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高中英语 Module 5 Cloning Section Ⅱ Introduction

Module 5 Cloning Section Ⅱ Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary-Language Points
Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.The animals were 2.A cat is (terrify) by the storm. (chase) a mouse in the street. (murder) an old lady. (refuse). (rush) to the upstairs.

3.He was put into prison because he 4.I asked him to show me the record, but he 5.Hearing the sharp cry upstairs, they 6.

(fear)to face her cruel mother,the girl wandered on the street. the American

7. It is interesting to contrast the British Legal systerm one. 8.

(disgust)by the programme in the TV,I turned it off. the bed after several days' hard work. .

9.She threw herself

10.If he doesn't stop working so hard,he'll burn himself 【答案】 1.terrified 2.chasing 3.had murdered 4.refused 5.rushed 6.Fearing 7.with 8.Disgusted 9.on 10.out Ⅱ.单句改错 【导学号:38300051】

1.It is suggested that people with heart illness must give up smoking.

2.The thunderstorm was terrified the boy.

3.It was at midnight when I heard a terrible scream.

4.To his disgusting, he saw a dead mouse on the way back home.

5.While lived in England, he picked up some English.


must→should 或 去 掉 must

2. 去 掉 was

3.when→that 或 去 掉 at

4.disgusting→disgust 5.lived→living Ⅲ.阅读理解 Up to now, some scientists have suggested that cloning existing people might be ethically acceptable in some cases.One possibility is generating replacement for a dying relative.All such possibilities, however, raise the concern that the clone


would be treated as less than a complete individual, because he or she would likely suffer from limitations and expectations based on the family's knowledge of the genetic“twin”.Those expectations might be false, because human personality is only partly determined by genes.The clone of an extrovert(性格外向的人) could have a quite different way of behavior.Clones for athletes,movie stars, or scientists might well choose different careers because of chance events in early life. Some people have also pointed out that couples in which one member is infertile (不生育) might choose to make a copy of one or the other partner.But society ought to be concerned that a couple might not treat naturally a child who is a copy of just one of them.Because other methods are available for the treatment of all known types of infertility, and the traditional choice seems more appropriate.None of the suggested uses of cloning for making copies of existing people is ethically acceptable to my way of thinking, because they are not in the interests of the resulting child.It should go without saying that I am strongly opposed to allowing cloned human embryos to develop so that they can be tissue donors. In spite of this, it seems clear that cloning from cultured (人工培育的) cells will offer important medical opportunities.Predictions about new technologies are often wrong; societal attitudes change; unexpected developments occur.Time will tell.But biomedical researchers looking into the potential of cloning now have plenty to do. 1.Towards cloning an existing person, what concern does the author show? A.The clone created is unlikely to fulfill your expectations. B.The clone created is ethically unacceptable. C.The clone created will be mistreated. D.The clone created will have one defect or another. 【解析】 细节理解题。由第一段第三句可知,作者担心克隆人会受到虐待。 【答案】 C 2.From the text we know that a clone will . partly similar in personality to the person it is created from B.share the same characteristics with the person it is created from C.choose the same career as the person it is created from D.behave in the same way as the person it is created from 【解析】 细节理解题。由第一段第四、五、六句可以得出克隆人只是部分上与其原型 个性相似。

【答案】 A 3.According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE? A.One's personality is determined by neither their genes nor the environment they live in. B.One's personality is determined by both their genes and the environment they live in. C.One's personality is determined by their genes. D.One's personality is determined by the environment they live in. 【解析】 推理判断题。由第一段第四句可知,人的个性只是部分由基因决定,故选 B。 【答案】 B 4.What is the author's attitude towards cloning technology? A.It should wait till people's views change. B.It should be condemned. C.It was unethical from the very beginning. D.It has medical potential for scientists to explore. 【解析】 推理判断题。由最后一段第二、三、四句可知,作者认为克隆的意义有待研 究,科学家还需要做很多探索,所以选 D。 【答案】 D Ⅳ.完形填空 Many years ago, I studied in a public school in the Philippines.Whenever rain came, rain water went 2 badly. I remember this well.It was raining hard, and classes had to children including my classmates tried to be late 5 4 3 .All of the 1 the roofs of the classrooms.It was clear that they needed

their parents.For me I knew it would

my mother would come to pick me up late from the office. 6 harder and I found more flood water seeping(渗漏) through the 7 .

The rain

classroom and began to rise on the While building a much saw my 10 8

ground (by stacking(摞起) tables and chairs ), I

9 , a young pretty lady, whose skirt was already wet with mud and trash, 11 it outside

to remove all the flood water from the room using a bucket and 12

the garden.I also

that there were some books on the shelves, some were already 13 the other books.I was moved

wet at the bottom, and she was doing her best to deeply by her 14 .

