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2014 高考英语阅读理解基础精品练习题(4 )及答案
(201*· 新课标卷,C) Cassandra Feeley finds it hard to manage on her husband's income. So this year she did something more than a hobby: She planted vegetables in her yard. For her first garden, Ms. Feeley has put in 15 tomato plants, and five rows of a variety of vegetables. The family's old farm house has become a chicken house, its residents arriving next month. Last year, Ms.Rita Gartin kept a small garden. This year she has made it much larger because, she said, “The cost of everything is going up and I was looking to lose a few pounds too; so it's a win?win situation all around.” They are among the growing number of Americans who, driven by higher living costs and a falling economy( 经济 ), have taken up vegetable gardening for the first time. Others have increased the size of their existing gardens. Seed companies and garden shops say that not since the 1970s has there been such an increase in interest in growing food at home. Now many gardens across the country have been sold out for several months. In Austin, Tex., some of the gardens have a threeyear waiting list. George C.Ball Jr, owner of a company, said sales of vegetable seeds and plants are up by 40% over last year, double the average growth of the last five years. Mr.Ball argues that some of the reasons have been building for the last few years. The big one is the striking rise in the cost of food like bread and milk, together with the increases in the price of fruits and vegetables. Food prices have increased because of higher oil prices. People are now driving less, taking fewer vacations, so there is more time to garden. 本文讲述了由于生活费用增高,加上经济下降,越来越多的人开始自己种菜,并且现在 人们开车少了,旅游少了,有更多的时间来种菜,减少生活费用。 9. What does the underlined word “residents” in Paragraph 1 probably refer to? A.chickens C.gardens B.tomatoes D.people

答案:A。词义猜测题。由上文的 a chicke n house(鸡舍)可知,它的居民应该是小鸡, 故 A 项正确。 10.Why is vegetable gardening becoming increasingly popular? A.More Americans are doing it for fun. C.There's a growing need for fruits. B.The price of oil is lower than before. D.The cost of living is on the rise.

答案:D。细节理解题。由短文第二段第一句话可知,由于生活费增高,经济下降,越 来越多的人们开始自己种菜。故 D 项正确。 11.Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A.Family Food Planning C.A Belttightening Move B.Banking on Gardening D.Gardening as a Hobby
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答案:B。主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了由于生活费用增高,经济下降,迫使人们自己 种菜来减少开支。A 项意为:家庭食物计划;B 项:依靠种菜;C 项:紧缩腰带运动;D 项: 把种菜当做爱好。

1、 (南昌市 2011 年高三年级第一次模拟考试)

PALM COAST—Agatha Lee described her

reaction as "disbelief" when School Board Chairwoman Sue Dickinson called her name last Thursday night at Flagler Auditorium.

Lee, a second-grade teacher at Belle Terre Elementary School, was named Flagler County?s Teacher of the Year today. "I was in such a great group of excellent teachers and I was just shocked." Lee said in an interview after the announcement. Every Flagler school names a Teacher of the Yea r once a year and those nominees(候选人)are considered for the district?s award. That winner, along with winners from the state?s other districts,is then considered for the Florida Teacher of the Year Award,which is announced in July. To be qualified for the teaching award,teachers must encourage continuous learning, show skillfulness in their subject area, use creative teaching strategies(策略), show leadership and create a caring and respectful environment. Jill Stirling, a kindergarten teacher, Flagler?s 2010 Teacher of the Year, said she also met winners from throughout the state to share teaching strat egies and best practices. "I often think of those little people that have made me the teacher I am and the person that I am, "Stirling said. Lee, the following new wi nner. who is now in her thirteenth year of teaching,came to Flagler County in 2004 after working in Pasco and St. Johns counties. She worked

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at the former Indian Trails K-8 school and came to Belle Terre Elementary when it opened in fall 2005. Lee,who comes from a family of teachers, said she has always enjoyed being with children. "I love watching their faces when they have that ?aha? moment. "she said.

