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2015-2016高中英语 Unit4 Wildlife protection练习册 新人教版必修2

Unit 4

Wildlife protection

Period One Warming Up & Reading Ⅰ.在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 1.I appreciated ________(give) the opportunity to study abroad two years ago. 2.Computers will already have become more handy and also________ (power) than the human brain. 3.Nathalie suggested the problem worth paying attention to ________ (discuss) at the meeting. 4.The problem to be discussed at the meeting next week is of great________ (important). 5.Some steps have been taken to protect the forest from ________ (destroy). 6 . The United Nations reports the number of violent attacks against foreigners ________(decrease)in the past few days. 7.As you know,we should pay special attention to ________(protect) these young trees from being damaged. 8.I'd appreciate ________ if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come. 9.In the past three months the area in the north of the country ________(affect) by the coldness. 10.It is certain________ he will hand over his business to his son when he gets old. Ⅱ.短语填空 in danger; protect?from; succeed in; without mercy; die out; in peace; in relief; burst into laughter; pay attention to; respond to 1.When she was told her son's illness could be cured,she left the hospital ________. 2.She did not ________a request for comment on Wednesday. 3.How many times should I tell you that you need to ________ your writing? 4.Because of the destruction of forest, many species are ________. 5.A greenhouse is a glass building in which you grow plants that need to ________bad weather. 6.This kind of bird is rarely seen in the area because they are being hunted ________ by people. 7.But for the workers' help, we should not have ________this experiment. 8.We hope the new century will be a century in which people of all nations live ________. 9.If human continued to exploit natural resources with no thought for the future, the later generations would be________. 10.Upon hearing the funny story, everybody________. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.Now more attention ________ the second generation of stars and rich people, but in fact the second generation of migrant workers needs more attention.(pay) 现在关注“星二代”、“富二代”的更多,但是事实上“流动工人二代”更需要人们关注。 2.Whenever I think of this joke, I cannot but________.(burst) 无论何时我想到这个笑话时,我都忍不住哄然大笑。 3.Now, we are put into a position ________.Therefore laws for the protection of animals are so necessary.(die)

现在我们处于一种许多动物正在灭绝的境地。因此保护动物的法律是相当有必要的。 4.Measures should be taken to prevent people________ by the serious haze.(affect) 应采取措施防止人们受严重雾霾的影响。 5.China's labour supply will continue to rise,despite the fact that the working?age population________.(decrease) 中国的劳动力供给将继续增长,尽管处于工作年龄段的人口在减少。 6.I really appreciate ________ such a good opportunity.I won't let you down.(give) 我十分感激给我这么好的机会。我不会让你失望的。 7.To my relief, these rare trees ________being cut down.(protect) 让我欣慰的是,这些稀有的树木正在受到保护不被砍伐。 8.The important thing is ensuring school is a place ________who they are and what they can do.(discover) 重要的是确保学校是一个学生可以去发掘他们自己,寻找到他们可以做什么的地方。 9.Just ________, “Education is not filling of a pail, but lighting of a fire.”(say) 正如 Yeats 所说,“教育不是把一桶水装满,而是把一把火点燃。” 10.The door slowly opened.Standing in the doorway was an elderly lady, ________.(look) 门慢慢开了,站在门后的是一位看起来非常哀伤的年长妇人。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 When did you last see a polar bear? On a trip to a zoo, perhaps? If you had attended a winter activity in New York a few years ago, you would have seen a whole Polar Bear Club.These “polar bears” are people who meet frequently in the winter to swim in freezing cold water.That day, the air temperature was 3℃, and the water temperature was a bit higher.The members of the Polar Bear Club at Coney Island, New York are usually about the age of 60.Members must satisfy two requirements.First, they must get along well with everyone else in the group.This is very important because there are so many different kinds of people in the club.They must also agree to swim outdoors at least twice a month from November through February. Doctors do not agree about the medical effects of cold?water swimming.Some are worried about the dangers of a condition in which the body's temperature drops so low that finally the heart stops.Other doctors, however, point out that there is more danger of a heart attack during summer swimming because the difference between the air temperature and water temperature is much greater in summer than in winter. The “ polar bears ” themselves are satisfied with the benefits (or advantages) of cold?water swimming.They say that their favourite form of exercise is very good for the circulatory system(循环系统) because it forces the blood to move fast to keep the body warm.Cold?water swimmers usually turn bright red after a few minutes in the water.A person who turns blue probably has a very poor circulatory system and should not try cold?water swimming. The main benefits (or advantages) of cold?water swimming are probably mental.The “polar bears” love to swim year?round; they find it fun and relaxing.As one 70?year?old woman says,“When I go into the water, I pour my troubles into the ocean and let them float away.” 1.The members of the Polar Bear Club need to meet the following requirements except that ________.

