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2016-2017年南方新课堂·高考英语二轮复习测试:专题二训练4议论文 Word版含解析


“七选五”阅读 议论文

训练 4

Everybody knows the importance of drinking enough water.As we all know , drinking water benefits your skin , muscles and organs.__1__ The major reason for that is related to human biological needs.When you're a baby,you're 75 percent water.Then,as the years get higher,you get drier.__2__ It helps you lose weight, according to a study from the University of Birmingham. The researchers found that drinking 500 ml of water thirty minutes before a meal helped participants lose 10 more pounds than those who did not.__3__ All participants were advised to improve their diet and physical activity levels.84 overweight adults were involved.Among them 41 were told to “preload” with water,while 43 were told to control their water intake before eating.After 12 weeks, the participants instructed to “preload” with water lost 2.87 pounds more than those in the control group on average.In addition, the participants preloading with water before each of their three main meals every day lost 9.48 pounds over the 12 weeks.__4__ Dr Helen Parretti,a lecturer at the University of Birmingham, had this to say of the study:__5__Just drinking 500 ml of water, three times a day,before your main meals may help reduce your weight...and this could be an easy way for weight loss.Furthermore, it can be significant for an individual to lose extra weight,making a potential contribution to public health.

A.Another reason to drink water is right here. B.The study began with a weight management consultation. C . The beauty of these findings is that losing weight is simple. D . But not everyone can get access to tap water in some areas. E . It also helps prevent certain diseases and improve your mood. F . In contrast , those preloading once a day or never, lost just 1.76 pounds. G.So kids should drink more water instead of coke to keep healthy. 【语篇解读】 本文为议论文, 论述了一日三餐前喝水有助于减 肥。 1.解析:根据上句“众所周知,喝水对你的皮肤、肌肉和器官 有好处”可知,空处指喝水的另一个好处,故选 E 项“它还能帮助 你预防某些疾病,改善心情”。E 项中的 It 代指上文中的“drinking water”。 答案:E 2.解析:根据本段开头的“The major reason for that”和下文内 容可知,空处讲的是喝水的另一个原因。故选 A 项“饮水的另一原 因在这儿”。 答案:A 3. 解析: 本段讲述研究结果“饭前半小时喝水可以帮助减肥”。 空处应选 B 项“这项研究始于一个体重咨询”引出下文实验的具体 过程。

答案:B 4.解析:根据上句“另外,每天三餐前都喝水的实验者 12 周期 间减掉了 9.48 磅”可知,选 F 项,与空前一句进行对比,即“相反, 那些一天只在一顿饭前喝水或不喝水的人只减掉了 1.76 磅”。 答案:F 5.解析:根据空前的“had this to say of the study”和上文的实验 可知,选 C 项“这些发现的美好之处在于(告诉我们)减肥很简单”。 答案:C B As those with experience know,children with special needs can require extra help during the holidays.__6__ Here are some suggestions that may help. Allow the child to have as much of their routine as possible.A treasured stuffed animal by the child's side can go a long way towards helping him or her feel centred in the busy holiday rush.A beloved blanket can help a child who feels upset feel secure. Parents like their children to look good,but remember that sensory issues can cause a child discomfort,which can lead to a breakdown.__7__Soft cottons and velours ( 天 鹅 绒 ) are

comfortable.Avoid nylon and netting.Not all children with special needs have a problem with these,but if yours does,sacrifice fashion for peace of mind for you both. Limit holiday parties and try to keep to a regular bedtime.Have familiar foods available for the child,amid all the other holiday choices.If entertaining at home,help the child go through his or her toys and put away the most important ones.__8__Another alternative is to set out toys in a common area that are okay to share.

__9__Crowds and noise can be bad for kids with autism ( 自闭 症).If you must shop,stick to smaller stores away from the large metropolitan malls. Consider reducing the amount of presents.Kids don't care as much as parents do about the number of gifts.For the child with autism,who may have a limited attention span,set him up for success.__10__ The holidays can be a magical time.With a bit of planning,the holidays can be memorable and successful for your child. A.These are toys no one else can use. B.Concentrate on the fun of the gifts rather than the quantity. C.Compromise with clothes that look good,but feel good,too. D.The more toys you have,the happier they will feel. E . The lack of routine , novel situations and unexpected guests can throw off their peace. F.Pay special attention to what your child likes most. G . Try to avoid taking the child for shopping during this time of year. 【语篇解读】 本文为议论文, 论述了如何让一些具有特殊需要 的孩子(如自闭症患者)过好假期。 6.解析:从上文中的“children with special needs can require extra help during the holidays”以及下文中的“Allow the child to have as much of their routine as possible”可推知选 E 项。 答案:E 7.解析:由上文中的“Parents like their children to look good, but remember that sensory issues can cause a child discomfort, which

