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人教版高中英语选修7 综合训练:Unit2单元测试

综合训练:Unit2 单元测试 I.短语翻译(20%) 1 考验_________________ 2 不管,别惹,让…一个人待着__________________ 3 同情某人_________________ 4 转向,回转_________________ 5 打电话给_______________ 6 将…放在一边,为…保留/节省_______________ 7 让某人做某事_________________ 8 被用来做某事_________________ 9 更确切地说_________________ 10 陪伴某人去某地_________________ 11 设法做成了某事_________________ 12 伸手去够…_________________ 13 在…方面有天赋 _________________ 14 曾经,一度_________________ 15 获得硕士学位_________________ 16 认真对待_________________ 17 对…印象深刻_______________ _ 18 用…做实验,以…尝试_____________ 19 提高社会地位 20 面部表情 II.单词拼写(20%) 1.When I began to sing, he laughed and made me e_____________. 2. They get ___________(离婚)two years ago. 3. The minister was _________ (陪伴)by his secretary to the US. 4. My sister’s wedding _________(典礼)took place at 12 sharp. 5. I ________(宣布)at the meeting that I did not support him. 6.The only __________(解释)for his behavior is that he’s mad. 7.With the teacher’s help, she s_________ away all the difficulties she had met. 8.My mother was __________(担心的,害怕的) when I fell over. 9.We had an _________(可怕的)earthquake here last year. 10.I don’t think the chair is f_________ enough to stand on. Complete the words according to the initials. 11.When his uncle died, he received many letters and calls of s__________. 12.Tony is s_________the guidebook for information about Hawaii, where he will travel soon. 13.There were strong winds a__________ by heavy rain last night. 14.India d_________independence in 1947. 15.I hope they don’t ask e_________ questions, for I will be e________ at them. 16.They had a d________ that I attend their wedding. 17.Rita couldn’t provide a s_________ excuse for his absence. 18.I am so e__________ of your getting an extra day’s holiday. 19.The rainforest is disappearing at an a___________ rate. 20.They were accused of interfering in China’s internal a________. III.完成句子(10%) 1.It is said that the president has beautiful actress. 2.The door needs_______________(油漆). 3.If you don’t _____ your study_________,(认真对待) you will fail in the coming examination. 4.They looked “the great man” up and down (带着好奇). ( 有风流韵事 ) a 5. The farmer tried to _________their crops ________cold.(保护…不被冻坏) 6.She felt _________ (好像)she were floating in the air. 7.He is three years ____________ (比…年纪小)me. 8.You’d better _______ _______ (留出,储存)some money in case of future use. 9.He stared _______ _______ (羡慕地) at Robert’s new car. 10.He’s got _______ _______ (许多) work to do this morning. IV.课文填空(20%) Tony worked steadily on the was too

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