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英语:Module 3《Foreign Food-Language points》课件(外研版选修8) 123678gai

Revision ? ? ? ? ? be obsessed with no wonder end up the first time make out owe vt. 欠债;归功于;应感激;vi 欠钱 ? ? ? ? 考点归纳 欠某人某物 (1)owe sb stth =owe sth to sb _________ 把……归功于 owe sth to _________ 多亏了某人 ;如果owe的宾 owe it to sb that…_____ it 语是动词不定式或名词性从句,可用___ 作 形式宾语,将充当真正宾语的动词不定式 或名词性从句放在句尾。 因为,由于 ? (2)owing to ______ 即学即练 ? 1.单句语法填空 ? (1)These early settlers owed their survival to hard work and determination to ___ succeed. Owing ? (2)___(owe) to bad weather , the flight was delayed for a couple of hours. ? 2.单句改错 ? I owed to the doctors that I survived such 在owed后加it a severe accident._________ remark n.评论,话; v.评论 ? ? ? ? ? 考点归纳: (1)remark on/upon 就…..发表意见/评论 remark that…谈到,说起 (2)remark(名词) make a remark on /about就…..发表意见 ;对……评头论足 ? (3)remarkable adj 值得注意的;显著的, 精彩的 考点对接 ? 单句语法填空 ? 1.He remarked ______ on/upon his trip to Germany, saying that it was an unforgettable experience. remarkable ? 2. President Xi Jinping made a ________ speech on the 19th CPC Nationnal Congress . His ________inspired all the remarks Chinese people.(remark) consequence n.结果,后果 ? 考点归纳: result ? 1. as a consequence=as a ______ 汉语意 思“ 因此,所以 ”,后面加“ B ”(A. 原因 B. 结果) result of,汉 ? 2. as a consequence of = as a ____ 语意思“由于 ” 即学即练 B ? 1 _____ lack of support , the plan broke down, which made me upset. A ? 2.The plan lacked support. ____, it broke down, which made me upset. ? A. As a cosequence B. As a cosequence of transform vt 改变 ? 考点归纳: ? (1)transform…into…把……改变成…… ? transform from…to/into …从…中转变


英语:Module 3《Foreign Food-Language points》课件(....ppt

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