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必修三知识点汇总 Module 1 Europe 重要短语:
because of be covered by/with be known for/as/to make A out of B on the coast work on have…in common 重要句型: 1. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. one of the +形容词最高级+ 可数名词复数 2. Portugal is to the west of Spain. ①表示位置: A is/lies in/on/to/off the+方向+of B A is located/situated in/on/to/off the+方向+of B ②位置+距离: A is (about)+距离+(to the)+方向+of B in ,on 和 to 表地理方位的区别 (1) (2) (3) 表示 A 在 B 的范围内(即 A 是 B 的组成部分之一)时用 in.如:our school is in the west of the town. 强调 A 和 B 两地接壤时,用 on.如: A 在 B 的范围之外,两者之间没有所属关系时用 to。如:Our school is to the west of the hospital.我们 我们学校在城西。 Korea is on the east of China.朝鲜与中国东部接壤。 学校在医院的西面。 3. on the coast 和 off the coast on 表示“位于河畔或铁路,公路及海岸等沿线上” ;off 表示“稍离陆地,在沿岸的海里” 。如: 语法要求: 一: 一般现在时和一般过去时的被动语态 被动语态由“be+及物动词的过去分词(+by) ”构成。被动语态发生时态变化时只变 be 的形式,过去分词不 变。 现在时被动语态:am/ is/ are + 过去分词 过去时被动语态:was/ were + 过去分词 二:主谓一致:本单元主要强调第二个原则 语法一致原则。句子的主语是单数,谓语动词用单数形式;主语是复数,谓语动词用复数形式。 注意:(1) something, everybody, nobody , either, neither, each 等不定代词作主语时,谓语需用单数。 (2) 当主语后面跟有 with, together with, as well as, like 等时,谓语动词的单复数形式仍然要与这些词语前 面的主语保持一致。 2. 意义一致原则。 一些集合名词,如:family, enemy, class, population, army 等作主语时,谓语动词的单复数要根据实际含义而 定。当表示整体意义时,用单数;当强调个体成员时,用复数。如: 3. 邻近性原则。neither…nor, either…or, not only…but also, or 连接两个名词或代词作主语时;由 there, here 引 导的句子,并且主语不止一个时,谓语动词通常与邻近它的主语保持一致。 最。 。 。 。之一 refer to have control over/of have a population of little by little on the other hand in one’s thirties compared with belong to increase to/by in terms of be faced with ever since

Module 2 重要短语:
agree to do something make efforts to do sth. be important to (be) close to in the middle of as a result in/during the last ten years receive a good education be willing to do sth. 重要句型: 语法要求: 1. but 和 however 的联系和区别 2. although 引导状语从句 3. while 引导比较状语从句 make comparisons be connected with at the top of at the bottom of practice doing sth. live with one or two weeks up to make progress make sure of/about/that be similar to encourage sb to do sth take measures to do sth be crowded with in exchange for achieve one’s goal life expectancy

重要短语: a column of air pick up at sea put down take off on average natural disaster catch fire 重要句型: ①By the time…did…, sb. had done sth. By the time…do/does…, sb. will have done sth. ②There was the possibility of… It is possible that… 语法要求: 1. 过去完成时的被动语态:had+过去分词 2. 间接引语。英语中常用两种方式引用别人的话。一种是直接引述别人的原话,把它放在引号内,叫直接引 语;另一种是用自己的话转述别人的话,叫间接引语。如果把直接引语变为间接引语,从句中的人称、时态、 代词、时间状语和地点状语等一般都要作相应的改变。 3. 定语从句。 pour down set fire to manage to do sth. put out report on fall down from side to side in all end up in/with turn over lose one’s life according to take place a total of it occur to sb that

Module 4
重要短语 cut down dig up be caught in …

walk up to plan to do in a week’s time sweep away take in give out prevent/stop…(from)doing 重要句型 ①adj. + enough to do ②do nothing but do sth ③can’t (help) but do sth.

I have no idea have an effect on … one after another look through be part of … do one’s best solve problem

in a nutshell solve problem be / feel concerned about / for … think seriously about …

④I couldn’t agree withyou more / it couldn’t be worse ⑤if possible 语法要求: 一:不定式的各种时态 一般式:to do/to be done 进行式:to be doing 完成式:to have done 完成时的被动式:to have been done

Module 5
重要短语: be kind to be related to be equal to human being be born + adj. /n tell the time bring up be at war with 重要句型: 1. The reason why … is that… 2. If …,then … 3. Not only … ,but also … 4. No more … than 语法要求: 一:限制性定语从句:用来修饰某个名词或代词的从句,叫定语从句。 引导定语从句的关系代词:that,which,who, whom, whose, as 关系副词:when, where, how, why 注意:1. 介词放在关系代词前面时,介词宾语只能用 which 代物,用 whom 代人。 2. 在限制性定语从句中,当关系代词在从句中担任介词宾语而介词在句尾时,关系代词可省略。 3. 有时为了行文需要,定语从句中的关系代词和部分谓语动词可省略。 live a (n) … life follow / take one’s advice a sense of responsibility for the first time in conclusion make contribution to … be proud of… if so be similar to as a result in some ways stress the importance of… be influenced by… be similar to … /in …

Module 6
重要短语: provide sth. for sb. /sb. with sth date from /back to … hold back work out come true global warming be equal to used to make sense 重要句型: It takes sb. Time to do sth. be of + n. = be + adj. by doing sth. of all time dream of think of hear from now that .. live a (n.) … life make a note /notes bring an end to … a large amount of … on the spot work out be on a visit to … be pleased with crash into date from




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