas, it is confirmed that college canteen rather take advantage of the illegal cooking oil in defiance of the harmful impact on our health than ensure their economic income.Besides, the waiters do nothing but chatting. It is highly desirable for these waiters submitting themselves to the rules of canteen, established to remind their employee that consumers' interest should be taken into account permanently. Last but not least, the food price is far beyond the standard we can accept, puzzling me over about the reflection of their management style. To conclude, I insist that it is the integrity that contributes to success of Amazon corporation, that results in a nation being respected, that leads to the harmony in a society. Only when we go all out to take steps to tackle this problem can we have a harmonious campus. Needless to say, integrity, making continuous improvement in our society, is of essential to business, and that is the reason why we may as well take food safety into account.


In this composition, I will describe an event about pickpocket which I witnessed on the last year. That was an extremely cold morning, when a shocking event about pickpocket happened to me. I aboard a bus with the hustle and bustle of large crowds. It was so terrible that whenever it comes to my mind I will tremble with enormous fear. I still remember clearly that I stood against the handrail, listening to a quiet song. Everything seems as usual, for insurance, the bus was crowded and adults get the utmost out of spare time to chat. Suddenly I felt someone is scrabbling about me with his hand and I immediately knew what horrible thing happened to me, trying to grasp the thief's wrist at once, but it was too late. I had to recognize that he is so sensitive that once he realized I became conscious, he turned to run as fast as he can. Recalling the matter, it goes without saying that it has a profound impact on both individuals and society and that is the reason why we should attach importance to pickpocket. What's more, for a harmonious society, justice is of the essential. It is universally acknowledged that pickpocket, which is the initiator of evil, is nothing but a crime. Whereas, thefts are common occurrences, and on account of that, it is high time that we took some measures to tackle this problem. Needless to say, those who violate the constitution should be punished since robbers have a negative impacts on people's psychological health. That is to say, we may as well go all out to prevent theft from happening. Meanwhile, we cannot emphasize the importance of protecting people's property and health too much. On no account can we ignore the value of justice and that is the

reason why we look forward to government taking steps to protect our rights, which in return can contribute to the whole society. Deserve to be mentioned, an advantage of upholding justice is that it can make our society harmonious.

More Haste, Less Speed
As a proverb goes, "more haste, less speed ", that is to say that we can interpret as haste make waste. It goes without saying that we all attach importance to efficient, whereas if we give priority to efficiency and in defiance of the consequence, we always realize that things go athwart. In addition, it is self-evident that things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. That is the reason why we use to say that great minds mature slowly. There are numerous examples supporting this argument. A case in point is the Great Leap Forward in China, which is nothing but a disaster to China's economy, had caused many Chinese people starving to death. Needless to say that on no account can we ignore that development must be step by step, furthermore, we should take advantage of our patience and enthusiasm to seek perfection. For another example, it is universally acknowledged that Edison severed training and hammering to choose his materials appropriately. He might feel anxious, but he worked with perseverance and looked forward to achieving his goal and all the work hard pays off in the end. Judging from the evidence offered, we might safely draw the conclusion that soft fire makes sweet malt, on account of that on the way access to success, we should take patience into account. Though time is of the essence, it pays to spend some to make our work better. What's more, we may as well go all out to do something meaningfully but please remember that do not act in haste or be hot-headed. To conclude, more haste, less speed.

Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed
It goes without saying that there is no complete agreement among people about whether one should expect a reward for doing a good deed.Supporters prefer to the viewpoint that one should offer help without looking forward to being awarded. On the contrary, opponents insist that reward is preferable, on account of that Samaritan deserve to possess reputation and award. What's more, a reward can stimulate increasingly people to go all out to do good and get ready to help others through fair and foul. On the other hand, it is universally acknowledged that a favorable social environment is far beyond what we need to pay. Deserve to be mentioned, it pays to improve public morals by rewarding their enthusiasm and attach importance to encourage citizen to

maintain good ethical behavior. Nevertheless, overwhelming majority of supporters stubbornly and arbitrarily cling to their own viewpoint. First and foremost, they maintain that one can take pride in doing good, nonetheless, on no account can we look forward to being rewarded. To put it another way, we cannot take advantage of doing good. Besides, they point out that if anyone do a good deed should take into account, there will be a mass of people doing nothing but to help others on a daily basis. Weighing up these two arguments, I cannot agree with the opponents more. The reason why I stick to my opinion is that there are a number of phenomena in our society and it is high time that we took some measures to tackle these problems. Needless to say that doing good is not only citizen's obligation, but is the cardinal virtue to build a society which is abounded with harmony. To conclude, we may as well set a good example, appealing everyone to take ownership of doing good deeds to improve our community.

The Celebration of Western Festivals

In recent years, a number of chinese people are fond of western festivals. For instance, not a few chinese lovers get caught up in the valentine's day, furthermore, a crowd of young people is attracted by the Chirstmas's day. In brief, it goes without saying that, western festivals have become increasingly popular all around china, especially for those people who are looking forward to living as westerners. As far as I am concerned, many different reasons contribute to this phenomenon. First and foremost, the reason why people in favour of western festivals is that an increasing number of people are beginning to realize the significance of globalization, which is the key parts of our daily life.Besides, we may as well try to blend some western culture in with our society. Last but not least, we can not only take advantage of western festivals, but it also can contribute to the development of China. Needless to say that it pays to attach great importance to the lifestyle of Westerners to improve our own culture, meanwhile, it can exert a significance influence on keeping pace with the times. From my perspective, everything has pros and cons, nonetheless, there is no limitation to what culture could accomplish, since its benefits is far beyond its disadvantage. On on account can we throw out our traditional culture, we should take pride in it. However, it is not wise for us to reject western culture, such as festivals, on account of the active role it played in the world civilization. To make a long story short, we should hold a positive attitude to western festivals, which is available for raising the culture level in our country.





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