A.they must reach the age of 60 B.they should be easy to make friends with C.they must swim outdoors at least 8 times in the four cold months D.they must agree to swim outdoors from November through February 2.Doctors ________. A.encourage people to take part in cold?water swimming actively B.point out the possible danger of blood illness during cold?water swimming C.believe swimming is helpful both in winter and in summer D.have different ideas about the medical effects of cold?water swimming 3.The “polar bears” like to swim all the year round, for ________. A.they can remain young is an easy way to keep the body warm in winter C.they find it enjoyable and interesting D.they might meet fewer troubles in life 4.The passage is mainly about ________. A.a group of cold?water swimming lovers B.the polar bears' life C.doctors' ideas about cold?water swimming D.the requirements of the Polar Bear Club Ⅴ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 A: How is it going, Amy? B: Everything is OK! My maths 1.________ (improve) a lot and I got a good mark in the last exam.Mr Smith praised 2.________ before all my classmates. A: Good news.What are you doing these days? B: I'm reading 3.________ passage about Michelle Obama, the US first lady. A:How is she? B: I think she is successful, hard?working and 4.________ (energy).She gave her husband a lot of help in election. A: I think 5.________.Have you heard that she visited China in March? B:Yes. A: 6.________ did you get the news? B: I got it on the Internet.And she made a speech at Peking University. 7.________ the way, you looked so tired.What did you do last night? A: I just stayed at home, 8.________ (watch) the 2014 World Cup until the early morning. B: Sounds great.Who is your favourite football player? A: I like Messi best, one of the most popular football 9.________ (play) in the world. B: He is really 10.________ (amaze)! What a pity! I missed last night's matches.

Period Two Learning about Language & Using Language Ⅰ.在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 1.It suddenly rained when the mayor ________(inspect) our new school last week. 2.The boy was sent to a hospital because he ________(bite) by a dog. 3.His books never fail to attract the readers with those surprising ________(end). 4.A new law that protects the disabled people's right has been passed so that they can ride buses ________ free. 5.We recommend that you keep your seat belt ________(secure) fastened and visible at all times. 6.A growing number of fresh graduates find that ________(employ) by a big company is increasingly difficult. 7.Joe, don't give up now; you're improving all the time.It won't be long ________ you can speak English well. 8.According to the researchers, passive smokers ________(harm) even more than the smokers themselves. 9.She could find no reasonable explanation for the ________(disappear) of the money in the locked safe. 10.He was becoming angry, and was staring ________(fierce) at me as if he was about to lose control. Ⅱ.短语填空 come into being;according to; so that; do harm to; be employed in; long before; a number of; come after; for sure; die out 1.Just as the brightness will ________the darkness, the end of the hard way is sure to be happy forever. 2.I'm afraid you must get out of the habit, for it'll ________your health. 3.Some reports said he had left the camp only a couple of hours earlier, but we never knew ________. 4.The company has a free long?distance telephone number ________consumers can call with any questions they have about the products. 5.The examination was coming and the school students ______preparing their lessons. 6.When the expression first ________, people refused to use it but gradually they began to accept it. 7.Don't be so upset.It won't be ________your children can return to school again. 8.________ the weather forecast, there will be a heavy rain tomorrow morning. 9.In recent years, ________wild animals have been found in the forest. 10.If too many of these rare animals are killed, their kind will________. Ⅲ.完成句子 1 . The middle school students should learn how to protect themselves ________unexpectedly.(harm) 中学生应学会如何保护自己免遭意外伤害。 2.He was very excited, and it was long________.(calm) 他很激动,心情久久不能平静。

