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【北师大版】高中英语一轮复习讲练精品:Part I 学案+作业 Unit 8 Adventure作业

Ⅰ.完形填空 When it comes to pursuing a career in the field of stunt (特技表演) man or woman, there are really a lot of things that you will need to __1__ into consideration. First you will obviously need to be pretty athletic in order to __2__ the field of stunt man or women. In the past this profession was __3__ for men. Most young boys would watch movies and begin to __4__ those that they saw and want to be just like them. The only __5__ today is that there are just as __6__ women on television doing wild and crazy stunts. __7__ this trend, more and more girls are __8__ forward to becoming stunt women. This is actually a really good __9__ to get into since most actors do not do their own stunts. __10__, the producers on most of these top films do not want them to do the stunts __11__. They are worth far too much money to put them at risk for getting __12__.But what it really __13__ to be a stunt man is to begin by taking a few martial arts classes. You may be wondering __14__ take martial arts, but many of the __15__ stunt men around the world have taken these __16__.But keep in __17__ that the stunt business is a tough one to get into. Your __18__ of becoming a stunt man or women will be greatly increased __19__ you are a martial arts expert, or a world class gymnast. This will __20__ others to see how athletic you are and will give you some of the training you need in order to succeed in this career. 1.A.take B.make C.put D.carry

【答案与解析】 A 2.A.arrive

take into consideration“考虑在内”。 C.know D.realize


【答案与解析】 B 3.A.just B.ever

enter“进入”,是及物动词,此处指“进入到特技演员这个领域”。 C.even D.yet

【答案与解析】 A 4.A.inspire

just“仅仅”,此处表示强调,指这职业是男性专属。 D.admire


【答案与解析】 D 根据下文的“想向他们那样”可知, 此处指青少年“崇拜”这些特技演员。 5.A.diffeence C.similarity B.importance D.method

【答案与解析】 A 以前特技演员都是男性,现在女性也很多了,这是和以前的“不同”。 6.A.many B.much C.most D.more

【答案与解析】 A 此处为同级比较,省略了 as men。 7.A.Instead of C.Because of B.In spite of D.According to

【答案与解析】 C 前面的“这种趋势”是原因, 后面的内容是结果, 所以此处填 because of。 8.A.looking 【答案与解析】 A 9.A.part B.going C.taking D.moving

look forward to...“期望……”,是固定短语。 C.signal


【答案与解析】 B 10.A.However C.Besides

field“领域”。前面的 the field of stunt man or women 处有提示。 B.Otherwise D.Therefore

【答案与解析】 C 上文说“大部分的演员都不愿自己表演特技”, 后面说“制片商也不想让 他们这一样做”可知,这是递进关系,所以用 besides,意为“此外”。 11.A.too B.neither C.hardly D D.either


either 表示“也”时用在否定句中;too 表“也”时用在肯定句中;若用

neither 的话,就与 do not 一起表双重否定,表肯定了,与文章不符。 12.A.paid B.dressed C.separated D.hurt

【答案与解析】 D 根据 at risk“冒险”可知,此处为“受伤”,所以选 D 项。 13.A.takes B.spends C.shares D.pays to do”句型。

【答案与解析】 A 此处为“it takes sth 14.A.what B.why


【答案与解析】 B 根据 wondering(想知道)可知,此处为“原因”,所以用 why。 15.A.surface B.level C.side

【答案与解析】 D 16.A.chances

top stunt man“顶尖的特技演员”。 C.risks D.roads

【答案与解析】 B 17.A.mind B.heart 【答案与解析】 A 18.A.dreams

courses 此处指“课程”,前面有提示。 C.brain D.head keep in mind“记在心里”。 D.desires

B.wishes C.chances

【答案与解析】 加。

C 根据下文的“如果你是个武术专家”可知,成为特技演员的“机会”就增





【答案与解析】 B 根据语义可知,上下文是条件关系,所以用 if。 B.Make C.have D.let

【答案与解析】 A Ⅱ.单项填空

help sb to do 结构,其余的三个单词都不能接带 to 的不定式作宾补。

1.The test is so difficult that he is________ to give it up. A.probable C.likely 【答案与解析】 C B.possible D.perhaps sb be likely to do sth “某人有可能做某事”,符合题意。probable 和

possible 不能以人作主语;perhaps 是副词。 2.It is the protection of the trees rather than how many trees are planted________ really matters. A.what B.that C.which

