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金文嘏詞與 《詩》 篇斷代

青銅銘文與 《詩》 研究

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The “Good Fortune” Words in the Bronze Inscriptions and the Dating of the Book of Songs
(A Summary)

Cao Jianguo Through a comparative word count of the bronze inscriptions, we have discovered that the “good fortune” words surfaced gradually in the inscriptions. They germinated during the time of King Kang of Zhou, mushroomed during the period of King Zhao, and became a set pattern during the time of King Gong. As a source of intellectual history, the bronze inscription good fortune words reflected family consciousness and meaning of life. They can also serve as the tool for dating the bronze inscriptions, and, through a comparison with the good fortune words in the Book of Songs, we can also use them to ascertain the dates of certain chapters of the Odes. In this way, they are very helpful to our discourses on certain issues in the history of the Book of Songs. 關鍵詞: ? 嘏詞? 《詩》 ? 斷代

Keywords: bronze inscriptions, “good fortune” words, Book of Songs, ascertain the dates

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