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2013 北京西城一模英语作文范文
情景作文 People moving our school Recently our school conducted an activity entitled “People Moving Our School”, aiming at awarding those who devoted much to others as well their jobs, which drew a wide attention in our school. Several weeks before the activity, a bulletin board was put up in advance, on which presented the photos of six campaigners, accompanied by their moving deeds. Carefully had I read the words before I went to the computer room to search for further information. Our school had already presented some more photos and detailed information on the website, which provided a platform for us to know more. I was deeply moved by an old granny who was doing the tiring cleaning work all the time yet keeping a sanguine(乐天的;自信的) attitude towards life. I decided to vote for her at once. On the voting day, crowds of people flooded into the voting hall, in turns, we put our votes into a box. I handed in my vote and solemnly swore that I would be as optimistic as the granny in my whole life. Three days later, our school threw an evening gala to announce the final result. On the stage stood four winners, including that old granny.Excited as I was, I clapped my hands to show my sincere congratulations. It was such a meaningful activity that I will never forget. 开放作文 Hi, Jim.I’d like to share my opinion of the picture with you. From my perspective, what the picture conveys is that we’d better think twice before take an action. On no account should we begin doing a work without concerning the possible results it may leads. The silly man in the thought-provoking picture contributes to my opinion above. As you can see, sitting on a branch of the tree, he is doing his utmost sawing the tree. Undoubtedly, when the branch cracks and falls, so does he. The picture reflects a profound message that whenever we do something, it’s vital for us to take everything into account. Take the man in the picture as an example. Had he been careful enough to saw the branch by standing on a ladder instead of sitting on it, he is bound to be safe and sound. This also applies to our daily life. If we are always tackling the problems hurriedly without considering its potential disadvantage or trouble, our efforts may end in vain. However, if we are wise enough to fully check its every single aspects, our way to success will be shortened. Thus, it’s high time that we paid attention to every aspects of a problem. Only in this way can we solve it validly. After all, we won’t hurt ourselves like the man in the picture. Do you agree with me, Jim?


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