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2011年高考大纲版英语总复习知识点精讲精析与高考试题预测:第三册Unit 16 Finding jobs)

第三册 Unit 16 Finding jobs I.单元知识点全览 工欲善其事 必先利其器 高考须掌握的词汇: 1. assessment 2. occupy 3. instantly 4. type 5. add 6. advise 7.apply 8.account 9.qualify 高考须掌握的短语:1.back 2.of/about 3.while 4. achieve 5. free/spare 6. in 7. to 8. positive 9. in 10. come 11. make12. for 14.with Ⅱ.考点过关 过关斩将 一马平川 考点详解 精剖细解 入巿三分 一、重点词汇 1.instant adj.立刻;马上;紧急的 n.瞬息;片刻 eg:I saw a patient in instant need of first aid.我看到一位急需抢救的病人。 The medicine gave mstant reIief.服药后立即感到舒服。 I eouldn't answer the question for an instant.我一时回答不上这个问题来。 相关链接:instantly adv.立刻.马上 用法拓展:in an instant 一会儿;马上 for an instant 暂时;一时 in instant need of help 急需帮助特别提醒:the instant 可用作 连词.后面接从句.表示“一……就”.相当于 as soon as。 案例剖析 旁征博引 举一反三 K0 考题 1 (典型例题)You see the lightning it happens, but you hear the thunder later. A. the instant B. for an instant C. on the instant D. in an instant 考题 1 点拨:答案为 A。根据 it happens 可判断出.此处需用一个连词连接句子.只 有 A 项可以,而其他三项为介词短语。句意为:“当闪电发生时。你先看到闪电.而后听到 雷声。”总结提示:in an instant"一会儿”通常用于将来时,常与终止性动词连用;for an instant“暂时,一肘.”一般用于完成时态.常与延续性动词连用。 2.particuIar adj.特殊的;特别的:讲究的 eg:Thcy bave a particular interest in the roeks on the moon.他们对月亮上的岩石特别感兴趣。 Don't bc parttcular about 订 dren.孩子们.不要对衣服过于讲究。 He stressed thal point in particular.他特别强调了那一点。 相关链接:partIcularly adv.特别地;特殊地用法拓展:for no particular reason 并无特殊原因 bc particuIar about/as lo 对……过于讲究 in particular 特别.尤其特 别提醒:particular 还可用作名词.意为“细节”。 考题 2 I went along thinking of nothing only looking at things around me. A. in brief B. in harmony C. in doubt D. in particular 考题 2 点拨:答案为 D。根据题意:“我走着,没有特有考虑什么事·只是看着我周围的 景色。~特别地”为 in particular·而 in brief"‘简略地,总地”;in harmony”和谐, 一致”.in doubt“怀疑”.故选 D。 3.crazy adj.疯狂的;古怪的;狂热的 eg:Don't work so crazy.不要那么拼命干。 Young peopIe are crazy about dancing.年轻人热衷于跳舞。 相关链接:crazily adv.疯狂地 craziness n 疯狂 .用法拓展.be crazy about… 对……着迷 be crazy fpro 一对……渴望 特别提醒.be crazy about…对……着迷.用介词 abOUt。

