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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修6 unit4

选修 6
Unit 4 Global warming 能力演练
一、语法填空 Life is difficult.But life is no longer difficult once we truly understand and accept it.? Most do not fully see this truth.? 1 ,they complain about 〖JP3〗 their

problems and difficulties as if life should be easy.It seems to them that difficulties represent 2 special kind of suffering especially forced

upon them or else upon their families,their class,or even their nation.? ? 3 makes life difficult is that the process of facing and solving 4 painful.Problems,? 5 (depend)on their nature,cause 6


us sadness or loneliness or regret or anger or fear.These are

(comfort)feelings,often as any kind of physical pain.And since life causes an endless series of problems,life is always difficult and is full of pain as well as joy.? Yet it is in this whole process of solving problems that life has its meaning.? Problems are the serious test that tells success from ? 7 (fail).When

we desire to encourage the growth of the human spirit,we encourage the human ability to solve problems just as in school we set problems for our children 8 (solve).It is through the pain of meeting and working out



we learn.As Benjamin Franklin said,“Those things that

hurt,instruct.” It is 10 this reason that wise people learn not to fear but to welcome the pain of problems.? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? The first time I remember noticing the crossing guard was when he waved to me as I drove my son to school.He 1 me with a puzzle—all

because he waved to me like someone does 2 seeing a close friend.A big,? 3 smile accompanied his wave.For the next few days I tried to 4 his face to see if I knew him.I didn ? t.Perhaps he had 5 me for someone else.By the time I contented myself with the 6 that he and I were strangers,we were greeting each other warmly every morning like old friends.? Then one day the 7 was solved.As I 8 the school he was standing

in the middle of the road 9 his stop sign.I was in line behind four cars. ? 10 the kids had reached the safety of the sidewalk,he lowered his .To the first he waved and 12 in just the

sign and let the cars 11

same way he had done to me over the last few days.The kids already had the window down and were happily waving their reply.The second car got the same 13 from the crossing guard,and the driver,a stiff ? looking wave back.Each

(表情刻板的)businessman,gave a brief,almost 14

following car of kids on their way to school 15 more heartily.? I was surprised to find that the crossing guard had changed the feelings of the whole neighbourhood with a friendly smile and smiling face.? 1.A.hit C.presented 2.A.on C.during 3.A.false C.apologetic 4.A.research C.recognize 5.A.praised C.mistaken 6.A.conclusion C.evaluation 7.A.argument C.mystery 8.A.visited C.passed 9.A.drawing back C.handing in 10.A.Once B.disappointed ? D.bored ? B.from ? D.about ? B.shy ? D.bright ? ? D.explore ? B.blamed ? D.respected ? B.description ? D.introduction ? B.disagreement ? D.task ? B.approached ? D.left ? B.putting on ? D.holding out ? B.Before ?

C.Unless C.out 12.A.cried C.smiled 13.A.idea C.notice 14.A.awkward C.elegant 15.A.came C.hurried 三、阅读理解

D.While ? B.through ? D.down ? B.cheered ? D.gestured ? B.reply ? D.greeting ? B.angry ? D.patient ? B.responded ? D.appeared ?

专题训练(六 专题训练 六) ◆方法点拨

记叙文的阅读(1)? 记叙文的阅读 ?

记叙文是按照一定的时间顺序记叙事件发生过程的一种文章体裁, 讲 故事、说笑话、谈经历、忆历史、人物传记、新闻报道、内容翔实的 日志等都属于记叙文的范畴。在读记叙文时要抓住几个要素:时间、 地点、人物、事件、结果,还要注意人物之间的关系、作者的写作意 图以及文章的寓意。能否抓住这几个要素,是做好细节题的前提,也 是写好记叙文摘要的关键。? ◆活学活用 阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。?

(2009 年重庆卷)Robert Owen was born in Wales in 1771.At the age of ten he went to work.His employer had a large private library so Owen was able to educate himself.He read a lot in his spare time and at nineteen he was given the job of superintendent(监工)at a Manchester cotton mill.He was so successful there that he persuaded his employer to buy the New Lanark mill in Scotland.? When he arrived at New Lanark it was a dirty little town with a population of 2,000 people.Nobody paid any attention to the workers ? houses or their children ? s education.The conditions in the factories were very bad.There was a lot of crime and the men spent most of their wages on alcoholic drinks.? Owen improved the houses.He encouraged people to be clean and save money.He opened a shop and sold the workers cheap,well ? made goods to help them.He limited the sale of alcoholic drinks.Above all,he fixed his mind on the children,s education.In 1816 he opened the first free primary school in Britain.? People came from all over the country to visit Owen ? s factory.They saw that the workers were healthier and more efficient than in other towns.Their children were better fed and better educated.Owen tried the same experiment in the United States.He bought some land there in 1825,but the community was too far away.He could not keep it under control and lost most of his money.?