(4)Which of the following is correct in order of time according to the passage? ① Lee came to Flagler County. ② Lee taught in Indian Trails K-8 school. ③ Lee was named Flagler County?s 2011 Teacher of the Year. ④ Lee worked in Pasco and St. Johns counties. ⑤ Lee was named as Teacher of the Year by Belie Terre Elementary School. A. ① ④ ② ③ ⑤ B. ④ ② ① ⑤ ③ C. ④ ① ② ⑤ ③ D. ① ② ⑤ ③ ④

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【解析】 教师 Agatha Lee 当选为 Flagler County 年度教师。文中主要介绍了 Flagler County 年度教师 的选拔程序、候选人资格以及 Agatha Lee 本人的情况。

(1) B 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“disbelief(不相信) ”以及第三段中的"I was just shocked",可知 Agatha Lee 对当选为 Flagler County 年度教师感到很吃惊。 (2)A 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段可知 Lee 来自于教师之家,由此可知她的父 母也可能是老师。 (3)B 细节理解题。根据第五段可知,要成为年度教师,leadership“领导能力”是必 须具备的能力之一,因此选择 B。 (4)C 排序题。解答该题可用时间顺序法和排除法。由倒数第三段的时间点 2004 和 2005 可知④ 和① 发生在先,故先排除 B、D 两项。再由倒数第三段第一句可知 ④ 发生在① 的前面,故排除 A 选 C。

(哈师大附中 东北师大附中 辽宁省实验中学 2011 年高三第一次联合模拟考试) Mrs. Amatuli was my teacher in the fourth grade. One day at lunch time,I was getting ready to eat my same old tuna fish(金枪鱼)sandwich and suddenly Mrs. Amatuli asked me if she could buy my sandwich from me. She explained that I could use the money to buy a hot lunch from the cafeteria.

I was thrilled. I never bought my lunch at the cafeteria. It was too expensive for my family,and I always carried my lunch and brought the bag back home to use again the next day. My sandwiches were either bologna(大香肠)or tuna fish. It rarely varied beyond that.

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You can understand my delight when I had the opportunity to buy a hot lunch. When we finished lunch that day. Mrs. Amatuli took me aside and said she wanted to explain why she had bought my sandwich. I really didn?t care why, but it gave me a few minutes of her precious attention so I was very quiet as she explained. You see, she was Catholic and she told me that Catholics didn?t eat red meat on Fridays—they ate fish on Fridays. Oh,I couldn?t wait to get home and tell my mama that from now on 1 wanted tuna fish on Fridays. After my mama understood why,she gladly fixed tuna fish for me on Fridays. She even fixed it on brown bread because she knew Mrs. Amatuli liked brown bread. From then on. every Friday I could get in line with the rest of the kids for a hot lunch. I didn?t care how many of the kids complained about cafeteria food—it tasted divine to me! I realize now that Mrs. Amatuli could have fixed herself a tuna sandwich of Friday. But she bought my sandwich because she saw a 1ittle girl who was thrilled over the simple act of having a hot lunch. I will never forget her for her compassion and generosity and what I should do is to follow her example. (1).Mrs.Arnatuli bought the writer?s sand wish because_____________. A. she was tired of cafeteria food B. she hated getting in line with kids C. she didn?t eat red meat on Friday D. she wanted to show care to the writer (2)What can we learn about the cafeteria food?

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A. It was terrific. C. The writer enjoyed it.

B. It was terrible. D. Most kids were fond of it.

(3)The underlined word "divine" in Paragraph 5 means___________. A. perfect B. sweet C. unpleasant D. special

(4)Which of the following can best show the theme of this text? A. It is hard to please all. B. Better to give than to receive. C. Love makes the world go around.

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D. The more you offer,the more you are rewarded.