【答案与解析】 B 强调句的结构为 It is / was + 被强调部分 + that / who + 其他部 分。 3.I like________ in the summer when the weather is clear and bright in Brighton. A.this B.that

【答案与解析】 D it 用来泛指某事, 可用于如 I like it, I appreciate it 等类似的句子结构中, 表示喜欢和赞美某事。 4.It is generally agreed that no dish________ all tastes. A.fits C.matches B.suits D.adapts

【答案与解析】 B suit 多指“合乎要求、口味、性格等”,符合题意。fit 多指“大小适合”; match 指“大小、色调、形状、性质等相配或相称”; adapt“(使)适应”。 5.You are welcome to drop in at my new house whenever________. is convenient to you is convenient of you are convenient convenient 【答案与解析】 A convenient “方便的;便利的”,主语通常为物,不能以人作主语。

6.The high level of unemployment has produced harmful ________ in the society.

A.contributions C.conclusions

B.consequences D.considerations

【答案与解析】 B 题意: 高失业率已经在社会上产生了不良的后果。 consequence “后果”, 符合题意。contribution “贡献”; conclusion “结论”; consideration “考虑”。 7.The government must________ a plan as soon as possible to stop the disease from spreading. A.go out out 【答案与解析】 C B.set out D.stand out work out “制定出;解答出”,符合题意。go out “出去;熄灭”; set out

“出发;阐明”; stand out “突出;显眼”。 8.Can you imagine what difficulty I had________ these problems? A.settling B.settled C.settle settle

【答案与解析】 A

have difficulty (in) doing sth “做某事有困难”。

9.People in that district are worried that prices may keep________ in the following months. A.turning up C.going up 【答案与解析】 C B.making up D.bringing up go up “上涨;上升”,符合题意。turn up “出现;露面;调大”; make

up “弥补;化妆;捏造”; bring up “教育;抚养;使呕吐”。 10.Little________ that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way in this business. A.he realized C.didn't he realize 【答案与解析】 D Ⅲ.阅读理解 When Kim Nguyen left Brisbane in August 2008, his friends and family were convinced he was out of his mind.Disregarding their concerns, he grabbed his bike and headed west. 16 months, 15,000 km and 10 flat tires later he arrived in Copenhagen, just in time for COP15, followed by 70 cycling climate enthusiasts from all over Europe. What started as a one-man project to raise awareness about climate change has become a movement with worldwide support. On December 6th, the day of Kim Nguyen's arrival in Copenhagen, his supporters B.he didn't realize D.did he realize little 为否定副词,且位于句首,所以句子要部分倒装。

arranged events focusing on sustainable transport in 50 countries? “Many people think that one single person can't make a difference, and honestly, I expected to arrive in Copenhagen all alone. But you have to be optimistic. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it,” Kim Nguyen says. He was surprised by the visible impact of climate change that he observed on his journey. “You never hear of the consequences of global warming in countries such as Kazakhstan or Mongolia.The citizens in these countries might not know about COP15, but they are very concerned about the changes they have experienced during the last years.” Therefore, Kim Nguyen recorded video messages in each country he visited.He will hand the messages over to the Australian Minister for Climate Change in Copenhagen. Kim Nguyen stresses that everybody can do something to stop global warming:“You can act against climate change in three ways: on a political, a personal and a community level. Be an activist or work on implementing (贯彻) green strategies in your company and your local environment, and act responsible on an everyday basis.” Personally, he is already planning a new project with focus on sustainable transport and cultural interaction. 1.What could be the best title for the passage? A.From Australia to Copenhagen on Bike B.Cycling to Protect the Environment C.A Movement with Worldwide Support D.Cycling Benefits People's Health 【答案与解析】 A 主旨题。通读全文可知,澳大利亚人 Kim Nguyen 为了提高人们的对 气候变化的意识,骑自行车到哥本哈根,因此用 A 作标题概括了全文的主要意思。 2.What was Kim Nguyen's friends and family's attitude towards his travel? A.They thought he did the right things. B.They didn't support him. C.They thought he used to forget things. D.They gave him much help. 【答案与解析】 B 细节题。根据“his friends and family were convinced he was out of his mind”可知,家人和朋友不支持他。

