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2011年高考大纲版英语总复习知识点精讲精析与高考试题预测:Unit 14 Festivals

第一册 Unit 14 Festivals I.单元知识点全览 工欲善其事 必先利其器 高考须掌握的词汇: 1. argue 2. majority 3. probable 4. honourable 5. national 6 . create 7 . faithful 8 . commerce 9 . simila rly1o . salutation 11 . celebrate 12.respectful/respectable 13.foolish 14.inwte 高考须掌握的短语:1.up 3.on Ⅱ.考点过关 过关斩将 一马平川 考点详解 精剖细解 入巿三分 一、重点词汇 1.symbol n.象征;符号;记号 eg: In this picture the tree is the symbol of Iife and the snake is the symbol of evll. 这幅画中树是生命的象征,蛇是邪恶的象征。 相关链接: syrflbolic adj. 象征(性)的; 用符号表示的 symbolism n. 象征主义 symbolist n.象征派作家或艺术家 。 用法拓展;the symbol of………的象征 the symbol f0 r…代表……的符号 案例剖析 旁征博引 举一反三 考题 1 (典型例题 he lion is consid-ered the king of the forest as it is a(n) of courage and power. A.example B.signC. mark D. symbol 考题 1 点拨:答案为 D。example 例子;sign 招牌,征兆,迹象!mark 痕迹,记号;symbol 象征。句意为:“狮子被认为是森林之王,因为它是勇气和力量的象征。 2.0pinion n.意见;看法 eg:一 His opinions are usually based on facts.他的 看法通常有事实根据。 用法拓展:in one's opinion 依照……的看法 have a good/bad/high/lOW opmion of 有好感/恶感;评价 高/低 be of the opinion that.一认为/主张…… 考题 2 ( 典型例题 分 ) my opinion, you should ask for his advice before you decide to have an opera- tion. A. In B. To C. For D. With 考题 2 点拨:答案为 A。in one's opinion 是固定词组,表示“依照……的看法”。 3.honour(=honor)vt.尊敬;给以荣誉 eg: Im honoured that you should notice me.你竟注意到我,我感到荣幸。 相关链接 jhonour n.尊敬,敬重;荣誉,信誉 honourable adj. 荣耀的, 体面的用法拓展: in honour of 出于对……的敬意, 为了纪念…… a point of honour 有关荣誉的事 do sb.the honour of domg sth.赏光给某人…… 考题 3 ( 典型例题 分 ) Lei Feng Street, a newly built street in the city, was named Lei Feng. A. instead of B. by means of C. in favour of D. in honour of " 考题 3 点拨:答案为 D。instead of 代替;by means of 通过……方式;in favour of 赞 同,支持;in honour of 为了纪念……。句意为:“雷锋街,这座城市刚建成的街道,是为

了纪念雷锋而命名的。” . 4.purpose n.目的;意图 eg: Did you come to London for the purpose of seeing your family,or for busihess purpose?你到伦敦来的目的是要来看望家人,还是为了公事? 用法拓展:on purpose 故意地 to little/no/some/good purpose 几乎无/毫无/有些/有 很好的结果或效果 考题 4 (典型例题) Im sorry I stepped on your toe; it was an accident. --It wasn't. You did it A. for purpose B. with purpose C. on purpose D. to purpose 考题 4 点拨:‘答案为 c。on purpose 是固定词组,表示“故意地”。 n.礼物; 天赋 eg: He has a gift of speaking welI.他天生能说会道。 . 相关链接:gifted adj.有天才的;有才华的用法拓展:have a gift for sth.有…… 的天资 have a g.ft of doing sth.有做某事的天赋 考题 5 The child has a gift music. A. gift ; for B. gifted; to C. gift ; to D. gifted; for 考题 5 点拨:答案为 D。gifted adj.有天才的,有才华的,修饰 child。have a gift for sth.有某方面的才华/天资。句意为, :“那个有才华的孩子有音乐方面的天资。” 二、重点短语 6.dless up 盛装;打扮;装饰 eg: we dressed up forthe wedding.我们为参加婚礼而盛装打扮。 . 相关链接:dress sb.up 把某人打扮一番 dres;sth.up(比喻)修饰;掩饰 be dressed in…穿着……的衣服 be well/poorly dressed 穿着考究/破烂 get dressed 穿衣服 考 题 6 ( 典 型 例 题 分 )On Christmas Day people walked about in the streets their best. A. and wear B. and put on C. dressed in D. to wear 考题 6 点拨:答案为 c。此句中的谓语动词为 walked about。dressod in their best 表 示“穿着他们最好的衣服”,作方式状语。句意为:“在圣诞节,人们穿着他们最好的衣服 在街上走动。” 7.pIay a trjck on sb.开某人玩笑;欺骗某人 eg: The children loved playing a trick on their teacher.小孩爱跟老师恶作剧。 考题 7 (典型例题)What a nasty trick to play someone who is-supposed to be your friend. A. to B. for C. with D. on 考题 7 点拨:答案为 D。play a trick on sb.开某人玩笑;欺骗某人。句意为:“对自 己的朋友开这种玩笑太过分了。” much as sb.can 尽某人之力 eg: We must do as much as we can to make our country better and more powerful.我们必须尽力使我们的国家更加美好,更加强大。 用法拓展:as+adj/adv+as sb.can 尽某人之力…… 可用 as+adj./adv.+as possible 来替代。 eg:

He ran as fast as he can.一 He ran as fast as possible. 他拼命地跑。 考题 8-1 (典型例题分)Bill is a good man,. kind and diligent. Don't be too hard on him. He's doing the job A. as good as he can B. as well as could C. as well as he can D. as good as possible 考题 8-2 ( 典型例题 分 ) My friend promised to write to me when he got to Beijing. A. as fast as possible B. as possible as soon C. as quick as possible D. as soon as possible 考题 8—1 点拨:答案为 C。后一句要用副词 well 修饰动词词组 do the job,故可排除 A、 D 项,B 项搭配不对,应为 as well-as possi ble,所以 C 为正确选项。 考题 8—2 点拨:答案为 D。B 项搭配不对。A、c 项中的 fast、qurck 在此句中修饰 write to me 均不合适,as soon as possible 表示时间上尽快干某事。句意为:“我的朋友答应他 到北京后会尽快给我来信。”总结提示:使用 as+adj./adv.+as sb.can/possible 句式时, 妻先确定句式搭配正确,再确定用合适的形容词或副词与所修饰成分的搭配。 三、重点交际用语 9.本单元的重点交际用语是如何表达和支持某种观点。注意以下的几种表达: In my opinion, we should... I believe we should... I hope we can make a decision We must decide... If we do this, we can... I don't think it is necessary to... 考题 9 (典型例题)--You can't finish "the book in less than an hour, I suppose! A. Yes, Im sure I can B. No, hardly C. Sorry, I can't D. t don't think I can 考题 9 点拨:答案为 A。前面是表示否定的陈述句;后用 Yes 回答:意思是“不”,与 Im sure I can 相对应,表示不同意前者的观点。 四、重点句型 10.The Day of the Dead is an ancient festival celebrated in Mexico. 亡人节 是墨西哥的一个古老节日。 the dead 已故的人,“the+形容词”表示一类人,这一结构作主语时谓语动词要用复数 形式。 eg: The young should respect the old.年轻人应该尊重老年人。 , The blind study in special schools.盲人在特殊学校学习。 用法拓展:the brave 勇者 the poor 穷人 the rich 富人 the sick 病人 the living 活着的人 the wounded 伤病员 the deaf and dumb 聋哑人 the unemployed 失业的人 考题 10 The whole city in deep sorrow at the news and the old extremely sad. A. was; was B. were; were C, was; were D. were; was 考题 10 点拨:答案为 c:the whole city 指“整座城市”时,用单数谓语动词,the old 指“老年人”,用复数谓语动词。句意为:“听到这个消息,整座城市沉浸在悲痛之中,老 年人尤其伤心。” ’ 五、词语辨析 11.common,ordinary common 指许多事物或人所共同具有的常见的性质;ordinary 指由于与一般事物的标准或