3 . The lady is looking after the children ________in the factory during the daytime.(employ) 这位女士正在照看孩子,这些孩子的父母们白天在工厂里工作。 4.Lucy was having a holiday with her friends in a national park________ on the foot by a snake.(bite) 露西正和朋友在一个国家公园度假,这时她的脚被蛇咬了。 5.When you enter or leave a country, the customs office is ________.(inspect) 当你进入或离开一个国家时,海关检查处是检查你的行李的地方。 6.We don't know when the river here ________.(come) 我们不知道这儿的这条河是何时形成的。 7.Society tends to look at a woman by the way________, whether that is appropriate or not.(look) 不管这么说是否合适,这个社会对女人总是以貌取人。 8.He ________ for fun,but now he has no time to do so.(used) 过去他经常去钓鱼玩,但是现在没时间这样做了。 9.Everyone lent a hand, ________ahead of schedule.(so) 每个人都帮了忙, 所以工作提前完成了。 10.School children spend too much time on video games, ________their eyes and affect their school achievements.(harm) 上学的孩子花太多的时间玩电子游戏,既伤害眼睛也影响了学习成绩。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 Elephants are able to differentiate between ethnicities(种族) and sexes, and can tell an adult from a child—all from the sound of a human voice. This is according to a study in which researchers played voice recordings to wild African elephants. The animals showed more fear when they heard the voices of adult Masai men. Livestock?herding Masai people do come into conflict with elephants, and this suggests that animals have adapted to specifically listen for and avoid them. The study is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Prof. Karen McComb and Dr Graeme Shannon from the University of Sussex led the study.They explained that in previous research they had used similar playback experiments to show that elephants could tell—from the sound of a lion's roar—whether the animal was a female or a more dangerous male. Prof. McComb wanted to find out if the animals used their very sharp sense of hearing to identify a potential danger from humans. The scientists recorded Masai men, women and children saying, in their own language, “Look, look over there, a group of elephants are coming.” They also recorded Kamba men saying this phrase. While cattle?herding Masai people often come across free?ranging elephants, which can result in violent conflict, the Kamba people's more agricultural lifestyle does not generally bring them into aggressive touch with the animals. When the team played recordings of these different voices through a hidden loudspeaker, they found that elephant family groups reacted more fearfully in response to the voice of a Masai man, than to a Kamba man's voice.

And the adult male Masai voices encouraged far more of these defensive reactions than the voices of women or boys. 1.An elephant can tell a man from a woman by sense of ________. A.touch B.sight C.smell D.hearing 2.How did the researchers get to know the elephants' special ability of identification? A.By observing the elephants in the zoo. B.By playing voice recordings to them. C.By recording the behaviours of elephants. D.By communicating with them in a special way. 3.We can learn from the passage that elephants are especially afraid of ________. A.Masai men B.Masai women C.Kamba men D.Kamba women 4.What is the best title for the passage? A.Elephants and human beings B.Differences between human voices C.Elephants recognize human voices D.Elephants conflict with human beings Ⅴ.阅读填空 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 Sharks are among the oldest animals on Earth.There are hundreds of kinds of sharks.Most are about two metres long.The dogfish shark, however, is less than twenty centimetres in length.A shark has an extremely good sense of smell.It can find small amounts of substances in water, such as blood, body liquids and chemicals produced by animals. __1__ Sharks eat fish, other sharks, and plants that live in the ocean. Sharks grow slowly.About forty per cent of all sharks lay eggs. __2__ Some sharks carry their young inside their bodies as humans do.Some sharks are not able to reproduce until they are twenty years old.Most reproduce only every two years.And they give birth to fewer than ten young sharks.For this reason, overfishing of sharks is of special danger to the future of the animal. Sharks are important for the world's oceans.They eat injured and diseased fish.Their hunting activities mean that the numbers of other fish in ocean waters do not become too great. __3__ People hunt sharks for sport, food, medicine and their skin.Experts say the international market for some kinds of sharks has increased because many parts of a shark are valuable. Collectors pay thousands of dollars for the jaws of a shark. __4__ The skin of a shark can be used like leather. In Asia, people enjoy a kind of soup made from shark fins.Experts say a fisherman can earn a lot of money for even one kilogram of shark fins.Sharks are among the oldest animals on Earth, but some sharks are in danger of disappearing from Earth. __5__ A.Shark liver oil is a popular source of Vitamin A. B.This protects the plants and other forms of life that exist in the oceans. C.Sharks are valuable to us and we can make full use of them.

D.These powerful senses help sharks find their food. E.If too many sharks in one area are killed, that group of sharks may never return to normal population levels. F.They are a threat to other forms of life in the ocean. G.The others give birth to live young.

