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Friends朋友一直是雅思口语part 1的高频口语题。小马雅思小编为大家整理了雅思口语话题范文:朋友,一起来看看吧。完整版资料扫码免费下载。

Do you have a lot of friends? ( 5 - 8 )

Yes, I have a lot of friends. Some of them are only casual friends like my friends at work, but I also have some best friends who I have known for many years. I will do anything to help them when they need me, and I know they would do the same for me.

Do you prefer to be alone or to be with friends? ( 5 - 6 )

I prefer to be alone. Please allow me to explain. I like reading, which takes a lot of my time. Reading to me is a way of studying, so I have to do it alone. I often have to check the meaning of unfamiliar words in my dictionary, which is a slow process taking a lot of time.

Do you prefer to be alone or to be with friends? ( 5 - 6 )

I prefer to be with my friends. Please allow me to explain. At work I spend most of my time alone in my office. So after work I like the company of other people. I often invite some of my friends over, and we listen to our favorite music, or just chat the whole evening.

Do you prefer to be alone or to be with friends? ( 7 - 8 )

It depends. Sometimes I prefer to be alone. For example, after a hard day at work I just want to relax without anybody disturbing me. Those are the times that I might meditate on the meaning of life for example, or just savour some fond memories. On the other hand, sometimes I want to be with my friends. For example, over weekends, I like to go out with them and enjoy their stimulating company.

61. What do you usually do with your friends? ( 5 - 6 )

We do a lot of things together. Visiting net bars is one of them. We go there to play computer games or surf the net to have a chat with young people abroad. We often spend hours there at a time. The other interest we share is to play basketball. We usually challenge another group to play against us.

What do you usually do with your friends? ( 7 - 8 )

We usually go to the movies. My friends and I like cartoons very much, so we find out in the newspaper where a new cartoon is being showed and go and watch it. In addition, we like to watch a good action movie from time to time. We find the spectacular crashes and explosions very exiting. These movies are from Hong Kong or Hollywood, and have famous actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise playing in them.




Friends朋友一直是雅思口语part 1的高频口语题。小马雅思小编为大家整理了雅思口语话题范文:朋友,一起来看看吧。完整版资料扫码免费下载。 Do you have a lot of...


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