品质相同而所具有普通的性质。 eg: Colds are common in winter.冬天感冒是很常见的。 I use ordinary gasoline.我使用普通汽油。 考题 11 ( 典型例题 分 ) Whoever has sense knows that smoking is harmful to people's health. A. normal B. general C. ordinary D. common 考题 11 点拨:答案为 D。normal 正常的,generaI 通常的, 。rdinary 普通的,common 常 见的。common sense 常识。句意为:“任何有常识的人都知道吸烟有害人的健康.” Ⅲ.浯法归纳 精通规则 游刃有余 情态动词(二)must;have to;have got to 的用法 1.must 的用法总结归纳如下: 用法 must must not 例句

表示必要。 表示推断或揣测,指极 有 可能或不可避免,意为 “一定会;一定要;一 定 是” 。must 后跟不定式 的 一般式表示对现在情 况 的猜测, must 后跟不定 式 的进行式表示对现在 正 在发生或将来正在发 生 的事情的推测,must 后跟 不定式的完成式表示 对 过去情况的猜测。 表示与说话人愿望相 反 及不耐烦.意为“偏 要”。 表示

They must find out the new information as quickiy as poss’ble.他们必 尽快搞清新 的信息。

Hello.You must be Dr Yang.你好,你一定是杨博士吧。 You must be joking!你是在开玩笑吧! The doctor Manette tea“sed that the girl must have been badly treate 曼奈特医生意识到这女孩一定受到了虐待。 So she must have taken that too.那么她一定把那个也带走了。

The machine must break down at this busy hour.正忙的时候,机器偏偏坏 Why must you ask such silly questions?你为什么偏要问这些愚蠢的问题?

In some Asian countries·you must not touch the head of another perso 在一些亚洲国家,你绝对不可以触摸另一个人的头。

禁止。 2.have to 表示必须、应该(客观需要);比 must 有更多的时态形式。 eg: I have to follow his advice.我得听从他的建议。 I had to do some extra work last night. 昨天晚上我得加班。 3.have got to 相当于 have to,通常用于非正式文体中。 eg: I have got to go now.我现在得走了。 考题 1 (典型例题-return the dictionary within three days? --No, you You it for five days. A. May; needn't; can borrow B. Can; mustn't; would have C. Must; don't have to; can keep D. Shall; can't; should read 考题 2 (典型例题)l promised to get there before 5 o'clock, but now the rain is pouring down. They for me impa-tiently. A. may wait B. ought to wait C. could wait D. must be waiting 考题 3 (典型例题you make so much noise?--Sorry, I’ll take care not to. A. Must B. Can C. May D. Would 考题 1 点拨:答案为 c。在 must 问句中,否定回答用 needn't 或 don't have to!有时间状 语 for five days,就不可以与 borrow 连用,can 表示许可。 考题 2 点拨:答案为 D。must be waiting 现在。一定在等待。must be doing 表示对现 在正在进行的情况的肯定推测。句意为:“我答应在 5 点钟前到达.但现在雨下得正大,他 们一定在不耐烦地等我。” 考题 3 点拨;答案为,A。must 表示与说话人愿望相反及不耐烦,意为“偏要……。句意 为: 。你俯要弄出这么大声音吗?"-对不起.我会注意不这样了。 IV.专题探究由点及面 由表及里 专题探究:专题详解: 短文改错(Proofreading and Correcting),直译为“校对并改正”,是借鉴美国大学入 学考试(SAT)、托福考试(TOEFL)、研究生入学考试(GRE)和智谋考试(GMAT)等中的单句改错和 短文改错题型演变而来的.高考中所选文章大多是关于日常生活和人物介绍的记叙文,偶尔 也有应用文,如书信等。命题特征一般为更换词 6 道,缺词和多词共 3 道,整行正确 l 道.即 6:3:1。 考查内容多以实词为主,其中对动词的.考查最多。动词的考查分为:谓语动词和非谓 语动词两种。谓语主要考查时态、语态、主谓一致;非谓语动词主要考查不定式、分词和动 名词的使用及前后一致关系。代词的考查有:各类代词是否混淆或误用,代词前后是否指代 一致.以及代词的漏用(如关系代词的漏用等)。冠词的考查点为:单数名词是否缺冠词;复 数名词、物质名词、抽象名词泛指时是否多冠词;各类名词特指时是否少了定冠词;习惯用 语或句型在使用中是否遗漏或添加了多余的冠词。考查形容 词或副词,考点多为:形容词、副词的混淆使用。考查名词,测试的重点为:名词的数,尤 其是复数名词的构成规则和名词的用法。连词的考点为:并列连词和从属连词是否误用,是 否合乎逻辑。高考短文改错中的介词测试点为固定搭配或习惯用法中是否多余或漏掉介词。 解题技巧与方法,一般也是“三遍法” 1.通读全文,弄清短文大意。

