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英语:Module 3《Foreign Food-Language points》课件(外研版选修8) 123678gai

Revision ? ? ? ? ? be obsessed with no wonder end up the first time make out owe vt. 欠债;归功于;应感激;vi 欠钱 ? ? ? ? 考点归纳 欠某人某物 (1)owe sb stth =owe sth to sb _________ 把……归功于 owe sth to _________ 多亏了某人 ;如果owe的宾 owe it to sb that…_____ it 语是动词不定式或名词性从句,可用___ 作 形式宾语,将充当真正宾语的动词不定式 或名词性从句放在句尾。 因为,由于 ? (2)owing to ______ 即学即练 ? 1.单句语法填空 ? (1)These early settlers owed their survival to hard work and determination to ___ succeed. Owing ? (2)___(owe) to bad weather , the flight was delayed for a couple of hours. ? 2.单句改错 ? I owed to the doctors that I survived such 在owed后加it a severe accident._________ remark n.评论,话; v.评论 ? ? ? ? ? 考点归纳: (1)remark on/upon 就…..发表意见/评论 remark that…谈到,说起 (2)remark(名词) make a remark on /about就…..发表意见 ;对……评头论足 ? (3)remarkable adj 值得注意的;显著的, 精彩的 考点对接 ? 单句语法填空 ? 1.He remarked ______ on/upon his trip to Germany, saying that it was an unforgettable experience. remarkable ? 2. President Xi Jinping made a ________ speech on the 19th CPC Nationnal Congress . His ________inspired all the remarks Chinese people.(remark) consequence n.结果,后果 ? 考点归纳: result ? 1. as a consequence=as a ______ 汉语意 思“ 因此,所以 ”,后面加“ B ”(A. 原因 B. 结果) result of,汉 ? 2. as a consequence of = as a ____ 语意思“由于 ” 即学即练 B ? 1 _____ lack of support , the plan broke down, which made me upset. A ? 2.The plan lacked support. ____, it broke down, which made me upset. ? A. As a cosequence B. As a cosequence of transform vt 改变 ? 考点归纳: ? (1)transform…into…把……改变成…… ? transform from…to/into …从…中转变 ? (2)transformation n. 转化;改变 即学即练 ? 1.单句语法填空 ? (1)With these years’ development, into China will be transformed ____ an advanced industrial country. ? (2)The past ten years has witnessed a complete __________( transform) of our transformation country. ? (3)It is a surprise that the city has from a small town to/into been transformed ___ a modern industrial center in recent years. 句式应用 ? 1.强调句型(1)It is /was +被强调部分+that/who…,用来强 调主语、宾语、表语、状语等。(2)It is /was + not until…+that … ? 例如(1)我昨天在街道上遇到了我的英语老师。 I met my English teacher in the street yesterday. It was my English teacher that I met in the street yesterday. (2) 强调划线部分 Jack didn’t understand why she was angry with him until his mother told him everything. It was not until his mother told him everything that Jack understood why she was angry with him. I didn’t go to bed until 12 o’clock yesterday. It was not until 12 o’clock that I went to bed yesterday. 2.强调谓语动词 ? “do/does/did+动词原形”构成强调句,意为“ 确实;的确”,用来加强动词的语气,但须符合两个 条件:句子是肯定句;句子的

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