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This morning, I went to Renmin Park with my foreign teacher Tim, serving as his guide and we came across a really interesting incident along the way. We first met at the school gate where it would be easier to take a taxi and Tim even brought with him a camera, saying he was to capture all the wonderful moments we would experience. Soon we got a taxi whose driver was extremely friendly and set out for our journey. Upon our arrival at the park, I stretched my body, ready to start our tour when suddenly Tim burst out a cry “Oh my god, my camera is missing.”I immediately got the idea that he must have left it on the seat of the taxi as he was taking pictures all the way. Comforting him not to worry, I took out the invoice that I had asked the driver for as usual before we got out of the taxi and dialed the number on it without delay, feeling excited as well as a little proud of my good practice of taking the invoice before leaving, while Tim waited anxiously. It was not long before we got in touch with the kind-hearted driver, who had also discovered the camera lying on the back seat and drove back to the park to return it to Tim. Having received his precious camera, Tim couldn’t thank the driver more and he even hugged the driver for his kindness. No day could be more memorable than today and the happy face of Tim still flash in my mind. 18 分

I went to the park with my foreign teacher Tim. Spring indeed came.I could feel the breeze softly kissing my skin. Equipped with full passion, we started our journey with everything we needed in hands. We called for a taxi and then headed to our destination. After arriving at the gate of the park, Tim suggested taking some pictures, but only to find his camera missing. Sweat streaming down Tim’s cheeks, he searched in his backpack for more than three times. Suddenly the answer occurred to me. Have we left it on the taxi? After being confirmed by Tim ,I called the taxi company according to the phone number on the invoice. I told the receptionist when and where we took the taxi and the series number of the taxi. The receptionist then helped us contact the taxi driver and told us to wait at the gate of the park. Waiting for about half an hour, we saw the taxi driver waving to us as he drove near. He took out the camera and gave it to Tim. He then told us to be more careful and take care of our personal belongings. Although we had this unexpected incident, we really enjoyed ourselves and had a relaxing afternoon. What a Saturday! Spring is beautiful. 17 分



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