不少考生在做短文改错时,只把注意力集中在寻找语法错误和用词的错误上,而忽视了 对文章的通篇理解。造成判断失误。所以要首先弄清文章大意,理解上下文之间的关系,才 能正确做题。 2.仔细推敲,考虑错误的可能存在形式.并加以改正。 3.复读全文.检查复核答案。 做完题后,应把短文重读一篇,从意思和语言上再仔细推敲,检查所改答案能否使全文 流畅,用词搭配是否正确,语法使用是否规范等。 V.考题类型一网打尽 蓦然回首 灯火阑珊 回顾 1 测试考点 6 (典型例题 in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed 1.A 点拨:be dressed in…穿着……衣服.因前后主语一致,故省略了 be。 回 顾 2 测 试 语 法 ( 典 型 例 题 )children under 12 years of age in that country be under adult supervision when in a public library. A. must B. may C. can D. need 2.A 点拨:must 表示“必须” ,是强制性的一种表达。 回顾 3 测试语法(典型例题)John, look at the time. such a late hour? A. Must B. Can C. May you play the piano at D. Need

3.A 点拨:must 意为“偏要” 。表示说话人的一种不满情绪。 回顾 4 测试语法 ( 典型例题分 )According to the local regulations, anyone who intends to get a driver's license take an eye test. A. can B. must C. would D. may 4.B 点拨:must 必须,can 能够。would 愿意,may 可以。句意为“根据当地的规定, 任何人要想获得驾驶执照必须进行视力测试。 ” 回顾 5 测试语法 (典型例题--Who is the girl standing over there? --Well, if you know, her name is Mabel. A. may B. can C. must D. shall 5.C 点拨:must 必须,一定;may 表示“可能性” .may know 可能知道,与句子的意思 矛盾;can 能够;shall 用于第二人称表示说话人的意图。支配对方的行动,含有命令、恫吓 等语气。句意为“哎,如果你非要知道,(那我就告诉你)她的名字叫美宝。 ”故选 o。 VI.2011 年高考题预测 高瞻远瞩 一、考情预测 年考情预测 预测 1:情态动词 must 的用法 占尽先机

预测根据:must 是情态动词中极为重要的一部分。可表示必要,与 not 连用表禁止;用 于表示肯定的推断或揣测;可表示与说话人愿望相反及不耐烦,意为“偏要”。这几点都是 must 使用中要注意的问题,也是高考考查的重点。 命题角度预测:对 must 以上几个考点的考查会出现在单项选择或完形填空题中,并会设 置同类的一些情态动词,要求考生针对所提供的语境进行选择,选出适合所表意图的情态动 词。 预测 2:the+形容词作主语 预测根据:the+形容词作主语表示一类人或物,应用复数的谓语动词与之对应,这是主 谓一致中一个重要的构成部分.在高考题中也是一个热点.但考生往往忽视这一点。 命题角度预测:the+形容词作主语表示一类人或物,通常会在单项选择或短文改错题中 出现,这一点应引起考生在备考时的特别注意。 预测 3:与 dress 有关的动词词组 预测根据:dress 是一个既可表动作又可表状态的动词,dress up,dress sb./oneself 以及 be dressed(in), get dressed 都是高 考考查的重点。 尤其是 dress 使用的灵活性. 更 易于在此点上灵活设题。 命题角度预测:与 dress 有关的搭配.会在单项选择或完形填空中出现。考生尤其要注 意:dress 后不可接衣服而必须接 s1).或 oneself,它也可单独使用 Ibe dressed(in)结构 不表被动而表示状态这两点,它们是高考设题最容易考查的问题。 预测 4:如何表达和支持一种观点 预测根据:如何表达和支持一种观点是在交际口语中经常用到的知识,也是高考题中考查 交际用语时常常要涉及的内容。 命题角度预测:如何表达和支持一种观点.使用交际用语 In my opinion…;I hope…;I don't think it is necessary 等时.常会置于听力测试这一部分进行考查。考生务必搞清说 话者对一种观点持何态度,从表达的句式上判断出说话者的意图。 预测 5:话题预测 本单元的中心话题是“节日”.具体涉及“节日的诞生”、“节日的主题”、“如何庆祝 节日”、“习俗”等。语言技能和语言知识都是围绕“节日”这一中心话题设计的。高考题 与此话题有关的题目会出现在完形填空或阅读理解部分.题目会涉及节日的起源、发展或庆 祝方式。 二、考题预测 [备考 1]测试考点 4 - What's the of this trip? - To collect money for the Hope Project. A. reason B. purpose C. result D. meaning 1.B 点拨:从后面的回答“为希望工程筹钱”可知,前者问此行的目的。 [备考 2]测试考点 9 A. Yes, that's right With pleasure Would you do me a favour to give me a ride? B. No trouble C. Never mind


