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虚拟语气练习 和答案

虚拟语气练习: If you _______ ( arrive ) ten minutes earlier, you could have seen them off. It’s time that we ______ ( go ) to the railway station. If they ______ ( not help ) us, our experiment would have failed. You’re five minutes late. I suggested that you _____ ( come ) earlier tomorrow. Mother often tells us that it is necessary that we _____ ( drink ) a glass of water after we get up. She insisted that she _____ ( send ) to work on the faraway small town. ______ I not _____ ( forget ) his telephone number, I would have rung him. He is busy now. If he _____ ( free ), he _____ ( go ) with you. The manager was in his office then. If he ______ ( be ) here, everything _______ (settle) in a minute. Noisy as it was, he went on reading as if nothing _______ ( happen ).

1、It is important that a college student A.will master 2、It is strange that she A.should have gone out C.should go out 3、If my lawyer B.master

a foreign language. C.masters D.would master

without saying a word. B.went D.goes out here last Saturday, he me from going.

A.had been, would have prevented B.had been, would prevent C.were, would prevent D.were, would have prevent 4、 ——“He is a brave man.” ——“Yes, I wish I A.have 5、If it A.should B.had his courage.” C.will have D.may have

rain, the crops would be saved. B.will going to D.was to by a special plane. B.would be sent sent the medicine, you better now. B.had taken, felt D.took, would have felt

6、He ordered that the medicine A.was sent C.should send 7、If you A.took, would feel C.had taken, would feel

8、She is my sister, but she often acts as if B.was C.were

my mother. D.had been so. D.couldn’t do

9、I went to bed early last night, but I wish I A.didn’t do 10、I’d rather he A.will come B.comes B.hadn’t do

C.haven’t done

tomorrow afternoon. C.coming D.came

11._________ smoking, he would not have got cancer in the lung. A. Was he given up C. Did he give B. Had he given up D. If he gave up

12. We insisted that the meaningless argument ________. A. should bring to an end C. might come to an end B. was brought to an end D. come to an end

13. —I ____ to your birthday party last Sunday. —Unfortunately, you were out on business. A. had come B. came C. would come D. would have come

14. His suggestion that you ____once more sounds reasonable. A. try B. tried C. must try D. can try

15. ____him not to do so, he wouldn’t have made such a serious mistake. A. Did I persuade C. If I should persuade B. If I persuade D. Had I persuade

16. It’s high time that we students _____ even harder at our lessons as the national entrance examination is coming nearer. A. work B. will work C. worked D. have to work

17. It is necessary that people both young and old in China ____some English to be prepared for the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2008. A. learn B. will learn C. must learn D. have learned

18. ---- We weren’t sure which way to go. In the end we turned right. ---- You _____ the wrong way. You _____ left.

A. went; should have turned B. have gone; must turn C. went; would have turned D. had gone; must have turned 19. If there were no subjective mood, English A. will be much easier.(84,17) D. would be

B. would have been C. could have been

20. The guard at the gate insisted that everybody A. obeys B. obey C. will obey . (86,10)

the rules. (85,10) D. would obey

21. If she had worked harder, she A. would succeed C. should succeed

B. had succeeded D. would have succeeded . (87,6)

22. There was plenty of time. She A. mustn't have hurried C. must not hurry 23. I insist that a doctor

B. couldn't have hurried D. needn’t have hurried immediately.(88,6)

A. has been sent for B. sends for C. will be sent for 24. The rice D. be sent for

if you had been more careful.(88,9) B. would not burn D. would not burnt me from going.(89,15)

A. would not be burning C. Would not have been burnt 25. If my lawyer

here last Saturday, he

A. had been; would have prevented C. were; would prevent 26. Jenny A. must 27. If it

B. had been; would prevent

D. were; would have prevented

have kept her word. I wonder why she changed her mind.(91,33) B. should C. need D. would

for the snow, we

the mountain yesterday. (91,38) B. were not; could climb

A. were not; could have climbed

C. had not been; could have climbed D. had not been; could climb 28. Without electricity human life A .is B. will be quite different today.(91MET,38) D. would be

C. would have been

29. We

last night, but we went to the concert instead.(92,33) B. might study C. should have studied D. would study that food. (93,25)

A. must have studied 30. —If he , he

—Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately. A. was warned; would not take B. had been warned ;would not have taken D. would have been warned; had not taken

C. would be warned; had not taken


I told Sally how to get here, but perhaps I A. had to write it out

for her.(94,16)

B. must have written it out D. ought to write it out in turn, you so tired. (96,19)

C. should have written it out 32. You didn't let me drive. If we A. drove, didn't get

B. drove; wouldn't get D. had driven; wouldn't have got something

C. were driving; wouldn't get

33. Yesterday, Jane walked away from the discussion. Otherwise, she she would regret later.(96 上海,21) A. had said 34. B. said C. might say D. might have said

I wish I ____ you yesterday. (88, 40) A. seen B. did see C. had seen D. were to see

35. If only he ____ quietly as the doctor instructed, he would not suffer so much now. (NMET/上海/2000/36) A. lies 36. What B. lay would C. had lain have D. should lie ______, as far as the river bank?


(NMET/Shanghai/2001/40) A. Bob had walked farther C. had Bob walked farther B. if Bob should walk farther D. if Bob walked farther

37. He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he ______ a goal. (NMET/Shanghai/2001/spr./40) A. had scored B. scored C. would score D. would have scored

38. How I wish every family _____ a large house with a beautiful garden!

(NMET/Shanghai/spr./2002/31) A. has B. had C. will have D. had had

39. It is hard for me to imagine what I would be doing today if I ______ in love, at the age of seven, with the Melinda Cox Library in my hometown.

(NMET/Shanghai/2002/37) A. wouldn't have fallen B. had not fallen C. shall fall D. were to fall















(NMET/Shanghai/2003/spr./40) A. followed B. would follow C. had followed D. should follow

41. ─ If the traffic hadn't been so heavy, I could have been back by 6 o'clock. (2005/ 湖南/30) ─ What a pity! Tina ____ here to see you. A. is B. was C. would be D. has been

42. ─ We missed you at this morning's meeting, Diana. ─ _____, but if I hadn't had to meet a friend, I would have been there. (2005/ 重庆 /35) A. Me, too B. I'm sorry C. Never mind D. Thank you

43. Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it ____ yesterday. (2006/全国 I/31) A. was happening B. happens C. has happened D. happened

44. If it were not for the fact that she ____ sing, I would invite her to the party. (2006/ 福建/27) A. couldn't B. shouldn't C. can't D. might not

45. ___ fired, your health care and other benefits will not be immediately cut off. (2006/湖北/31) A. Would you be B. Should you be C. Could you be D. Might you be

1、B 6、D 2、A 7、C 3、A 8、C 4、B 9、B 5、A 10、D

11.B 16.C

12.D 17.A

13 D 18.A





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