【解析】 年幼的作 者为能在学校买一份热午餐而欣喜不已,事后才意识到是老师在不动 声色地关心自己,感激之情油然而生,决心向她学习。 (1)D 推理判断题。 文章倒数第二段提到作者后来意识到她之所以买作者的三明治是因 为她看到作者因吃到一份热午餐这样简单的事情而非常激动, 由此可推断她是想 关心作者。 (2)C 推理判断题。倒数第三段最后提到作者不在乎很多孩子对自助餐厅食物的抱怨, 由此可推断作者喜欢吃自助餐厅的食物。
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(3)A 猜测词义题。 破折号前面提到作者不在乎其他孩子对食物的抱怨,破折号后面是 感叹句, 下一段的后半部分又提到作者因吃到一份热午餐而非常激动,由此可推 断作者觉得这些食物尝起来非常好吃。 (4)C 主旨大意题。文章倒数第二段揭示了 Mrs. Amatuli 买作者的三明治的真正原因, 最后一段则提到作者将效仿她的热情和慷慨,所以本文的主题应是“爱能感动世 界”。



(2011· 山东卷,D) Since the 1970s, scientists have been searching for ways to link the brain with computers. Braincomputer interface(BCI) technology could help people with disabilities send commands to machines. Recently, two researchers, Jose Millan and Michele Tavella from the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne, Switzerland, demonstrated(展示)a small robotic wheelchair directed by a person's thoughts. In the laboratory, Tavella operated the wheelchair just by thinking about moving his left or right hand. He could even talk as he watched the vehicle and guided it with his thoughts. “Our brain has billions of nerve cells. These send signals through the spinal cord (脊髓)to the muscles to give us the ability to move. But spinal cord injuries or other conditions can prevent these weak electrical signals from reaching the muscles,” Tavella says. “Our system allows disabled people to communicate with external world and also to control devices.” The researchers designed a special cap for the user. This head cover picks up the signals from the scalp(头皮) and sends them to a computer. The computer interprets the signals and commands the motorized wheelchair. The wheelchair also has two cameras that identify objects in its path. They help the computer react to commands from the brain.

Prof. Millan, the team leader, says scientists keep improving the computer software that interprets brain signals and turns them into simple commands. “The practical possibilities that BCI technology offers to disabled people can be grouped in two categories: communication, and controlling devices. One example is this wheelchair.”
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He says his team has set two goals. One is testing with real patients, so as to prove that this is a technology they can benefit from. And the other is to guarantee that they can use the technology over long periods of time. 本文讲述了科学家正在寻找把大脑与电脑连系起来的方法, 从而帮助残疾人。 大脑与电 脑连接技术,可以帮助残疾人交流和控制设备装置,如轮椅。 12.BCI is a technology that can ________. A. help to update computer systems C. help the disabled to recover B. link the human brain with computers D. control a person's thoughts

答案:B。细节理解题。根据短文第一段可知,科学家寻找把人的大脑与电脑连接起来 的方法,这一方法也即:大脑与电脑连接技术,帮助残疾人向机器发送信号,由此可知 B 项正确。 13. How did Tavella operate the wheelchair in the laboratory? A. By controlling his muscles. C. By moving his hand. B. By talking to the machine. D. By using his mind.

答案:D。细节理解题。根据短文第三段可知,Tavella 通过思考来推动轮椅,用思想来 指导轮椅,故 D 项正确。 14. Which of the following shows the path of the signals described in Paragraph 5? A. scalp→computer→cap→wheelchair C. scalp→cap→computer→wheelchair B. computer→cap→scalp→wheelchair D. cap→computer→scalp→wheelchair

答案:C。顺序排列题,根据第五段的二、三句话可知,头皮把信号传递给帽子,帽子 再把信号传递给电脑,电脑再传译信号,并指令轮椅,由此可知 C 项正确。 15. The team will test with real patients to ________. A. make profits from them C. make them live longer B. prove the technology useful to them 2D. learn about their physical condition