While crying with tears on my nose, I pulled up the edges of my pants,



shoes and walked through the flooded classroom.I grabbed(抓住) a plastic bag and tried to remove the flood as 16 as I could. 17 it to me, ” she said.I continued

“Go back and wait for your parents.Just saying, “But teacher...”

She immediately hugged me and said, “If you grow a good man and hope you can change everything.” I 19

18 , I know you will be

cry when I remember what she did and her words to me.I don't know where 20 to make a difference in

she is now but I love her—my beloved teacher.I am the future as she mentioned.

【语篇解读】 教室漏雨,学生们无法上课。老师竭力清除教室里的积水,作者看到这 一幕后深受感动,便要帮助。之后老师所说的话使作者深受鼓舞。 1.A.beyond C.within B.between D.through

【解析】 根据第三段可知,雨水透过屋顶漏进教室,故此处应用 through(通过)。 【答案】 D B.operation D.decoration

【解析】 根据上文雨水漏进了教室可知,很明显,教室需要修理 (repair)了。 【答案】 A 3.A.continue C.stop B.choose D.change

【解析】 教室漏雨了,而且下文也提到学生都要回家了,故可推知,上课不得不停止 了,故选 stop。 【答案】 C 4.A.depend on C.turn out for D.put down

【解析】 停课了, 外面还下着雨, 所以所有的孩子都去找(search for)他们的父母了。 【答案】 B 5.A.though C.unless B.until D.because

【解析】 根据空前内容和空后内容的逻辑关系可知, “因为”妈妈来接作者的时间会 晚些,所以作者知道他会等得晚一些。 【答案】 D 6.A.poured B.dropped



【解析】 根据下文中的 more flood water seeping(渗漏)through the classroom and began to rise 可知,雨下得更大了。pour 在此处表示“(雨)倾盆而下”。 【答案】 A 7.A.roof C.floor D.bottom

【解析】 根据下文作者的老师用桶将教室里的水清除出去可知,(教室)地面(floor) 上积存的雨水越来越多了。 【答案】 C 8.A.lower C.thicker B.higher D.longer

【解析】 地面上积水越来越多,作者将桌子和椅子堆得高一些,为了尽量不让自己碰 到雨水。 【答案】 B 9.A.mother C.classmate B.friend D.teacher

【解析】 根据 17 空后作者说的“But teacher...”可知,此处指作者看到“老师” 在拿桶清除雨水。 【答案】 D 10.A.agree C.try B.prefer D.refuse

【解析】 根据上文可知,教室里积存了好多水,故此处表示老师用水桶竭力地把水弄 出去,故用 try。 【答案】 C 11.A.throw C.keep B.spread

【解析】 老师把教室里的积水弄出来,倒在花园外面,故选 throw。 【答案】 A 12.A.predicted C.imagined B.answered D.noticed

【解析】 此处表示作者注意到(notice),书架底部放的一些书都浸湿了。 【答案】 D 13.A.purchase C.hide D.cover

【解析】 书架上的书有的让水浸湿了, 故此处指老师尽力拯救(save)别的没有被雨水 弄湿的书。 【答案】 B 14.A.thought C.action B.success D.failure

【解析】 看着老师清除教室里的积水、拯救书架上的书,作者被老师的“行为”感动 了。 【答案】 C 15.A.removed C.cleaned B.polished D.lost

【解析】 根据上下文可知,作者把裤腿卷起来,脱掉(remove)鞋子,趟过积着雨水的 教室,抓过一个塑料袋,努力把教室里的雨水弄出去。 【答案】 A 16.A.early C.deep B.far

【解析】 外面在下雨,雨水一直往教室里漏,地面上都积满了水,作者当然要尽快地 清除这些积水,故用 fast。 【答案】 D 17.A.pass C.bring B.leave D.offer

【解析】 根据上一句可知, 老师让作者回到教室里待着, 把清除积水的工作留(leave) 给自己。 【答案】 B 18.A.wealthy C.old B.strong D.healthy

【解析】 根据下文中的 hope 和文章末尾的 in the future 等可知,此处指作者长大 以后,故用 old。 【答案】 C 19.A.still C.even B.also D.ever

【解析】 根据第五段首句中的 “While crying with tears on my nose”可推知, 直到现在作者想起来老师的话仍然(still)还会因感动而哭泣。 【答案】 A 20.A.cautious B.determined



【解析】 根据倒数第二段中老师的话可知, 老师的希望使得作者决心在将来像老师提 到的那样,能够有所成就。be determined to do sth.“决心做某事。” 【答案】 B




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