Period Three Grammar Ⅰ.把下面的句子改成被动语态(每空一词) 1.The government is making great efforts to improve the living conditions of the people. → Great efforts ________ ________ ________to improve the living conditions of the people by the government. 2.The farmers are cutting down the jungles in this area so quickly that the wild animals may lose their homes in the near future. →The jungles in this area ________ ________ ________ ________by the farmers so quickly that the wild animals may lose their homes in the near future. 3.People are hunting too many animals these years in some places. →Too many animals ________ ________ ________by people these years in some places. 4.The teacher is correcting the papers in her office. →The papers ________ ________ ________by the teacher in her office. 5.Our headmaster is preparing a speech now. →A speech ________ ________ ________by our headmaster now. 6.The family are building a new house over there. →A new house ________ ________ ________by the family over there. 7.The doctors are operating on his left leg. →His left leg ________ ________ ________________by the doctors. 8.We are sending helicopters to rescue them now. →Helicopters ________ ________ ________by us to rescue them now. 9.They are discussing whether they will go for a picnic tomorrow. →Whether they will go for a picnic tomorrow ________ ________ ________by them. 10.Lucy is carrying a heavy box full of books. →A heavy box full of books ________ ________ ________by Lucy. Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.—Excuse me, what time is it now? —Sorry, my watch doesn't work.It________(repair) at the shop. 2.—Are they about to have dinner? —Yes, it________(serve) in the dining room. 3.Can't you see your problem________(discuss)? Have some patience, please. 4.—Do you know what Lily is doing? —She may________(interview) in the office. 5.—By the way, have you moved into the new house? —Not yet.The walls________(paint). 6.The church tower which ________(restore) will be open to tourists soon.The work is almost finished. 7.The new generation of computers, with artificial intelligence, ________(develop) and perfected now. 8.—Flight 221________(announce).I'd better be on my way.Goodbye! —Bye.Happy landing! 9.—Have you handed in your schoolwork yet? —Yes, I have.I guess it________(grade) now.

10.You can't use the machine today because some parts________(replace) this week. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.A plan about building a new attraction in this town ________now.(carry) 在这个镇建一个新的旅游景点的计划现在正在实施。 2.Since the roof ________,they haven't moved back to their house.(repair) 因为屋顶正在修理中,他们还没有搬回他们家。 3.If the rainforests ________at such a rapid speed, they will disappear from the earth in the future.(destroy) 如果(热带)雨林以这样快的速度被破坏,将来它们将会从地球上消失。 4.Although the practical cure for cancer ________,we have practical ways to prevent it.(study) 尽管治疗癌症的切实可行的方法仍在研究中,但是我们还是拥有实际的方法去预防它。 5.Since the plan ________,the workers will have to wait for a while.(discussion) 既然这项计划仍在讨论中,工人们只好再等一段时间。 Ⅳ.完形填空 Zigfried, a little mouse, blew his breath on the frosty window of the farmhouse and rubbed it to see the outside.Still nobody came.Maybe today, he thought __1__.It was only a few days before Christmas and he was watching for a miracle(奇迹). This farmhouse had been __2__too long.It needed a family.Zigfried's __3__ made a noise.He realized that he hadn't eaten anything since yesterday.He jumped from the windowsill(窗沿), took a __4__ from his home, and went next door to Farmer Mike's. Farmer Mike's house had been a great place for the little mouse __5__ the farmer married a wife who had a cat.Zigfried trembled __6__ he thought of it.He looked around carefully as he __7__ into the room where grain was stored and was quite __8__ as he filled his bag with wheat.He was turning to leave when suddenly he __9__ a hot breath about his ear.His heart beat __10__, and without thinking, he started to run and luckily __11__ the cat's paws(爪子). The next afternoon Zigfried heard some good news: a __12__ family would be moving into the farmhouse soon.Zigfried's granny would arrive on Christmas Eve to __13__ with him.He hoped that the family would come before his granny came.Before long, a car came __14__ the road leading to the house, with butter sandwiches, cheese and chocolate. Zigfried's Christmas miracle did arrive! The house came __15__ the next few days.Zigfried __16__ every single hour of them. __17__, the day before Christmas when he was drinking hot chocolate with a __18__ smile at the door of his home, he heard the __19__ of the children of the family about what they might get for Christmas.What? A cat? The __20__ froze on his face; his mouth fell wide open.After a long while, he at last found his voice: “Hey! Whose Christmas miracle is this?” 1.A.carefully B.excitedly C.hopefully D.proudly 2.A.shabby B.noisy C.messy D.empty 3.A.mouth B.nose C.stomach D.throat

4.A.bag B.stick C.bowl D.coat 5.A.although B.until C.after D.unless 6.A.if B.because C.when D.unless 7.A.broke B.marched C.paced D.stole 8.A.curious B.nervous C.pitiful D.illegal 9.A.took B.held C.felt D.drew 10.A.strongly B.likely C.slowly D.wildly 11.A.escaped B.seized C.rubbed D.caught 12.A.close B.happy D.young 13.A.celebrate B.communicate C.compete D.control 14.A.across B.from D.up 15.A.alive B.loose D.still 16.A.counted B.enjoyed C.missed D.wasted 17.A.However B.Instead C.Moreover D.Therefore 18.A.bitter B.forced C.polite D.satisfied 19.A.introduction B.discussion C.comment D.debate 20.A.blood C.tears D.sweat Ⅴ.短文改错 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处 语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起),不计分。 This year, I go to Dalian with my family by air.Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city.On the bus, we could see much great buildings.We got the hotel where we stayed on a

