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2013 年高考易错题精编 Nearly all viruses can be held in by a healthful lifestyle

A. order B. position C. control D.check d 制止 ---Will Mr. Green be able to see me at 10:00 ? --- Sorry, but he fully until 3:30 unless there’s a cancellation. A. has occupied B. will occopy C. is occupied D. has been occupied c The hotel was awful! The room was far too small ______. Then we found the shower didn't work. A. to begin with B. as well C. in reality D. as a whole a Generally speaking, a bullet (子弹) travels far faster through the air than ______ does through water. A. the one B. it C. that D. One b Were you born yesterday?你是三岁小孩吗?Can you face the music?你能面对现实吗? Are you pulling my leg?你在开玩笑吗? John offered us a lift when he was leaving the office, but our work _______we declined the offer. a A) not finished B) not having finishedC) had not been finished D) was not finished Sense of happiness of citizens has little, _,to do with the size of a city. D A. if ever B. if any C. if at all D. if anything 要说有什么的话 Sometimes, _______ we show our gratitude for a person is reflected in the kind of food we serve him or her. A. when B. whether C. why D. How d More than 10,000 relics, ____ between 5,000 to 3,000 BC, ____at Sanxingdui since it was first discovered. A. dating back to, was dug up B. dating back to,have been dug up c dated back to,has been dug up D dated back to,were dug up b The church dates from the 13th century. be of great/little value His research has been of little practical value The chinese prefer tea to coffee A nearly B almost C most D mostly d most members of a group, most occasions, most parts of something etc [= mainly]: Green teas are mostly from China or Japan. There were about fifteen people in the lounge, mostly women. He blamed his parents. Mostly he blamed his dad. In China, the drafting of technical standards for school buses is ______. A. in the way B. on the way 途中 C. Under way 在进行中航行中 D. by the way at stake 在危险中、在成败关头 Ants are the most common life form on earth, _____ tiny, their combined weight is greater than that of the combined weight of all humans. A. though B. although C. even though D. as if a

although 位于句首;though 位于句首或句中; --Will it be convenient for you to pick me up? --You see, it’s a _____ squeeze to get five people in this small car. A. tight B. rough C. mild D. firm Tight 紧的牢固的,挤满的 In the years ___, the city government will take effective measures to bring the price of the house under control . A.following B. followed C.follow follow 此题选 D。follow 意为:跟着来,相当于 come, In the years to follow =in the years that are to follow ,表示在接下来的几年时间里。 也可以表示为: the following years =in the years that are in following It`s none of my`s up to you to decide he bought yesterday is used for. A what what B what that C that what D that which a Look, it’s so amazing! The wings of the model plane made by the boy are ____ of its body. A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length b C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length Not having enough green food leads to poor health and, _ , sickness. c A. however B. otherwise C. therefore D. instead So you are back. Jenny has come to your office several times this morning, as if _______ something important. A. to look for B. looking for C. looked for D. has looked for b As if she was searching something important. Tom does speak Chinese well but his reading and writing skills leave much _. b A. to improve B. to be improved C. being improved D. Having improved leave sb/sth doing something Never leave children playing near water unattended. Leave sb/sth to do something He left Ruth to find her own way home the quality of overseas education may not be as good as we c A had imagined B were imagining C have imagined D will imagine in a formal football match ,each team can have three players their teamates when necessary. A replace Bsubstitute Crepresent Dexchange b a roof over your head somewhere to live: I may not have a job, but at least I've got a roof over my head. He's studied in the US and has a good command of English.作知识语言的掌握运用能力。 At times 有时 all the time =the whole time 一直 ,at all times =always 总是 at a time 每次,逐 一 at one time 一度 for the time 暂时 In no time 立刻马上 If you live in the country or have ever visited there, ______ are that you have heard birds singing to welcome the new day. c A. situations B. Challenges C. Chances D. possibilities