考题 3(典型例题)You should de-vote your attention to your study, and don't be crazy _ _ this kind of activity. A. in B. about C. of D. at 考题 3 点拨:答案为 B。“对……着迷”应为 be crazy about…为固定搭配。句意为:” 你应该把心思放在学习上.不要对那种活动着迷。” 总结提示:be crazy about…“对……着迷”为固定搭配。 二、重点短语 4.hold back 阻止;隐瞒 eg:The policemen held back the crovds.who were pressing forward to see thc visilots .警察阻止了那些涌上前来围观来宾的人群 . She was very upset. but held back her tears for as long as she eould. 她虽然感觉不舒服.但尽可能地不哭。 Don't hold anything must tell me everything. 你不要隐瞒任何事情.把一切都告诉我们。 用法拓展:hold on 等一等.不挂断 hofd out 维持;伸出去 hold LIp 举起.阻碍; 耽搁 hold down 限制;压制 hold on to 不要放弃;抓住不放,保留 考题 4-1 (典型例题 分) The girl held __. not knowing how to break the terrible news. A. out B. up C. back D. down 考 题 4-2 We thought of selling this old furni-ture. but we've decided to it. It might be valuable. A. hold no to B. keep up with C. turn to I). look after 考题 4—1 点拨:答案为 C。从 not knowing how to break the terrible news 可判断出.这 个女孩很“踌躇”。hold back“退缩;踌躇”.hold out“维持”.hold up。举起.阻挡”, hold down。 压制”. 故选 C: 。 句意为: ”这个女孩踌躇着. 不知道怎样宣布这个可怕的消息。 ” 考题 4—2 点拨: 答案为 A。 hold on to”不要放弃”; keeP up with“跟上”; turn to“转 向;求助于”;Iook after“照料”。根据句意:”我们本想把这件旧家具卖掉.但是我们决 定还是不卖它。它可能会有价值。”故选 A。 5.Fill in (1) vi.填补;填充 eg:lll fillin if absolutely necessary.假如实 在需要的话.我来代替一下。 (2)vt.填满.使完善.全面提供 eg:Fill in these forms.please.请填写这些表格。 can you fill in thc details for us?你能提供给我们一些细节吗? 用法拓展:fillin the blank 填入空格 fill up 装满:填满 be filled with 用…… 装满 hc full of 装满……特别提醒:be filled with 与 be fuIlof 两个短语中的 filled 与 rull 不要混淆。 考题 5 If you want to order the new type of washing machine. Please in your name and address here and 1'11 inform you later when it comes, sir. A. leave B. fill C. put D. write 考题 5 点拨:答案为 B。根据题意:“先生,如果你想订购新式洗衣机,请在这儿填上你 的名字与地址,等货一到,我就通知你。”leave “留下”,为及物动词.不与 in 搭配, put in“放入”。write 也为及物动词,不与 in 连用。表示“写”.而 fill in“填写”, 故选 B。 三、重点交际用语 6.what do you expect to be doing in fjve years time?在 5 年内你期望做什么呢? expect vt.期望:预料

(1)expect sb/sth.等/期待/某人/某物 eg:she is expecting a telcphone ftom her friend.她正在等朋友的电话。 (2)expect to do sth.希望做某事 eg:I hardly expected to find you Sil。lI here.我 简直没想到你还在这里。 (3)expect that clause 希望…… eg:I had least expected that it would come to such an end.我根本没料到会出现如此的结局。(4)expect do sth.期望/希望某人干…… eg:You're expected to do your duty.你应该尽职尽责。 特别提醒:expect do sth.“希望某人做某事”而 hope 不可用于此结构,wish 也可以用 WISh do sth.’“希望某人做某事”。 考题 6 (典型例题分)- When will the manager come back? As I know. he to come before 6:00 D. M: A. expects B. will expect C. is D. is expected 考题 6 点拨;答案为 D。根据题意:“他什么时候回来?据我所知,他预计在下午 6:00 之前回来”,即“他被希望在 6:OO 之前回来”应用 be expected to do sth. ,故选 D。而 其他三项表示主动,与题意不符。 总结提示:be expected to do sth.“预计干某事,被希望做某事” 四、重点句型 7.However,football is such a fiercely competitive occupation,that many players are not successful and havetoleavethe professiontofind other careers.然而,足球 运动是竞争如此激烈的职业,因此许多足球运动员没有成功而只得放弃这个职业而寻找其他 职业。 sueh…that…如此……以至于…… eg:Jim shut the window with such force that the glass broke.吉姆用力关窗,把玻璃打碎了。 His idea was such a good one,we all agree to use it. 他的主意非常好,我们都同意采用它。 用法拓展:such a(an)+adj.+n.+that…如此……以至于…… such+adj.+可数名词复 数+that…如此……以至于…… such+adj.+不可数名词+that…如此……以至于…… .特 别提醒:(1)such…that…句型中,that 有时可以省略。 (2)such 后面形容词若为表示数量的形容词 many,much,few 等时 such 应换为 so。 (3)such 十 a(an)+adj+n.that=so+adj+a(an)+n.+that… 考题 7 (典型例题)Can you imagine little worms can eat much grass that we must provide them with trucks of it? A. so; such B. so; so C. such; so D. such; such 考题 7 点拨:答案为 c。little 在本句中不表数量,而是表示“小”,故不能用 so,much grass 为表示数量的词组,用 so,故选 c。句意为:你能想像出这么小的虫子吃这么多的草, 以至于我们必须用卡车来运输吗?总结提示: so 修饰形容词或副词;so+adj.+a(an)+n.可 修饰可数名词单数。 五、词语辨析 8.income,pay,wages,salary,fee income 用以指一个人或单位所得的收入,不仅仅 限于工资。 eg: a family with tWO incomes 有双份收入的家庭 pay 一般用于指雇主定期付给的工资。 eg: He doesn't like the job.but the pay is good.他不喜欢那工作,但是薪水不错。 wages 一般是按星期或按日发放的工资,通常为现款,一般按小时、日、星期或按一定的 工作量计算。 salary 一般按月计算,通常直接拨人领取者的银行账户内。一般用于专业人士或在办公