morning.After the breakfast, we began our travel.First, we took the bus to the Sea Park.There were such many different kinds of fishes that I couldn't believe my eye.Then we saw the dolphin show.After lunch we went swimming.The sea was blue but the beach was golden.We both enjoyed ourselves.Later we went to some other places where were also interesting and famous in Dalian.Several days later, we left Dalian.On our way home, all of us were very happy.That was the reason why we didn't feel tiring.

Period Four Writing Ⅰ.基础写作专练:翻译下列句子,注意句型结构特点 1.莉莉递给了她妹妹一件新连衣裙。 ________________________________________________________________________ 2.他给她做了一顿可口的饭。 ________________________________________________________________________ 3.她给她的丈夫买了一只新手表。 ________________________________________________________________________ 4.他给你带来了一本词典。 ________________________________________________________________________ 5.我什么都没告诉她。 ________________________________________________________________________ 6.我把我的画给了他。 ________________________________________________________________________ 7.我帮了他一个忙。 ________________________________________________________________________ 8.他给我演示了如何操作这台机器。 ________________________________________________________________________ 9.John 送给 Mary 了一些花儿。 ________________________________________________________________________ 10.她给了我她的电话号码。 ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅱ.阅读理解 A You probably know that frogs hop(双足跳 ).But did you know that there's a small frog in the Pacific Northwest that bellyflops(肚子先着水)? It's called a tailed frog. Dr Rick Essner, who has been studying tailed frogs for the past few years, says, “ I've looked at thousands of jumps and have never seen them land on their feet like other frogs.” Most of the time, tailed frogs land on their stomachs and then bring their back legs in to prepare for another jump. Essner first noticed these frogs because of the way they swim.Other frogs kick both of their back legs at the same time.But when a tailed frog swims, it pushes first with one leg and then the other. To try to find out why tailed frogs bellyflop, Essner and other scientists collected and filmed different kinds of frogs.They found that all of the frogs start their jumps the same way: they hold out their legs.The change comes in the landing.Tailed frogs can't move their back legs as quickly as other frogs do.Maybe they don't need to.Tailed frogs live around water and quickly jump into the water to escape danger. Early frogs developed around watery areas and could jump quickly into the water to escape danger.Scientists think those frogs blended in with (与??融合在一起) the green plants on the side of the rocky rivers, just like today's tailed frogs.“Ι would guess that other animals would have problems detecting them, ” explains Essner.When other animals find those early frogs, the frogs could jump into the river.They didn't need to continue hopping. Tailed frogs and other kinds of frogs went their own ways about 200 million years

ago.Tailed frogs stayed by rivers.Other kinds of frogs moved to places where new hopping skills allowed them to survive. 1.What's special about the detailed frog? A.It has a long tail. B.It jumps on one foot. C.It stars its jump differently. D.It lands differently from other frogs. 2.Why do tailed frogs bellyflop? A.They have never left the water to live. B.They have trouble in holding out their legs. C.Their back legs can't catch up while jumping. D.Their front legs develop better than the back ones. 3.The underlined word “detecting” in Paragraph 5 means “________”. A.eating B.killing C.using D.discovering 4.When they are in danger, the tailed frogs would ________. A.jump into the water for protection B.hop around quickly C.hide in the green plants near the river D.jump into the rocks B King's College Winter School is an annual(每年的) training programme for all the high school students who want to improve their English.Courses are given by the teachers of King's College and other colleges in New York.Trips to museums and culture centres are also organized.This year's winter school will be from November 1 to December 15.More information is as follows: Application(申请) date Students in New York should send their applications before October 18, 2014. Students of other cities should send their applications before October 16, 2014. Foreign students should send their applications before October 10, 2014. Steps A letter of self?introduction A letter of recommendation(推荐) ★ The letters should be written in English with all the necessary information. Please write to: Thompson, Sanders 1026 King's Street Courses English Language Spoken English:22 hours Reading and Writing: 10 hours American History: 16 hours American Culture:16 hours Cost Daily lesson:$200 Sports and activities: $100 Travels: $200 Hotel service: $400 ★ You may choose to live with your friends or relatives in the same city.

