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2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业43 含答案

课时作业 43 Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2017· 海南省海口市第一中学检测) During the 1800s, African Americans worked long days in the fields of the American South. They sang songs that they had brought from Africa while working. One person sang a line. Then a group of workers repeated it. The song's words told of the hardship that people suffered. They clapped their hands and stomped(跺) their feet to the music. In the 1860s, the music changed greatly. African American music took new forms. It was also influenced by dance music, which had great rhythm. Banjos(班卓琴) became popular. A blues singer usually sang a line and then played the banjo in reply. By the early 1900s, the guitar had taken the place of the banjo in the blues music. The blues music has many obvious characteristics. One of them is that the musical notes are often “bent”. That is, they are changed slightly to give a song more strength. Lyrics are the words of a song. Blues lyrics describe everyday life. The lyrics are often about the relationships between men and women. They tell about sadness and overwork. They tell about finding and losing love, having money or being poor, being happy or sad and lonely. They almost always use the rhythms of everyday speech. A group of blues lyrics usually has three lines. The second line repeats the first line. The third line has different words. By the 1940s, large numbers of African Americans moved to Chicago. There, a new kind of “Chicago” blues began. The new music was excellent dance music. Chicago blues led t


2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业43 含答案.doc

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业43 含答案 - 课时作业 43 Ⅰ.

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业43 Word版含答案.doc

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业43 Word版含答案 - 课时作业

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业44 含答案.doc

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2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业41 含答案.doc

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2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业42 含答案.doc

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业42 含答案 - 课时作业 42 Ⅰ.

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业48 含答案.doc

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2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业36 含答案.doc

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2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业48 Word版含答案.doc

2018届高三英语(人教版)总复习课时作业48 Word版含答案_高考_高中教育

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