室工作的人员。 eg: The company is offering a salary of¥30,000 per year.那家公司招聘职员,年薪 三万元。 . fee 一般指付给医生或律师等的报酬。或者指各种费用(学费、入场费、手续费等)。 特别提醒:wages 不能用 few/many 修饰,用 much/little 来修饰,而且 high wages 高工 资,low wages 低工资。 考题 9 用 income,pay,wages, salary, fee 的适当形式填空 (1)The students have to pay school per year. (2)The family lived upon a small (3)The man accepted the job for its is pleasing. (4)I live only on my since I worked.' Ⅲ.语法归纳 精通规则 游刃有余 动词不定式 不定式的完成式强调动作或状态发生在谓语动词之前。一般式表示动作或状态发生在谓 语动词之后、与谓语动词同时或几乎同时发生或存在。进行式表示动作与谓语动词同时发生。 完成进行式表示动作发生在谓语动词之前,而且仍在继续;当不定式的逻辑主语是不定式所 表示的动作的承受者时,用不定式的被动式。 considered/thought/believed/supposed 后多跟不定式的完成式、完成被动式(to have been)或 to be 形式。 eg: Her father is believed to have been a sailor.她 的爸爸被认为是一名水手。 She is considered to be the best student in our class.她 被认为是我们班最好的学生。 Her grandfather is thought to have been wounded during World WarⅡ.她的祖父被认为在第二次世界大战中受过伤。 2.下列结构中动词后出现不定式的多种形式: (1)在 seem/appear/pretend 后。 eg: My brother seems to be thinking about something.我的哥哥像是在考虑什么事。 She seems to have known it.她好像已经知道了。 She seems to have been struggling in the water for a long time .她好像已经在 水里挣扎了很久。 (2)在 be said/reported/known 后。 eg: He is said to be very kind.据说他很善良。 She is said to have gone abroad.据说她出国了。 . He is said to have been praised at the meeting.据说他在会上受到表扬。 He seen to have been writing for I/lore than three hours.他似乎已经写了 3 个 多小时。 考题 ( 典 型 例 题 )Do let your mother know all the truth. She appears everything. A. to tell B. to be told C. to be telling D. to have been told 考题点拨。答案为 D。根据题意: 。她似乎已知道事情的真相了”,且 tell 的动作发生在 appear 之前,且 she 与 tell 之间存在动宾关系,故选 D。 IV.专题探究 由点及面 由表及里 专题探究:书面表达做题技巧 专题详解:有这样一篇书面表达,其中有一句汉语提纲: “在我的箱子里有一台美国生产的录音机,一些我在北大买的新书,一本我收集了五年的装 有英国邮票的集邮册和一个里面装有我母亲从英国寄来的三百英镑的大信封。”其典型的 “硬译”表达是:

"In my suitcase have a US produce's recorder, some I in Bei Da buy's new books, a book of I collect five year's Britain stamp, and an inside hold my mother from Britain send's 300 pounds' large enve- lope. " 毛病就出在完全使用了汉语的词序,基本上没有注意词形的变化以及结构词的使用。 其合适的表达应该是这样: "In my suitcase there is a recorder made(produced) in US, some new books which I bought in Beijing University, a book of British stamps I have collected for the last five years and a large envelope with 300 pounds my mother sent me from Britain. 解题技巧: 书面表达“十六字”要诀 不少学生在做英语书面表达题耐感到无从下手, 因此涂涂改改, 不能充分发挥自己的水平。 为了取得事半功倍的效果,做题时我们要切记下面的“十六字”要诀:“扣题、全面、理顺、 套用、简练、灵活、对应、严格”。 (一)扣题 无论是文字还是图画类型的情景提示,动笔之前都要仔细阅读和推敲,弄清提示的内容, 抓住需要表达的信息点。因此,花时间认真审题,是明智之举。 (二)全面 在书面表达中,学生要防止对某一点或某几点大花笔墨,而对自己不感兴趣、表达难度大 的要点不提或一带而过。这样虽然看起来词数符合要求,但却丢掉了一些要点。 (三)理顺 文理要通顺,要考虑文章的逻辑性,弄清先写什么,后写什么。如提示中层次清楚,可按 顺序进行表达;若层次较乱,要对题目所要表达的要点顺序做适当的调整。 (四)套用 在表达过程中,应选用自己熟悉的和有把握的词汇和句型。模考题 请根据下列四幅图画 用英语写篇故事,以参加校刊的英语环保征文大赛。 仿你所学过的句型和词汇的用法进行表达,力求符合英语表达习惯,而不能自己去创造。 要排除母语的干扰,千万不能用汉语进行思维,生搬硬套汉语式的句子。 (五)简练 . 书面表达的句子结构越复杂。就越容易出错。由于多数学生实际运用水平有限,书面表 达的句子宜简不宜繁.应多用简单句,少写 复合句。 (六)灵活 做题时如果遇到了难以回避的内容.一时又想不起确切的习惯用语或句型.那就要想办 法“拐弯抹角”地去表达。高考书面表达的目的正是考查学生灵活运用所学知识的能力。学 生在做此题时,遇到想不起来的词语或句型时,要尽量找同义或近义的词语或句型来代替, 这样可以节省时间,避免出大错。 (七)对应 . 做题时要以相适应的身份、口气,从适当的角度来表达所述内容,句子的前后,文章的 开头和结尾要相互呼应。但要注意: 1.弄清叙述者的人称以及故事发生的场合。如果用第一人称,写作中不要写自己的真实 姓名和自己的学校和地点,避免犯泄密的大忌。 2.代词与先行词在人称、性和数等方面要保持一致。 3.同一句子中不要突然改变主语、时态和语态。 (八)严格 答题时要做到一丝不苟,卷面书写要清楚。须记住滴水成河,这儿一个小错,那儿一个

小错,失分就多了。切记要做到: 1.书写要规范。标点符号要准确。 2.防止单词拼写不准,句子结构不完整,字母大小写不分。 3.写好后,要检查全文,弄清楚是否扣题;格式是否正确;词数是否符合要求;要点是 否都包括在内,是否有语法或拼写错误等。