New York, NY 10016, USA Email: KC?Winter? 1.You can most probably read the text in ________. A.a newspaper B.a travel guide C.a textbook D.a telephone book 2.Which of the following is TRUE about King's College Winter School? A.Only top students can take part in the programme. B.King's College Winter School is not organized every year. C.Visits to museums and culture centres are part of the programme. D.Only the teachers of King's College give courses. 3 . If you are to live in your friend's home in New York, you will have to pay the school________. A.$200 B.$400 C.$500 D.$900 4.What information can you get from the text? A.The programme will last 2 months. B.You can write to Thompson only in English. C.As a Chinese student, you can send your application on October 14, 2014. D.You can get in touch with the school by telephone or by email. Ⅲ.书面表达 请根据下表的提示,写一篇题为“Living in the city”的文章,介绍一下城市生活的利和弊。 利 找工作容易 交通便利 有公园、饭店等休闲场所 弊 生活消费高 人口多,拥挤 空气污染严重,居住环境差

注意:1.不要逐词翻译,可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 2.词数 100 左右,开头已给出, 不计入总词数。 参考词汇:便利的 convenient Living in the city Living in the city has both advantages and disadvantages.

参考答案 Unit 4 Wildlife protection

Period One Warming Up & Reading Ⅰ .1.having been given 2.more powerful discussed 4.importance 5.being destroyed 6.has decreased 7.protecting 9.has been affected 10.that Ⅱ relief 2.respond to attention to 4.dying out protected from 6.without mercy 7.succeeded in peace danger 10.burst into laughter Ⅲ being paid to 2.burst into laughter 3.where/in which many animals are dying out 4.(from) being affected decreasing 6.being given/having been given 7.are being protected from 8.where students can discover Yeats says 10.looking/who looked very sad Ⅳ.【文章大意】 本文主要介绍了一个由爱好冬泳的老年人所组成的北极熊俱乐部。其成员相 信冬泳能促进身体血液循环,有益身体健康。虽然还没有科学的实验证明冬泳的医疗作用,但他们 仍然保持对这份运动的热爱,坚持锻炼。 1.A 细节理解题。文中第一段提到北极熊俱乐部的成员必须满足下面两点要求:第一,必须 和俱乐部里每位成员和睦相处; 第二, 必须在每年的 11 月到 2 月之间每个月至少进行两次户外游泳, 即这四个月至少进行八次户外游泳。A 错误,因为成员通常为 60 岁左右,并不是要求为 60 岁。所 以答案为 A 项。 2.D 细节理解题。根据文中第二段第一句“Doctors do not agree about the medical effects of cold?water swimming.”与“Other doctors,however, point out?”可知,医生们对冷水游 泳的医疗效果还没有统一意见。故选 D 项。 3.C 细节理解题。根据文中第四段提到的“The ‘polar bears’ love to swim year?round; they find it fun and relaxing.”可知,北极熊俱乐部成员喜欢常年游泳,他们发现这样既有趣 又很放松。故选 C 项。 4.A 主旨大意题。本文主要介绍了一个由爱好冬泳的老年人所组成的俱乐部,他们相信冬泳 能促进身体血液循环,有益身体健康。故选 A 项。 Ⅴ.1.has improved 3.a 4.energetic 6.How 7.By 8.watching 9.players 10.amazing Period Two Learning about Language & Using Language Ⅰ.1.was inspecting 2.was bitten 3.endings 4.for 5.securely 6.being employed 7.before 8.are (being) harmed 9.disappearance 10.fiercely Ⅱ.1.come after harm to 3.for sure that 5.were employed in 6.came into being 7.long before 8.According to 9.a number of 10.die out Ⅲ.1.from being harmed 2.before he calmed down 3.whose parents are employed 4.when she was bitten 5.where your luggage is inspected 6.came into being 7.(that/in which) she looks 8.used to go fishing that the work was finished 10.which will do harm to Ⅳ.【文章大意】 一项研究表明,大象能根据人类说话的声音判断出人类是成年人还是小孩子, 以及其性别。 1 . D 细 节 理 解 题 。 从 文 中 第 一 段 “Elephants are able to differentiate between ethnicities(种族)and sexes,and can tell an adult from a child—all from the sound of a human voice.”可知大象通过听觉来判断是男人还是女人。故选 D 项。 2. B 细节理解题。 从文中第二段“This is according to a study in which researchers played