Owen never stopped fighting for his idea.Above all he believed that people are not born good or bad.He was a practical man and his ideas were practical.“If you give people good working conditions,”he thought,“they will work well and,the most important thing of all,if you give them the chance to learn,they will be better people.”? Ⅰ.以约 30 词概括文章大意。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择正确答案。? 1.For Owen,his greatest achievement in New Lanark was ___________. A.improving worker ? s houses ? B.helping people to save money ? C.preventing men from getting drunk ? D.providing the children with a good education ? 2.From the passage we may infer that Owen was born ___________.? A.into a rich family ? B.into a noble family ? C.into a poor family ? D.into a middle class family ? 3.Owen,s experiment in the United States failed because ___________. A.he lost all his money ?

B.he did not buy enough land ? C.people who visited it were not impressed ? was too far away for him to organize it properly ? 4.We may infer form the passage that no children in Britain could enjoy free education until ___________.? A.1771 C.1825 B.1816 ? D.1860 ?

5.We can know from the passage that Owen was ___________.? A.kind,determined and generous ? B.poor,ridiculous and well educated ?,cruel and handsome ?,weak and mean ?

一、? 1.解析: instead 表示“相反”之意。? 答案:Instead 2.a ? 3.解析: What 引导主语从句。? 答案:What

4.解析:is 作谓语,主语是 solving problems。? 答案:is 5.depending ? 6.uncomfortable ? 7.解析:fail 的名词形式是 failure。? 答案:failure 8.解析:不定式表示还没发生的动作,或是一种目的。? 答案:to solve 9.解析:和前面的 It is 构成强调句型。? 答案:that 10.解析: for this reason 固定搭配。? 答案:for 二、? 1.解析:present sb.with sth.:give someone(something) in such a way 给予,呈现。此句意为:他给我呈现了一个谜团(puzzle)—— 都是因为他向我挥手致意的姿态酷似见到了亲密的朋友那 样。A.hit:? vt ?.猛打,猛击(人或物);B.disappointed:? adj ?.失 望的;C.bored ? adj ?.厌倦的。? 答案:C 2.解析:about:? prep ?.(描述某人表露出的 某种情状)在……上显出。? 答案:D

3.解析:giving an appearance of cheerful liveliness 欢快的, 充满幸福的;A. false 假的,错的;B.shy 害羞的,腼腆的;C. apologetic 歉疚的,愧悔的,认错的。? 答案:D 4.解析:study:look at closely in order to observe or read 研究,细察; A.research:investigate systematically(系统地)研究,调查; C.recognize 认出;D.explore 对(不熟悉的国家或地区)进行探险 /examine or evaluate(an option or possibility)研究;评估(一选择,可能性) 。? 答案:B 5.解析:mistake...for...把……误认为;A.称赞;B.责备;D.尊重。? 答案:C 6.解析:结论(that he and I were strangers) content oneself with: accept as adequate despite wanting more or better 满意于;满足 于;B.description 描述; C.evaluation 评价,评估;D.introduction 介绍,采用。? 答案:A 7.解析:谜团,由第二句中的 puzzle 推断出的同义词。A.争论;B.分 歧;D.任务。?

答案:C 8.解析:作者来接儿子,显然是快到(接近)学校的时候。A.造访; C.经过;D.离开。? 答案:B 9.解析:句意:当我接近学校的时候,他正站在路中央,保持停车手 势。A.退缩;B.穿上,演出,假装;C.交上,呈送;D.维持,保持。 ? 答案:D 10.解析:一旦,相当于 as soon as,表示时间。B、C、D 的意思与上下 文不符。? 答案:A 11.解析:let the cars through 让汽车过去。 让……进去;let...out 让……出去,泄露;let...down 让……失望。? 答案:B 12.解析:微笑,与文中开头的第三句的微笑是相同的。A.哭,喊, 叫;B.欢呼;D.打手势,与前一个动作 waved 重复,故排除。? 答案:C 13.解析:招呼,问候(waved and smiled);A.主意,想法;B.答复; C.通知,布告。? 答案:D 14.解析:awkward:not smooth or graceful;ungainly 笨拙的,不雅的;

B.生气的;C.优雅的;D.耐心的。? 答案:A 15.解析:句意:后面每一辆车里的 孩子都做出(比前面那个表情刻板的商人)更加热诚的反应。 A.来;C.匆忙;D.出现;B.做出反应。? 答案:B 三、? Ⅰ.? The text tells us something about Owen,s life,including his miserable childhood,his working experience,his first free primary school in Britain,showing us what a kind ? hearted,helpful and determined man he was!(30 words)? Ⅱ. 1.D ? 2.解析:从 At the age of ten he went to work.可知答案。? 答案:C 3.解析:从第四段可知答案。? 答案:D 4.解析:从 In 1816 he opened the first free primary school in Britain. 可知答案。? 答案:B 5.A ?



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