注意:1.故事须包括所有图画的内容,可以适当增加细节,使故事连贯; 2.图中学生 为小毛(Xiao Mao); 3.词数:100 左右。参考词汇:写生 draw from nature;画板 drawing board;斧 axe 考题点拨;(例文) Xiao Mao is a primary school student and he enjoys drawing very much. One day, Xiao Mao went out to the small woods not far from town to draw from nature, taking along with a drawing board. When he got there, he found that there was only one tree left. "However, it's better than nothing," he comforted himself. So he began to put up the drawing board in order to draw it quickly. At this time, one man carrying an axe-on his shoulder walked towards the tree. He cut off the tree and pulled it. away. When Xiao Mao finished that, he saw the only tree was missing,"Dear me! Where on earth is the tree?" Xiao Mao turned back and won- dered, very disappointed. 点评:1.开头交代背景,为下文作好铺垫; 2.taking along…分词结构的使用使句子 结构丰富多彩。 总评;文章基本内容表达清楚,运用了较高级的语法结构,包括从句及非谓语动词,时 态变化较多。最值得一提的是人物心理描写丰富,给人活灵活现之感。 V.考题类型一网打尽 蓦然回首 灯火阑珊 回顾 1 测试语法 ( 典 型 例 题 According to the art deal er, the painting to go for at least a million dollars. A. is expected B. expects C. expected D. is expecting 1.A 点拨:考查时态运用能力。题意: “按绘画经纪人的话说,这幅画预料至少 100 万美 元。 ”句子的主语是画,不能发出预料的动作,应是“被指望,被预料” ,所以选 A。 回顾 2 测试考点 7 (典型例题) We were in when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A. a rush so anxious B. a such anxious rush C. so an anxious rush D. such an anxious rush 2.D 点拨:考查 sacb…that 与 so…that 引导的结果状语从句,such 为形容词。修饰名 词其构成为 such a(an)+adj.+n. ,名词可以是可数的,也可为不可数的,而 so 为副词,修 饰形容词,副词或动词,其结构为 so+adj.+a(an)+n 故选 D。 回顾 3 测试语法 (典型例题-Is Bob still performing?

--Im afraid n6t. He is said official. A. to have left to be left

the stage already as he has become an B. to leave C. to have been left D.

3.A 点拨:考查动词不定式的时态。根据 Im afraid not.表明 Bob 不再演出,已经离开 了舞台, 即 leave 动作发生在 say 之前, 用动词不定式的完成式表示过去发生的事或已经完成 的动作。故用 A。 VI.2011 年高考题预测 高瞻远瞩 占尽先机 一、考情预测 年考情预测 预测 1:instant 预测根据:instant 是高考英语教学大纲中要求重点掌握的词汇。此词易错地方主要集中 在:(1)对其构成短语掌握不彻底;(2)忽视其作连词用法。命题角度预测:Instant 既可用作 形容词,又可用于名词,这一点学生是陌生的。对它主要考查 the instant 用作连词,相当 于 as soon as…,或 for an instant“暂时,一时”,in an instant“立刻,马上”。它的 考查主要表现在语法和词汇知识考查或短文改错中。 预测 2:particular 预测根据:particular 是英语大纲中要求四会的单词,对它的考查主要表现在语法和词 汇知识部分,而 particular 的某些用法的掌握又是学生所欠缺的。 命题角度预测:particular 的命题通常与 especial、special 等词一起考查,辨析其用 法及区别;同时 be particular about“对…… 过于讲究”,及 in particular 的考查,正 是考生的薄弱之处。 预测 3:choice 预测根据:choice 可用作名词,也可用作形容词,这一点是学生不太熟悉的,它还构成 许多短语,对命题者而言,有相当大的命题空间。 命题角度预测:以语法和词汇知识的形式考查其形容词形式或名词形式的短语的可能性 是较大的。 预测 4:话题:找工作 预测根据:工作问题是当前的一个热门话题,牵动着很多家庭,同时如何找到称心的工 作,如何写个人履历表关系到年轻人的前程,也关系到国家的稳定。命题角度预测:此类话 题主要体现在阅读理解、听力及书面表达中。 预测 5:不定式的时态及语态 预测根据:对于不定式的各种时态的用法,有不少同学仍然混淆不清,此点为历年高考 考点,同学们一定要注意。 命题角度预测:不定式的时态及语态有:to be doing;to have done;to have been done; to be done 等形式,它的考查主要表现在语法及词汇知识及短文改错中。 二、考题预测 [备考 1]测试考点 1 Alice regretted her words they went out. A. on the instant B. the instant when C. the instant D. instantly 1.C 点拨:考查 instant 的用法,the instant 用作连词后面接从句,相当于一个时间状

语,意为“一……就” 。句意为: “Alice 的话一说出口,她就后悔了” 。而 B 项 when 是多余的。 [备考 2]测试考点 2 and. hairstyle. A. special particular Nowadays, some people are very B. interest C. curious about their clothes D.

2.D 点拨:考查形容词辨析。be interested in“对……感兴趣” ,be curious about“对…… 好奇” ,be particular about“对……过于讲究” ;根据题意:年轻人对他们的穿着和发型特别讲究。 故选 D。 [ 备考 3] 测试考点 3 as to pump the water. A. so crazy for crazy In order to save people on board, sailors were working B. like craziness C. like hard D.