voice recordings to wild African elephants.”可知,研究者是通过给野生非洲象播放录音来发 现其有这种能力的。故选 B 项。 3.A 细节理解题。根据第三段“The animals showed more fear when they heard the voices of adult Masai men.”可知,当大象听到成年的 Masai 男人的声音时,它们就显得更加害怕。根据 最后一段“And the adult male Masai voices encouraged far more of these defensive reactions than the voices of women or boys.”可知成年的 Masai 男人的声音比女人和男孩的声音会引发大 象更多防御性的反应。故选 A 项。 4.C 主旨大意题。结合全文可知,研究表明大象可以根据人类说话的嗓音来判别是成年人还 是小孩,是男性还是女性以及可能有的危险,这足以说明,大象能识别人类声音。故选 C 项。 Ⅴ.【文章大意】 本文主要介绍了地球上最古老的生物之一——鲨鱼以及鲨鱼现在所面临的危 险情况。 1.D 根据前面一句“It can find small amounts of substances in water, such as blood, body liquids and chemicals produced by animals.”可知鲨鱼灵敏的嗅觉可以使它们找到水里的 如血、体液以及动物产生的化学物质。这样的能力让它们迅速找到食物。故 D 正确。 2.G 这两句是叙述鲨鱼的繁衍方式。根据前面一句“About forty per cent of all sharks lay eggs.”可知百分之四十的鲨鱼产卵,其余的鲨鱼直接生出小鲨鱼。故 G 正确。 3.B 根据前面一句“Their hunting activities mean that the numbers of other fish in ocean waters do not become too great.”可知鲨鱼可以保持海洋的生态平衡,不让某些生物的数 量太大。这间接地保护了海洋里的其他生物。故 B 正确。 4.A 根据前后句“Collectors pay thousands of dollars for the jaws of a shark.”和 “The skin of a shark can be used like leather.”可知本段是在叙述鲨鱼各部位的价值,选项 里只有 A 项与这两句类似。故 A 正确。 5.E 根据前面一句“Sharks are among the oldest animals on Earth, but some sharks are in danger of disappearing from Earth.”可知某些鲨鱼已经面临着灭绝的危险。那么一旦大量的 鲨鱼被捕杀,这种鲨鱼就很难恢复到正常的数量。故 E 项正确。 Period Three Grammar Ⅰ.1.are being made 2.are being cut down 3.are being hunted 4.are being corrected being prepared being built being operated on 8.are being sent being discussed being carried Ⅱ being repaired/is under repair being served being discussed/is under discussion being interviewed 5.are being painted being restored 7.are being developed being announced being graded 10.are being replaced Ⅲ being carried out being repaired/is under repair 3.are being destroyed still being studied still under discussion Ⅳ.【文章大意】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了一只叫 Zigfried 的小老鼠希望在圣诞节期间能 有奇迹发生。那么它所期待的奇迹有没有发生呢? 1.C 根据后文可知它是满怀希望地在想。carefully 小心地;excitedly 兴奋地;hopefully 满怀希望地;proudly 自豪地。 2. D 根据空格后的“It needed a family.”可知, 这个农舍已经空了很长时间了, 故用 empty。 shabby 破旧的,衣衫褴褛的;noisy 吵闹的;messy 混乱的;empty 空的。 3.C 根据空格后的“?he hadn't eaten anything since yesterday.”可知它应该饿了,这 时自然是肚子里发出的声音。 4.A 根据下文的“?as he filled his bag with wheat.”可知它从家里拿了一个袋子。