can lead to a breakdown”和下文中的“Soft cottons...”可知,需要对 衣服折中一下,既要好看,又要舒服。故选 C 项。 答案:C 8.解析:由上文中的“help the child go through his or her toys and put away the most important ones”可知选 A 项。 答案:A 9.解析:由下文中的“If you must shop,stick to smaller stores away from the large metropolitan malls”可知选 G 项。 答案:G 10 . 解 析 : 由 上 文 中 的 “Consider reducing the amount of presents”可知应选 B 项“把注意力放在礼物(所带来)的乐趣上而不 是数量上”。 答案:B C We all feel lonely sometimes,but you can do something about it.__11__ When you feel left out You're with your friends,but you feel invisible,as if everyone is talking around you.Or you hear your friends talking about the weekend and realize they are together...without you! Being left out is a lonely feeling, but before you start feeling sorry for yourself, take a good look at what's really going on.Your friends might not be trying to leave you out.But what if you keep getting left out,again and again?__12__But you'll only know if you ask.Take one friend aside and tell him how you're feeling.It may be scary,but you need to know if something is wrong—otherwise,how can you fix it?

When you're lonely for no reason Sometimes you just feel lonely without really knowing why. Maybe there's no one to hang out with,or you're just in a bad mood.__13__For example,connect with the people you care about or write an old-fashioned pen-and-paper letter to your friend who moved away. __14__Draw,write,or read your favourite book.Use it as a chance to enjoy your company,and you might find you've changed a lonely,sad moment into happy “just for me” time.No matter why you're feeling lonely,there's almost always a way you can change your situation.You're in charge of your feelings,so refuse to let them beat you.Do something.__15__ A.You might have a bigger problem. B.Here is how you can deal with your loneliness. C.You must do something that impresses your friends. D.If reaching out doesn't appeal to you,reach within. E.You'd better enjoy yourself by hanging out with friends. F.Instead of sinking into sadness,try to think of a fun way. G. You may choose to be alone—but you never have to be lonely! 【语篇解读】 在生活中,我们有时会感到被人冷落,有时又会 感到难以名状的孤独。那么,怎么才能走出这些困境呢? 11.解析:根据上下文可知,此处应填一个承上启下的句子,故 B 项符合语境。 答案:B 12.解析:根据前文的“But what if you keep getting left out, again and again?”可知,此处应是指如果你一而再、再而三地感到

被冷落,那就说明你遇到了更大的问题,故选 A 项。A 项中的“你 可能有一个更大的问题”与空后的“但你只有问了才知道”相呼应。 答案:A 13.解析:由本段的小标题“When you're lonely for no reason” 及后文中的“For example, connect with the people you care about or write an old-fashioned pen-and-paper letter to your friend who moved away.”可知,F 项“努力想出一个有趣的方式,而不要深陷 于悲伤中”符合语境。 答案:F 14.解析:空处是本段的主旨句。根据后文的“Draw,write, or read your favourite book.Use it as a chance to enjoy your company,and you might find you've changed a lonely,sad moment into happy ‘just for me’ time”可知,此处指的是如果你不喜欢向 他人表达,那就求助于自己的内心。 答案:D 15.解析:此处是对前文的总结,故 G 项“你可以选择一人独 处,但是,你绝对不必感到孤独”符合语境。 答案:G D(导学号 59430079) Vacations are important.We need to take time out from work to relax,and just be ourselves.__16__ We should all be allowed to leave our jobs behind us—at least for a few weeks each year—and just have fun.This might be something as simple as reading a good book in front of a warm fireplace and travelling to the most interesting places on our planet.Whatever we fancy doing is worth taking time out for.