in english,if new words continue to be used for at least five years they generally the oxford english dictionary. d A come up with B make up for C look up to D end up in So long as you win the match to be held next week we`ll be delighted it happens. a Ahowever Bwhatever Cwherever D whenever The pianist missed a when playing the piano on the stage last night d A line B chance C step D beat --The price is fine with me.How would you like___paid? d --Well,it's up to you. A one B this C that D it 与...一样 In common with most American people, he enjoys football. 他与大多数美国人一样,喜欢橄榄球运动。 Because of the ________ emphasis placed on classroom work, the instructor will report your absences to the adviser. b A) largeB) strongC) hardD) high(B) The little man was ________ more than one metre fifty tall. a A) nearlyB) quiteC) hardlyD) almost(A) Medical care reform has become this country’s most important public health ________. c A) questionB) stuffC) matterD) issue(C) He has his faults, but, all in all, he is a good helper. 他虽有缺点,但总的说来/总而言之,他是一个好帮手 d In fact Peter would rather have left for the countryside than____c _in wuhan staying B.than stay C.than have stayed d to stay Russia’s president fires senior military officers for failing to stop a naval base ____a_____ by wildfires that have killed 48. A. being swept B. swept C. to be swept D. having swept If you are unable to attend the interview, for ______ reason, you should inform us immediately. b A. no matter what B. whatever C. whichever D. no matter which There's no need to change your clothes.You can go out as you are My English teacher’s humor was ____ make every student burst into laughter. A. so as to B. such as to C. such that D. so that students attending this language school are not charged the same intuition;a year here can cost c between 2000 yuan and 7000 yuan. a anything b anytime c anywhere d anyhow. Many questions ______ at the meeting, but he answered none.

A. raised B. were risen C. came up D. asked I can’t go to the New Year’s concert,_____,100 dollars is just too much for me to spend in one evening. A . in other words. B that is. C in particular. D I mean 解析:I mean “我指的是” They are neighbours. b is no wonder that they should be friendly to each other. A. There B. It C. That D. So when can i use your comuter ? never ! should you touch it A at no time 从未 B in no time 立刻马上 C at any time D at one time

____ it rains tomorrow? I think we’d better take umbrellas. d A. In case B. If only C. How come D. What if The invention of telegram_the transmission of messages to any part of the world within a few second A.made it possible B.made possible C.made possibly D.made possible 答案是 B,

He is only too ready to help others, seldom, ____, refusing them when they turn to him.b A、if never B、if ever C、if not D、if any seldom,if ever "从不,决不" -----Who would you rather _____ the report instead of you? -----David. c A. write B. have written C. have write D. have to write Fifty years ago, wealthy people liked hunting wild animals for fun ________ sightseeing. c A) than to go B) rather than to go C) more than going D) other than going The other day 前几天 What sculpture is to a block of marble,education is to the soul. 教育之于人的心灵,犹如雕刻之于大理石 Are you a film star? b —________. A.Yes,I was B.I used to be

C.I used to

D.I’m used to

Land belongs to the city;there is __d___ thing as private ownership of land. such aB.not suchC.not such such i hear you are going to world park this weekend. c , I was going to,but i changed my plans. A usually B finally C actually D normally young people are living a more comfortable life than a their parents several years ago. A did b had c were Small as it is, the ant is as much a creature as ____ all other animals on the earth. d A、are B、is C、have D、do

A 根据句子的意义可知, 第二个 as 引导一个定语从句修饰先行词 a creature; 根据句子结构, 先行词在从句中作表语,从句的谓语动词的形式由后面的主语 all other animals 决定用 are, 于是本题的正确答案为 A。 The school owns many qualified teachers, but when it______b_______facilities, the school is not modern enough. A.compares with B.comes to C.arrives at D.refers to

