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Module 8 Unit3 Language Points(原创)

Unit3 Inventors and inventions Language Points


now and Snakes came near my mother’s house ______ ______ pset _____, which u____ my mother much, and she wanted then get rid of set about me to ____ ____ ___them. So I ___ _____ researching trap the habits of snakes to find the easiest way to _____ _____ them. I thought of three possible a__________. Firstly, pproaches abitat removing their h________; secondly, attracting them into a _____(陷阱); and thirdly cooling them so that trap they would become s_______ and could be easily leepy caught. I made up my mind to use the third one. I tried attempt three times and the third _______ was finally Pressed successful. ________by my friends and relations, I seize decided to _____ the opportunity, hoping to get a patent ________ with my invention.

1. When I called up my mother in the countryside on the telephone she was very upset.

▲call up 给??打电话;使??想起,回忆

Please call me up this evening. 请今晚给我打电话。 Your letter calls up the days when we worked together.

He was called up right at the beginning of the war.

call at call on sb. call back call for call off

到某地拜访 拜访/看望某人 唤回,叫回;回电话;再打电话 需要,要求 取消;不举行


back ①He’s not in. Please call ______ later. for ②The work calls ______ time and patience. off ③He phoned me and called _____ the appointment . ④I called _____ Mrs Foster this evening on and she was very glad to see me.

2. Here was a chance for me to distinguish myself ...

▲distinguish v.

distinguish oneself
使自己扬名/表现突出/与众不同 他因英勇而扬名。

He distinguished himself by his courage.

She distinguished herself as a black lawyer.

②区别;识别;辨别 他能区别真正的古董与复制品。

He can distinguish a genuine antique from a reproduction.

It is certainly important to distinguish between right and wrong.

distinguish ...from ... 把……与……区分开来 distinguish A between B 区分A与B distinguished adj. 卓越的;杰出的;著名的 be distinguished for 以……而闻名/著称

The Chinese Nation is distinguished for its diligence and courage.

完成句子 ①He ____________ _______ in the finals. distinguished himself 他在决赛中脱颖而出。 ②The twins were so much alike that it was impossible to distinguish one from ____ _________ ____ the other ______. 这对孪生子长得太像了以至于人们无法分辨。

3. I set about researching the habits of snakes to find the easiest way to trap them.
于是我就着手研究蛇的习性,以便能用最简单的 方法来捕捉它们。 ▲set about (doing) sth. 着手(做某事) 意思等同于:set out to do sth.

We set about our task at once with great enthusiasm.

That evening he set about writing a report on pollution.

set aside 把……放在一旁;留出;拨出 set back 使退后;使延迟 set down 写下,记下(=write down);放下

set off 出发;启程;引爆(炸弹等);燃放(烟花等) set out 动身;出发;开始工作(后接to do) set up 竖起;搭起;开办;创立

单项填空 Mary_______ two hours every Sunday afternoon to spend with her son. A.sets out B. sets down C. sets aside D. sets off
【解析】选C。考查短语辨析。句意为:玛丽每 个星期天下午都抽出两个小时来陪她的儿子。set aside(为了某一目的)而抽出(时间)。

4. …, which freezes hard when cooled. …, (果冻)被冷却后会变硬。
when cooled 为when it is cooled 的省略结构
when/while /once/unless/ if 等连词所引导的 从句中的主语与主句主语相一致,且从句中 含有系动词be 时,从句中的主语和系动词 be可省略,形成“连词+分词” 结构。

D 1._________ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all.


B. When comparing

C. Comparing D. When compared A 2. _____more time, we are sure to finish it. A.Given C. Be given B. Giving D. If giving

5.They abruptly disappeared into a convenient hole in the wall.
它们突然就消失到墙壁附近的洞里去了。 abruptly adv. abrupt adj.

abrupt turns The road is full of ________________.

an abrupt end The meeting came to ______________.

The meeting came to an end____________. abruptly

▲convenient adj. 方便的;便利的;就近的 ①be convenient for/to sb./sth.

If it is convenient for/to you, we’ll come tomorrow.

Our school is convenient for/to the station.

②It is convenient (for sb.) to do sth.

Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?

I think it (is) convenient to leave at once.

注意:convenient 句型中,主语常由it 或 某事/物充当,人不能作主语。

n.方便 convenience for convenience 为了方便起见 at one’s convenience 在某人方便时
完成句子 It is not convenient for me ① ___ ____ ____ ___________ _____ _____ to ring him up. 我现在不便给他打电话。 it is ②Come to my office tomorrow if ___ ___ convenient ___ _____. _________ to you 你明天早上方便的话来我办公室一趟。


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