Workplace stress is on the rise.__17__ These include disease, depression and even death.We all seem to be running from one place to the next,never finding out where we want to go in the first place.I intend to break that trend in the coming days. __18__I will sleep late, write, watch movies, drink the occasional glass of wine , and eat to my heart's content ignoring calorie counting.My plan is to just enjoy the fleeting moments of being alive. __19__ Spend your next vacation the way you want.Do what will restore your mental health.You're very valuable to the people who are close to you,and to those who depend on you.Like it or not,we are all interdependent in this great life of ours. You are valuable.Just remember that the next time you look at the mirror and take a deep breath.Remind yourself that there will never be anyone like you ever on this earth again. __20__ All you have to do is just ask yourself what you want to do. A.With it come many health problems. B.When you finally get home you'll be greatly refreshed. C.I challenge each one of you to do the same. D.Draw up a detailed plan so you can see more. E.Life is not all about work,or at least it shouldn't be. F.And only you know how to vacation your way. G.For my next holiday,I will do all the things that I love doing. 【语篇解读】 假期很重要,我们要从工作中解脱出来,让自己 放松。 16.解析:根据空处的上句“我们需要时间从工作中解脱出来,

让自己放松, 仅仅做自己”与下文的“我们应该允许自己暂时把工作 放在脑后”可知,选 E 项。E 项“生活不全都是工作,至少不应该 是这样”起承上启下的作用。 答案:E 17.解析:根据空处的上句“工作压力日益增加”与下文的“这 些问题包括疾病、抑郁甚至死亡”可知,选 A 项。A 项“随之而来 的是很多健康问题”衔接上下文。 答案:A 18 . 解 析 : 根 据 空 后 的 “I will sleep late...ignoring calorie counting”可知,应选 G 项“在接下来的假期中,我要做所有我喜欢 的事情”。 答案:G 19. 解析: 根据空后的“按自己想要的方式度过接下来的假期” 可知,选 C 项“我强烈建议你也做同样的事情”。 答案:C 20. 解析: 根据空处的上句“提醒自己你是独一无二的”和下句 “你只需问问自己想要做什么”可知,选 F 项“只有自己知道自己 想要什么样的度假方式”。 答案:F E(导学号 59430080) Life is like a road.There are long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked (弯曲的) and straight paths. __21__There are roads to happiness as there are roads to sadness,roads towards victory,and roads leading to defeat and disappointment. __22__There are no guarantees.Nobody said that choosing to do

the right thing all the time would always lead you to happiness. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that it would be returned.__23__Accepting a good word from an influential superior to cut your trip short up the career ladder does not always work.There are too many possible outcomes, which you really cannot control.The only thing you have power over is the decisions that you will make and how you would act and react to different situations. Life offers no guarantee and you would never know that your decision would be wrong or right until you have made it.__24__ It is definitely better than keeping yourself in prison.Although it is true that one wrong turn could get you lost,it could also be that such a turn could be an opportunity for an adventure,moreover open more roads.It is all a matter of perspective (观点).You have the choice between being a lost traveller or an accidental tourist of life.But take caution that you do not make decisions adventurously.__25__ A.But do not regret it whatever the result is. B.Taking risks is not about being careless and stupid. C.You do not really know where a road will lead you until you take it. D.In our life many roads would come our way as we journey through life. E.Now that you have made a decision,be ready to face its consequences:good and bad. F.Gaining fame and fortune does not guarantee happiness. G.It's natural that you should take the risk and make the thoughtful decision. 答案:21.D 22.C 23.F 24.G 25.B

F (2016· 豫 东 、 豫 北 十 所 名 校 联 考 )Whatever burdens you're carrying now,let them down for a moment if you can.__26__ Do your most difficult task first in the morning.Pushing a challenging task back is like holding a glass of water in an outstretched arm.At first nothing happens,but if you do it for hours or even days,you will soon feel the stress.Get the most annoying task done first and you'll enjoy the peace of mind for the rest of the day. Let go of things you can't control.You make plans to go outside with friends.But at the last minute,it starts raining.Some people become upset and start complaining.You'd better not.The rain won't stop just because of your complaint.__27__What I do in such situation is going for a quick walk in the park or just lie in bed reading a good book,listening to the rain beating on my window. __28__Just make a list of three simple things about any part of your life that you love.This is a great technique if you're ever bored while stuck in traffic , or waiting in the grocery store checkout lane.You can immediately transform boredom into happiness and peace of mind! Relax your body.Just walk to a window,look outside,and then take a single deep breath,focusing only on that breath and nothing else in the whole world.__29__ Talk to friends about your stress.Talking to friends about your worries can often be beneficial.__30__The simple act of speaking about anxieties can make them seem more manageable. A. With physical relaxation, you can also increase your peace of mind.

B.Instead,make the best of the situation. C.Those who care about you can offer support. D.Avoid situations that cause you to feel anxious. E.Here are some simple ways to increase your peace of mind. F.Don't worry about what others are thinking of you. G.List three things you love. 答案:26.E 27.B 28.G 29.A 30.C



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