They weren't a particularly good team, but they refused to give in and __a___ defeat. A. accept B. accepted C. accepting D. to have accepted 动词 accept 与 give 并列。 Mother told Jim to watch the milk until it boiled and then ___a__ off the gas. A. turn B. turning C. turned D. having turned turn off the gas 与 watch the milk until it boiled 并列。 Please make my excuse at tomorrow's meeting—I've got too much work _____. A. to do to come B. doing coming C. to do coming D. doing to come 此题最佳答案为 A,不定式 to do 与 have got much work 搭配,即 have got much work to do (有许多工作要做);不定式 to come 与 much 前的 too 搭配,构成 too ... to ...句式,全句意 为“我有太多的工作要做,不能来” He will tell you _____ he expects will win such a match. A. why B. whom C. which D. who 此题中的 he expects 是插入语,所以答案应为 D a non-profit educational institution They own two cars, not to _____ a motorbike. A. speak B. say C. talk D. mention 但其含义区别甚大:not to mention=更不用说,此外还有:not to say=虽不能说。 David is handsome and smart, not to mention being a good athlete. 戴维漂亮精明,而且还是个优秀的运动员。 It is warm, not to say hot. 天气虽说不上热,但也够暖了。 He was impolite, not to say rude. 他即使不是粗鲁,至少也是没有礼貌

Because of the financial crisis, quite a few companies are ________ now. b A. in the black 有结余 C. as white as a sheet 脸色变得煞白 B. in the red 亏空 D. as dark as night

——Why are the tax collectors so busy? ——Many people prefer to have their tax forms completed by a professional rather than ___. A、do it themselves B、doing it themselves C、to do it themselves D、done by themselves A 考查固定结构。prefer to…rather than…意为“宁愿……不愿……”,其后接动词原形。

After the College Entrance Examination , we spent a most ________period. We had to work hard in a private factory by _______,although we got poorly paid by_______. c A. tired; the day; day B. tiring; the day; day C. tiring; day ;the day D. tried; day; the day power cut/failure/outage (=a short time when the electricity supply is not working) Parts of the country have had power cuts because of the storms pilot study/project/scheme etc a small study, project etc which is carried out as a test to see if an idea, product etc will be successful That she hadn’t kept her ____ on her work resulted in the failure. A、head B、heart C、brain keep one’s mind on 意思为“专心于”.答案为 D。 D、mind

Everyone doesn’t agree to the plan. Some support it while I’m one of ____opposed to it. A. those who B. who C. those D. that 我是反对之一,这是后置定语不是定从.be opposed to sth. object to sth oppose oneself to doing sth.

In Scandinavian countries it is common ____ for the husband to stay at home to look after the baby. c A、use B、sense C、practice D、idea C practice 指惯例、习惯做法,而 common sense 指常识。 occurence 常与 common 或 rare 等词连用 divorce has become a common occurence in this country. Practical people are most likely to have a strong ____d_ for taking immediate actions rather than sitting and talking without doing anything. A. opinion B. feeling C. idea D. preference I've got two invitation tickets for the ___b____ of the American movie “The Big Country”. A. performance B. preview C. certificate D. publication preview 预映演展 these months,japan has been creating incidents against the benefit of china. nevertheless, the chinese government has made a/an c to the public to remain calm. a.reservation b.reference c.appeal d.urge Mom promised to buy me a nice gift for my birthday,__d__beyond my imagination A.the one B. that C. which D.something Mark Twin’s own story is as memorable as ____b___ he imagined. A. that B. those C. one D. it Sometimes we need both cultural_____d___ and government action—a change in values and a change in policy—to promote the kind of society we want.

A. transmission B. transportation C. translation D. transformation Friends come in many ___d_____. There are school friends, fair-weather friends, forever friends and many more. A. tastes B. ways C. levels D. flavors Things have changed quickly over the past decade and life in the country is much better than b used to he A.that C.what where did you get your laptop?i’d like to get one. well,at a shop on Avenue 48,but i can’t say exactly. A some B any C each D every --- Sorry, honey. I’m afraid we are too busy to take a holiday at the present time. --- Could we take ___a___ two weeks from now? A. one B. that C. it D. a one Does that make any_________? c --Yes, it matters a great deal. A. money B. sense C. difference D. trouble The whole family were worried about Jane because no one was aware ___she had gone. A.that where B.of the place which C.of what D.of where



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