答案:B。细节理解题。根据短文最后一段第二句话可知,他们用真正的病人做实验, 是为了证明这是一项他们能受益的技术,故 B 项正确。 16. Which of the following would be the best title for the text? A. Switzerland, the BCI Research Center B. New Findings about How the Human Brain Works C. BCI Could Mean More Freedom for the Disabled D. Robotic Vehicles Cou ld Help to Cure Brain Injuries 答案:C。主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了 BCI 技术能够帮助残疾人,使他们通过思考就 能操作一些设备装置,这样他们就有更多的自由,由此可知 C 项正确。 E (2011· 福建卷,E) The internet will open up new vistas (前景),create the global village—you can make new

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friends all around the world.That,at least, is what it promised us.The difficulty is thatit did not take the human mind into account.The reality is that we can not keep relationship with more than a limited number of people.No matter how hard the internet tries to putyou in communication, its best efforts will be defeated by your mind. The problem is twofold(双重的).First, there is a limit on the number of people we can hold in mind and have a meaningful relationship with.That number is about 150 and is set by the size of our brain.Second, the quality of your relationships depends on the amount of time you invest (投 入) in them.We invest a lot in a small number of people and then distribute what's left among as many others as we can.The problem is that if we invest little time in a person, our engagement with that person will decline (减弱)until eventually it dies into “someone I once knew”. This is not, of course, to say that the internet doesn't serve a socially valuable function.Of course it does.But the question is not that it allows you to increase the size of your social circle to include the rest of the world, but that you can keep your relationships with your existing friends going even though you have to move to the other side of the world. In one sense, that's a good thing.But it also has a disadvantage.If you continue to invest in your old friends even though you can no longer see them, then certainly you aren't using your time to make new friends where you now live.And I suspect that probably isn't the best use of your time.Meaningful relationships are about being able to communicate with each other, face to face.The internet will slow down the rate with which relationships end, but it won't stop that happening eventually. 一般认为网络在让人与人交流方面起到了非常重要的作用。 而本文作者对此却持怀疑态 度。他认为网络在加强人与人之间的关系方面并没有起到应有的作用。 17.What is stressed in the first paragraph? A.The present situation of the internet. B.The difficulty in communication on the internet. C.The socially valuable function of the internet. D.The role of the human mind in the internet communication. 答案: D。 主旨大意题。 由文章第一段特别是最后一句“No matter how hard the internet tries to put you in communication,its best efforts will be defeated by your mind.”可知人类思维在网 络交流中起到举足轻重的作用,故 D 项正确。 18.The underlined word “engagement” in the second paragraph probably means “______”. A.appointment C.interview B.connection D.agreement

答案:B。词义猜测题。句意为:问题是如果我们在一个人身上花很少时间,我们跟这 个人的联系将会减弱到“他只是一个曾经认识的人”,因此划线单词意为“联系,交往”。 19.According to the passage, the author holds the view that______.
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A.the internet fails to play so valuable a role in communication as it promised B.the internet determines the quality of social relationships C.the internet greatly increases the size of social circles D.the internet communication is no less e ffective than the facetoface talk 答案:A。推理判断题。由文章的一些信息“This is not ,of course,to say that the internet doesn't serve a socially valuable function.以及 The internet will slow down the rate with which relationships end,but it won't stop that happening eventually.”等可推知网络在人与人之间的交 流上并没有起到应有的作用,故 A 项正确。 20.What is the author's attitude towards the use of the internet to strengthen relationships? A.He is uncertain about it. C.He approves of it. B.He is hopeful of it. D.He doubts it.

答案:D。态度观点题。通读全文可知,文章讲述了网络在人与人之间的交流方面并没 有起到应有的作用, 因此作者对网络在加强人与人之间关系方面持的是怀疑的态度, D 项正 确。 ******************************02******************结束 **********************************************************结束

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