2.D 点拨:With pleasure.十分乐意。 [备考 3]测试考点 8 Talk less but try to do you can. A. so many as B. as many as C. as little as as much as 3.D 点拨:as much as you can 相当于 as much as possible。


[备考 4]测试语法 --No, you A. mustn't

--Must I finish the job in three hours? B. can't C. don't have to D. may not

4.C 点拨:don't have to 相当于 needn't,用于 must 问句的否定回答。 [备考 5]测试语法 --Why does Tom know so much about the Great Wall of China? --He have been there. A. ought to B. need " C. must D. can 5.C 点拨:must have done 表示对过去情况的肯定推测。 [备考 6]测试考点 1 A. symbol symbolize The cross is the B. symbolic of Christianity. C. symbolism


6.A 点拨:根据句子结构可知句中缺少一个名词,而 symbolic 为形容词,symbolize 为 动词,symbolism 虽然是名词但不合句意,故选 A。 [备考 7]测试考点 3 The president called on all the people should fight for the of the country. A. honouring B, honour C. honourable D. honoured 7.B 点拨: “the honour of…”意为“…·的荣誉” 。 [备考 8]测试考点 5 She's always been able to learn languages easily; it's a A. gifted 15. gifting C. ability D. gift 8.D 点拨:句意为: “她学习语言一向是轻而易举,这是天分。 ” [备考 9]测试语法 yourself. A. won't; can't can't; shouldn't Johnny, you play with the knife. You B. mustn't: may C. shouldn't; must hurt D.

9.B 点拨.mustn't 表示禁止,意为: “千万不要,一定别” 。may 表示可能性。 [ 备 考 10] 测 试 考 点 3 Washington. a state in the United States. was named one of the greatest American presidents. A. in honour of B. instead of C. in favour of D. by means of 10A 点拨:in honour of 为了纪念……;instead of 代替……;in favour of 赞成/支持…… lby means of 通过……的方式。 [ 备 考 11] 测 试 考 点 9 Do you think our basketballers played yesterday? A. They were not nervous at all very well

B. They were still young C. They played naturally D. They couldn't have done better 11.D l 与拨此交际用语用来表示赞同前者所表达的观点。句意为: “你认为我们的篮球 队员昨天表现得好吗?~他们不可能比这做得更好了。 ” [备考 12]高考新题型:阅读填空题 Man: ... and lastly this week I have some information about a course at the County College near Burnside, which might be of interest to .someone wanting a late-season break, or to groups. They tell me they have spaces on their County Sports courses the weekend after next. There are three courses that you might like to join: fishing, hill-walking, and rock-climb ing. So, quite a lot of variety there. The fishing is open to any one over the age of 12, and so is. the hill-walking: For the rock climbing you must be sixteen or older, for safety reasons. All these courses are really enjoyable. BURNSIDE COUNTY COLLEGE County Sports Weekends COURSE Fishing (1) Rock-climbing 12.(1)Hill-walking(2)12+ AGE 12+ (2) 16+


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