3.What was the aim of his traveling by bicycle? A.To enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. B.To unite climate enthusiasts all over Europe. C.To make people more aware of climate change. D.To make himself known all over the world. 【答案与解析】 C 细节题。 根据“What started as a one-man project to raise awareness about climate change”可知,C 项与此意思相符。 4.When Kim Nguyen started out in the beginning, ________. A.he was alone B.was followed by 70 enthusiasts C.he was sure of winning worldwide support D.he had arranged events in 50 countries 【答案与解析】 A 细节题。根据第 3 段“What started as a one-man project...”可知,Kim Nguyen 出发时只有他一个人。 5.From the passage we can infer that ________. A.Kim Nguyen must have met with a lot of difficulties on the way B.Kim Nguyen will give the video messages when he is back in Australia C.people in many countries know about COP15 D.a single person can make no difference in fighting global warming 【答案与解析】 A 推断题。 根据“16 months, 15,000 km and 10 flat tires later he arrived in Copenhagen”推断,Kim Nguyen 在路上肯定遇到了很多困难。 Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项多余选 项。 When a store sells goods or services at a cost lower than usual, it is called a sale. __1__ Then the cost is returned to its usual amount. There are many kinds of sales. __2__ Parents like the lower prices of the clothes and school supplies for their children. A “midnight madness” event starts very late at night. An “early bird special” sale starts very early in the morning. This kind of sale is popular the day after Thanksgiving in November. A favorite sale among many people is the “buy one, get one free” sale. You buy one thing

and get a second one without cost. When people see the word “free” in an advertisement they know they are getting a good deal. __3__ Another kind of sale is a “going out of business” sale. This is when a storeowner tries to sell all the goods in the store before closing the business permanently (永久地). __4__ The owner lowers the prices and puts up a sign that says: “Going out of business sale. All items MUST be sold by tomorrow.” People who buy the floor coverings think they are getting a special deal because everything must be sold in a short period of time. Then, days later they see the store did not close permanently. And they see the same sign that claims the store is going out of business. Some business owners really do not end the business. __5__ A.Sales last for a limited time. B.This kind of sale is very popular among people. C.For example, a “back-to-school sale” is held near the beginning of the school year. D.They just want to earn more money. E.As a matter of fact, it is not the case. F.On the contrary, you have to pay extra money for that one. G.Let us say the store sells floor coverings.

【答案】 1~5 ACEGD IV.书面表达 书面表达 Life is Meant to Be Shared 人是社会中的生物。 各种各样的人际关系是维持社会发展的纽带。 生活需要和他人分享喜怒 哀乐,否则生活就不完整,所以在别人需要你的帮助的时候,请伸出你友好的双手;不要害 怕付出,用自己的爱心去感化别人,去完善自己的生活。 A lonely life is the saddest kind.Life is not meant to be spent behind closed doors or on an island trapped by a boundless ocean. The beauty of life can only be experienced in the wonderful harmony of various relationships —between yourself and your family, your friends, your neighbors, even a stranger. Life is meant to be shared.People who feel their lives are incomplete need to find someone to complete it. The poor need help, it's true, but the lonely need it even more.

We all know how to meet the emotional needs of others: through sympathy, help, kindness and love. However, we tend to hold ourselves back because of our fear and mistrust. We tend to think that people who seem to need us are just pretending, or that they're not really worthy of our help. True, there are people who just want a free ride or a free lunch, and will take advantage of those who are warm-hearted.This should not hinder us. We need only think of the story of the good Samaritan, who gives new life to a total stranger through a selfless act of love. Don't be afraid to help, and don't be scared to approach someone who seems to need it. Reach out, open the door of life and let those who need help know that someone is there to lend a helping hand.Life really is meant to be shared.


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