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User’s Guide


This volume is the user’s guide to UDEC. This guide contains general information on the operation of UDEC for engineering mechanics computation. Section 1 gives an introduction to the capabilities and applications of UDEC. An overview of the new features in the latest version of UDEC is also provided. The rst-time user should consult Section 2 for an introduction to the operation of UDEC. The installation and operation procedures are given along with a simple tutorial to guide the new user through a UDEC analysis. Section 3 provides general guidance in the use of UDEC in problem solving for static mechanical analysis for geotechnical engineering. An introduction to the built-in programming language, FISH, is given in Section 4. This includes a tutorial on the use of the FISH language. Note that no programming experience is assumed. Various items of interest to UDEC users are contained in Section 5, including a UDEC runtime benchmark on several different types of computers, and procedures for reporting errors and requesting technical assistance. Section 6 contains a bibliography of published papers describing some applications of UDEC in different elds of engineering. The UDEC Manual consists of seven documents. The following volumes, which comprise the UDEC Manual, are available. (The titles in parentheses below are the names used to refer to the volumes in the text.) USER’S GUIDE — (User’s Guide) — an introduction to UDEC and its capabilities COMMAND REFERENCE — (Command Reference) — descriptions of all UDEC commands FISH in UDEC — (FISH volume) — a complete guide to FISH as applied in UDEC THEORY AND BACKGROUND — (Theory and Background) — thorough discussions of the built-in features in UDEC SPECIAL FEATURES — (Special Features) — detailed descriptions of the following features: Structural Elements, Thermal Analysis, the optional Barton-Bandis Joint Model, User-Dened Zone Constitutive Models and User-Dened Joint Constitutive Models VERIFICATION PROBLEMS and EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS (Verications and Examples volume) — a collection of verication problems and example applications COMMAND AND FISH REFERENCE SUMMARY — (Command and FISH Reference Summary) — a quick summary of all UDEC commands and FISH statements

UDEC Version 4.0


User’s Guide

UDEC Version 4.0



UDEC英文说明_工学_高等教育_教育专区。7COMMAND SUMMARY 1


72页 免费 UDEC英文说明 20页 免费 UDEC英文说明 84页 2财富值


udec简单命令加英文说明 数值模拟数值模拟隐藏>> 1.把图形保存


udec中文说明_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 udec中文说明_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料。对UDEC4.0的操作...


udec中文说明(打印) - 通用离散元用户指导 (U D E C 3.1 )


UDEC4.0使用说明 - 菜单驱动模式运行离散元 1、菜单驱动模式运行离散元


UDEC中文指导说明 - 通用离散元用户指导 (U D E C 3.1) 目 1

UDEC 输出图形方法.doc

UDEC 输出图形方法 - 1.窗口方式输出图形 在窗口中单击 plot 然后单


UDEC用户指导 - UDEC 3.0 版本 3.利用 UDEC 解决的问题 本章就 UDEC 在处理岩石力学工程问题中的使用给予说明。在 3.1 部分(节)中,就实 施地质力学分析可行...


ESC 可以随时进行停止,但不能继续;英文分号 ; 表示注释不运行命令。 2. 基本...UDEC中文指导说明gai 98页 2下载券 udec注意事项 6页 1下载券 ...


英文缩写详细解释 - 英文缩写解释 A ACM 美国计算机学会 AI A


怎么在udec中导入cad图_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料。怎么在 udec 中...注意的是,dxf 文件的保存路径和文件名里面不能有中文,一定要都是英文或数字。...


规律的数值模拟与分析 83 隙发育情况,选取了有代表性的几步做为说明,如图2至...UDEC的保护层开采中覆岩移动规律的数值模拟与分析作者: 作者单位: 刊名: 英文...


1-DEM_UDEC_Course-Theory_电力/水利_工程科技_专业资料。离散元分析软件学习资料-理论部分(英文) Objectives of the course T teach the discrete element method...


高级非连续力学分析软件UDEC/3DEC和为类岩 土材料和...2.1的中文使用说明书 FLAC程序使用手册.pdf 8....(P.A. Cundall).rar 3.ITASCA_土钉方面的英文...

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