5.B 句意:农民迈克的房子对小老鼠来说一直是一个好地方,直到这个农民娶了一个养猫的 妻子。until 一直到??。 6.C 根据空格前的 a cat 可知小老鼠一想到猫就吓得发抖。 7.D 根据空格前的 carefully 可知是 Zigfried 偷偷地溜进存放谷物的屋子。break 强行(进 入);march 前进,行军;pace 踱步;steal 偷偷地移动。 8.B 既然是来偷东西的,那么自然很紧张了。curious 好奇的;nervous 紧张的;pitiful 可 怜的,令人同情的;illegal 非法的。 9.C 根据下文的 the cat's paws 可知此处是感觉到了猫呼出的热气。 10.D 感觉到了猫的气息,小老鼠自然心跳加快。strongly 强壮地,强烈地;likely 可能地; slowly 慢慢地;wildly 紊乱地,失控地。 11.A 空格前的 luckily 暗示小老鼠逃脱了猫的追捕。escape 逃跑;seize 抓住;rub 摩擦; catch 抓住。 12.C 根据空格后的“?would be moving into the farmhouse?”可知这所农舍要来一个新 的家庭了。 13.A 根据空格前的 Christmas Eve 可知小老鼠的奶奶要来和它一起过圣诞节。celebrate 庆 祝;communicate 交流;compete 竞争,比赛;control 控制。 14.D come across 偶然遇见,发现;come from 来自;come up 走来,上前;come off 成功, 举行。 15.A 根据前文可知,新的家庭来了,整个农舍有了生气,热闹了起来。come alive 活跃起 来,热闹起来。 16.B 句意:Zigfried 尽情地享受着和新家庭在一起的每个小时。 17.A 根据空格后它听到孩子们在谈论圣诞节可能得到的礼物是猫可知,这与它的快乐的心情 形成了强烈的对比,故用 however。however 然而,却;instead 代替,而不是;moreover 此外, 而且;therefore 因此,所以。 18.D 根据空格前它喝着热乎乎的巧克力饮料可知,Zigfried 对自己目前的生活感到很满意, 因此它露出了满意的笑容。bitter 痛苦的;forced 勉强的;polite 礼貌的;satisfied 满意的。 19.B 句意:它听到了孩子们讨论圣诞节他们可能得到的东西。introduction 介绍,序言; discussion 讨论;comment 评论;debate 争论,辩论。 20.B 根据上文的 smile 可知,当 Zigfried 听到孩子们得到的礼物可能是一只猫时,它的笑 容僵在脸上。 Ⅴ.This year, I go to Dalian with my family by air.Dalian is a very beautiful and modern went city.On the bus, we could see much great buildings.We got ∧the hotel where we stayed on many to a morning.After the breakfast, we began our travel.First, we took the bus to the Sea Park.There were such many different kinds of fishes that I couldn't believe my eye.Then we saw the so eyes dolphin show.After lunch we went swimming.The sea was blue but the beach was golden.We and both enjoyed ourselves.Later we went to some other places where were also interesting and

all which/that famous in Dalian.Several days later, we left Dalian.On our way home, all of us were very happy.That was the reason why we didn't feel tiring. tired Period Four Writing Ⅰ.1.Lily passed her sister a new dress. 2.He cooked her a delicious meal. 3.She bought her husband a new watch. 4.He brought you a dictionary. 5.I told her nothing. 6.I gave him my pictures. 7.I gave him a hand. 8.He showed me how to run the machine. 9.John sent Mary some flowers. 10.She gave me her telephone number. Ⅱ.A 【文章大意】 本文主要讲一种青蛙,它们着陆是肚子先落水;一位科学家 Essner 注意到这种 青蛙,然后科学家们搜集并拍摄不同的青蛙,研究它们是怎样生存的,以及为什么有这样一种特性。 1.D 细节理解题。由第一段的最后两句话“But did you know that there's a small frog in the Pacific Northwest that bellyflops(肚子先着水)? It's called a tailed frog.”可知,它 们与其他青蛙着陆的方式不一样。故选 D 项。 2.C 细节理解题。根据第四段倒数第三句“Tailed frogs can't move their back legs as quickly as other frogs do.”可知,tailed frogs 的后腿不能像其他青蛙一样移动地那么快。故 选 C 项。 3.D 词义猜测题。根据前面的信息可知,tailed frogs 和周围的植物融为了一体,所以其他 的动物不会很容易发现它们。因此 detect 的意思为“发现”。故选 D 项。 4.A 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段第一句“Early frogs developed around watery areas and could jump quickly into the water to escape danger.”可知,早期的青蛙是在水域生长,而且 可以快速地跳入水中逃生。故选 A 项。 B 【文章大意】 本文主要介绍国王学院冬季英语训练项目的主要情况。 1.A 推理判断题。本文主要介绍国王大学冬季英语训练项目的主要情况,包括申请日期、课 程、费用等信息,最有可能出现在报纸上,故选 A 项。 2.C 细节理解题。根据文章第一段第三句“Trips to museums and culture centres are also organized.”可知,该项目还会带领学生到博物馆和文化中心的参观,故选 C 项。 3.C 细节理解题。根据费用一栏,由于住在朋友家,不需要旅馆费,因此总费用包括课程、 体育活动和旅行,共 500 美元,故选 C 项。 4.B 细节理解题,根据文章 Steps 一栏中“The letters should be written in English?” 以及下文“Please write to: Thompson, Sanders?”可知,你只能用英语写信给 Thompson,故 选 B 项。 Ⅲ.One possible version: Living in the city Living_in_the_city_has_both_advantages_and_disadvantages.It is often easier to find work in the city.The traffic there is very convenient.Besides, there are a lot of interesting things to do and places to go.You can eat in good restaurants, visit museums, watch movies and go to parks whenever you want to relax. However, the cost of living in the city is often very high.You have to find a well?paid job, or you will not be able to afford the things you want to buy.What's more, the city is always crowded, noisy and dirty.It is very difficult to find a good place where people

can enjoy both peace and fresh air as in the countryside.


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