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School life in the U.K._图文

School life in the U.K. Reading (1)

Daily improvement (2) ? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ? 只工作不玩, 聪明的孩子也会变傻。

Daily improvement (3) ? Strike(击打)while the iron (铁) is hot 趁热打铁


? 1.快速认读attend, earn, respect, achieve,average, challenging, extra, drop, miss, experience, 并知其最基本的 意思。 ? 2. 了解略读和寻读的阅读方法,并且会用。 ? 3. 初步理解文章大意,完成C1,C2.


attend respect achieve drop miss average earn extra experience





Words preview
attend earn challenging extra prepare drop desserts
difficult in an interesting way that tests your ability make something ready give up go to more than usual sweet food eaten at the end of a meal get something because you have done something good

Words preview
assembly respect improve relax
to rest or become calm
a broad, level, open expanse of land honour giving joy; pleasant to fall or lower to get better a meeting of the teachers and students in the school to discuss sth.

enjoyable drop

? What do the article talk about ? (文章)

Reading skills (阅读技巧) -- Skimming (略读)
1. We skim a text when we want to get a general (大概的,总体的) idea of what it is about. 2. the title the first and last sentences of each paragraph the first and last paragraphs charts (图表) pictures

Skim the text
Find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3

School _______________ hours

assembly Attending_____________
_________ ____________ teachers and classmates

Paragraph 4 - 6 Paragraph 7
Paragraph 8

homework __________ and subjects _________ foodand her_________ activities British ____ plans Her _________________

Scanning -- to get certain information 1. How long did Wei Hua stay in Britain?

2. What was the name of Wei Hua’s class teacher?
3. What do British students eat after their main meal?

Part C1-Scanning
1.What time do British Schools usually begin? 2.On average, how many students are there in a class in the UK?

3. Why did Wei Hua find her homework difficult at the beginning of her study in the UK?

4. On Tuesdays, what did Wei Hua do in the evening?
5. What do British students usually eat after their main meal? 6. Which British city did Wei Hua go to?

T/F questions:
1.British students always have the same classrooms and classmates.

2.British can only study two language:
English and French. 3. Wei Hua is now back in Manchester again.

Detailed Reading -- to find detailed information

School hours:
1.Was she happy with the school hours? ______________ 2.School in Britain _______ around 9 am and __________ about 3:30 pm, while schools in China begins before 8a.m.

Attending assembly:
1. Who was the girl sitting next to her on the first day?_____ 2. The headmaster told them about ______ during assembly. 3.The best way to earn respect from the school was to _________and ___________.

Teachers and classmates: 1. Who was her favorite teacher?_______.

2. Was it easy for her to remember all the Ss’ faces and names? Why ? ________.

Par 4 / 5 / 6:
Homework and subjects:
1.The homework was not heavy,, but why was it a bit challenging for her? _________. 2.Why did her English improve a lot? _____. 3.Did she enjoy cooking? How do you know? ________. 4.Do Ss have to learn all the subjects even if they don’t like them? ________.

Par 7 :
British food and her activities: 1.Why did she miss Chinese food a lot at l u n c h t i m e ? _ _ _ _ _ . 2.She usually played on the school field. Sometimes ____. Sometimes _______.

Par 8:
Intentions: She felt lucky and hopes ________.

(1)___________ school life in the UK

On the first day, all students went to attend The(2)_ (4)__________. assembly During it, the headmaster told us enjoyable _____an about the rules of the school and the best way to d (3) (5)_______respect from the school was to work earn achieve high grades. exciting ______ hard and(6)________ experie My(7)_________ favorite teacher taught us English nce Literature. of heavy what I used to Homework was not as(8)_______as school get in my old school. life in the UK My English(9)___________a improved lot as I used English everyday and spent an hour each day reading English books. Students can(10)______some subjects if they drop don’t like them.


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