3.A 点拨:题意: “为了挽救船上人的生命,船员们拼命地抽水。 ”So.一 as to“如此…… 以便……”为固定搭配。B、c、D 搭配不当,应为 like crazy/mad 非常快地;拼命地;疯狂地; 但都与 as to 结构不符。 [备考 4]测试考点 6 --What do you think of the house? --It to be worth 200,000 yuan. A. will expect B. is expected C. will be expecting been expected

D. has

4.B 点拨考查动词时态。此句的主语为 house,house 不能“期待;期望”所以只能用被 动形式,排除掉 A、C。根据题意: “_这个房子被期待值 20 万人民币。 ”故选 B。 [备考 5]测试考点 6 --You haven't lost the ticket, have you? -. I know it's not easy to get another one at the moA. I expect not B. Yes, I have C. I expect so afraid so

D. Yes, Im

5.A 点拨考查交际用语,语境和省略的运用能力。本题 B、D 两项以 Yes 开头。那就表 示已经把票丢了,与后文内容不相符,不能只说再弄票不容易,而应表示着急或遗憾才对。c 项用于前句是肯定句的时候,此处若用,意思就是:我希望如此(一我希望我已经把票丢了), 显然不合理,A 项中的 not 代替上文的否定句,合乎语境。 [ 备考 6] 测试考点 4 by traffic jam. --Why are you so late this time? I’m sorry, sir. I was

A. held down

B. held hack C. held up

D. held on

6.c 点拨.考查动词短语辨析。hold down“限制;压制” ;hold back, “退缩;阻止” ;hold up“举起;阻碍;耽搁”;hold on“等一等;不挂断” ,根据题意: “我来晚了是因为交通堵塞。 ”故选 C。 [备考 7]测试语法 What was he'doing in his room? --As I know, he pretended his painting. A. to mend B. to have mended C. to be mending been mended

D. to have

7.c 点拨:考查不定式的时态,根据题意: “据我所知,他假装正在修补他的画” 。to be mending“正在修补” ;而 B 表示已经补完,与语境不符合。故选 c。 [备考 8]测试考点 7 It was __ everybody liked it. A. such fun that B. such a fun that C. so fun that interesting a fun

D. so

8.A 点拨:考查名词 fun 及 such/so 引导的结果状语从句。fun 为不可数名词,可排除 掉 B、D 两项,so 为副词,修饰形容词、副词及动词,不能修饰名词,可排除掉 C,such 为 形容词,可以修饰可数名词或不可数名词,故选 A。 [备考 9]高考新题型:阅读填空题 When train fares went up for the third time in one year, I decided to buy a motorcycle to ride to work. My idea was that, although I would have to pay for tax, insurance and gasoline, I would still spend less than on train tickets ovei" the year. I might even save time on the journey from home to work. So I bought a small second-hand Japanese motorcycle. I began to learn to ride it. At first it seemed very difficult for me because I had never learned to ride an ordinary bicycle before. But I soon got used to it. I just fell off once or twice during the first few weeks. But after a while I felt reasonably confident and rode to work every day, even when it was raining. It is, of course, one of the disadvantages, riding a motorcycle in the rain. To keep dry you have to dress up in water proof clothes, which soon get very dirty. And it's cold in winter, too. But my journey to work takes me half an hour less than it used fo take me on the train. Traffic jams don't worry me, and I don't have to wait on cold railway platforms for crowded trains. I don't know whether it's cheaper than public transport, though, for I soon got dissatisfied with my small motorcycle and bought a bigger, faster and more expensive one Advantages Disadvantages

He spends (1) on the journey from home He has to wear waterproof clothes.(2) It's cold ridin to motorcycle in winter.If he rides a big and fast one,it

work.He saves (3) on the journey.He not doesn't have to worry about traffic jams.He doesn't have to wait on the local railway platforms for (5) .

(4)than traveling by train.

9.(1)less money(2)on rainy days(3)half an hour (4)really cheaper(5)crowded trains


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